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🚑 One Thing Leads to Another 🚑

Fire them...When you have a heart attack may there be no EMS (oops, no paramedics available!) and no staffed bed, thus.... hope you can fix your own cardiac blockage since you FIRED the people who would otherwise assist.
According to the Office for National Statistics, since July 2 there have been 9,619 EXCESS DEATHS in England and Wales, of which 48% were NOT CAUSED by Covid-19.

So if all these extra people are not dying from coronavirus, what is killing them?>
Data from Public Health England shows that during
that period there were 2,103 extra death registrations with ISCHEMIC HEART DISEASE, 1,552 with HEART FAILURE, as well as an extra 760 deaths with cerebrovascular diseases such as STROKE>
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🤖 I Will Follow 🧑

An artificial intelligence tool ACCURATELY PREDICTED which patients newly infected with the COVID virus would go on to develop severe respiratory disease... researchers were SURPRISED TO FIND that characteristics considered to be hallmarks of COVID, like>
ground glass opacities, fever, and strong immune responses, were NOT USEFUL in predicting which of the...patients with initial, mild symptoms would go to develop severe lung disease. Neither were age and gender helpful in predicting serious disease
The MOST ACCURATE predictors>
were SMALL ELEVATIONS in a LIVER ENZYME called ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE (ALT), DEEP MUSCLE ACHES and higher levels of HEMOGLOBIN (a protein that facilitates blood transport of oxygen throughout the body).
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Christina's World, Andrew Wyeth  I am following the river do
Losing love is like a window in your♥️

Everybody sees you're blown apart

Everybody sees the wind blow
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Why Are We Vaxxinating Children Against COVID-19?

Clinical trials for these💉were VERY SHORT-TERM
(a few months), had samples not representative of
the total pop., and for adolescents/children, had
poor predictive power because of their SMALL SIZE.
Further, the clinical trials>
did NOT ADDRESS changes in BIOMARKERS that could serve as EARLY WARNING INDICATORS of elevated PREDISPOSITION to SERIOUS DISEASES. Most importantly, the clinical trials did not address LONG-TERM EFFECTS that, if serious, would be BORNE by CHILDREN/ADOLESCENTS for potentially>
DECADES. A novel best-case scenario cost-benefit ANALYSIS SHOWED very conservatively that there
are 5 X'S THE NUMBER OF DEATHS attributable to each💉vs those attributable to COVID
in the most vulnerable 65+ demo. The risk of
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Inflammo-Thrombotic Response

This diagram shows how too much of a good thing can cause harm to the body. When our VIRAL immune response, either because of other health problems we have (comorbidities) produce too much response OR because there is too much of the>
virus (e.g. vaccines) SPIKE in our body; the outcome is INFLAMMATION and BLOOD CLOTTING [Inflammo-Thrombotic Response – ITR] that can kill us (COVID-19).
-Dr. Richard Fleming  The document numbers listed on the diagram below match the
Losing My Immunity

The #SpikeProtein is a TOXIN, a poison in the body. Whether you get it from COVID or from the 💉it can be very dangerous for certain people depending on their genetic makeup and their overall health, especially if it circulates in the body>
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🌬️Rock You Like a Hurricane🌬️

By profiling 18 immune cell dynamics at day 1 post-vaxx, we identified 6 cellular dynamics that CORRELATED WITH the ADVERSE EVENTS as well as the induction of neutralizing antibodies at later time points
This study identifies the REDUCTION of>
NKT-like cells in PERIPHERAL BLOOD as an additional correlate of high antibody titers and SEVERITY of SYSTEMIC SYMPTOMS; these findings accounted for higher magnitudes of both events in FEMALES and lower magnitudes in the ELDERLY. The most striking finding...was to identify the>
REDUCTION of DC3s and CD11c- AS-DCs as the SPECIFIC CORRELATES for ADVERSE EVENTS, and the COMBINATION of 2 PARAMETERS successfully PREDICTED the vaxxed who suffered from ADVERSE EFFECTS.>
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Don't Come Around Here No More

We detected serum Spike Protein (up to 35 DAYS POST-VAXX) and sACE2 in all Vaxxine Induced Thrombocytopenia Thrombosis patients, and respectively in 2 and 3 out of 7 vaxxed Healthy Controls. ONLY PLATELETS FROM one NON-VAXXED HC expressed ACE2.>
VITT sera MARKEDLY ACTIVATED PLATELETS and this activation was inhibited by both anti-SP and anti-FcγRIIA blocking antibodies. The thrombus showed positive immunohistochemical labelling of platelets using an anti-SP antibody with REDUCED ACE2 expression, compared to a thrombus>
from a pre-pandemic stroke patient. Markers of ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION, NETs and hypercoagulability state were PRESENT IN ALL VITT sera.
#EVIDENCE that DNA vaxx-encoded SC2 Spike Protein is detectable in VITT sera (several weeks post-vaxx) in a platelet-rich thrombus...
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Spike Protein from Virus or Vaxx is a toxin in the body and can "wake up" other latent viruses and bacteria and cause them to show symptoms, like swollen testicles or inflammation of the skin
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🎣Catch All the Fish🎣

An ABC news fishing expedition...took a STARTLING TURN...after a reporter asked readers to share stories of loved ones who DIED of Covid AFTER REFUSING or delaying to get the 💉.
INSTEAD, thousands reported of loved ones who died after💉.>
By noon on Monday, the post had RECEIVED over 39,000 angry and often heartbreaking RESPONSES. Virtually every string contains a FIRSTHAND report by people whose family members are GRIEVING THE LOSS OF LOVED ONES of all ages>
Reports of heart attacks and strokes abound:
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💉Just Like a Pill💊

What if the side effect is worse than the therapy?

When the body mounts an immune response to a biologic, this could lead to the development of ANTI-DRUG ANTIBODIES. The anti-drug antibodies could mean that the drug might become less effective, there>
may be a need for a co-therapy, an INCREASE IN THE DRUG DOSAGE or frequency, or a change to a different drug altogether.

"Animal studies show an📈in deaths from
5 doses of repeated 💉with the same antigen,
and almost half of the animals die after 7 doses."
-Yasufumi Murakami
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🌊Tsunami Keihō🌊

Stopped by my local blood mobile last week, asked the operator how long a vaxxed person had to wait after the 💉 in order to give blood.

"Are they having allergic/Covid symptoms?

If no Sx, then, right away, NO WAIT TIME.
If Sx, come back when they subside."
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I Can't Relax

"Only PMH was hypertension"
Just like with Spike from SC2, Spike from 💉is
lethal for patients with hypertension.
Spike is spike.
It is toxic for certain phenotypes/comorbidities.
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...only the IV group developed histopathological
changes of myopericarditis as evidenced by CARDIOMYOCYTE DEGENERATION, APOPTOSIS and NECROSIS with adjacent inflammatory cell infiltration and calcific deposits on visceral pericardium, while evidence of>
coronary artery or other cardiac pathologies was absent. SARSCoV2 SPIKE antigen expression by immunostaining was occasionally FOUND IN INFILTRATING IMMUNE CELLS of the HEART or injection site, in cardiomyocytes and intracardiac vascular endothelial cells, but not skeletal>
myocytes. The histological changes of MYOPERICARDITIS after the first IV-priming dose PERSISTED for 2 wks and were MARKEDLY AGGRAVATED by a 2nd IM- or IV-BOOSTER DOSE.
Cardiac tissue mRNA expression of IL-1β, IFN-β, IL-6 and TNF-α INCREASED SIGNIFICANTLY from 1dpi to 2dpi in IV>
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High on spike protein, it calls to me

"This binding triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This happened EVEN WHEN the PROTEIN WAS NO-LONGER ATTACHED TO THE VIRUS.>
...evidence to suggest that the SPIKE PROTEIN can REMAIN IN THE BLOOD STREAM AFTER THE VIRUS HAS GONE and travel far from the site of infection. In this study, researchers only studied pericytes from the small blood vessels within the heart. However, pericytes are found within>
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The Spike is the Toxin

Why are we injecting something
into the human body
that IS the toxin?

It IS the toxin.
It causes the disease.
This ISN’T a vaxxine

This is what the spike protein, just the spike ALONE, from the vaxxine, is doing to the MITOCHONDRIA>
of your cells?
That’s the engine of your cells,
that's what gives you energy, the power of your cells...

that’s from the vaxxine. @ 05:00
And she said losing love
Is like a window in your heart
Everybody sees you're blown apart
Everybody sees the wind blow
#Graceland #Going2Graceland #BouncingIntoGraceland #GhostsAndEmpties #SpikeProtein #MeOMyOCarditis #Jambalaya #VITT #Toxic #Toxin #TheVaxxed
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🩸In the Blood🩸

COVID is a vascular disease NOT a respiratory disease.

Failure to recognize this fact and fight SC2 with early effective treatment KILLS.

Treat early, stay out of hospitals:
HCW get and spread SC2,
Remdesivir damages kidneys,
vents damage lungs.>
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