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met gala black & white with the focus being cats symbolism:
black and white are the stripes of the tiger

- White Tiger of the West (Xīfāng Báihǔ 西方白虎) one of the four divine beasts related to the four cardinal directions/seasons etc. of the Chinese constellations. ImageImage
- tiger=lion=king=ac(antichrist) (false king false ruler)
- associated with the metal(META/robots/flesh of the “gods”/ sinking) element. earth(yellow)=supporting element of metal(white/beige/silver=supporting element of water(dark blue/black) meanwhile water can release the power ImageImage
of metal. also the  respiratory system/lungs/related to the nose/large intestine/fall/venus(lucifer)/round shapes. Metal ‘governs’ the Chinese Zodiac signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog.
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soyoon ft. rm - smoke sprite
symbolism & analysis Image
smoke spirit=darkness(the gloominess in the music videos suggests it). that’s why they are showing the sun in such way = darkness. black sun symbolism but when the colors are inverted we get purple sky and white sun/moon. ImageImage
smoke=shadow/silhouette/grey/vapor/smoke of a big furnace=opening of the pit/abyss & setting free of demonic entities, your worst nightmares.
they are singing about meeting one another in a dream and one of the things it signals is dream sprites/spirits =illusion, deception, lie.
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pixy - karma mv
symbolism & analysis

i just watched this music video and YAH began explaining it to me. at first i was like “Lord what do you mean this is related to china and america? i don’t see anyhting related to it??” Image
YAH let me know that the signs behind them are in chinese and english which subtly signals america and china and how the song is a message an alert to what’s to come. ImageImage
it begins with the grave = the fate of mystery babylon is already sealed/decided. that is why we have the “hypocrite now face your fate” engraved on the mausoleum. ready or not it has begun ImageImageImage
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@Machell49934776 Don't forget vitamins, supplements, ivermectin, LOTS of water, items to barter (pet foods, protein drinks, vegetable seeds, cleaning supplies, baby food/formula, whatever your immediate neighbors might be short on over time) space heater, electric blanket, batteries, candles
@Machell49934776 Flashlights, lighters, matches, am/fm radio, spare gas, solar generator, bicycle, gun, ammo, and keep your passport handy. I'm a prepper of little means, live in a 55+ community, but over time, I've collected enough resources to provide 300 homes with assistance should we need it
@Machell49934776 My immediate neighbors are aged 65-100, most of whom aren't aware of the perilous times we're in. I worry about those who depend on medical devices and their pets for friendship and comfort. They have relatives, of course, but many of those are incapacitated from the jab
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Dr Carol Rosin, Aerospace Executive :

“Their last card will be the #AlienInvasion and is all LIES‼️”

#EndTimes #GreatDeception #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda
Alien Reproduction Vehicles

(The Tablet in the image was posted by Elon Musk ex-Wife Grimes )

#EndTimes #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda…
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9 Feb 2023 : Dr V Coleman

🚨Urgent Warning to Everyone🚨

"Without any reasonable doubt,that Joe Biden,accelerated the designer war between Russia & Ukraine which has now become world war III – with America,the EU & the UK supplying tanks to attack Russians

#EndTimes #Doomsday
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taeyang ft. jimin - vibe mv.
analysis & symbolism

this whole song is about the pending darkness, the golden dawn/age (sunrise code word), the awakening of the spirit of kundalini (fiery serpent), the collusion between the dimensions all coming together.
the rest of the analysis is from days ago and you can find it here if interested
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new jeans - omg music video. symbolism and analysis.

1. first let’s break down the word “omg” it’s way deeper than you think. Image
2. the whole music video is happening at a mental hospital and the girls are shown as if they are suffering from multiple personality disorder. Image
3. “i was actually an iphone”

i = eye
i is also ai = artificial Intelligence
phone = voice
her saying that she is an iphone is dehumanization.
siri = sirius, iris(eye) Image
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the new jeans omg music video has such blatant symbolism and is screaming about another disease/wave coming . i will post the analysis of the whole mv later Image
new jeans = new genes = hybrids
no longer human
but humans have been turned into bio monsters

heart is also earth
meaning a disease hitting and spreading thru the whole earth
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The #Apocalypse has started. #Corona/#Covid is the first horse. The rider wears a crown (corona), has a #toxon bow ("#toxin" is a derivative->poison arrows). What went into billions of arms? Little poison arrows.

The Horsemen Ride.

#ApocalypseNews #TheWhiteHorse #EndTimes
#TheRedHorse, 2nd horse of the #Apocalypse: #War. Red, the color of blood, color of #communism. What do we see shaping up? War by #Russia and #China. Ukraine, #Taiwan, the World.

A full third of mankind will die, if we align the 2nd horse with the 6th trumpet of #Revelation 9.
#TheBlackHorse, 3rd horse of the #Apocalypse. A pair of balances, "A measure of wheat for a penny". A penny's was a day's wages. Meaning: a bread for a full day's work.
Meaning: #hyperinflation, #hunger. Have you been paying attention lately? #Inflation, worldwide!

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i’m going to put the information from those images in the form of a thread. let’s get into the ethymology of balenciaga shall we? i will add more information to the thread so if you stumble upon it read the images and whats below them. ImageImage
from baal (bale)

From Late Latin Baal (as in the Vulgate) and Ancient Greek Βάαλ (Báal), from Hebrew בעל (bá`al, “lord, husband”), from Proto-Semitic *baʿl- (“owner, lord, husband”).

bale etymology:
From Middle English bale (“evil”), from Old English bealu, from Proto-West
Germanic *balu, from Proto-Germanic *balwą.
Cognate with Low German bal- (“bad, ill”), Gothic 𐌱𐌰𐌻𐍅𐌴𐌹𐌽𐍃 (balweins, “torture”), Old High German balo (“destruction”), Old Norse bǫl (“disaster”). Image
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#VAXXED #Apocalypse #EndTimes #circlejam
Ово није узроковано дрогом или неким лековима

-Можете видети људе из целог света, (Јужна Америка, Русија, Азија, Америка) укључена је Африка где те синтетичке дроге не постоје

-Имају крви око уста

-Један носи маску, то је особа која "брине" о свом здрављу😷
Не дрогирајте се, носите маску

-Имају исту врсту конвулзија и грчева које се виђају код особа са неуролошким поремећајима узрокованим вакцинацијом против ковида.

Следи Зомби Апокалипса
This not caused by "flakka" or any other drugs

-You can see people from around the world, (South America, Russia, Asia, America) Africa included where those synthetics drugs don't exist

-They have boold around the mouth🩸
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le sserafim - antifragile music video analysis

"Then the third angel sounded: And a great
star fell from heaven, burning like a torch,
and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the
springs of water. The name of the star is
Wormwood. ImageImageImage
A third of the waters became
wormwood, and many men died from the
water. because It was made bitter.
(Revelation 8:10-11)

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For those trying to understand what's going on in the world right now: the final battle between the blood of Edom and Jacob. Aka Cain's folk vs the sheepish flock of God called #Christians. A battle for souls. And not all is what it seems. #bible #bibletruth #endtimes #daysofnoah Image
Who is keeping us from entering heaven, denying God (with false "science" mostly, nowadays), and by leading us into sin? Who controls the porn industry, gaming, the idolatrous film industry, the war machine?
Who are the #moneychangers, who steal the houses of poor widows? WHO? Image
Who's wanting to inject you with gene therapies for a flu? Killing their brethren, like their forefather #Cain killed Abel.

Reality is dead easy, once you've undone yourself from all the lies. Which is the hard part. Deprogramming your mind from the pharisee/jesuit lie system. Image
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@elonmusk – Praying for your eternal salvation in JESUS, John 3:16:
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What's the deeper meaning behind it all?

Follow the white rabbit through this maze connecting art, Jeffrey Epstein, the illuminati, possible dimensional portals and... escape rooms?
This rabbit hole actually leads to more topics than just this thread, a part 2 will be needed

After reading this thread keep your eyes peeled for these symbols and feel free to send me any connections you make on your own
It started when I saw a commercial for the movie Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

I noticed the white and black checkerboard floor and the black cube

The characters are in a bank called "Illuminus Bank"

The black cube image is also placed over lower Manhattan ImageImageImageImage
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Considering what's happening in the world today, it causes me to look back on moments in history when the antichrist was publicly, visibly & obviously flaunting his demonic end time agenda as is happening now.

Think of when Yeshua headed toward Yerusalayim.
The demonic's attempt to bring about the destruction of salvation & hope for mankind was on full display. satan thought he had bested Yahweh (again ... silly fool) and that men could no longer be redeemed. But as an ex-employee who's no longer privy to the workings of El-ohim, he
he ended up looking as dumb as these lying, cheating demonrat children of his are about to look come January.

Look at what ushered in The Dark Ages. Again the antichrist spirit attempted to take everything foundational out of the way #Christians worship and relate to The Three.
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🔥The Rush to Rapture 🔥There is no need to slow climate change, pursue environmental protections or keep promises to allies because wars, famines and natural disasters are foretold in End Times Prophecy and therefore ‘unavoidable’. Believers in #EndTimes =#MAGA
#WWIII #Iran
🔥The Trump Administration and the @GOP are filled with religious extremists who believe that they will be instrumental in ushering in #EndTimes. They believe that Trump is the Chosen One and he is fulfilling prophecy👇
💥The assassination of #Soleimani was designed to provoke a revenge attack against the US that will allow Trump to begin #WWIII and save himself from removal of office.
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🔥BREAKING NEWS🔥We are in grave danger‼️Why do the @GOP ignore Trump’s treason in Ukraine & Russia but slam him on his action w Syria and the Kurds. Here’s the answer: #EndTimes Prophecy - the Kurds are the descendants of the Medes who play a PIVOTAL ROLE‼️ Thread 🧵
💥Isaiah foretold the destruction of Babylon by the Medes. Many Bible scholars believe present day Kurds are the direct descendants of the ancient Medes‼️Trump’s latest action is seen as hurting the unfolding of scripture!…
🔥Pat Robertson LITERALLY said that Trump would lose the MANDATE OF HEAVEN by his action in Syria‼️They believe Trump is the Anointed One‼️Now Russia is joining Turkey to slaughter the Kurds‼️…
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