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Hoy se celebra el Día de la Victoria en Europa o #VEDay: el final del nazismo.

La rendición alemana se firmó la noche del 8/5/1945 en Berlín, ya 9/5 en Moscú. Por eso Europa occidental y (buena parte de) Europa oriental celebran en fechas distintas.

#VEDay78 Image
En Francia, Checa y Eslovaquia, el 8/5 es fiesta nacional; en Polonia lo era hasta 1990; y el Reino Unido sólo lo celebró oficialmente en 1995 y 2020, para el 50° y 75° aniversario. ImageImageImageImage
En #Ucrania pasa algo curioso: hasta 2013 se celebraba el Día de la Victoria el 9 de mayo, como en la #URSS. Pero entonces llegaron las protestas de Maidán, las disputas con Rusia, la guerra en Donbass, la anexión de Crimea y las leyes de descomunización. ImageImageImageImage
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(1/3) #OTD 1945 World War 2 ended and perhaps the worst government ever, Nazi Germany, fell. The world celebrated freedom. But all was not well, particularly in Algeria. Algerians greeted #VEDay with celebrations in Sétif and Guelma, & marches for national liberation.
(2/3) In response, French colonial forces, combined with ultranationalist militias, brutally supressed the demonstrators & launched a series of terrorist attacks. The resulting massacres killed thousands to tens of thousands, namely in Sétif & Guelma
(3/3) While we can recognize that 8 May 1945 brought an end to a horrendous world war, we can also recognize that its end did not fix the world's problems. Colonial powers, freed from European war, were again able to repress colonized peoples
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We'll be tweeting during tonight's #FestivalofRemembrance at @RoyalAlbertHall from 9.10pm. If you'd like some company whilst you watch on @BBCOne, just follow the hashtag. Image
This year's socially distanced #FestivalofRemembrance was pre-recorded at the end of October due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Who will you be remembering while watching our #FestivalofRemembrance tonight?
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#TodayinHistory in 1945, 75 years ago, at 3:00 am local #PH time (26 June 12:00 noon, at San Francisco, U.S.A.), the UN Charter is signed by 50 countries, including the Philippines, represented by Carlos P. Romulo. New BLOG here!… #UN75 As Resident Commissioner, C...
Context: In 1945, amidst the Second World War (#WWII), the bloodiest conflict in human history and the first true total war, nations under the Allies and neutral ones have come together for cooperation, dialogue, and shared action for peace.
A previous organization of nation-states, the League of Nations, brought forth from #WWI did not succeed in putting a stop to #WWII. Its policies conflicted, & at times its members put self-interest above diplomacy & peace. It disintegrated w/ the outbreak of #WWII in Europe.
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Nazis came to her door, shot men in her yard, and took her father. The 8-year-old lost it all in #WWII and only a leap from a train saved her from a death camp. What kept her going? Indomitable will. A tribute to that survivor~My Mother… @NatGeo #MothersDay
Under Nazi & Soviet occupation, my Polish mom was one of millions of children who suffered unimaginable horrors-and forged grit to survive.
A tribute to Last Voices of a generation @anneapplebaum @sikorskiradek @121Dulag @USEmbassyWarsaw @PolishEmbassyUS @1944pl @MNKrk @PolandMFA
I encourage you to read our whole Last Voices of #WWII @NatGeoMag package. Here's a letter from editor-in-chief @susanbgoldberg about why stories from WWII’s last survivors matter now more than ever: #VEDay
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So, #EuropeDay

I don't want to talk so much about the content as the timeline

To make such an offer 5 years after the end of such a vicious and all-consuming war still makes a big impression
And this year we have the handy equivalent time frame: from #GE2015 to now

Yes, a lot has happened in that time, but could you imagine the size of the shift in 1945-50?

Especially if you'd had the period from the start of the Great Recession to that election fighting before?
Time is always slippery, especially now, but the scale of the shifting plates of European history in those early postwar years is easy to dismiss as just numbers on a page

Will you have left behind C19 in 5 years' time?
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#VEDay| Remembering those that fought in WW2 today: grandfather George Herbert Kay, Int Corps, 8th Army, British Army: his battle tours were Alamein, Tobruk Western Desert, Scicily - the Italy landings. Rest in Peace. ImageImageImageImage
2. #VEDay|

My father, grandfather, great grandfather & myself all served careers in the military. My family has served the Crown uninterrupted since the Boer War. (left: grandad Western Desert, middle Dad Tumbledown, Falklands, right me, Baghdad). ImageImageImage
3. #VEDay

• Grt Grandfather - 21st Lancers: Siege of Maffaking Boar War (No pic).
• Grandfather - Inc Corps, 8th Army: Alamein, Tobruk W.Desert, Scicily, Italy landings.
• Father - Ac Engineer, RAF: Falklands, Mountain Rescue TL.
• Me - Pilot, RAF: Afghan, Iraq, Kosovo. ImageImageImage
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Four MPs take a break along a German road to read in the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper about the Nazi surrender, May 1945.

The World Aflame will be out in a few days! Pre-order until May 13th to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 framed prints:…
#VEDay is celebrated across Western European states on 8 May.

Russia, Belarus, and Serbia celebrate on 9 May, as do several former Soviet bloc countries. Israel also marks VE Day on 9 May.
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Live at 4pm on @GBCTVGibraltar today: The Chief Minister @FabianPicardo and @Convent_Gib Nick Pyle will deliver their #VEDay message from Number Six Convent Place
Today's Covid-19 Stats: 3637 swabs taken so far. 146 positive results. only 4 active cases
24 British nationals repatriated from Morocco by Port Authority & @RGPolice. they've been in Morocco since the beginning of the crisis
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Youssif Ali, son of Mahammad Cassie Ali and Babe Ali, a Bengali born in Sylhet (now Bangladesh) came to England in the early 1920s. He was the last soldier buried at the Muslim Burial Ground (Brookwood Cemetery) on 12 May 1947...
As a young man, Youssif Ali regularly travelled between India and London aboard merchant ships. After meeting and marrying Ethel Emma Wallace in London during the late 1920s, he no longer travelled. Instead he became a Court interpreter for Indian seaman apprehended for various..
misdemeanours. He also worked as a doorman, dressed in full colonial style regalia with an elaborate turban at the Veeraswamy Restaurant in Piccadilly, London. A job from which he was later sacked when a photograph in a newspaper identified him amongst a crowd surrounding...
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As well as #VEDay, today marks the anniversary of one of humankind's greatest achievements. 40 years ago, WHO declared smallpox eradicated.
Smallpox had killed 100s millions, maybe 1/2 billion in the 20th C. through the development of inoculation via Edward Jenner, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and others, and a vaccine globally delivered by @WHO between '58 and '77.
@WHO The last case was recorded in October '77.

It is ironic that we celebrate this in the midst of COVID, but it is a demonstration of humankind's ingenuity and resolve in the face of one of the most lethal agents in our history.
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Today is #VEDay and Europe celebrates the defeat of the Nazi regime.
We owe an eternal debt to those who fought against the evils of fascism and racism and secured our freedom from tyranny.
Here are the stories of some of those you might like to think about:
Msgr Hugh O’Flaherty… Image
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My dad. He got on with life after he came back from Germany. He’d been there five years, a PoW at Lamsdorf, Stalag VIIIB Image
I’ve no idea what he thought or felt on #VEDay . Relief? Probably. Like thousands of others of the BEF in he was captured in 1940 and the years were long and hard. Image
All non-Officer PoWs worked. They had no choice, and it was hard graft. And without the Red Cross food parcels there was starvation. This was true in 1940 - as it was in 1945. Dad was amongst the first to arrive at VIIIB, and he was put to work Image
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⁠It's Victory in Europe Day, a day celebrating the defeat of the Nazis 75 years ago.

It is often portrayed as if it was only the US & UK-led forces that defeated Germany but the role of the Soviet Union was crucial in defeating the Nazis.⁠

#VEDay #TagDerBefreiung #8Mai1945 Image
Fending off the German invasion and pressing to victory on the Eastern Front required a tremendous sacrifice, as the Soviets suffered the highest number of casualties in World War 2, losing over 20 million people, both military and civilian.
Photo colorized by Colors for a Bygone Era:
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They came home
#VEDay Image
They came home
#VEDay Image
They came home
#VEDay Image
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As we commemorate #VEDay, an often overlooked aspect of World War Two is the role played by magic in the conflict. Yet as always in the history of magic, all is not necessarily quite what it seems… (a thread)
Occult practitioners, like many other people, were keen to claim that they had contributed to victory in 1945. But a lot of the claims they made were retrospective and can’t be verified. They are nevertheless an interesting insight into 20th-century magic
As well as occult practitioners, stage magicians got involved too; Jasper Maskelyne famously claimed to have used his knowledge of illusion to make British tanks ‘disappear’ at the Battle of El Alamein
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A delightful representation of Nike, goddess of victory, playing a lyre. Athenian lekythos, found at Gela c.450 BC. Ashmolean Museum #VEDay Image
Marble wings of the goddess Victory found in the Domus Tiberiana of the imperial palace on the Palatine hill. Augustan era, Palatine Hill Museum #VEDay #VEDay75 ImageImageImage
Bronze foot from one of a pair of winged Victories that stood on the pediment of the Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus, inaugurated in 2 BC. #VEDay #VEDay75 ImageImage
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In the 1930s, Hans and Sophie were enthusiastic members of the Hitler Youth.

In 1943 they, along with another student, were executed for treason.

This #VEday we’d like to say a little about the White Rose, and what may have inspired these young people to stand up to Nazism.
Die Weiße Rose was a resistance group, which in the early 1940s printed and distributed six leaflets calling for resistance to Nazism and an end to the Second World War.
On 18 February 1943, group members Sophie (21) and her brother Hans (25) were arrested while distributing anti-Nazi leaflets at the University of Munich.

On 22 February, they were executed by guillotine, along with student Christoph (24).
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On VE Day in 1945 some 2.5million Indian Soldiers who fought as part of the Allied Forces also celebrated. Pictured is Aircraftman Singh of Ambala receiving news of victory with Corporal Boyd of Lanarkshire in 1945). Indians had participated in the European …(contd)#VEDay75
..campaign, most notably in Italy where they were a significant part of the allied forces liberating Italy from the Nazis. Pictured are Sikhs fighting as part of the Allied contingent who fought alongside British and Americans in 1944 in Italy
The Indian experience in Italy included time for rest and worhsip. Here, boat trips in Venice, skiing in the mountains and a gurdwara service in San Angelo
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for #VEDay, let's remember the undisputed, foremost figure of modern British national identity, Winston Churchill. let's give thanks to him for his clear estimation for us Jews, 100yrs ago, crediting us with being behind every half decent revolutionary effort in modern history.
man, Churchill's subheading game was strong. "International Jews" followed by "Terrorist Jews". Of course today, thankfully, antisemitism only exists on the Left.
but Churchill saw a solution to all this Judeo-Bolshevism. complete submission & bourgeois respectability politics for National Jews in European states, substantial settler-colonialisation in "Zion" & the destruction of the Jewish left. worked out pretty well tbh
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Today is #VEDay when we remember the end of the war in Europe. Eric Ravilious never survived to see that Peace, & for his wife Tirzah, it left her a widow. War always means Lost Lives, unfulfilled paths, but Ravilious left behind such a legacy, so let’s see some of it from #WW2
At the beginning of #WW2 Eric Ravilious joined the Royal Observer Corps whose job it was to spot for enemy planes & had a vital role in the Battle of Britain. He painted this Observer’s Post in 1939. Original in @higginsbedford collection.
Ravilious was then given an Honorary Commission in the Royal Marines and was appointed an Official War Artist. In 1940/41 he did a lot of work in #Kent & #Sussex. This was entitled Bombing the Channel Ports (1941) and shows a Sound Mirror in #Kent. Original in @I_W_M collection.
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To mark #VEDay and 74 years of peace in Europe, we’re telling the stories of two WW2 veterans, Sid and Franco. Sid’s from Cardiff, and Franco settled in Swansea after the war. His son Andre is a #swansea4europe member.

#EU #Peace #LestWeForget
@WalesForEurope Sid from Cardiff, now 94, fought in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany during WW2.

He says: "My main reason for everything is keeping Europe together, for peace in the world."

#VEDay #EU #Peace #LestWeForget

Watch Sid here:
@WalesForEurope Sid is AMAZING. You can find out more about his story and watch the full interview here (with thanks to @WalesForEurope) 👇

It's the BEST 6 minutes you'll spend today 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺

#VEDay #EU #Peace #LestWeForget
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