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1/12 "The UK is performing worse than other wealthy countries in its respect for #CivilLiberties and #PoliticalFreedoms, according to new data for 2021 from @rightsmetrics."… Image
2/12 "@rightsmetrics is a global project that tracks #HumanR rights performance in 199 countries based on the opinions of human rights experts. Respect for freedom of association, opinion & expression in the UK has been declining from 2017 - 2021, according to experts."
3/12 "The tracker shows that the UK is performing less well than the other six countries included from [group of nations] the @OECD, including the United States and South Korea."
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1. Andy Rootsey and the superb Hannah Thomas of @2HareCourt have secured another Not Guilty verdict for Human Rights campaigner Debbie Hicks @StroudRedShed.

This is the 2nd acquittal obtained in a series of 3 trials she has faced for protesting during periods of UK lockdown. Image
2. On the 6th March 2021 Debbie had been politically campaigning in the Richmond area ahead of the London Mayoral elections collecting nomination signatures.

Police ordered her to leave the area and go home. Image
3. She did not leave and later began to address members of the public via a megaphone protesting that her being forced to leave was an attack upon her right to campaign. Image
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Today felt like a good day in the fight for #freespeech and #freedomofexpression.

Police forces are “not the thought police” said the new Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Andy Cooke.

“Thoughts, unless they become actions, aren’t an offence”, he added.…
As @Tom_Slater_ pointed out for the @spectator, however, the fact that Cooke felt he had to make that intervention reminds us just how bad things have become in English #policing in recent years.…
Cooke is clearly keen to push back – or at least be seen to be pushing back – against the rise of thought policing in our country...…
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Under Indian law, #FreedomOfExpression is NOT absolute
On a left-leaning platform like Twitter, for Hindus, it is severely curtailed. We need to fight the bias but we also need to play it smart & avoid suspension

Here are some tips, feel free to disagree or add:

1 Sometimes, our Brown Sepoy paraga gives a cautionary warning. Heed it!
2 Avoid coming on the TL of Islamists. Your chances of being permanently suspended are higher if they take note of your handle
3 Use hashtags instead of tagging Islamists / LeLi

4 Use a screenshot instead of directly replying or QTing Islamist / LeLi
5 Avoid abuses & words that the algorithm will pick up
6 Don't use copyrighted material. EVER!

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Do you remember the day #France endorsed the cartoon that mocked the prophet ﷺ, and displayed it on its governmental buildings, citing "freedom of expression"?

This time, after the #Russian embassy published a satirical cartoon, France became infuriated and ...

...summoned the Russian ambassador, and the cartoon has since been withdrawn.

🎯 Is there anyone on the face of the earth who still believes that those people actually believe in "freedom of expression"?

{Hatred has already appeared from their mouths —and what their hearts hide is far worse.} Surat Ali 'Imran 3:118
#FreedomofExpression #Hypocrites
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The so-called Defence Analyst Ayesha Siddiqua Agha is probably a PhD & doesn’t even know the difference between a Tout & Honourably Resigned Retired Officer of #IntelligenceBureau Government of #Pakistan

She is the lowest scum on Earth probably a fifth columnist too Image
معروف پاکستانی دفاعی مبصرہ و مصنفہ عائشہ صدیقہ آغا غالبا” پی ایچ ڈی ہیں اور سی ایس ایس بھی مگر انکو ٹاؤٹ اور افسر کے فرق کا معلوم نہیں ۔ ٹاؤٹ وہ ہوتا ہے جو کسی دشمن ملک کے لیئے جاسوسی کرتا ہے جیسے کہ عائشہ صدیقہ آغا خود ہیں اور انکی گزر اوقت قبر اور مزار کی آمدنی سے ہوتی ہے Image
She must know that since she is herself an Agent Provocateur that Touts / Agents / Source / Cutouts are those (like herself) who are recruited by an Officer / Case Officer / Handler for the task !

Please do read my Twitter Profile I have clearly written who I was Image
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1 - Renowned #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat briefly explains his own role in Subversive Activities in #Pakistan & Benefits of Presidential System For Pakistan


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist #Pakistan #Media
2 - Why the #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat Learned to Stop Worrying about Parliamentary Democracy & Started Loving Presidential System for #Pakistan , #Zia & #PervezMusharraf


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist
3 - Why the #Pakistani Journalist Mr @javeednusrat Learned to Stop Worrying about Parliamentary Democracy & Started Loving Presidential System for #Pakistan , #Zia & #PervezMusharraf


#PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfExpression #Journalist
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Help make the EU #DigitalServicesAct a game-changer for our digital rights! Thursday, the Civil Liberties Committee‘s proposals to #FixTheDSA will be voted in the European Parliament.

Reach out to your MEPs!

Find out more 🧵⬇
Every year, data leaks expose millions of EU citizens' data to cyber-criminals.

We plan to enshrine the right to use and pay for services anonymous-ly in the #DigitalServicesAct, to protect citizens privacy, and reduce the impact of data leaks.

#FixTheDSA Image
More and more governments have been abusing their powers to spy on citizens.

The #DigitalServicesAct should ensure your data can only be handed over following a court order to investigate & prosecute serious crime or threats to public security.

#FixTheDSA Image
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1 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

2 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

1 - Foreign agencies behind missing persons: Justice Javed Iqbal ( The Nation | 9 June 2012 )

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan solve the mystery behind the so called #MissingPersons in #Pakistan

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The channel #RussiaToday (known as RT) France had filed two lawsuits against me (see my piece for
@lemondefr translated here in English).
I was acquitted by the 17th chamber of the Paris judicial court.
The court ruled that my comments "are part of a value judgment fed by the research of the author of the message (...) in a recurrent polemic relating to the editorial dependence (...) of the channel (...) on the Kremlin".
The Court also ruled that "the accused author must be able to express himself all the more freely as his analysis is at the heart of the mechanism of freedom of expression, whose limits are not exceeded in this case."
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1/. #FreedomOfExpression I’d under attack

A new @amnesty report reveals how govts around the world have relied on censorship & punishment - using new legislation - to shut down reporting & target people who have been critical of govt response to #COVID19.…
2/. Numerous countries have put in place oppressive laws including Tanzania, Russia, Nicaragua & China

In China, more than 5,500 criminal investigations were opened against people who’d published information about the outbreak in the first 2 months of the #COVID19 pandemic alone
3/. @Amnesty’s report highlights the role of social media companies in facilitating the rapid spread of misinformation around #COVID

The destructive business model of Big Tech means that platforms are designed to amplify attention-grabbing content to engage users

V problematic!
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A thread on order, chaos and freedom of speech

In our world with time, order emerges from chaos, and chaos emerges from order. Hence even in complete anarchy, freedom of speech slowly becomes a logical option, people can still believe what they want (1/n)
But when they speak openly about it in a public discourse, they stand to be corrected, by opinions which the public deem are better. What we call things around us, and each other, including people who find themselves on the fringes of society (2/n)
For example, what people call a transgender woman, evolves from what people feel is socially acceptable speech, and order emerges even without things being mandated as law. That is why freedom of speech is the primary way a society regulates itself (3/n)
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1/34 🧵#CDNpoli #SLAPP

I've received a threatening letter from lawyers on behalf of @MercedesGlobal & @GlobalNews to prevent me from speaking about Stephenson's role in #CDNmedia as the wife of Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's #Elxn44 director

This #thread is my response
2/34 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

I will not comply with demands made in bad faith by @GlobalNews & @MercedesGlobal, nor will I shrink from unfounded #SLAPP allegations that are libelous against me. I ask that you cease & desist with this harassment. Here are my reasons (con't):
3/34 🧵#CDNpoli #CDNmedia #Elxn44

On the 1st page of your error-laden defamation notice, you claim that I've caused @GlobalNews & @MercedesGlobal "serious damage" but fail to state any negative consequences & fail to provide evidence of damage

Is Elections Canada investigating?
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"Aarif Khan was the nom de guerre of a local militant"

“We had to implement the #Shariah, the #Taliban & #AlQaeda way.”

This is the article for which #AasifSultan was taken to jail. Far from a #journalistic circus - it was highlight of a freedom struggle in #Kashmir.....

..which might be categorized as a '#TerrorSpeech' issue.

It is certainly not the #Western '#FreedomOfExpression'. The #Kashmiri expressions was not constructed that way, with Western norms.

The website is already down, so I wanted to take some snaps.
Is there a chance for this article not to attract state's wrath? By that word, I mean the #IndianState.

To all #Indians out there participating in the #FreeAasifSultan hashtag, do you respect our existence?

If you don't, what does your #solidarity, or mockery - stand for?

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The summary of the #Forstater judgment by discrimination law expert @akuareindorf should be essential reading on the importance of belief as a protected characteristic not just for employers but for service providers & membership organisations 1/
Such organisations should review their policies to avoid the potential sanctioning of discrimination, harassment or victimisation on the grounds of protected beliefs on sex & gender & avoid compelled speech. Also a reminder that #freedomofexpression 2/7
And the right to #FreedomOfSpeech includes ‘not only the inoffensive but the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome & the provocative provided it does not provoke violence’ 3/7
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This @elrufai tweet clearly illustrates the dangerous perception folks like him have of "power" & "control" in a constitutional democracy governed as a republic. Though his opinion is not shared in the op-ed, the tweet shows exactly where @GovKaduna leans. Thread***@SERAP
@NebojsaMalic's op-ed praises "BASED" Nigeria for teaching the US how to respond to "tech tyranny" and compares Trump's "toothless" response to his #twitterban with Nigeria's 2 day-rapid response ban of @Twitter. @elrufai seems to agree with pride!…
@NebojsaMalic op-ed is problematic on many levels. First, the assumption that #TwitterBanNigeria could be a teachable moment for the #USA or is indicative of the responsiveness of the @MBuhari govt to ANY aspect of governance is at best ignorant!…
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And before I knock it on the head for the night, an #OnlineSafetyBill compilation [Thread].

The draft Bill itself and associated documents are here:… Image
First up, the eagle eyes of @e3i5 - though even he seems to have developed a headache around §46(4)...

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#FreedomofExpression judgments from @ECHR_CEDH on journalists in Turkey today, pending since 2017. #AhmetAltan, convicted of "aiding a terrorist organisation" for 3 columns, imprisoned for 4 years 7 months already. Court finds violations of Articles 5(1) (4) & 10, but not Art 18.
We @BarHumanRights have followed & monitored the trial of #AhmetAltan, as well as many others in Turkey. I was privileged to witness his release, but we were amongst so many deeply concerned to see his re-arrest in November 2019.…
Then I said: "Re-arresting him now, following his public criticism of the Turkish authorities upon his release, has all the appearance of a further abuse of power, by way of politically-motivated and/or judicial harassment."

Now, Turkish authorities must release him immediately.
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Uday Shankar president of FICCI to @SreenivasanJain @ndtv talks about the #Tandav controversy and what followed. "It worries me a lot. It's a matter of concern. Anyone anywhere in this country can hold anyone to ransom. The only fundamental right today in this country is
the right to take offense and if you claim to be offended you have far greater attention. That is a source of worry. People don't want to just change the channel if they don't like something. They want capital punishment, you want to company to be shut down, you want people to
be arrested. We are in a democracy, the joy of the democracy is that we can disagree. The overall mindset in this country is that I can take matters into my hand, I can lodge an FIR, bring a bunch of people and start shouting
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Out now.

@HRW's annual review of #humanrights around the world: #Rights2021

Read @KenRoth's introduction, the individual country chapters, and a curated selection of thematic essays on rights challenges and trends here:…

thread to follow 👇🏾
2/ Advance warning/apology - this will be a narrow, parochial thread.

Read for yourself the bigger #Rights2021 report, and the chapters that interest you.

What follows below is just on issues I follow (as perhaps you may also do, seeing as we're connected over twitter)
3/ Read here what the main #humanrights concerns across the EU🇪🇺 have been during 2020.…
Health, Unemployment, Lockdowns
Poverty and Inequality
Rule of Law
Discrimination and Racism
Sexual and reproductive health and rights
Migration and Asylum A nurse holds hands with a Covid-19 patient at the intensive
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There are 400 plus TV news channels in India and several riddled with conflict of interests.

Here is a detailed report (by Pen International) of how #FreedomOfThePress has taken a hit.

India: Pursuing truth in the face of intolerance…

[Follow thread]
This September 2018 report focuses on the atrocities in India against independent and critical journalists, writers, and academics since 2014. India is languishing at #142 in the #WorldPressFreedomIndex 2020.
The report has essays by journalists Raksha Kumar and Nilanjana Roy, advocate Gautam Bhatia, and cultural critic Apoorvanand – discuss legal threats, pressures on editors, threats of violence, challenges to academic freedom, and the chilling effect all of this has had on writing.
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India test-fires 10 missiles in 35 days. It is not a coincidence - india news - Hindustan Times

India is finally Speaking the Language China understands Most

Why Indian Americans must ensure #JoeBiden is defeated in #USElection2020

He was the Senator who sabotaged India's efforts to procure and develop Cryogenic Engines.

Read this thread
Back in 1992, Joe Biden made sure that India does not get access to cryogenic tech for its space programme
#JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020… #America #JoeBiden via @tfipost
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The #SupremeCourt declines to entertain a PIL which sought a declaration that there is no Freedom of Expression as regards subjudice matters and final orders except to the extent of fair and true reporting.

CJI Bobde: Read the law and you'll find what you're saying is the law. Image
Petitioner in person, Dr. Subhash Vijayran: Issue is how the media is acting these days and the faith of the people in the Court is getting eroded.

CJI Bobde: Your motives are good and noble but you are trying to get a relief which we cannot give.
CJI Bobde: It is like saying nobody should commit murder... It is true that nobody should commit murder but how can an order be passed for this. You withdraw the petition, we will not dismiss it.

(Petitioner withdraws PIL)

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