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It’s time to start a #WWDC Wishlist Mega Thread. Here we go, will keep adding things until the event.
1. iOS 16: Add new languages in Apple Translate. I can hope for Indian languages, especially Hindi, but I think they have a long list before reaching there.
2. Wider rollout for Apple Pay, hopefully we get it in India as well. Indian market is quickly shifting towards Tap to Pay, and the government is encouraging digital payments more than any other country. Apple Pay would be a great addition.
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Ukrainian Forces defeated a Russian command post and found this map on a Ru Officer. Used OCR [Optical Character Recognition] #OSINT #Maps #Ukraine #UkraineRussianWar #OCR #OpticalCharacterRecognition #Kherson
More information ⬇️
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THREAD on Maps on #Ukraine: Best Map Creator dragon_first_1 stopped yesterday bcs people in high places in #Russia "strongly advised" him so. Other good sources: @Suriyakmaps has live Google Map:…" width="640" height="480
VERY Fast is amazing @GeromanAT who has done great work since the #Syrian war. Even though i just reactivated my account after not using it for years, he seems to have worked since then tirelessly, compared to my lazy ass. Absolutely follow him for anything #MENA #Russia #Iran
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Some thoughts on the #dataviz discussion on how to show refugee flows on #maps.

Form 1: Arrows *can* look like a war map – but I don’t think they have to. At @nzzvisuals we have used one kind of arrow to show invasion and another to show the flow of refugees.
Form 2: Bubbles or Figures placed in the destination country have been brought up as a possible solution. They make the map look less threatening, but they do negate that there is movement happening and that this is actually a forceful event – especially for the people fleeing.
A combination of arrows and bubbles might be a good solution, as @infowetrust points out here:
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While I continue to hope for regime change in #Russia, I worry about what may come in the weeks ahead absent more Western military intervention. If it comes down to some form of a settlement, a #thread of #maps to contemplate in the days ahead / 1
First, #geopolitics of Russia. Southern and Eastern border protected by mountains. Ural mtns separate Moscow from inner lands. Hard to navigate Northern seas in the Artic. Historically, least protected on Western or S. Western border (Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Nazis) / 2
In thinking about historical Russian view of security on Western borders, consider a “line” from St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don during 4 periods: (1) the Russian empire in 1914 /3
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🧵Sindh: Across its banks and beyond

Walk with Aishani Goswami & @rahul_tomar99 as they describe their 12 day walk along River Sindh

#MovingUpstream #Sindh @outofedenwalk (1/12)
@Indian_Rivers @IndiaRiverForum @yamunajiye @third_pole @indiawater @IYWN_…
Aishani and Rahul walked along the Sindh, as part of our #MovingUpstream fellowship program.

This map shows their journey route from Seondha to Narwar. It isn’t always a linear journey when walking along rivers.

Map by @sidagarwal
#MovingUpstream #Sindh (2/12)
Handmade maps are a great tool to prepare for field work. It really helps draw routes and locations into your memory.

Take a look at these hand drawn maps by Aishani Goswami, before going to the river.

You would like this @PaulSalopek
#MovingUpstream #Sindh #Maps (3/12)
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My new map shows the population change (%) between 2017 and 2020, using Eurostat data

#population #Demography #depopulation #europe #RStats #maps #dataviz #gis Image
One pattern is visible for Central & Eastern European countries: apart from major towns the rest has a negative population growth
🇮🇹Italy has a negative population growth in nearly every corner of the country including Rome 😬
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Now Out in Paperback! “#China Goes to #Sea: #Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective”…

@NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime is proud to publish this new version w/ @NavalInstitute @USNIBooks!

Come for the #maps, stay for the #history...
Honored to have #JonathanSpence’s endorsement:

“The maritime #history of #China has long been a neglected field..China Goes to Sea bring[s] that knowledge-gap to an end..will be an indispensable companion to those readers seeking to understand where China’s navy may be heading.”
As European #naval powers & even the @USNavy struggle with ship numbers, #China has gone to #sea.

Represents the reversal of a great historical trend that began 600 years ago, when China withdrew from the seas & European naval expansion spread Western influence around the globe.
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3D maps can look complex & difficult to make…
Here are 12 humans who proved to me that 3D is not out of reach:
Different tools, many styles... all fantastic: 1/14🧵 #dataviz #3dmaps #gis
Graig Taylor | @CraigTaylorViz: Legendary 3D maps made in #Cinema4D. Not only gorgeous maps but also perfectly animated worlds. His maps cannot be unseen. Clearly a #3dmap guru. #GIS #dataviz 2/14
Tyler Morgan-Wall |@tylermorganwall devlpr of the incredible R libraries #rayshader and #rayrender adding features & tutorials for free at an incredible pace: a *true treasure* for the #rstats #3dmaps & #3dviz world. A must-follow for 3d #dataviz. 3/14 🧵
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📺Third episode of #HowToOSINT🧐: How to investigate riots with free tools?


No time to watch 11 minutes (now)? I feel you.

In this 🧵 you jump to the part you are interested in! 👇 1/...

#Verification 📽️
#Geolocation 🌍
#Chronolocation ⏲️
How to find original footage? 🔎📼 (0:25) 2/...

How to find the place where a video is shot? 📍 (1:14) 3/... #Geolocation

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#Maps show #rainfall anomaly this year's monsoon (till August 16). Data: Satellite observation based Global Precip. Mission

Some parts of India (Odisha, Gujarat, West coast, NE India) have recorded lesser rainfall than the last 21 years

Few days of Aug & Sep still left for SWM
India Meteorological Department's map with ground observations look similar! Gujarat, Odisha, NE, West coast seem to be scoring lower numbers
Data: GPM
Software: Data processing in Google Earth Engine, Visualizations in QGIS, Arrows and Title addition in PowerPoint!
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Viz: #Kaveri river watershed 😍

I would be posting some #maps about the river with finer details in this thread in coming days! Bookmark.. Image
Data: SRTM
Software: QGIS
One of the biggest engineering works in Kaveri river is the Kallanai / Grand Anicut system. It was not constructed in 1 step & most of the structure that we see were erected during British era

Annotated drone image from @vikatan. The subsequent tweets deal with history of dam Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/14/2021…
A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Instructional Videos with Jonathan Halls…

#InstructionalVideos #HowTo
Moscow's QR Code Passes Get the Tattoo Treatment…

#QRCodes #tattoos #consequences
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A big hello and welcome to my new followers this week. With the current flurry around #THEGenealogyShow2021 it's been a busy time.

One of my favourite resources to use in #genealogy research is MAPS. So here's a little thread of #maps to get your weekend off to a good start... Extract from the first ordnance survey map in 1801, showing
The previous map (& here) is taken from the first ever Ordnance Survey (OS) map, produced in 1801 for the Kent.

And why Kent? The clue's in the name: ORDNANCE refers to artillery or weaponry; these maps were made with military defence in mind, just prior to the Napoleonic Wars. 1801 map extract showing Greenwich, at that time in Kent
Of course OS #maps are but a relatively recent development in the long history of mapping. Here's a copy of Morgan's famous 1682 map of London.
Beautiful - but not without its biases: prisons, WHs and signs of poverty were "judiciously" omitted from the final version... Morgan map of London from 1682
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Some thoughts about #Apple's latest #WWDC21 and #privacy. A thread 👇
The good:

There's no question that Apple has brought some exciting new features for privacy lately. The possibility for users to block some #data collection, one's #email blocking trackers, the chance to use email aliases for interactions with companies...
#Safari hiding internet traffic from your internet service provider... all fantastic, and hugely important.

Apple is showing that #privacy is a competitive advantage. And their #security is much better than that of competitors

But before we get too complacent...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/20/2021…
Looking at portraits with an eye to evolutionary psychology…

#EvolutionaryPsychology #portraiture #interpretation
Phase transitions, collective emotions and decision-making problem in heterogeneous social systems…

#PhaseTransitions #CollectiveDecisionMaking #InformationExchanges #SocialSystems #heterogeneous
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Heads up: Iceland has been monitoring #volcano unrest at #Reykjanes Peninsula. #Aviation color code orange due to quakes & indications of shallow magma dike. If an eruption occurs, ash hazard may affect North Atlantic air #travel.… #geology #weather Image
"Suspense in Iceland as dormant volcanic zone shows signs of life" by @physorg_com - volcanologists say a #Reykjanes eruption would likely be more lava than ash; not expecting repeat of 2010 Eyjafjallajokull #aviation #travel disruption… #volcano #geology
"Sleeping Giant: Earthquakes And Volcanoes In #Reykjanes" by @rvkgrapevine - volcanologists describe how the peninsula's eruption history shapes expectations of possible volcanic activity to mostly lava flows, not explosions/ash… #Iceland #volcano #geology
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I’ve shared a collection of 4 @observablehq notebooks about drawing and animating 'waterlines'—an old technique for showing water in maps—in JavaScript

Old + new #dataviz #maps mash-up: a thread…
Waterlines are a beautiful feature of western 19th Century maps – ripples or waves radiating out from the coastline…
Though they aren’t the only way to draw water – water appears as *so many* different kinds of graphics in maps of the past…
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Twitter has proliferated child sex abuse materials.

We have documented this on numerous occasions.

Feds must hit Twitter with a massive fine & give the proceeds to the victims.
2016: Twitter user @unCuff_urChick" posted several inappropriate pictures and video of a minor female victim.

Video of minor victim pleasuring herself on a bed & images containing nudity -- exposing full breasts.…

“A Sunday Times investigation has found a string of accounts on Twitter that seek to normalise, promote and defend adults having sexual relationships with children. Some post with the hashtags #maps and #nomaps.”…
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With his #JAMS @MC_UPress article on #SinoJapanese #War, it's time to update The #AndrewRhodes #Bookshelf!

@NavalWarCollege distinguished grad guides leaders through #IndoPacific w/ Geo-#History, #Strategy & Visual Communications…
And by "#Visual #Communications," I mean #MAPS—beautiful, self-crafted maps. That should have existed already, but didn't.

For fresh perspective from the innovative #cartography @RhodesCartogra1 creates, check out:

Prepare to have your horizons expanded!
My favorite example:

@RhodesCartogra1's pathbreaking piece @NavalWarCollege won 2019 @thejointstaff #Strategic #Essay Competition's Strategic #Research Paper category.

Cogent geo-history-grounded insights for US strategy toward PRC.

Neatly summarized by his map (attached here)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/03/2020…
Opinion | It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C. - The New York Times…

#coronavirus #CDC #COVID19
By Losing Genes, Life Often Evolved More Complexity | Quanta Magazine…

#complexity #life #genes
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