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1/13 Where is the FED Put?

Stock market decline of 30 to 40% in isolation most likely won't cause a FED pivot. Financial (in)-stability the main potential driver for a FED pivot. Watch the US $.
2/13 "Don't fight the FED" is investment advise with a lot of muscle memory. Over the last three decades stock market investors have gotten used to the FED coming to the rescue when markets are down 20+ %.
3/13 Greenspan 1997/Long Term Capital Management, Greenspan again 2001/Internet Bubble, Bernanke 2008/Great Financial Crisis and Powell in 2019/Repo Crisis are prime examples. While the S&P is not quite down 20% from its peak, the NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are already there.
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1/5 This #bitcoin down capture metric is one of the most important charts I've developed in years. Lots of "ifs" in this analysis, so caution is advised.
2/ The down capture trend suggests the influence of #NASDAQ on #bitcoin will be 0 by end of July. That's if the current trend in down capture ratio holds all the way to zero.
3/ #NASDAQ is on track to fall 6% over that time frame. This is based on 50 years of historical data. I like this metric because it is very "tight" and holds through two secular bear markets and structural recessions (70s and 00s).
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#NASDAQ 11700 gördü.. Geçen sene buraya ne twitler attım, düşecek bu ama, FED bunu tutuyor diye..

Bu düşüşler geçen sene gelseydi..
Ah diyorum, içim gidiyor..

Bizi gün içi sorularınız ile günlük veya saatlik yoruma zorluyorsunuz. Halbuki ANA resim belli
Bugün işte NASDAQ 11.800 gördü..
Ondan sonra diyorsunuz ki, abi bilemedin edemedin.
Sen büyük resme ayak uyduracaksın. Nasdaq 15 16 bin de, ben gitmişim 11.800 demişim. Çıktıkça ne yaparsın abicim ? Satarsın. Ama insanlar ? 3 ün 5 in hesabındalar.
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2021 Ocak #DXY 89 gördü.
Eğer ki bu nasdaq düşüşleri 2021 de gelseydi, benim için dünya şuan çok farklıydı. Neyse nasipte yokmuş
Niçin 2021 de gelmedi?

2021 Şubat ayı itibari ile #Kriptolar dünyaya servis edildiler. Bütün dünya oraya odaklanınca buraları yönetmesi ++
Adamlara kolay oldu..
Buraları stabilleştirip kriptolar ile dünyayı bir yıl geçiştirdiler. Negatife dönen bizim gibi insanları da swap ile avlamaya kalktılar. Kriptolar ile de risk iştahı tavan yaptı ve küresel faizler yukarı gittiler.
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As #pandemic induced #digitaltransformation rush abates, SaaS companies face tough YoY growth comparables
#economic headwinds
Normalization of valuations back to pre-pandemic levels.


$TEAM : Atlassian had a massive run to over 60x EV/Sales (NTM).

22E Rev: 2.8B
23E Rev: 3.5B @ 26% gr
GM 85% range
EBITDA margin : 25% for 2022 but decelerating to teens in 2023

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
$SNOW: Snowflake ran to over 120x EV/Sales (NTM) but normalizing to 24x, a premium to data peers due to superior growth profile

22E Rev: 1.22B
23E Rev: 2B (66% gr)
22E GM 60-70%

Src: @Sentieo
#SaaS #software #tech #news #Nasdaq $NDX $IGV #hypergrowth #growth #trendwhizo Image
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For the first time, Valereum's new Bridge Financial Platform will provide a tradeable #NFT on multiple crypto exchanges that will securely link specific fiat listed securities (shares) and listed debt of all kinds - from Alibaba to Zoom and from Chinese debt to US Treasuries.
Purchasers trading a Valereum launched Bridge NFT can be sure it is backed by the underlying security due to the use of the Mattereum Asset Passport. This is a world leading financial innovation to create 24/7/365 digital trading bridging the Crypto world to the fiat world.
The NFT sector is projected to move around $800 billion over next 2 years!
#crypto #cryptocurrency #NFTs #blockchain #adoption #VLRM #NFTcommunity
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Added $CYBE @CyberOpticsCorp to my microfund "Picks and shovels plays" #wikifolio…
Will share longer investment thesis at a later time. some insights below 1/ #fintwit #sensingprecision #MicroLED #MiniLED
$CYBE CyberOptics Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high precision sensing technology solutions and system products for inspection and metrology worldwide.
Great Picks and shovels play on #semiconductors #MiniLED #MicroLED #IoT #LightsOutFactory 2/
MC: $ 313.9M
Cash: $ 19.3M
EV: $ 278M
P/E fwd: 21.56
EV/Sales fwd: 2.7
P/S fwd: 3
EPS growth YoY: 131.7%
ROE growth YoY: 98%
Operating Cashflow growth: 69%
Ultra tight float: Only 7,4M shares! #fintwit 3/
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The #Nasdaq 100 is down 22% from thr start of this year. It may have further to fall but for those wanting to invest, #ETF feeder funds are open. Yes, flows into active international funds are stopped. But FoFs into ETFs have a separate limit of USD 1 billion. A tiny 🧵
You may be puzzled because Motilal Oswal AMC, the largest in the passive category has stopped all inflows. This is because Motilal index funds and ETFs directly buy US stocks. They don't get the benefit of the separate ETF limit.
You can buy ETF units of Motilal AMC on the secondary market but since the AMC cannot create fresh units to meet demand, chances are you'll be forced to pay an unnecessary premium to the ETF NAV. Instead you can just go for an fund of funds (FoF) feeding into an overseas ETF.
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NASDAQ Losing steam - on track for its worst month since the financial crisis of 2008.

-9.32% down in 1 month.

#NASDAQ #Trading
Nasdaq fell about 13.3% in April, its worst monthly performance since October 2008 in the throngs of the financial crisis.
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Uzun vadede her zaman kazanan olmak çok basittir. Bir tutam mantık ve birazcık bilgi yeterlidir.

Nasıl mı?
Buyrun anlatıyorum:👇

RT+FAV yaparak bu bilgiseli bir çok dostumuza ulaştırabilirsiniz.

#Bitcoin #fed #nasdaq #spx #dolar
Bu görüntüyü iyi inceleyiniz. Görüntüde SPX vardır. Yani A.B.D.'nin en değerli 500 şirketinin ortalamasıdır.

Görüntüde 1987 yılından bu güne 4 defa büyük düşüş olmuş. O düşüşü değerlendirenler devamındaki 5-10 yıllık periyotta muazzam kazanmışlar.
Niye herkes dibi toplamadı? Neden herkes tepeden aldı? Neden çoğunluk zarara girdi? Niye çok insan kâr edebildi.

Çünkü borsa, kitlelerin psikolojisinin grafiğe yansımış hali gibidir.

Gerek makro gerek kişisel sebeplerle insanlar tepeyi almaya, dibi toplamaktan kaçmaya yatkındır
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15 takeaways from .@APompliano’s discussion with .@RaoulGMI that will make an immediate impact

= THREAD 🧵 =
Pre-2017 was #Bitcoin’s first season. It went from completely unknown to the first steps of mainstream adoption.

2017 was the beginning of season 2, which was a continuation of season 1, just on steroids.

2020 was the beginning of season 3, which is where we’re still at…
Season 3 brought in new players. Guys like Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller say they have #BTC in their portfolio

BTC’s holder base is changing. Historically they weren’t macro traders and just focused on DCA.

Now, #Bitcoin is very correlated to #NASDAQ
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10 Predictions For Blockchain, Crypto Assets, DeFi, And NFTs For 2022 onwards! @ValereumPLC @FrontierFinance
1. Bitcoin price reaches $100,000 USD & the crypto asset market grows in breadth and depth
2. Ethereum undergoes upgrade & remains the dominant smart contract platform
3. #Crypto investments become more sustainable
Issuers of #ETPs, #crypto #exchanges, mining companies, & financial institutions are interested in offering #green products & services to their customers
4. #Web3 infrastructure paves the way for the decentralization of the internet
5. #NFTs and #blockchain-based gaming become a source of income
It remains exciting to wait for the dawn of the multi-chain world. Once value transfers are seamless across different crypto-universes, this could spur a new wave of adoption, and the NFT and blockchain-based gaming
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It’s Monday and while we might have all woken up today feeling like #ChrisRock after the #Oscars the markets lacked a punch last week. Both the #Sensex and #Nifty remained unchanged and saw a fall of less than 1%, to close at 57,632 pts & 17,173 pts respectively. (1/5)
#NiftyMetal and #Energy indices were the outliers and saw a jump of 5.1% and 2.1% respectively. Not terribly surprising considering wars, high commodity prices and global uncertainty. The S&P 500 and #NASDAQ had a good week and closed at 1.8% & 2.3% ↑ respectively. (2/5)
The #Nikkei was 4.9% ↑. It’s been making significant recoveries after falling to its lowest point in a year, on 9th March. In India, #Commodity prices are up, #Energy prices are up, and soon the RBI may not have any option but to take #InterestRates up. (3/5)
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I'd recommend everyone listen to this. Not directly related to #VLRM in terms of the #GSX, but in terms of the 20% option on GSX group! Very exciting indeed! this is very exciting.

If you listen to some of the concepts talked about linking different trading groups together such as FIAT, #Crypto, #Metals #Carbon etc then GSX can do ALL of that.
The story is unfolding nicely, becoming more clearer with each passing week about how this deal came about now and the option on both companies, essentially this is Patrick's vision from his previous works but GSX have the technology to make it happen.
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Lot of #AMCs come up with different ideas, themes, sectors.

These are demands from #Investors as they have done well in recent past.

AMCs are manufacturers & will offer what is in demand.

Final choice to say YES or NO lies entirely with Investors based on their #NEEDs
What should investors choose and what should they ignore. A point by point guide on where and why to invest in certain #themes, #MarketCap bias, #Sectors, #AssetClasses etc.

What should be criteria for these selections and what should guide them to resist from Investing?
Lets start with #Debt:

Keep enough money as 1 year of your expenses as #EmergencyFunds in #LiquidSchemes

You already have enough exposure to debt as:

1. #PPF
2. #TaxFreeBonds
3. #FDs

No need for separate debt allocation if you are investing thru #AssetAllocation (AA) or #DAAF
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Until now, the #GSX has been a listing platform for big Bonds. But they have all the right licences that a Tier-1 European Exchange needs to create a Global exchange - just like the #LSE & #NYSE. But the OLD #GSX didn’t focus on using the full capacity of the licences they have.
The #GSX will be globally disruptive exchange in the not so distant future, being central to #Gibraltars global strategy not just for crypto, but importantly for normal global listed equity, debt and derivatives. Just watch this space. @keremkaradagcom @Exchange_Invest @Wolfiez
With @FrontierFinance Pioneer & Exchange Builder who brings the experience, skill and the vision. Alongside the business acumen of @RPoulden and @leashless, Founder & CEO of Mattereum. Leading figure in blockchain space, coordinated the release of the blockchain platform #ETH
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👉 "El sector defensivo, también se ve arrastrado por el mercado" Image
1⃣ Análisis de índices y sectores
👉 MSCI World
En velas mensuales, podemos ver como la caída que estamos viviendo actualmente no queda ni cerca de la línea de tendencia donde ha habido otros rebotes.
En semanal, vemos un canal bajista y un soporte que parece que puede perder. ImageImage
👉 #DAX
Cierra el gap de la apertura semanal y vemos gran volumen.
Es normal, estábamos muy sobrevendidos.
Vigilaría la tendencia bajista como posible zona para averiguar si esto se trata de otro rebote "muerto" o algo más. Image
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The following photograph is of Oleg Firer. I am seeking more information on him. He is currently hiding in Moscow. He has a place in Miami. This is the Tactical Rabbit intel report on how the Russians Penetrated our economic system.…
Oleg Firer in a HUMINT intelligence operation was determined to be a Russian SVR (intelligence) asset against the United States. Even though he is a U.S Cit he serves as the Russian Diplomat to Grenada. Here is a photograph of Oleg with the Russian Foreign Minister.
Oleg Firer is originally from Ukraine & he turned on his Ukrainian people siding with the Russians. He is a photograph with him and Putin ascertained from Russia Today & one confirmed photo from inside the Kremlin shaking hands with Putin. Oleg is a spy against Ukraine & the USG.
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Closed 50% of the profits and let the other one run 🙂 #forex #NASDAQ #NAS100USD
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A guide to surviving and making money in this bear market.

Note: the thread is not about hopium or soft advice. I'm just not good at these. I share what I did since Jan (worked pretty well) and what I will do.

18/18 Thread 👇👇👇
1/ Bad news
We are in bear, admit it, and we are likely gonna be here for a while. Looking at the charts, news, and sentiments, none gives us the confidence that we are going to break out higher soon. There might be some breaking good news, but that probability is low.
2/ Good news
The two major drivers at this stage are the rate hike and the war.
So, what happened in history with these two events?
Check out the charts: they did suck, but they were temporary, the market ALWAYS recovered, and the impact, on average, was neutral.
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#NASDAQ INTERNET MENSUAL,es increíble la brutal caída, esta aun soportando zona de 61.8%fibo. SEMANAL zona de sobreventa RSI 23, se llego a ver 15 RSIZ en 2008(crash financiero) esto será lo primero en revertir, si hubiera otro tramo a la baja por tema guerra ya seria interesante ImageImage
De hecho en mi hipótesis de hitos, el #NASDAQ100 y #technology podria caer mas que lo reventado (NQ INTERNET, HANG SEN TECH , CHINA INTERNET, es decir la caida aqui ya se paralizaria, y en el TECH los integrantes diferentes al sector internet lo harian peor. Tesla, Apple Soxx.
Llevo ya posiciones pequeñas en algunas chinas, , baba , qfin, algunas mas, incluso estas ultima caidas tema Rusia, estan aguantando claramente, en cambio por ejemplo el ARKK no tanto, llevo otras en USA, Y Alphabet que vendi tras resultados, ya la miro
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I barely slept last night... a thread.

What kept me up? Several things, really. But the primary culprit is #bitcoin's recent impressive bullish price action.

See the chart (below) for details of the dramatic upside break-out of the bearish trend lines that started in Nov.

As everyone is well-aware (and many are annoyed by it 😂... some violently so 💩), my #macro view for the coming months is firmly bearish.

Why does this matter?

When the macro outlook is bearish, it is like a tsunami of downside pressure for "risk-on" assets.

Thus, in my hedge fund, I position me and my limited partners accordingly. That is:

Avoid or short: Risk-on assets

Long: Risk- off assets

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