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Came through #clearias website.

It quotes hopeless cons of #UCC.

Point 2: Perception as encroachment on religious freedom?

👉 Then majority has been encroached since 7 decades, What about it?

Point 3: sensitive to implement

Fear the peacefuls ? Image

If one infers- Right from the IAS syllabus, it is a deliberate attempt to channelise the cream of the country to appease the peacefuls, is it wrong?

Point 5: Time not suitable

Its political will power that's essential, no time issue.

#upsc_jihad exist?

2/3 Image

We think its time ripe to implement it.

@AmitShah ji, please fulfill the aspirations of the majority of this great nation.

Every single patriot stands with you.

World's largest democracy needs that.

Video courtesy: @Republic_Bharat


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[BREAKING] Ministry of Information & Broadcasting holds Sudarshan TV's #UPSCJihad program "not in good taste" and has likelihood to "promote communal attitudes"
@MIB_India "cautions" @SureshChavhanke led channel to be "careful in future."

However the future episodes of the #BindaasBol show on #UPSC_Jihad does not stand barred. @MIB_India has issued guidelines so there is no violation of the program code while airing the rest of the episodes.
[Breaking] Centre permits Sudarshan TV to air remaining episodes of "Bindas Bol" subject to suitable modifications

@SureshChavhanke @SudarshanNewsTV #UPSC_Jihad @MIB_India #Sudarshantv #BindasBol…
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Madhu Kishwar files intervention application in plea challenging @SudarshanNewsTV 's #BindasBol show on #UPSC_Jihad

She says petitioner relied on her statements made to @SureshChavhanke & that she should not be forced to "compromise her constitutional rights" @madhukishwar Image
Madhu Kishwar further avers that petitioner has filed the plea against the show in #SupremeCourt to bypass Centre "which is the final authority to determine free speech policy." Image
[Sudarshan TV] Madhu Kishwar seeks to intervene in "UPSC Jihad" case, says plea before Supreme Court was filed to bypass government
@madhukishwar @SudarshanNewsTV @SureshChavhanke #BindasBol #SudarshanNews #UPSC_Jihad…
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.@OpIndia_com is intervening in #UPSC_Jihad case. Its surreal that the issue I raised yrs ago with analysis, RTI with Min Ministry, SC Comm is now at centerstage where so many are joining.

As Harvard said, Data Scientist is sexiest job of 21st century. 😎
This is graphical analysis of marks differences
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BREAKING: OPIndia, Indic Collective Trust and Upword Foundation seek to intervene in the @SudarshanNewsTV case in SC. Asks whether its constitutionally permissible for SC to judicially legislate a new species of impermissible speech,
namely Hate Speech? @OpIndia_com @jsaideepak
Plea says assuming the authority finds nothing objectionable with the content under the applicable law, does any statute or the Constitution itself permit Constitutional Courts to step into the shoes of the State to restrain the broadcast of such content? #SupremeCourt
In the backdrop of the #UPSC_Jihad case, "neither morals nor laws can or must be laid down in vacuum. After all, they do not operate in vacuum and must, therefore, be informed
by experience."
@jsaideepak @SudarshanNewsTV @indiccollective @upword_
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[BREAKING] Centre presses to regulate “web based digital media” which includes “web magazines” & “web-based news channels” and “web-based news-papers” which are "uncontrolled." Says digital media uses spectrum & internet which is 'public property.'

Union of India @MIB_India tells SC that if print or electronic media is regulated any further, then they would be incentivised and may use digital media to put out their content
["UPSC Jihad" matter] Before regulating TV channel or series, inevitable to start exercise with digital media: Centre tells Supreme Court
#UPSC_Jihad #SupremeCourt @SudarshanNewsTV @SureshChavhanke…
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Dᴀʏ 5 Sᴜᴘʀᴇᴍᴇ Cᴏᴜʀᴛ ʜᴇᴀʀɪɴɢ- 'UPSC Jɪʜᴀᴅ' ᴄᴀsᴇ

Justice DY Chandrachud led three-judge bench will resume hearing plea seeking stay on @SudarshanNewsTV 's #UPSC_Jihad case. Petitioners to press for continuation of injunction

The hearing resumes after Senior Adv Shyam Divan made detailed submissions on Sept 18 detailing the nexus between @zakatindia and terror linked charitable trusts etc thereby justifying their claim of how it is "UPSC Jihad"
Meanwhile, Zakat Foundation of India has moved Supreme Court to intervene and provide clarification on charges leveled against it by Sudarshan News. @zakatindia claims that the show is nothing but and deep rooted malaise against Muslims @SureshChavhanke
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Rejoinder filed in Supreme Court by petitioner seeking stay against @SudarshanNewsTV 's #UPSC_Jihad telecast says after Sept 15 stay by SC, @SureshChavhanke had aired a show replete with hate speech and caustically critical comments for #SupremeCourt
The rejoinder cites comments by Madhu Purnima Kishwar, Shantanu Gupta and Suresh Chavanke himself.
The editor in chief has been quoted as saying: "Granting stay twice in two days is a sin against Sudarshan Channel."

@madhukishwar @shantanug_ @SureshChavhanke
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[BREAKING] Zakat Foundation of India files intervention application in @SudarshanNewsTV 's #UPSC_Jihad case before the Supreme Court. Says @SureshChavhanke cherry picking facts and displays "deep seated malaise against Muslims."
ZFI has stated on record by the IA that it had recieved ₹ 29,95,02,038, out of which ₹ 1,47,76,279/ has been received from the four sources located abroad which have been referred to by the channel. #UPSC_Jihad
Countering the source of funds, the intervenor states that Madina Trust is a minuscule donor charity registered in Britain.

Regarding Muslim Aid (UK), the IA contends that UK would have itself banned the organization till now if it had such prominent terror links.
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[BREAKING] Sudarshan News while informing SC that it will follow all the laws while telecasting #UPSC_Jihad states that it was pained when @ndtv aired a program on "Hindu Terror", & another on "Saffron terror", both anchored by @BDUTT
@SureshChavhanke Image
The affidavit states that just adjacent to the NDTV programme caption i.e. “‘Hindu’ Terror: Myth or fact?”, a Hindu Saint was shown with ‘Tilak’ and ‘Chillam’ and also
a ‘Trishul’ (one of most scared symbols for Hindus and associated ‘Lord Shiva’)."

#bindaasbol Image
[STORY] "Pained" by NDTV show on "Hindu terror" &"Saffron terror": Sudarshan News tells SC that all laws will be followed in airing UPSC Jihad

#SupremeCourt #UPSC_Jihad #SudarshanNews #SudarshanTV
@SureshChavhanke @SudarshanTVnews @ndtv…
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Since Supreme Court is hearing on #UPSC_Jihad issue, here is a box-plot diagram of category-wise marks range for Muslims(1) and non-Muslims(0) for 2018.
I believe UPSC must be made a party and asked to explain the difference that remains for last 3 years.
Here is the box-plots for Interview (Personality Test) for 2017. Number 1 represents Muslims. Number 0 represents non-Muslims. Central line in each chart is mean. Top and bottom edges of box represent 25th and 75th percentile.… will explain
Here is the box-plot for 2016. Same pattern as 2018 and 2017. Why?
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Sᴜᴅᴀʀsʜᴀɴ TV Hᴇᴀʀɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ Rᴇsᴜᴍᴇ
《Live Thread》

Justice DY Chandrachud led bench will hear the plea challenging @SudarshanNewsTV 's #UPSC_Jihad program at 12 pm. Senior Adv Shyam Divan for channel will argue to vacate the earlier injunction order

Earlier the top court had injuncted @SureshChavhanke from airing the program detailing about how Muslims were infiltrating UPSC services. Sudarshan News claims the show is about the illegal foreign funding tied to terrorist linked organizations in minority UPSC coaching centres
Senior Adv Shyam Divan for @SudarshanNewsTV will begin arguments today citing how the injunction order needs to be vacated in view of freedom of press and speech.

Petitioners maintain the show disturbs communal harmony in the country and unjustly targest the largest minority.
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[BREAKING] @SudarshanNewsTV moves Supreme Court seeking live telecast of proceedings in the case instituted against its #UPSC_Jihad programme.
Plea says "sunlight is the best disinfectant & that live streaming as an extension of the principle of open courts will ensure that the interface between a court hearing with
virtual reality will result in the dissemination of information
in the widest possible sense."
[STORY] Sudarshan TV moves Supreme Court seeking live telecast of case against it's UPSC Jihad program, says 'Sunlight is the best disinfectant'

@SureshChavhanke @SudarshanNewsTV #SudarshanNews #SudarshanTV #SupremeCourt #UPSC_Jihad…
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《𝑺𝑪 𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑨𝒍𝒆𝒓𝒕》

Supreme Court to hear plea seeking stay on @SudarshanNewsTV program of #UPSC_Jihad & to balance freedom of speech & expression with the right of a journalist.
#LiveUpdates Image
SC had observed it would form a committee leading to formation of standards for electronic media. It had also said that one "cannot say that Muslims are infiltrating the civil services." The channel was injuncted from airing any more episodes till further orders.
Centre in its reply has informed SC that it should first regulate digital media as it has a wider reach. Next ir contends that SC should not lay down standards without an amicus or committee of amicus since its one show or a few episodes.
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[BREAKING] In the plea against @SudarshanNewsTV program of #UPSC_Jihad , Centre tells Supreme Court that if it undertakes an excercise to regulate media then the first on the radar should be "digital media" & not TV or electronic media as the former has a wider reach. @MIB_India Image
(FULL STORY) [BREAKING] Regulate digital media first before TV or Electronic media, Centre tells Supreme Court in plea against Sudarshan TV'S UPSC Jihad

#SudarshanNews #SudarshanTV @SureshChavhanke @SudarshanNewsTV…
News Broadcasters Association has also filed an affidavit in the top court in this matter and has submitted that matters dealing with similar issues regarding allegations of communalisation of a particular community is pending before a CJI SA Bobde led bench #NBA
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I don’t care whether
@SureshChavhanke @SudarshanNewsTV are right or wrong in their claim of a #UPSC_Jihad happening.
They have the complete right to express their point of view, as they have not resorted to violence.
It is the duty of the rest to educate why that view is wrong.
What matters here is that Sudarshan News must not be stopped simply because it will hurt one community.
What has been done to ascertain that the claims of Sudarshan News are false?
I haven’t seen the show, nor do I plan to watch it.
But, I will strongly argue the right of Sudarshan news to express their views.
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《𝐒𝐂 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐭》

Justice DY Chandrachud led bench to hear a plea against the controversial Sudarshan TV programme touted as a ''big expose on the conspiracy" regarding Muslims "infiltrating government service''.

Though the top court had refused to impose a pre-broadcast ban, it had issued notice to the Centre, the Press Council of India, the News Broadcasters Association and Sudarshan News returnable today

Meanwhile former civil servants including Amitabha Pande and Navrekha Sharma have made an informal collective "Constitutional Conduct Group" and have filed a plea seeking to intervene. Plea seeks an authoritative pronouncement on "hate speech"

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Former civil servants from an informal collective "Constitutional Conduct Group" seek to intervene in a plea before the Supreme Court against @SudarshanNewsTV 's #UPSCJihad program on the issue of recruitment of Muslims in UPSC.
Plea states that several legal provisions prohibit, criminalize, or otherwise penalize what is colloquially known as "hate speech." The applicants have urged the court to set out the scope and meaning of hate speech for more clarity on the subject.
[Breaking] Former civil servants move Supreme Court to intervene in "UPSC Jihad" case, raise need for authoritative ruling on hate speech
#UPSC_Jihad #UPSCJihad @SureshChavhanke @SudarshanTVnews @Vakeel_Sb…
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Let me tell you story of Mohd Arshi - 2012 IPS officer who took coaching in Zakat Foundation. In 2018, he forcibly took Agniveer Ashish Dubey, a BJP leader, in custody and gave him third degree torture. Asked him to give fake testimony that he was planning communal riots.+
Ashish is a lawyer and did not agree despite third degree torture for whole night. Next morning lawyers of Jharkhand mounted protests and only then he was released. Medical examination proved that he was tortured beyond human limits. Soon there were protests and hartal by lawyers
Under pressure, Mohd Arshi was transferred from Garhwa SP position. Matter went to High court and probe was initiated. Several policemen were found guilty. But question is why Zakat alumni wanted to kill Agniveer Ashish Dubey?+
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सत्य की जीत हुयी

*👍पहले तो सभी मित्रों को बधाई की सुदर्शन न्यूज़ पर लगी पाबन्दी हटी अब शुक्रवार 11 सितंबर से #UPSC_Jihad ऐतिहासिक #bindasbol शुरू होगा*
*👆सभी को ये सीरीज अवस्य देखनी है , व रोज सुदर्शन चेनल 30 से 40 मिंट देखने की प्रतिज्ञा करनी है ताकि हिंदूवादी सुदर्शन
चेनल की TRP बढे, जिससे प्रचार मिलें ओर आर्थिक शक्ति बढे ताकि ओर अधिक तेजी से ऐसे ही छुपे हुए घातक राष्ट्रविरोधी ओर धर्म विरोधी मुद्दे उठाये जा सकें*

*✊वैसे अब सभी हिन्दू वादी जागरूक मित्र पूरी शक्ति से हिंदूवादियों का समर्थन कर रहे हैं लेकिन फिर भी कुछ कमजोर हम पड़ रहे हैं।
सोशल मीडिया पर हमारा जितना समर्थन दिख रहा है उसके मुकाबले जमीनी समर्थन थोड़ा कमजोर दिख रहा है, ओर जिहादी तथा हिंदूद्रोही हर जगह पूरी ताकत से सक्रिय हैं*

*✊हमारे लिए अत्यंत आवश्यक है कि हम पूरी शक्ति के साथ सभी हिन्दू योद्धाओं का पूर्ण समर्थन करें ओर उनका शक्तिवर्धन करें
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U know there is Urdu Meduim UPSC Exam!
Who takes it?
Graduates from Madrasas!
Their graduation subject-only in Qu@ron & no mainstream subjects!
Their papers r corrected by another M naturally!
These Urdu Quor@n master can become secretary of Science & Technology ImageImage
with no knowledge about S &T
no knowledge about any main stream subjects!
A Normal Indian,after his post graduation takes 4 to 9 yrs to become an IAS while these scoundrels take the shortcut to become IAS!
They get 1 lac aid for preparing IAS prelims &
I guess,10 lacs once he passes!
But a Hindu has to pledge his mother's mangalsutra to study!
Does new education policy address this issue?
Can we then have UPSC Exams in 14 official language?
Can we have religion based UPSC?
Y only #Muslin have privelage that he
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@SureshChavhanke speaks to @SreeIyer1 about his recent program about 140% increase of Ms in the Indian Civil Services being stopped by the Delhi High Court although the Indian Supreme Court allowed it.

All ppl, especially RWers, criticizing @TIinExile & defending #FreedomOfExpression to demean our gods - why are you not raising hell about licensed media person @SureshChavhanke's program broadcast & #FOE stopped by Delhi High Court?

CC: @rvaidya2000

The promo by @SureshChavhanke that started it:

Rough Translation: Blowing the covers off the M take-over of the highest positions of Civil Services / Bureaucracy, the most important pillar of Democracy.

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@pandeypoonam20 Hello, just FYI reg current #UPSC_Jihad issue, for 3 yrs,I being a Hindu Activist/panelist on national news channels hv bn raising issue of doubling of minority % in central govt jobs in Ist 3 yrs of Modi 1.0 #SudarshanNews
@pandeypoonam20 Even in my debates on Sudarshan news, I raised this issue, my Fb is full of posts & videos in it, bt I don't blame Muslims for it, Modi govt itself hs created atmosphere for it & crossed all levels of minority appeasement by implementing Sachchar committee report
@pandeypoonam20 Same Sachchar report, Bjp/Modiji opposed before 2014 bring in opposition,called ot big minority appeasement, called it report with fudged data,bt implemented it more than congress,its biggest cheating towards Hindus as it discriminates us.
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India was Buddhist Country and religion of majority was Buddhist. We must understand the History how Buddhist lost. The Present Manuvadi/Brahmanical system is trying to replicate it against Muslims. But they failed miserably.
#UPSC_Jihad #SuspendSureshChavhanke
Nalanda Was center of Knowledge and Development, it was destroyed. Today they are attacking AMU, Jamia and JNU. They are attacking every voice which looks sane.
They were successful then.
#UPSC_Jihad #SuspendSureshChavhanke
Adi Shankarcharya challenged every Buddhist Monk and they were killed on loosing debate.
Today intellectuals are put in jail, their voices are shut. It may Gauri Lankesh, Pansare, Kalbury, and many others. History is getting repeated.
#UPSC_Jihad #SuspendSureshChavhanke
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