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(1) Thread #5 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Politics, corruption, incompetence & passing the buck. This case has it all.

And it's NOT too late to fix the mess!

Read my series of threads about this case:
… …

(2) Shoot, the first tweet has the wrong date. This thread starts on 8/31/18 not 8/30/18. I hate little mistakes, but continuing on is quicker than fixing it all up.
(3) I realize 5 threads are a lot to read, but if your reply shows you haven't read even some of this unpaid research work I've done, you probably won't get a reply from me. I don't mind being unpaid, I prefer it bc I can say what I want.

I'm j/s, read some facts b4 replying.
(4) Thread #4 in particular has the most relevant & up to date info on which of the elected officials in NM have specific powers to take this prosecution forward, to minimize the risk of further crimes in NM or other states.

State & federal jurisdictions have separate roles.
(5) There is strong evidence for child abuse causing death (I view it as negligent homicide as there is no credible evidence of murder, so far), & child abuse against 11 other children. It is better & easier for the state to prosecute these state crimes, than the federal DOJ.
(5) There is (so far) evidence of terrorist activity that is circumstantial, at best. I can already hear some of you angrily reacting to this but please... let me finish, OK?

I am not saying they're innocent. I am saying the evidence isn't strong. Further,
(6) You do not have authoritative evidence of when the FBI began its investigations into these 5 people, or what information they had & have, or why their only comment so far has been the standard "we don't comment on active investigations."
(7) I have no time for the blanket statements that are made about the entire >30,000+ workforce of the FBI in late 2018.

Obviously, horrendous actions & omissions under the PREVIOUS admin enabled the planning of some mass shootings & terrorist attacks to continue uninterrupted.
(8) I'm fully aware of the details about the events that underpin the statement I just made about the FBI. I literally do not have time to go into them right now. Also, I believe that anti-Trump political actors would love me to spend time on all that iso reporting on this case.
(9) So, my position on FBI involvement in this case is open minded, unless I get credible evidence leading me to review it. If the FBI is developing a case against the 5 & associates, then disclosing details of it is guaranteed to destroy the chances of successful prosecution.
(10) "But but they destroyed the #NMCompound... "

Someone partially demolished the compound, yes. So far, I have not seen any credible evidence of the who, what, when, how or why of that activity. I assume that useful evidence was secured first, but we'll find out eventually.
(11) When investigators (local, state or federal) have completed their crime scene examination work, the site is released to the lawful occupant or owner. If the materials used by the squatters had been left there indefinitely, 24/7 security would've been needed. Waste of money.
(12) BREAKING: Fox reports the NM USAG has charged all 5 #NMCompound suspects w fed firearms & conspiracy offenses, based on FBI investigation. When the press release is issued, it will be here:

Looking forward to all the apologies the FBI is gonna get.
(13) Who am I kidding. Hardly any of the conspiracy fantasists attacking the FBI for the last four weeks are gonna apologize for not backing the blue.

Thank you @e_deplorable for providing the breaking news. Doing something constructive iso complaining
(14) Based on the reporting by FOX (which I will fact check against the DOJ press release), the 5 have been arrested. Two were in jail until at least 9/4/18 for child abuse causing death. I claimed the FBI would be watching the 3. Let's hope they're in custody now too. Federal.
(15) Being federally charged & incarcerated for the time being isn't enough for me. I will not stop calling for accountability from @Gov_Martinez, @NewMexicoOAG & GOP Gov candidate Steve @Pearce4NM for their actions & omissions since 8/13/18. (Explained in thread #4.)
(16) Another MSM source for breaking news about this case. Subject to my fact checking in a few hours when more is known.

(17) Here is the criminal complaint document filed by the federal DOJ in Albuquerque (ABQ) with FBI information. Expect MSM reporting to misrepresent the facts. I'm reading the 11 pages now.

All 5 are in federal custody now, presumably in ABQ.…
(18) This reporter has provided pretty good reporting on this case. I bet he's pleased to see this development.

(17) It took me 18 minutes to read the 11 page FBI affidavit, so it's not hard, anyone can do it, iso repeating false info they read online. I read it slowly, reflecting on the large amount of case info I already have. My initial comments follow, but pls read the doc too.
(18) Based on the very strong, clear FBI evidence, these 5 defendants are f****d.

Hopefully a bunch of other associates are also in a world of deep legal trouble.

Thank you Special Agent Garcia and FBI colleagues. #BackTheBlue #TrumpsFBI
(19) I've argued in my other threads (linked in tweet (1) above) that the nature of Abdul-Ghani's medical condition meant that without meds, he would have had seizures very readily. The recitation of the Qur'an over many hours would have coincided with seizures, not caused them.
(20) Abdul-Ghani's mother had been told by doctors that if a seizure lasted more than 5 minutes he must be seen by a doctor. That's even with taking the two meds she was giving him. In the 3 weeks to 3 months he went without any meds, there will have been a lot of seizures.
(21) I mentioned earlier the 1993 tragedy of Waco, in which federal agencies under Bill Clinton were (easily proven) culpable in over 100 deaths.

A month ago, a county Sheriff & his Deputies apprehended adults & rescued children without a single shot being fired. #Heroes🇺🇸
(22) Entire books can be written comparing this case w/ Waco in all respects: Both involved apocalyptic religious delusional beliefs, child abuse/neglect, rural location & a guns/ammo stockpile. Trump's federal law enforcement changes already made are underestimated by most ppl.
(23) The affidavit clarifies events related to the unlawful immigration status of the alleged ringleader in this case, Haitian national, JL. In March 2017 she applied to the USCIS for employment status & was approved.

Congress must reform the law. The ball is in THEIR court.
(24) Another relevant issue covered in the affidavit is that federal "gun control" laws appear to have saved the day here. I staunchly defend #2A & responsible gun ownership. But this case shows that certain carefully designed gun control laws are worth keeping. Nuances matter.
(25) The DOJ press release & copy of affidavit. If convicted, each of the 5 faces up to 15 years in federal prison ON JUST THESE CHARGES, not counting others they are likely to later face. Child abuse & C.A. causing death, & accessory to it, are serious.…
(26) The failed state DA has issued a press release... I'm not going to read it right now because I don't want to spoil the moment of intense relief I'm having, thanks to #TrumpsFBI & the LEOs worthy of respect, unlike this DA. He will be dealt with.
(27) Broken link, above. Here is the link to the DA's press release. Do not drive or operate machinery after reading it. Maybe pour a stiff drink beforehand.
(28) Welp. I only stepped away for a short time. Was expecting this, though.
(29) Anyone with any information that can help achieve justice in this case should come forward to the proper authorities with information about the DA, AG, etc. Government employees in New Mexico have a degree of whistleblower protection:…
(30) Lots of useful info at this link. After the county court decisions yesterday, all I wanted was to read them, the court orders. Couldn't find them anywhere. Events have superseded that concern, but it's good to have access now.…
(31) At the link above there are several docs, including the order of Judge Chavez & the order of Judge McElroy. I read the pre-trial detention order of Judge Backus earlier. IMO all 3 have made legally sound, reasonable orders. Chavez is a sloppy writer but the others are good.
(32) The tri-county 8th Judicial District Court will prob continue hearing matters related to this case for 18-36 months. I have confidence in the 3 judges led by Chief Judge McElroy, who appears to be an excellent jurist & administrator. The DA's office is the weak link here.
(33) The key issue is the state AG Hector Balderas' bizarre claim that he lacks authority to take over the case from the local DA. Someone in his position (& the office of the Governor) should already be aware of the authority. It's malpractice to allow the DA to continue.
(34) AG Balderas & DA Gallegos are Democrats. It shouldn't matter on an issue of reading the clear wording of the relevant law. But if we can't get through to Balderas, we should contact the Republican (in name) @Gov_Martinez & candidate for Gov, US Rep Steve @Pearce4NM.
(35) Steve Pearce's statement on the FBI-led arrests misses the mark. DA Gallegos is not going to resign. Heck, he won't even allow the office of AG Balderas to HELP with the case, let alone take charge.

Steve. Tell Susana about NM Stat § 8-5-2 (1996 thru 1st Sess 50th Legis).
(36) Steve Pearce's tweet with his statement. So far, not one sensible reply to his tweet. All from unhinged conspiracy kooks. Just what is needed in a serious case like this one, right?

(37) The 5 suspects appeared in federal court today. Ryan is incorrect about the maximum sentences they face if convicted. It's up to 15 years, not 5. And there are more serious charges to come, too.

(38) As I expected, there was nothing particularly remarkable about the court appearances today. Due to time zones, Ryan will likely tweet about tomorrow's hearing before I am able to.

(39) I will have some more tweets for you though, once I get time later on. I came across this photo of Abdul-Ghani from before the abduction by his father around 12/1/17.

(40) Credit to Ryan Laughlin for correcting this in the KOB TV coverage tonight. Good reporter. (I would normally have let it go but I could hear the screams of "5 years is not enough!" before they got here.)

(41) In court today the defense attorneys asked for more time to prepare, & got an extension to 9/12/18. Perfectly normal & understandable. Media are trying to scare people by talking up the possibility the 5 will be released on bail (without GPS monitoring.)

Don't buy it.
(42) The FBI arrested the 5 on serious charges that would get them back in custody & probably keep them there for at least the next few months. My sense for next week is that if the DOJ considers they might be released, another set of charges will appear.
(43) The DOJ will have no trouble showing they're a flight risk. And even if the judge is inclined to release them pre-trial, it would be with GPS monitoring and a far-reaching set of release conditions that ensure they stay right where the FBI can see them. So I'm not worried.
(44) So that's the federal jurisdiction covered. In the state jurisdiction, the AG still needs to carry out his duty & take over the case from the DA.

There's still no sign of NM politicians or media admitting I'm right about this authority.

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