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🛠 Herramientas imprescindibles 🛠

🔴 Seguro que te pasa, no sabes dónde narices encontrar esos indicadores, esas herramientas que marcan la diferencia a la hora de invertir en #Criptomonedas 🧠

🔥 En este hilo te presento esas herramientas fundamentales y gratuitas ✅

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@CoinMarketCap no solo sirve para ver precios, esta herramienta te sirve para filtrar y encontrar proyectos #blockchain emergentes 🔍

👀 Fíjate en la imagen adjunta, utiliza los filtros para buscar esa #Crypto💎filtrando por campos 🕵️‍♂️

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🔥 Una vez filtres, vete revisando los proyectos que te parezcan interesantes, realiza una investigación propia y asegúrate que cumple tus criterios de valoración adecuada antes de invertir✅

🔍 Gasta tiempo en investigar esta herramienta 🔥

🧵 3/20
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In this thread I am looking at #crypto market structures to assess when an #altcoin market peak should happen and as a consequence #altseason, which happens in the weeks before the peak
2/ To assess when the next #altseason peak will happen, I’ll be looking at charts of #Bitcoin, #Ethereum and the dominance of #altcoins of the different past altseasons. By aligning them “correctly” structure-wise, I found this provisional target zone when the peak should happen
3/ Before getting started, where are #altcoins in their “market curve”? When compared to #Bitcoin one can see that they are entering the final leg up of the hype phase. This is the altcoin bubble. Bitcoin on the other hand is in the liftoff phase
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AltSeason is basically cryptos except #BTC stays green for quite some time according to huge buying pressure and continuous decreasing BTC dominance. There is a trend/path always this phenomenal follows.
and, also there is a 4 wave cyclic pattern #BTC following for every past ATHs. This is nicely explained by @BTCfuel in one of their thread. They are demand waves and happen when a lot of money flows into market in a short timeframe. The 4 waves are clearly visible here.
First, it's take off because of buying pressure, then first sell-off happens, then a cycle top comes after a fake-top. The 4 waves are clearly visible in the Realize Cap HODL Waves indicator above.
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Sur les marchés traditionnels de la #finance 💵la saisonnalité est bien connue des #investisseurs. Les actions évoluent en fonction du calendrier 📆des résultats et du bénéfice mais comment évolue le marché de la #crypto 🪙et du #bitcoin ?
1/Avec près de 10 ans de recul sur les prix du #bitcoin, on se rend compte que la saisonnalité s'applique aussi sur le marché des #cryptos. Commençons par la saisonnalité dont vous avez le plus entendu parlé : La #altseason.
2/La altseason
La #altseason est une période du marché crypto où les #altcoins (crypto monnaie alternative au Bitcoin) ont tendance à surperformer 😱 par rapport au #bitcoin (ici fin 2021). Cette période est généralement marquée par la chute 📉du ratio de dominance du bitcoin.
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#Bitcoin is still perfectly on schedule

Between demand wave 2 and 3 (Not Elliot). Low volume is perfectly normal. I expect a massive #Altseason in 2022.

Read full analysis in tweet + thread below (1/3) 👇
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Who's ready for an insane #altseason?
A short thread about how #Bitcoin is right now setting up for a historic altseason and second part of cycle
Most people do not realize Bitcoin is still very early in it's cycle. Compared to last cycle, crypto is now between what I call wave 2 and 3. Wave 3 in 2017 happened in the spring of 2017 with an insane altseason and alts outperforming #Bitcoin
I believe the low volume is an indication of the silence before the storm
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1/ $BTC is currently tracking its 2017 fractal, which includes a flash crash next week 💥 But will alts like $VET will be impacted? Yes...and no! ⬇️

#VeChain #VeFam #Altseason #Bitcoin Image
2/ 2017 cycle: in the space of 4 days, from November 9 to 12, $BTC crashed very hard, coming down to a -26% wick 💥 Image
3/ $ETH also crashed but less deeply, by max 8%...and then come back to -4% on November 12 👀 Image
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Short Thread on Profit Taking during a Bullrun and why it is important 💫

I sincerely hope you read this if you’re following - like and RT as you wish

Writing this from my perspective, NFA, DYOR. Let’s get to it 🚀


#VeChain $VET #VeFam
I entered into crypto when BTC was at $3,000 circa mid 2017.

After 2 whole years of working, I had only saved up RM10,000 (~$2500USD). I put in all I had and remember having 0.66 BTC to start off

I traded my way up on Binance and was the top 20 trader (by volume) at that point. I remember receiving airdropped $BNB as a gift back then - it was roughly a few thousand dollars.

Made the call to leave my job because I was earning my 2 years worth of savings in days

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Final Alt Season Picks:
This thread examines a short list of Altcoins to rotate into post Bitcoin's cycle peak if it occurs in such a manner as it did for the mid cycle peak. Thank you for reading, like and retweet if you find this useful 👇👇
$ALTS #Altcoins #Altseason #CTM
1. Disclaimer, in order for an Alt to make this short list we are looking for 2 things. One, an alt that made a powerful move to the upside and two, it made this move after Bitcoin had topped mid cycle:
2. Beginning with Ethereum. We can see that ETH had a move after Bitcoin peaked out mid cycle however this move was not very big. As @jclcapital pointed out small moves may not be worth the risk to reward, something larger may be preferable:
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Sale hilo 🧵 con sitios web que tenes que tener agregados a tus favoritos, si es que estás en el mundo de las #Criptomonedas

Coingecko es una página donde vas a poder encontrar todos los proyectos #cripto del mercado, con datos oficiales como página web, redes sociales, smart contracts, etc.
También vas a tener datos de exchanges, y mucha información más.

Un sitio donde vas a poder encontrar un calendario con fechas importantes de miles de proyectos.
Lo bueno es que tiene varios filtros para el caso de que quieras ver algún proyecto en particular.
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Diyagonaller ve Üçgenler | #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Elrond #FTM #WRX #NEO Elliott Dalga Analizi
#mith #flm

Yassı -> A, B yayvan, yavaş / C hızlı, ani, sert (Beyaz)
Zikzak -> A hızlı, ani, sert / B, C yayvan, yavaş (Kahve)
#kriptopara ImageImage
#total2 ve #btcdominance da durum buysa ki öyle görünüyor, bak sen #ALTSEASON a. Bu ay hızlı geçecek. #kriptopara #Bitcoin ImageImage
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Accidentally deleted my $ELA tweet from 8hrs ago 🤦, new thread ⬇️

✅Revisiting @ElastosInfo after several years, lots of impressive development in that time and more to come.
✅ At $80mill mcap looking very cheap and primed for a BIG run 📈
#Web3 Image
$ELA available on everyones fav exchange @kucoincom as well as other majors @HuobiGlobal & @BittrexExchange.

📈 Looking for $ELA to pass previous ATH of $80 especially with upcoming catalysts.

✅ Currently 19 mill circ supply, 28 mil max supply (in 2105) Halving every 4 years. Image
Bullish on #Web3 projects with great tech and big developer community and ecosystem. $ELA @ElastosInfo Image
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How to accumulate more #Bitcoin/#Monero over the mid and long term, than you otherwise would simply by buying and holding, utilizing crypto cycles (not day trading).

A ‘Number-go-Up’ (#NgU) thread👇
1/ I don’t know about you, but my life goal is to exit the rat race or traditional 9 to 5 and to have freedom over my time. This would mean dedicating my free time to family and things I love such as travel, writing, my yoga practice…
2/ The goal is to get there as fast as possible, rather than waiting for a certain price target on my fave coin, for example “when BTC reaches $100k … I will…”
Nope. A million things could happen along the way, regulation imo still being the greatest risk facing our ecosystem.
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We gonna look very in-depth at the current situation discussing possibilities easy to understand even for dummies but deep enough to see hidden value

▪️ Long-term outlook
▪️ Fractals
▪️ On-chain Data
▪️ Fear & Greed
▪️ Bitcoin.Dominance
▪️ Summary

▪️ Long-term outlook

In any #Bitcoin prediction, the best thing to start with is to remind ourselves of this Monthly channel and understand we are bullish.

A logarithmic chart is the best tool to see true value trends without any clouded judgment.

Any time you are gonna see anyone making catastrophic predictions, go back to this chart & remind yourself of the truth

Charts don't lie, people do

Any dips below the midpoint of the channel & 50% retracement of the current cycle have been historically a great investment

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Are #Altcoins in a Bearmarket?
Or did we just witness brutal bearish PA, but are we still bullish HTF?

My view of the $ALT market
- Sentiment
- Examples
- Leading indicators
- How did this sell-off happen?
- More Examples
- What's next?
- Conclusion

A thread 🔥🔥1/22
Everybody who screamed "ALTSZN, DEFISUMMER, SOLANASUMMER" etc etc, is now, 2 weeks later, in complete fear or maybe totally whiped out on leverage.

While this whole "Fear and greed index" is utter garbage, it is right about the state of the market right now:

Extreme fear. 2/
The first real dip, i.e. for $ETH here was one were everyone was really confident that this was the dip before let's say 5K, myself included, guilty

Now this second one was brutal. All across the board, while so far the Bullish MS is still in tact IMHO

Recent low = invalidation
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I reckon we've got a few months left of this cycle. I believe it's going to top out around September. Based on Stock to Flow. Whether Stock to Flow is correct or not, it is a meme, so will be manifested by traders who are setting bids/asks based on it, etc.
I think in the nearterm, a rising tide can lift all boats. BTC can keep rising. That means hodlers and good traders have profits to deploy to alts. It also means more and more normies enter and go, "Oh BTC is way too expensive now. What's cheap?". That can drive alts up too.
I also think alts can have big drawbacks and the setups would still be in tact/healthy. ETC was vertical. I don't know if the others will be. Here's LTC making its way up. It's messy, but see the red highlighter over those retracements? The alts could do this while BTC flies.
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Who else was looking at $etc before it broke 2017 ATHs?

Give me a retweet and a follow if you'd be so kind, so I can share my charts and thoughts with more people :)

#etc #altseason #btc #trading
@Zen_Trades1 see this?
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1/ Below is a thread of infographics I've created on the most important lessons to learn about #crypto investing. These are the principles I used to make generational wealth and I hope they will guide you to do the same.👇
2/ This is how successful multi-millionaires were made in the previous 4-Year Cycle. Learn from our experiences. My friends & I accumulated #Altcoins in 2016 (comparable to 2020). By 2018 there were 2 types of altcoiners that came out of that cycle. Image
3/ When #Altseason? Don't focus on a date but understand money flow. Duration of the phases are parabolic meaning first takes longest & last goes fastest. Phases overlap & can temporarily reverse. Prepare accordingly. Image
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By the time people will realize adoption of #Avalanche $Avax #blockchain could surpass that of #Ethereum it will be too late. Think about how #Facebook replaced #Myspace. Layer2 on ethereum is nail in the coffin. Why? Read below:

#cryptocurrency #Altcoins #ALTSEASON Image
People are slow learner, thats why change is always hated.
What #Ethereum is doing here is forcefully teaching people how to use bridges to use layer2 on $Eth.
Actually this was the only roadblock for all these other layer1 technically superior blockchains $Avax $Atom $Xtz $Ada
So, whats about to happen now;
as people will start using layer2 solution on $eth, they will also learn to migrate to all these other blockchains. (The only learning a user require to move to these other blockchains is to know how to use bridges).
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Read the thread below to see what I think 👇
Retweet if you like content like this, I might post these kind of analysis on a more regular basis if you guys like it!
Volatility and a trending BTC are bad for $ALTS in general, ALTS thrive in an environment in which BTC moves sideways.

As can be seen in above chart, last time we had a drop in price, ALTS started moving after BTC made it's range[2/x]
This is because volatility dampens after a drop in price. After the peak and drop, buyers and sellers need to agree on the price again, this results in consolidation and price tightening, which is good for ALTS.

Hence why we usually see ALTS move after a drop [3/x]
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1. Every time the Altcoin market has dipped as of late...

People forget that Altcoin Market Cap broke its 2017 highs

Let's take a look at the last time Altcoin Market Cap broke its old All Time High just to truly appreciate how significant an event this really is...

A thread:
2. Back in October 2020, Altcoin Market Cap was testing the same exact area that propelled Altcoins to reach the 2017 All Time Highs...
3. In the months since, Altcoin Market Cap has simply gone vertical

Altcoin Market Cap has been growing without pause until...
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Cansado de tener que loguearte en @Binance para fondearte tu wallet de #BinanceSmartChain?

Sale hilo rápido sobre cómo usar Binance Bridge 👇
Muchas veces nos sería más conveniente enviarnos fondos desde otros exchanges o desde otras wallets como por ejemplo Metamask usando la Red Principal de Ethereum (o cualquier otra non-custodial wallet)

Para eso existe Binance Bridge ▶
1) Elije qué token quieres recibir (dicho token debe ser soportado por la red de BSC (BEP20), listado completo aquí ▶

En mi caso elegí $XRP para asegurarme de pagar el menor fee posible
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Lo prometido es deuda, cuñaos. Dentro #CuñaoHilo 🧵explicando mi tesis de por qué va a haber una #Altseason pronto...y de las gordas. Nada de lo que veais aquí constituye una recomendación de compra. Coged un refrigerio y espero que guste⬇️
Antes de nada, por aclarar conceptos: una #altseason es un periodo de tiempo que normalmente dura unos meses en los que las #altcoins tienen un precio muy alto. Un rally tremendo, para entendernos, en el que hay MUCHA volatilidad.
Para todos aquellos que no están metidos en el mundillo de las criptomonedas, las altcoins son todas aquellas criptos que NO son #Bitcoin, como Ethereum #ETH Cardano #ADA y tantas otras. Hay, literalmente, miles de ellas.
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El producto interno bruto (PIB) mundial en el 2017 fue ~$80,000,000,000,000

En el 2021 el PIB mundial será de ~₿18,500,000 #BTC
El sabado se dispararon mis alertas de #BTC a $14K... pero #fiambre
Que por cierto; Ayer bitcoin tuvo el segundo cierre mensual mas alto de su historia , $13,816 en bitstamp. Tomenlo con un grano de sal, sin embargo me hace pensar, cuando les toca a las altcoins? #BTC
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