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1/7 🐦 Just finished listening to an incredible #EpicenterPodcast featuring the genius minds of @sunnya97, the founder of #Osmosis, and @el33th4xor, the originator of #Avalanche. A must-listen for anyone interested in the future of #Landslide! 👂🔥
2/7 🐦 The insights shared by Sunny and Gün truly illuminate the promising potential of #Landslide, an exciting endeavor that sits at the unique intersection of their ground-breaking ventures. 🌐🚀
3/7 🐦Sunny's experience with #Osmosis and Emin's work on #Avalanche provide invaluable context for understanding how #Landslide can leverage both platforms for a transformative impact on the blockchain ecosystem. 🌉🔗
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1/ Babylon seamlessly integrated with 12 leading #Cosmos SDK chains, bringing #Bitcoin level security to these networks while channeling the value of PoS ecosystems into the Bitcoin network. Let's dive into some use cases 🧵👇🏻 Image
2/ 🧪 @osmosiszone: Babylon's integration with #Osmosis provides Bitcoin-level security and significantly reduces secure stake unbonding time. Babylon's solution also offers essential protection for high-value asset transfers across bridges between PoS chains. #DeFi
3/ 🌉@stride_zone : Babylon's integration with #Stride explores the advantages of fast stake unbonding to boost liquid staking. Fast unbonding plays a key role in strengthening the peg between the liquid staking token and the native token.
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📢 It’s going to get incredibly easy for dApps to start launching their chains with the rollout of @cosmos ’ ICS & @terra_money ’s Interchain Alliance.

But will #LUNA surpass #ATOM as the main hub, with feather and alliance?

Let’s find out! ⬇️
@cosmos @terra_money 1/ Alliance

🤝 It is an open-source @cosmos SDK module, that aims to boost economic activity across #Cosmos chains by leveraging interchain staking to form economic alliances and foster innovation, user adoption, and cross-chain collaboration.
@cosmos @terra_money 2/ Cont.

An economic alliance can be formed by staking the asset of a larger chain, such as #LUNA, on a smaller chain like White Whale. This results in increased staking rewards for users of the larger chain and a boost in users and activity for the smaller chain.
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Get ready for #Cosmos growth in 2023! Levana is excited to be a part of this adventure. The Levana path to launch is clear, and you can read our blog post… or scroll down below to learn more about Levana’s exciting plans for 2023

This tweet thread is long, touches on a wide variety of subjects and is targeted to a few different audiences: Cosmos Bulls, Perps enthusiasts, NFT fans, GameFi fans, and scifi/fantasy geeks.

For the best experience, you may prefer to learn more via these blog posts

2023 General Levena Update (start here)…

NFTs and Perps -…
Levana vs Other Perps -…
Levana Side Projects -…

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Welcome to @FlagshipFYI Cosmos Check-ins! Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date and in-depth news about the Cosmos Ecosystem in a few minutes! Follow the 🧵 and get up to date… #CosmosEcosystem #Cosmos #FlagshipFYI #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology Image
1/ This week, the projects on Cosmos have been busy building, leading up to the new year.
2/ We now have a completed timeline of Interchain Security, following the ending of the second phase of Game of Chains.
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1/ 🚨🚨🚨Dear #Osmosis #governance and #community, pay attention, we'll explain in detail why the prop.362 is very dangerous and potentially disastrous for the whole #osmosis network!

We at #Sinfonia, as builders & stakers on Osmosis strongly invite you to #VETO PROP.362!
2/#Reverie a 3rd party managing the #OGP is proposing a 1-year program extension by which they plan to continue playing with our funds in a totally non-transparent way and with grant allocs that are not only meaningless (few of them) but also very dubious.…
3/ There have been 8 funding batches so far of which we know little or nothing, except 2 pieces of information they put on for the grants they approve.

Never seen a dashboard with status, or work updates, or public statement with money already disbursed.
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Osmosis Weekly #4 🛰

#Binance Listing, Airdrops, Osmosis NFTs

& much more in 🧵👇🏻
#Osmosis #Cosmos
2. Missed Updates From the Labs @sunnya97 ? 🧪

• $IST & $USK added to @OsmosisFrontier

•Progress made on:

-StableSwap: 1 for 1 for Stables

-Multihop Swap Fees: swaps using 2 pools & Osmosis base pairs will have 50% less TX costs

-Concentrated Liquidity

3. $stOSMO has arrived!

•Liquid Staking Derivative from @stride_zone

•Stake your $OSMO and receive $stOSMO in return

•While your OSMO is busy accumulating rewards, you are free to use your stOSMO

•First Use Case:
-stOSMO/OSMO pool on Osmosis with incentives
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Osmosis Weekly #3🛰

•Open Source Searching Bots, Interfluid Staking, Interchain Queries

& much more in 🧵👇🏻
#Osmosis #Cosmos Image
2. Skip drops a alpha in the OC Alpha Hour

• Skip’s 2 main products:
1) Protorev (Osmosis):
👉🏻Module captures MEV
2) Auction(Osmosis, Terra, etc):
👉🏻Users bid to validators to capture MEV

💣Open Source Bots will let YOU find, bid, & capture MEV…
3. Skip also announced Skip Select!

• Validators:
👉🏻Choose how to distribute MEV funds (bids from users)
👉🏻Decide how involved Skip is in Block Building
👉🏻Protect blocks from frontrunning/sandwiching

•Validator choices fully open to the public
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Osmosis Weekly #2 🛰

•Index Funds, Vaults, Interchain Accounts

& much more (1/18)🧵👇🏻
#Osmosis @sunnya97 Image
2. Key Osmosis Updates from @steviewoofwoof

•Stablecoins Wars Approaching:
-IST @agoric
-USK @TeamKujira

•Mesh Security

•New Upgrades:
-Interchain Accounts
-Stargate Queries

•Let’s discuss each upgrade👇🏻
3.TWAP: Time Weighted Average Pricing

•Protects against Price Manipulation

•Needed in Lending Markets @mars_protocol

•Without TWAP, a whale can:
1)place a liquidation bid for OSMO
2)Place big market sell of OSMO to liquidate the borrower
3) Sell OSMO when arbs raise price
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Here's how the top 10 #OsmosisZone pools stack up after factoring in inflation, fees, APRs & incentives.
Green = better than staking
Red = worse than staking

Read on for a link to my spreadsheet and explanation/notes.

#CosmosEcosystem #DeFi #DYOR #Osmosis #Yield Image
-Staking $OSMO is still bad. Stride MEV won't make much of a difference ($2k a day extra income split between all stakers is less than 0.1% extra)
-Pooling $EVMOS, $ATOM and $JUNO worse than staking.
-Pooling $STARS, $CRO or any AXL tokens good. USDC/OSMO pool great Image
Why is this different to Dexmos / APRs? Because it accounts for inflation. (as well as pool fees, external rewards etc). Basically, if you have 10% APR, but inflation is more than 10%, you're losing money. As you can see, not accounting for inflation gives very different returns. Image
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Optimize your airdrop chances on #Arbitrum!!

On chain trading volume is crucial for increasing chances for airdrop, here is my 0 fees strategy to do it.

YES you heard it well, 0 fees!!

Thread 🧵:
@SlingshotCrypto is the perfect platform to increase your trading volume while paying 0 fees:

• Go to

• Select #Arbitrum chain

• Swap $ETH for any token

• Swap again for another token to create volume or swap back to $ETH
• Repeat this on other available chains (optional)

Current available chains:

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Osmosis Weekly 🛰

•Mesh Security, MEV, Autonomous NFTs

& much more (1/20)🧵👇🏻
#Osmosis @sunnya97 Image
2. Osmosis Grant Program(OGP) announces 8 grants

•OGP is a program that gives funding to community members with ideas on how to grow/improve the Ecosystem (funded by Community Pool)

•Now lets talk about a few of these exciting grants that were recently awarded
3. Grant: Capture MEV on Osmosis using Arbitrage via @SkipProtocol

•Redirect MEV $ to Community Pool instead of leaving it in the hands of a few Independent Searchers

•I explain what MEV is and the proposal in 🧵👇🏻

•Be on the lookout for a SKIP & Orbital Command Spaces 👀
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⚛️Cosmos Ecosystem - Q3 2022 Quarterly Report

This report dives into an overview of the @cosmos & the #Cosmos Ecosystem

💠Network Activity
💠Ecosystem Breakdown
💠Highlight Events
💠 #Kava #Osmosis #Secret #Juno Highlights

Let’s dive in 🧵👇

@cosmos 1/ Network Activity

1.1 Total Value Locked (TVL) of @cosmos Ecosystem

▪️ @kava_platform is ranked first with a TVL of $291,2 million.

▪️ Next is @osmosiszone with a TVL of $209M.

▪️ @THORChain came in third with $105.85M.

@cosmos @kava_platform @osmosiszone @THORChain @DefiLlama 1.2 Developer Activity

▪️ @osmosiszone & @cosmos are two projects with remarkable development activity

▪️With a total of 1865 commits in the third quarter, #Osmosis is in first place

▪️ #Cosmos is in the second position in the third quarter with 1,718 commits

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🧪Osmosis Zone Update Blog 18 Aug, 2022 📰

👉Check out these new discoveries about News, Token Listings, Airdrops, and Liquidity Pool Incentives on @osmosiszone

👉In detail, read the report of @getcoldy 👇…


@osmosiszone @getcoldy @OsmoMinistryMkt 🤩 New @osmosiszone Support Website.

The Osmosis Help Lab launched a support site with
🇶🇦 FAQs
📽️ Instructional videos,
🖥️ A live chat widget to securely contact a support staff member.

Visit 👉
@osmosiszone @getcoldy @OsmoMinistryMkt Latest Token Listings 🚀

$ORAI @oraichain
$CRE @CrescentHub
$DOT @Polkadot
$wGLMR @MoonbeamNetwork
$GLTO @Gelotto2
$ODIN @odinprotocol
$TGRADE @TgradeFinance
$KUJI @TeamKujira

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1) Curious Cosmonaut Research has identified that information can be scattered around the Cosmos ecosystem; meet the monthly newsletter. If you are serious about #Cosmos this is a must. #stargaze #juno #secretnetwork #osmos #ibcgang #dydx #ethereum #evmos
2) First we recommend viewing this through our blog instead.… Developer Activity

First off, what is Github commits for us non-engineers? According to Free Code Camp… it means
3) “The git commit command will save all staged changes, along with a brief description from the user, in a “commit” to the local repository. Commits are at the heart of Git usage.
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🔥Osmosis ( $OSMO) announced native $USDC support soon. A fully regulated, non-bridged, stablecoin coming to the #Cosmos ecsoystem. I did some quick research and this is what I found so far 👇🫡
The tokenfactory module, built by #Osmosis allows any account to create a new token on $OSMO; '𝚘𝚜𝚖𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚜𝚍 𝚝𝚡 𝚝𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚗𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚎-𝚍𝚎𝚗𝚘𝚖 𝚞𝚞𝚜𝚍𝚌 --𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚝𝚎𝚜𝚝𝟷'
The tokenfactoy 🛠️ module leveraged by 𝚌𝚠-𝚞𝚜𝚍𝚌 enables to issue a centralized stablecoin with the ability to:
✅MINT (owner of a contract can delegate minting allowance of 𝚡 - 𝚝𝚘𝚔𝚎𝚗𝚜 to a new address)
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🧵Important news in #Cosmos ecosystem in the past 24 hours
$ATOM prop #72 is still live and about to reach the 40% quorum
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Catch up on the latest news with the Terra/Osmosis: Weekly Report

Have a great weekend ❤️

#Terra $LUNA #Osmosis $OSMO
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1/⚖️ [CIP-11] The V2.6.0 upgrade is here 😉

Key improvements to #Carbon
🔹 Bridge module
🔹 Token import
🔹 Promoting greater participation → Slashing inactive oracles

Calling all $SWTH stakers!

📜 Proposal details…
🗳 Vote…
2/ Bridge module 🌉

The bridge module will enable users to bridge tokens in just ONE transaction — without needing an account on Carbon. Soon, you will be able to bridge $SWTH across #BNBChain, #Ethereum, #Neo, #Zilliqa and #Osmosis directly on CarbonHub!
3/ Token import 🪙

#Carbon is here to streamline your #DeFi experience. With the upcoming token import feature on #Demex, users can list tokens permissionlessly in just 2 steps without having to submit a proposal!

Simply select your desired blockchain & token address to go🚀
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We're starting a community effort to build an strong unbiased ranking of active Cosmos validators based on a set of agreed-upon quantitative & qualitative criteria

A statement of purpose and an invitation for all community validators to join the effort 🧵
In Cosmos and other PoW blockchains, validators play the critical role of signing transactions and securing the network

However, a major issue all networks currently have to deal with is a massive concentration of economic and voting power in their validator set
In most Tendermint chains, a small group of validators hold a very significant portion of the supply

The Cosmos Hub is one of the most decentralised chains of the network, yet 15 entities hold over 51% of the total voting power
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#Terra's meltdown led many native protocols to look outward to the #Cosmos & realise the benefits of joining an ecosystem of fully interoperable & scalable app-chains

One such project is @mars_protocol and in today’s thread I’m running it through the usual quality checklist 🧵
@mars_protocol If you're unfamiliar with my investment framework, you may want to have a look at this thread first
@mars_protocol The first criteria is the total addressable market (TAM) which represents the revenue opportunity available to the protocol

Mars is a lending & borrowing (also called credit or money-market) protocol

On Ethereum, the top 10 actors in the category capture a TVL close to $15 bn
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1) The Curious Cosmonaut Research team recently published an overview of all #IBC Chains. The article came out to 131 Tweets which we backed up into many (~75) transactions on the HUB, but why? #cosmsos #atom #osmosis #evmos #sifchain #stargaze #juno #sifchain #likecoin #akash
2) Medium can be modified and or censored. Twitter one day may be modified and or censored. The #Cosmos HUB, we believe, is one of the most resilent #blockchains in the entire industry.
3) By moving the content onto the HUB, we believe it will be permanent, immutable, censorship-resistant, recoverable, accessible anywhere, and potentially more.
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Three major considerations for successful crypto trading:
- assessment of the protocol
- assessment of the token
- timing of the purchase

A thorough explanation on my investment framework, applied to Cosmos tokens 🧵
The purpose of this thread is to explain the methodology I use to rank Cosmos protocols & tokens in the following document
Let's get the timing out-of-the-way first: in the context of investing, it means the decision of when to purchase or sell a particular asset

That decision must factor in the macro-economic situation, the roadmap, the upcoming milestones etc.
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Interchain security will be the most significant #Cosmos upgrade since IBC last year ; once it's implemented & sufficiently publicised, every new crypto project with ambition will at least consider starting their Cosmos chain. The why & the how 🧵
Cosmos is already the world leader in interoperable smart-contract blockchain, and has been since 2016.

The Tendermint consensus & the Cosmos SDK power close to 30 sovereign, scalable & configurable chains connected through IBC
Up until now, chains had to form their own validator set & create a staking token to secure the network, meaning only a small subset of a teams with the time & technical expertise could use the Cosmos stack

Think #Terra, #Osmosis, #SecretNetwork, #Juno etc.
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