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#NVHOW20 Introducing Grace Stephenson @GStephensonHist @durham_uni @CDPConnect 'Newsreels and the Narrative of World War II - how the narratives evident in World War II cinema newsreels have become embedded within British culture #SWW #WWII #Homefront #SecondWorldWar #Newsreels
1 #NVHOW20 Five companies produced British newsreels in #WWII holding a monopoly over the British newsreel industry. In 1937 they set up the Newsreel Association of Great Britain & Ireland (NRA). Most communication between the companies & the government was through the NRA.
2 #NVHOW20 The NRA’s purpose was:' promote & protect the interests...of associates engaged in the production & distribution of...Newsreels...& to bring about & maintain co-operation'. One of the primary concerns for wartime newsreels was censorship. [Image: @MediaMuseum]
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Burma, 1945 #VJDay75 Image
France & Germany, 1945 #VEDay75 Image
Kriegsgefangener, 1940 #dunkirk Image
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Nazis came to her door, shot men in her yard, and took her father. The 8-year-old lost it all in #WWII and only a leap from a train saved her from a death camp. What kept her going? Indomitable will. A tribute to that survivor~My Mother… @NatGeo #MothersDay
Under Nazi & Soviet occupation, my Polish mom was one of millions of children who suffered unimaginable horrors-and forged grit to survive.
A tribute to Last Voices of a generation @anneapplebaum @sikorskiradek @121Dulag @USEmbassyWarsaw @PolishEmbassyUS @1944pl @MNKrk @PolandMFA
I encourage you to read our whole Last Voices of #WWII @NatGeoMag package. Here's a letter from editor-in-chief @susanbgoldberg about why stories from WWII’s last survivors matter now more than ever: #VEDay
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A #VEDay75 mini-thread à propos nothing in particular.

My grandfather’s Indian passport, issued in lieu of one “said to have been lost by enemy action... not to be renewed without further proof”. This always puzzled me as a child. Why Indian? Why the doubt?

He spent almost all of WWII at sea, and had plenty of stories as a result, all of which gripped me as a kid. Signing up with a Norwegian shipping line in Sydney in 1939 hoping to get to the UK, but not actually getting there until early 1944.

Adventures along the way. Evacuating tanker loads of aviation fuel down river from Palembang in 1942 with the Japanese trying really quite hard to stop them. Getting it to Singapore and realising oops, too late, where now?

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Recent writings, especially from the global South, have shed light on India's significant role in WWI & WWII. See thread below for some of the best publications.#VEDay75
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THREAD: 75 years ago today, Allied forces declared victory in Europe following the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. In honor of #VEDay75, here are some of the best Inside Edition stories about WWII in Europe.
Inside the Country's Biggest WWII Reenactment: 'We're Here to Remember and Honor' #VEDay75
How an Entire Village Hid in a Cave to Escape the Nazis Amid Operation Husky #VEDay75
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در May با تسلیم بی قید و شرط آلمان نازی، جنگ جهانی 2 در اروپا تمام میشود. به همین خاطر چند خطی در مورد شباهت #جمهوری_اسلامی و فاشیزم مینویسم. همینجا تاکید میکنم ج.ا ضمن شباهت با حکومتهای کلاسیک فاشیستی، تفاوتهای خاص خود را نیز دارد و این به معنی سرنوشت مشابه 2 حکومت نیست
#VEDay75 Image
1- فاشیزم همیشه با اصول ثابتی شناخته شده از جمله #سوسیالیسم. در واقع نازی ها در آلمان همیشه خودشان را ناسیونال-سوسیالیست (National-Socialism) معرفی میکردند. نام کامل حزب نازی نیز" حزب کارگران ناسیونال-سوسیالیست آلمان" بود. در واقع آنها نژادپرستان سوسیالیست بودند. نظریه پرداز Image
2-مشهور ایتالیایی با نام (Giovanni Gentile) همیشه از کارل مارکس بنیانگذار کمونیسم تقدیر میکرد و با صراحت میگفت مارکس یکی از افرادی بوده که از نظراتش تاثیرات فراوان پذیرفته. نژاد پرستی ابزاری برای سوسیالیسم و یک دست کردن افراد و نابودی فردیت و آزادی های فردی در سطح جامعه بود. Image
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Four MPs take a break along a German road to read in the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper about the Nazi surrender, May 1945.

The World Aflame will be out in a few days! Pre-order until May 13th to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 framed prints:…
#VEDay is celebrated across Western European states on 8 May.

Russia, Belarus, and Serbia celebrate on 9 May, as do several former Soviet bloc countries. Israel also marks VE Day on 9 May.
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While Europe commemorates #VEDay75, in Bosnia @Dragan_Covic & his nationalist HDZ bloc - along w/ their sister party in Croatia - want to observe a Mass marking the Bleiburg repatriations, possibly the continent’s most significant neo-fascist “holiday”.…
If you’ve never heard of Bleiburg - lucky you! - the photos of the gatherings speak for themselves. There is no actual dog whistling going on here, this is straight up fascist revisionism — and @Dragan_Covic wants to be involved.…
The heads of Bosnia's and Sarajevo's Jewish communities denounce @Dragan_Covic and the HDZ's push for a Mass commemorating Bleiburg: "They are commemorating the executioners of our mothers, fathers, our elders, our fellow countrymen".…
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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe. It is a moment to reflect and give thanks to the heroes who defeated fascism and liberated the continent of my birth. #VEDay75
We are the recipients of a precious gift from these heroes whose consciences could not accept the theft of liberty, or the reality of aggression and genocide. If we are to be true to their legacy today, we must never forget why WWII was fought and how it was won.
We must never allow our differences to interfere with the values we share. We must dedicate ourselves to the principle that every individual counts. And we must be willing to uphold that principle by defending democratic institutions and ideals throughout the world.
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Today marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Germany’s unconditional surrender to the Allied powers on May 8, 1945—known as Victory in Europe or VE Day. #VEDay75
President Harry S. Truman addressed the nation: “This is a solemn but a glorious hour…General Eisenhower informs me that the forces of Germany have surrendered to the United Nations. The flags of freedom fly over all Europe.”

Image: National Archives and Records Administration Image
America was jubilant upon hearing the news, much-needed after the devastating passing of President Franklin D. Roosevelt only a few weeks earlier. Truman told the American people during his address, “I only wish that Franklin D. Roosevelt had lived to witness this day.”
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Pleased to speak to @BBCShropshire about #localgov funding & impact of coronavirus on parish/town council budgets esp. lost income - government must provide dedicated package of support incl. funding, or many councils will be facing precept increases and/or service reductions
Took opportunity to thank parish & town councils for leading their communities in #VEDay75 commemorations, finding creative ways to for people to remember & celebrate from the safety of their own homes
Councils among the quickest off the mark to step up & support their communities as part of the national effort to tackle the coronavirus pandemic
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#OTD May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe ended.
In 1995, the Historical Society sponsored a lecture series on the Court and World War II.
The articles from the series were published in a special issue of the Journal of Supreme Court History.… Image
Two of the lectures were recorded by C-SPAN.

First up is @marydudziak on the Japanese Internment Cases:

The second lecture recorded was Dennis Hutchinson on Justice Jackson and the Nuremberg Trials.…
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Today UK Parliament commemorates #VEDay75.

The Speaker of the @HouseofCommons, Sir @LindsayHoyle_MP, and Lord West of Spithead on behalf of the @LordSpeaker, laid wreaths in Westminster Hall to mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe.

📷©️ UK Parliament / Jessica Taylor The Speaker of the House of...The Speaker of the House of...A bugler plays the Last Post.The Speaker of the House of...
Sir Lindsay, the Speaker of the House of Commons, recorded a video message to mark the #VEDay75 ceremony:

Lord Fowler, the @LordSpeaker, was not able to attend, and recorded a video message for #VEDay75:

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A delightful representation of Nike, goddess of victory, playing a lyre. Athenian lekythos, found at Gela c.450 BC. Ashmolean Museum #VEDay Image
Marble wings of the goddess Victory found in the Domus Tiberiana of the imperial palace on the Palatine hill. Augustan era, Palatine Hill Museum #VEDay #VEDay75 ImageImageImage
Bronze foot from one of a pair of winged Victories that stood on the pediment of the Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus, inaugurated in 2 BC. #VEDay #VEDay75 ImageImage
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On VE Day in 1945 some 2.5million Indian Soldiers who fought as part of the Allied Forces also celebrated. Pictured is Aircraftman Singh of Ambala receiving news of victory with Corporal Boyd of Lanarkshire in 1945). Indians had participated in the European …(contd)#VEDay75
..campaign, most notably in Italy where they were a significant part of the allied forces liberating Italy from the Nazis. Pictured are Sikhs fighting as part of the Allied contingent who fought alongside British and Americans in 1944 in Italy
The Indian experience in Italy included time for rest and worhsip. Here, boat trips in Venice, skiing in the mountains and a gurdwara service in San Angelo
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This week 75 years ago nazism, facism & militarism took Europe to its funeral. It took millions of victims with it, marking the end of #WW2.

We must understand that the #FARRIGHT brings DISASTER to #Europe every time we forget what happened in the last World War. @Europarl_EN Image
These are some facts we need to know as Europe is about to celebrate the victory over nazism on 8 May 45.

* 71% support a universal basic income
* 53% of young Europeans think that authoritarians could tackle the climate crisis better.

Read:… #WeRemember Image
We need to understand how political instability & public desire for reforms were manipulated by nazis, facists & militarists to take #Europe to its death bed.

The #FARRIGHT wants to push our continent as whole to its destruction.

Read More:… @FFRAFAction Image
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New camera project - a photo a day during isolation (or at least I hope to!) Day 1 daffodils in our living room Image
Isolation Day 2 photos ImageImageImage
Day 3 of my isolation photos, these ones from my walk today & two of our camilia especially for @ECOdomesticsUk ImageImageImageImage
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Day 1 of family self-isolation has been profitable: that’s the teddies all sorted into size order... #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingFromHome #KidsAtHome @nickisapiro Image
Day 2 of family self-isolation has been more academic in nature: the kids have (unprompted!) sorted their books into alphabetical order by the first letter of the author’s surname. I’ll teach them MHRA referencing tomorrow. #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingfromhome @nickisapiro Image
Day 3 of self-isolation has been more practice-led, with a focus on architecture and engineering. That’s just my take on things; the kids called it den building. #KidsAmusingThemselves #workingfromhome #KidsAtHome @nickisapiro Image
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