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(1) Thread #4 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Read my series of threads about this case:

NM has a GOP Governor with power to direct the state AG to take over the case from the small-town DA.

Facts > Speculation

(2) You're not helping #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by accepting the cherry picked talking points of either Democrats OR Republicans.

On the GOP side, we must clean up our act when it comes to reporting & discussing this case. It is serious!

Don't be a hypocrite. Use your brain.
(3) Trust me, I've heard everything people are saying about this case. And I have assembled the facts that correct the misinformation. Anyone can do this, I'm not special. It just takes an open mind & a couple of hours of searching online, & I've done most of it for you.
(4) Let's unpack this latest statement from the local DA. Reading it will make you angry (it did me) but keep in mind, there is a lawful & appropriate way to kick him off the case, and it's a Republican who has that power. We need to persuade her. Freaking out won't do that.
(5) The DA appears to have launched its Facebook page recently, as a way to publish the documents it files in the Taos Compound case.

A DA shouldn't rely on FB for such serious matters. But Northern NM is literally the wild west. Taos Co. only has a population of 32,000.
(6) The DA's district takes in two other counties, but the total population is still very small. In such an organization, administrative systems are not usually up to date with best practices. But legal skills have to be. And if not, the state govt CAN act.
(7) The DA says he disagrees with the latest judicial decisions in the case.

Whoopty sh*t.

His job is to provide the best info, AT THE RIGHT TIME that will enable the judge to agree with his view.

(BTW, telling me he dropped the ball on purpose is pointless.)
(8) Telling me the DA (or anyone else) dropped the ball on purpose is pointless because:

>It doesn't change the next steps that are needed
>Blaming the DA distracts from the solution, which is an action the GOVERNOR needs to take, ASAP.
>This DA really is that incompetent.
(9) "My staff has worked diligently, professionally and ethically and I am very proud of them."

Over here in the real world, actions speak louder than words. Besides, the DA himself is the target of our critique, not the staff who have to do what he tells them to do.
(10) "Additionally, all the agencies who have been involved in the investigation have done a good job of collecting evidence and discussing issues with us."

To say merely "good" instead of a stronger term belies the DA *still* blaming the Sheriff, AG,FBI, ATF, CFYD, GA etc.
(11) Attempting to shift the blame is what an incompetent, arrogant DA would do, when this situation calls instead for flamboyant praise and prostate begging of the highest order. Then the excuses start.
(12) "There is still a great deal of information still coming in and we must review it all."

Dude, you have had >4 weeks to get your ducks in a row. What I expect to see now is you grovelling to the state AG for a team to come in & "assist" you with their superior competence.
(13) "I am aware that many of you are concerned about the defendants leaving the state and possibly the country. That is a possibility guaranteed by our Constitution and judicial system that prosecutors' offices around the country face on a daily basis with many defendants who...
(14) " ...commit serious crimes. Defendants are presumed innocent unless and until convicted."

Oh boy.

1. If he'd met the deadline to request a hearing, they'd have GPS monitors on their ankles right now, plus a number of other safeguards for the public.
(15) 2. The DA's hypocrisy in this statement jumps out at me, having read the sloppy legal arguments he allowed to be used in his office's earlier filings. In places, they read like an undergraduate paper. (Links & excerpts are in my other threads you can access via tweet (1).)
(16) I trust the FBI under Trump. That's a whole nother story ofc, but hear me out. The only agency able to keep watch over these 3 individuals rn is the FBI. I'm not claiming they did or not, earlier. J/s, I have seen no CREDIBLE evidence of FBI wrongdoing in THIS case.
(17) I would be very surprised if the present-day FBI did not ensure that the three were followed from the jail door yesterday and are being lawfully monitored right now. You can get carried away by anti-FBI fever dreams if you like. I have enough on my plate with reality.
(18) "Finally, I have always welcomed criticism and, as public servants, our judges should also. However, I ask that you be civil and respectful in your criticisms as that is more constructive. Cussing and threatening the people involved will not accomplish justice and...
(19) " ... serves no useful purpose. Remember, you do not have all the facts. That will develop as the cases progress."

Just another Democrat trying to control your speech. Once you accept that he's TRYING to enrage you, it's easier to stop & think about the meaning of it...
(20) In the current content, t's not appropriate for the DA to ask the public to "be civil and respectful in your criticisms as that is more constructive." Who says it's more constructive? That's an assertion that should be tested. In any case, his request is irrelevant, at best.
(21) "Remember, you do not have all the facts."

The hypocrisy here is... wow. The REASON we do not have all the facts is because this DA has conducted the case incompetently. And HE has made claims in his filings that are not supported by the facts.

>Irony meter explodes.
(22) Here's the link to the Facebook page where you can stay up to date with the excuse-making and unprofessionalism of New Mexico's Eighth Judicial District DA.…
(21) The Taos County Sheriff isn't any better than the local DA, in terms of PR or conduct of the case. He released a statement yesterday:

(22) The state AG (a Democrat) is incorrect to claim here that he has to ask the DA to agree before he can take over the case. He can ask the (GOP) Governor to "request" that he take over:

Legal reference:

AG's claim:
(23) The AG hitched his wagon to the DA, making him culpable to some degree for the failures since then. He would be better to ask the Governor for a clean slate now.

Gov Martinez attacked the judge's decision on 8/13/18 iso using existing powers.

(24) Steve @Pearce4NM is the GOP candidate for governor (Martinez is term limited out). Will someone please tell him about the existing power Gov Martinez has, where she can kick the DA off the case? (Legal reference upthread.)

Has Trump endorsed him?

(25) Last week I learned that when one of the 3 judges was a Dep DA, he & the current DA were accused of serious misconduct. They wriggled out of it & the Dem district's voters don't seem to care. It's not central to my arguments, but here's the details:…
(26) Ultimately it wasn't possible to dis-bar either of them at that time, & I doubt it would have made a difference to how the Taos Compound case has been going.

I have no problem with the case decisions made so far by the 3 judges, based on what they were given to work with.
(27) Useful media coverage of this case is rare. This NBC affiliate interviewed a former Homeland Security staffer. Some of his 5 potential explanations I agree with (see next tweet.)…
(28) Like the judges, I didn't see evidence of "terrorist attack planning" that was robust enough to trigger judicial action. So I disagree with the idea the judges underestimated the threat. They interpreted the available evidence correctly IMO.
(29) His second possible reason was New Mexico's high threshold for pre-trial detention. That explains the 8/13 decision, which occurred before he was interviewed. The 8/29 decision to dismiss the initial charges was based on the 10 day issue alone.
(30) IMO his final 3 possible reasons for the lack of terrorism charges to date are more probable: The children having been removed, the need for very specific evidence, and the need for evidence of an imminent threat.

These are met in plenty of other cases of actual planning.
(31) Several important points made in this article. The charges were dismissed, not dropped though. The difference matters.…
(32) I have found the Albuquerque Journal to be a rare source of accurate reporting on this case so far.

IMO, the most serious currently provable crime was abducting the 3 year old AND denying him his life-sustaining meds & medical care.…
(33) The boy's permanent disability acquired at birth was fully explained to his mother (and, I assume, his father.) She was told that if a seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, he must be seen by a doctor.

The "father" rejected modern medicine & refused to give meds or seek care.
(34) There are good details here about Abdul-Ghani's mother & the majority of his extended family who accept reality & modern medicine, unlike the 5 adults who went on the run to New Mexico.

There's a gofundme by the former, who I assume are innocent.…
(35) I must not get angry. I must not get angry...

>Takes a deep breath.

The AG of the state of NM is lying when he says he can't take over this case.

Please, someone, tell him & the Governor & the state GOP chair to read the law. (See upthread)…
(36) Shortly after the preventable #Parkland tragedy, I located the FL constitutional & statutory provisions that would enable Gov Scott to investigate & potentially remove Sheriff Israel. I wrote threads about it. Crickets.

Are we going to let history repeat itself?
(37) To make it easier, here is the tweet with the legal reference that the NM AG is pretending doesn't exist. I will provide a screenshot in the next tweet.

(38) There are two relevant provisions in New Mexico law (that I, a foreigner who has never visited the state, seem to understand better than the state's Attorney freaking General.)

Subsection B:
(39) And subsection I.

One is a request from the Governor, the other is a direction from the Governor.

AG Balderas earlier shouted from the rooftops about being involved in the case. When he could have done some good.

(40) Senior elected officials and candidates in BOTH the NM Democratic AND Republican parties are exploiting a case involving extremely serious psychological and physical abuse against 11 living American children aged 1 to 15, for POLITICAL GAIN.

Tell them to stop it.
(42) As someone who follows news on Twitter about President Trump, the #MAGA movement & the wider GOP, I constantly see (justified) attacks on Democrats & liberals/leftists in general.

But in this case, GOP politicians at the state level are letting everyone down.
(43) Outgoing @Gov_Martinez & GOP nominee to replace her, Rep Steve @Pearce4NM have completely dropped the ball... showing no leadership regarding the #NMCompound #TaosCompound case.

Yes, Dems have messed up (see thread) but surely we conservatives should look at our side too?
(44) And yes, I'm aware that Martinez isn't exactly a Trump supporting GOP politician. Guess what, I don't care.

11 children are STILL potentially at risk of harm if we adults don't take the initiative and get things sorted out for them & all others at risk of child abuse.
(45) The children are protected for at least the initial statutory 60 days they are in the care of the state CFYD. When their custody status comes up for review, the criminal cases need to be continuing. The AG's legal team has the power to act, rn.…
(46) Stop thinking of these 11 kids as a lost cause just bc 5 adults took them from Georgia to NM 10 months ago & those adults have religious delusions about modern medicine & modern life. The kids are (most probably) US citizens and they have constitutional rights. They need us.
(47) If there is credible evidence of planning terrorist attacks, then it needs to be properly presented in court. So far, hasn't happened. If, hypothetically, Justice Scalia had been one of 3 local judges hearing the case so far, he'd have ruled exactly the same way they did.
(48) 2 of the 5 suspects are likely to be convicted of serious child abuse charges. The other 3 need to be charged & convicted as accessories to at least some of the crimes committed. Their attorneys have good odds of being able to get them acquitted. Nothing to do with religion.
(49) I've seen no public comment about the case from Gov Martinez since this statement on 8/15/18, which only fueled the threats of violence against the initial judge (who did nothing wrong), & exploited the tragedy for political gain. She & many others took the Left's bait.
(50) Further, Martinez abused her power, by referring to the suspects as dangerous criminals when they haven't been convicted of a crime, & in the case of the 3 likely accessories to child abuse, not even adequately charged. Prob can't be sued for defamation bc of exec privilege.
(51) Where are her GOP supporters such as Jeb!, Rubio, Kasich, & many others? Why haven't they denounced her inappropriate comments & lack of action?

I want to be proud of the GOP officials & candidates in every state. At the moment, I can't be. #DoYourJob @Gov_Martinez
(52) Time for the next thread in this series of 5 threads so far. I realize it's a lot to read, but if your reply shows you haven't read even some of this unpaid research work I've done, you probably won't get a reply from me.

END (of thread)

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