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⛔️ Alerta de #Fiebre #Tifoidea

Me han llegado múltiples mensajes de mis pacientes con cadenas de #Whatsapp que alertan sobre varios casos en #Caracas.

Así que vamos a explicar un poco. Mi intención no es alarmar, por el contrario, quiero tranquilizar y educar en prevención.
La FT es causada por la bacteria #Salmonella typhi. Se transmite por la ingesta de alimentos y el agua contaminados o el contacto estrecho con un infectado. Sus signos y síntomas son:

⚠️ Fiebre
⚠️ Cefalea
⚠️ Dolor estomacal
⚠️ #Estreñimiento o #diarrea
⚠️ Manchas rosadas en piel
La mayoría de las personas que tienen fiebre tifoidea se sienten mejor unos días después de comenzar el #tratamiento con #antibióticos.

Un 15% de los casos se pueden complicar con #Pancreatitis, #Colcistitis, #hepatitis, #neumonía entre otros.

#NO se automedique.
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Today is #NationalChickenWingDay, one of many US holidays celebrating animal-based products.

We honor this day by exploring the health, environmental, and ethical impacts of #poultry farming and celebrating plant-based chicken for providing an animal-free alternative. 1/12 Image
Despite their proven ability to experience suffering, #chickens account for 95% of land animals farmed for food globally.

@JenMishler explores research demonstrating chickens' emotional & cognitive abilities—ranging from feeling #empathy to dreaming. 2/12…
Chicken breeds that grow rapidly often suffer from cardiovascular problems, muscle deformities, #lameness, and external sores.

Linda Tyler reports on a @uofg study showing that genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to #chickens. 3/12…
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This week, investigators found that German #meat companies sold sausages made from bones.

The #livestock sector is highly secretive, hiding its practices from the public eye. As a result, many people don't know what animal products are made of, including these 8 examples.👇1/11
Many #ChickenNuggets contain very little actual meat.

Instead, they mostly consist of fat and other body parts, including #chicken nerves, bone, skin, and connective tissue. @iltaylorwriter reports. 2/11…
Few people know that #horse blood can be involved in the production of pork and beef.

Farmers across Europe use a hormone derived from pregnant mares to increase reproduction in pigs, #cows & other farmed animals. @KevanySophie reports via @guardian. 3/11…
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June 3 is #NationalEggDay. We honor today by taking a close look at the environmental, ethical, and health impacts of poultry farming and highlighting ways to help hens raised for their #eggs. 1/13 Image
Studies show that #chickens are socially complex beings capable of self-control and empathy.

Despite their proven sentience, the #poultry industry raises billions of chickens for their meat and eggs every year. @JenMishler reports. 2/13…
Before the 1920s, #chickens were thought of as smart and industrious.

When chickens became the first factory-farmed animal in the world, #chicken representation in the media evolved to justify their treatment within farms. @LillieGardner reports. 3/13…
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1/ Strict new rules on the use of #antibiotics and other #antimicrobials in pigs, chickens and other #farm animals come into force today across the #EU. What do the changes mean - and are they good for animals and consumers? A thread//
2/ In 2019 alone 5m deaths were connected to #AntimicrobialResistance (#AMR), according to a recent @TheLancet report. The deadly, drug-resistant infections behind these deaths come about because of the over- and misuse of antimicrobials, which makes bacteria resistant to them
3/ When drug-resistant bugs develop in animals because of antibiotic overuse they can easily spread to humans - often through #food. For example, rates of drug-resistant #salmonella have risen - & infections mainly come from #chicken & other #poultry.…
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⚠️OUTBREAK WARNING—CDC warns fresh whole onions causing large #Salmonella outbreak in 37 states. Throw away any unlabeled onions at home. Do not eat, sell, or serve red, white, or yellow onions imported from 🇲🇽 & distributed in US by **ProSource Inc**. 🧵…
2) Fresh whole red, white, and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua, 🇲🇽 & distributed by ProSource Inc—sold to restaurants & grocery stores throughout US. ProSource Inc. indicated onions were last imported on August 27, but imported onions can last up to 3 months in storage.
3) Do not sell or serve fresh whole red, white, or yellow onions that were imported from Chihuahua, 🇲🇽 and distributed by ProSource Inc.
•Check storage coolers and coolers for these onions.
•Wash and sanitize any surfaces that may have come in contact with these onions.
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#idboardreview 50 M on chronic daily steroids; recent trip to Mexico are daily beef tacos & queso fresco now presents w/ diarrhea, fever, chills. Ct+ enteritis, BC GNR. Dx? #medEd #idmedEd #IDtwitter Image
Approx 5% of pts w/ GI illness by nontyphoidal #Salmonella will develop bacteremia, serious/potentially fatal problem. more likely to occur in immunologically compromised & these hosts are also more likely to develop focal infection.
#salmonella outbreak associated with queso fresco @CDCgov…
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Here it is!

#Inktober2020 day 1 in my #PathogenPortraits series. After years of studying this in cow bums, it had to be #EcoliO157

It causes bloody diarrhoea & if that wasn't bad enough, sometimes kidney failure & death. More info @…
#sciart #microbiology Inktober2020 E. coli O157 c...
#Inktober2020 day 2 in my #PathogenPortraits series. 'The Clap' (Neisseria gonorrhoeae) b/c who doesn't 💚 green purulent discharge?

It's sexually transmitted but also from mother->newborn during birth to cause blindness.
More info:…

#sciart #microbiology Image
#Inktober2020 day 3 in my #PathogenPortraits series. The very 💛golden💛 #MRSA.

Minds it's own business on your skin, but if it gets inside, methicillin won't do a thing to stop it.

More info at #sciart #microbiology Methicillin resistant staph...
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#Haemolysis data indicates that #disruption of host cell #membranes by rotating #flagella is physically possible, despite what previously published measurements with firing gold nanobeads at tissue cultures tells us.

[Pls read the paper for the more complex story with E.coli]
But what if #flagella did penetrate host cell #membranes? What might that mean?
Well, in vitro at least, #Ecoli and #Salmonella #flagella can enhance #actin #polymerization rates. Interactions with #Cofilin-1 (CFL) had an additive effect... Actin polymerisation rates with flagella from E. coli (H6, H
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8 years since the first manuscript draft but it's finally here!

The interaction of #Ecoli O157 :H7 and #Salmonella Typhimurium #flagella with host cell #membranes and cytoskeletal components | #Microbiology #Pathogenesis #Thread…
@strain9000 @ArielBlocker @MicrobioSoc This all started many 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 ago...

Jo Elvidge and I were looking at the role of #flagella in early infection of #Salmonella and #Ecoli in relevant animal tissue models (🐖🐄)

We spotted what looked like very intimate adherence... E.coli O157:H7 on Bovine terminal rectal cellsSalmonella Typhimurium on porcine epithelial cells
It was a toughie to quantify back then with the tools we had, but every time we looked, we saw it 🤓
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See our new @plospathogens paper with the Hinton Lab @jay_salsa on the role of the MacAB-TolC efflux pump during infection by invasive #Salmonella isolates from Africa.…
Whole genome analysis of all sequenced African #iNTS isolates by @yan_salsa @NWenner and @implosian identified several variants of MacAB associated with each lineage.
We showed these MacAB variants change resistance to the antimicrobial peptide C18G and alter #Salmonella replication in macrophages.
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