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There is a discussion on upgrading
the OSMO to OSMO 2.0 🧪🧪

Here's how this upcoming upgrade will affect OSMO tokenomics 🪙

#TokenUnlocks #OSMO

1/15 Image
Here's a topic that will be covered 📝;

• $OSMO Tokenomics Problem 📌
• Prop #1 Extending emission schedule
• Prop #2 - Adjusting the emission ratio
• Prop #3 - Reducing the super fluid risk factor
• Sum-up 🖋️

$OSMO Tokenomics Problem 📌

- Inflation is higher than staking return
- Inflation is higher than LP incentives
- Community Pool received redirected incentives for the last 10 months
- Superfluid staking is underutilized

3/15 Image
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I'm seeing a lot of chatter about this $SWTH token.

I dug through their tokenomics, and what I found surprised me.

Here's why $SWTH has grade-A real-yield tokenomics, and is one of the best in #crypto.

tldr at the end;

#realyield #cosmos #perp #dex #carbon #kuji #sei #osmo
$SWTH is the governance token of @0xcarbon, which is a DeFi-focused L1 chain on Cosmos, with built-in DeFi modules like orderbooks, CDP (money markets), perpetual, flexi network fees, etc.

They are tailored for DeFi dApps, offering the best DeFi experience for users. Image is one such DeFi dApps currently live on the Carbon network.

It is a frontend UI for users to easily interact with Carbon's inbuilt DeFi modules.

Demex is an all-in-one DeFi hub that offers a frictionless trading experience that rivals CEXs.
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Are LUNAtics and OSMOnauts ready for a future airdrop? 🪂

Read on to find out more👇🏻🧵(1/6)
2. Whitepaper indicates $ION will be airdropped to:
👉🏻 $UST holders/LPs on Osmosis before Crash
👉🏻OSMO Stakers
👉🏻ION/OSMO LP and ION Stakers
3. What is $ION?

• ION is 1 of a 3 token system by @_IONDAO

1) IBCX- An Index token fully collateralized by a basket of IBC Tokens

2) IOU-Overcollateralized Stablecoin, minted with IBC Index tokens as collateral

3) ION-Governance over IBC and IOU/ Value accruing Image
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What the heck is MEV & why are Osmosis & Skip trying to capture it?

🧵👇🏻 (1/13) #OSMO Image
2. What is MEV?

•Maximal Extractable Value (MEV): the max value (not including block reward or gas fees) that can be obtained by changing the order of transactions in a block
3. But how can you change the order of transactions?

•The order in which transactions(TX) are processed in a new block depends on Gas Fees

•TXs with Higher gas fee=Higher Priority

•Thus, to change TX order, you can submit a TX with a higher gas fee & give yours priority Image
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Gm all.

Since posting our #Airdrop details yesterday, we received a lot of backlash, and we wanted to write this 🧵 to clear things up.

We'll go over major criticisms of our airdrops and explain why we made certain decisions, along with changes we'll make now. 👇

Concern #1: The snapshot date. (Our first snapshot date being in the future - September 28th)

All domain holders and registrants are rewarded based on how early their domains were registered, following this curve (and area under the curve for time held).

This means: the earlier you registered a domain, & the longer you held it, the more of the airdrop you get.

As this amount decays quadratically, the snapshot date becomes less relevant because all domains registered before yesterday are disproportionately rewarded more. 👇

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1) Today #cosmos was the main theme of the Messari research from their “unqualified opinions” here is an overview of some of the information without the premium subscription. An enterprise subscription is required to read beyond. #atom #osmo #juno #secret #evmos
2) Title “Looking at the Cosmos, but not from the James Webb Telescope”

Evaluating the Cosmos Chain vs L2 Decision for Investors and Builders. Decentralized exchange dYdX recently made headlines in the crypto community when it announced it was leaving the Ethereum L2 …
3) ecosystem powered by StarkWare to launch its own #Cosmos chain. #dYdX was the biggest protocol by TVL on L2 at the time of the announcement. The move prompted questions from the #Ethereum community on the long-term attractiveness of L2s for builders.
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A thread 🧵on 'validator specific' #airdrops in #Cosmos -- my views on such airdrops, a list of some validators I stake with, and planned airdrop info for some of them.

First, my views...


#CosmosEcosystem #ATOM #JUNO #OSMO
2/15) I usually stake with >20 validators (mostly outside top 20) on most chains to help decentralize.

Consequently, more often than not I benefit from this recent trend of 'validator specific' airdrops. In fact, I am already staking with some validators who announced drops.
3/15) So my views may come across as biased but hear me out...

I don't have any problems with validator specific #airdrops as long as they are not announced before the snapshot.

Reasons below...
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Compiling some of the news in the #Cosmos ecosystem that I came across this past week, including new launches, airdrops, snapshots and integrations.

A thread 🧵below:

2/12) is an #nft marketplace on #JUNO that launches on 28th Feb.

I have mentioned about this before. @passage3d is doing exciting stuff, follow them.
3/12) @StargazeZone genesis mint on March 4, will be able to claim rest of the airdrop then.

@StargazeZone integration with @gravity_bridge completed.

ERC20 $STARS contract on Ethereum:…

Vote in Discord for 5 projects to be part of genesis

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Gezdim, dolandim Cosmos airdroplari ile ilgili toplu bir bilgiye rastlayamadim. Hazir son gunlerde Cosmos ve IBC bu kadar populerken bulabildigim tum airdroplari bu tweet`te siralayayim dedim. #cosmosairdrops #IBC #ATOM #OSMO #airdrop
Oncelikle cuzdan otomatik gelen iki adet airdrop var. Eger gelmediyse eligible degilmissiniz, uzulmeyin. 1. $BTSG - 1 Ocak 2022 de geldi. 2. $HUAHUA - 24 Aralik 2021 de geldi.
3. $MOBX Eger 20 Ekim 2021 ve 20 Ara 2021 arasinda FET stake ettiyseniz nasil claim edeceginiz su sitede mevcut.…
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@EvmosOrg Ağında Airdrop — #REKTROP
2021 hızlı bir yıldı. İnişler ve çıkışlarla geçen bu yılda birçok kişi bizimle beraber birçok yeni şey öğrendi. Birçok arkadaş, likiditelerini hızla hareket ettirerek büyük servetler kazandı, ancak birçok insan da + Image
(genelde açgözlü ve sabırsız kişiler) bu süreçte rekt aldı yani battı. Öncelikle #rekt batmak, iflas etmek gibi bir anlama geliyor.
Kısa süre önce #ATOM, #OSMO ve #Ethereum genelinde (diğer kriptolarda da) büyük fiyat düşüşleri gördük. Gaz ücretleri tüm zamanların en yüksek+
seviyesine ulaştı. Kullanıcılar, yeni teknolojinin olumsuz gelişiminden (EIP1559, Flashbots/MEV, bozuk DeFi sözleşmeleri/köprüler vb.) büyük ölçüde etkilendi.
Bugün, size daha önce anlattığımız #Evmos ağında başlangıç airdropu olan Rektdrop’u tanıtacağız.
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