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We desperately need #GunReform laws in the U.S. #MassacreMitch has an A+ rating by the NRA, & has taken $ MILLIONS, ensuring no gun laws pass.

R’s are handmaidens to the gun lobby, ensuring thousands die yearly, so long as they get #NRABloodMoney. courier-journal.com/story/news/pol…
Now #MassacreMitch has stated he will only allow a Senate vote on #GunReform laws IF #VeryStableGenius is guaranteed to sign it. He wants to be absolved of any responsibility.



These deaths are on his hands though. He requests to be known as the Grim Reaper on passing legislation. He certainly lives up to the name.

The NRA is in Republicans’ pocketbooks as well as ears, telling them how to spread fear & lies about guns to the public.

We know better.
We can’t continue to normalize gun violence in this country. This is preventable!!

A mass shooting every day

100 deaths each day

Children afraid of going to school....

When will enough be #Enough?
On the anniversary of the worst shooting in modern U.S. history, let’s discuss all the ridiculous myths Republicans & the NRA spout about #GunReform.

Let’s discuss effective laws that would prevent future victims.

Let’s put some sense out there regarding this matter....
NRA Myth #1:
“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
This is probably the most common argument heard from gun advocates. It’s true that guns can’t kill by themselves & DO indeed need someone to pull the trigger... Guns don’t kill people, but allow someone who WOULD kill much easier, faster, more lethal means for killing. #GunReform
A person armed with a knife would do much less damage than a person armed with a gun, plain and simple.

If we need further proof of this, observe this comprehensive map of gun laws:

Then this map of U.S. homicides:

And also this map of firearm deaths. Patterns emerge.
The facts speak for themselves. There’s these other unbiased & credible sources as well:


NRA Myth #2:
“The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”
It’s great if a shooter is stopped by a person w/ a gun, but it is not the optimal answer to bad people having guns.

Being proactive will ALWAYS be better, preferable, and save more lives than being reactive. EVERY TIME! #GunReform
So often gun advocates complain that we need security in schools, which is fine, but it’s not enough. Countless times shooters have been stopped by guns, but only after innocent people are killed.

Sutherland Springs is often claimed as a successful good guy w/ a gun situation...
...but 26 people were killed first. That is not success!! The best scenario, is preventing that scenario.

The “good guy with a gun” narrative is also completely subjective. Everyone obviously likes to think they’re the “good guy with a gun”.
Or someone MAY be the “good guy”, until a switch flips, and they’re not. It’s easy to overreact in a moment, or misjudge a situation. This doesn’t make us all safer.

NRA Myth #3:
“Stand Your Ground laws allow me to protect myself. Society is safer if I’m allowed to shoot anyone who threatens me.”
This NRA myth is the MOST VILE lie they peddle. SYG (Stand Your Ground) laws allow a person to legally shoot someone who they deem a threat, even if they may safely retreat to prevent escalation! #GunReform
This is a classic situation where everyone thinks they’re the “good guy w/ a gun”.

SYG laws enable a person to use lethal action as a first step, instead of last resort defensive use. It’s a disgusting abuse of firearm ownership.
In states that have enacted SYG laws, violence has escalated sharply. FL for example, saw a rise of 32% in gun homicide. 79% of cases the assailant easily could have fled, 68% the victim was unarmed.
In many cases, shoot first laws give rise to justify shooting opponents in racially tense situations.

This allows systemic racism to play out in a fatal & tragic way....
In fact, in a SYG state, the odds of a white-on-black murder being justified is 281% more likely than a white-on-white murder. 281%!!! That is insane!

SYG laws get many people killed, & further enable lethal racism. Disgusting. #Enough

NRA Myth #4:
“Shooters always target gun-free zones. We should eliminate them and allow guns in all spaces.”
Coupled with the argument of eliminating gun-free zones is the thought that we should ramp up security in our schools.

There is nothing wrong with putting metal detectors in place, but to say that gun free zones are an invitation to shooters is completely inaccurate.
Shooters do NOT choose their targets because they are gun free. The shooter almost EVERY TIME has some sort of emotional connection to the location, whether it be their school, workplace, or another personal resentment/vendetta issue.
It’s also illogical to think that a shooter chooses a gun-free zone because they will be less likely to be in danger, when so many either commit suicide themselves or suicide by police... #GunReform
If a shooter chooses a target & takes their own life, they are not selective of their target for safety reasons.

Being reliant on “good guys w/ guns” is not the best way to promote gun safety— GUN LAWS ARE. #GunReform
NRA Myth #5:
“We need to arm teachers in schools, to improve safety. More guns the better!”
Arming teachers is not the answer to solving gun violence. I probably exclaim this too often, but being reactive is NEVER as effective as being proactive.

Also, teachers are far underpaid already. Asking them to double as educators AND mercenaries isn’t reasonable in the least.
Gun enthusiasts suggest that armed presence would deter shooters. This isn’t the case many times when there is already armed security on campus. Past shootings involved on-site armed guard presence... didn’t deter the shooter in the slightest, heavy loss of life still occurred.
Along with the previous concerns, safety is a major concern with armed teachers as well. There are over 70 documented cases of incidents involving firearm discharge in educational settings due to teachers carrying guns....

These incidents leave firearm access open to children, which has resulted in the child acquiring & discharging it (maliciously or unintentionally).

It also has resulted in teachers accidentally firing their own firearms in the classroom. This isn’t making kids safer. #GunReform
NRA Myth #6:
“Red Flag laws are unconstitutional. They violate my due process, & won’t save any lives.”
Red Flag laws are designed to TEMPORARILY keep firearms away from individuals deemed dangerous to themselves or others. There is no possible conviction, or charges being filed.

You need to calm down.
The individual may then petition to get their firearms back/have gun purchasing power restored, if they are no danger to anyone. So if you’re not dangerous, you have nothing to worry about!!
An ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Order) is issued in order to temporarily restrict access to firearms.

Many individuals who enact violence or commit suicide display multiple warning signs; this is a chance to prevent tragedy.
Family members and/or law enforcement officials may try to have an ERPO filed. It must be a credible source, who would then provide evidence to a judge. The judge would then issue the order if they agree the danger is real.
Petitioners must present evidence to the judge confirming the individual is a danger (e.g. threats, violence, unlawful activity, reckless firearm use), beholden to a high standard of proof.
Red Flag laws/ERPOs are not a danger. They’ve stopped numerous individuals from suicide & others who have created “kill lists” or muderous manifestos.

If you despise ERPOs, that just makes me question your nature/intention.

NRA Myth #7:
“Guns give an advantage to anyone carrying. We should all be ‘force multipliers’ in every situation!”
The NRA often argues that having more ‘force multipliers’ makes every situation safer. In fact, it complicates everything further.

Allowing anyone & everyone to possess firearms, and become a “force multiplier” just puts more danger & violence into any given situation.
Would you be comfortable knowing the person next to you is armed, who has impulse control issues & conduct disorder? Or the person in the aisle w/ extreme PTSD & severe dementia? How about the domestic abuser who uses violence to solve issues, whose parking spot you just took?
Some ppl are barred from carrying, but advocating that everyone be “force multipliers” is boo-hockey. Relying on crossfire from panicked citizens to SOLVE gun violence is the most ludicrous solution we could propose, yet gun advocates truly believe the concept on a massive scale.
Another scary fact is that some armed citizens (force multipliers) in mass shooting situations have openly admitted that they have almost shot a bystander in all of the confusion/danger.

Again, “good guys w/ guns” is not the solution that it’s sold to be.
One last flaw in this logic is not only the added risk, but the added confusion. Armed citizens at shootings have often been mistaken for the perp by police, and have been killed.

Not. Always. Safe.

NRA Myth #8:
“Safe storage laws would only hinder me from defending myself from an attack. I need to have quick and easy access to my firearm; that’s why I keep mine under my pillow/in my drawer/loaded/etc etc...”
First of all, this would mean you are definitely NOT a “good guy with a gun”, because what is far more apt to happen is a child/person other than yourself may discover that unsecured firearm, and accidentally/irresponsibly discharge it.
Being cavalier w/ firearms means chances are far greater that they will be used in a manner other than the owner’s intent.

Another great possibility is that it could be stolen from you if it’s not safely locked up....
....Between 237,000 & 380,000 guns are stolen from households each year. Legal gun owners are fueling criminal gun ownership! Lock up your guns!!

NRA Myth #9:
“There are plenty of objects that can be used for violence (cars, hammers, knives), should we ban those?”
To be clear, I do not think we need to ban all guns, just implement sensible #GunReform. After discrediting the numerous NRA myths, I will be discussing effective laws we could & should implement to save lives.
So, most other objects have primary purposes that are NOT violence; cars, hammers, and knives all have fundamental purposes that are not defined as attack.

Guns’ primary purpose IS attack, so we obviously need to restrict access to these devices more heavily than others.
We need to ask ourselves: If we allow more devices designed for violence out into society, should we not be surprised if more violence occurs?? 🤔
See for yourself. Take a look at homicide by choice of weapon, as provided by the FBI: ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u…
NRA Myth #10:
There’s an argument that we shouldn’t have restrictions on assault weapons because:

“People are killed by other means more often than assault weapons. Compared to other ways of dying, AR-15s don’t kill nearly as many people.”
Run a cost vs. benefit analysis on any other thing that causes death. Cars, knives, doctors, all kill as well… BUT when cost outweighs benefit, change/reform is very much needed.

That goes for anything (not just guns). #GunReform
Also, just because something is not the TOPMOST killer of innocent people, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to prevent those unnecessary deaths!!

Mass shootings are becoming much more common in the U.S. though. By giving easy access to guns, we are allowing it.
The data says it all:

And if you want it broken down, here is what it means. The patterns are very clear. It *should be* obvious what must be done....
NRA Myth #11:
“Assault weapons aren’t real. AR-15’s (& similar guns) don’t have fully auto capabilities, and aren’t weapons of war. They’re not dangerous.”
Let’s get one thing straight. Gun fanatics hate PC language, but also they will go insane if you use the wrong term for their gun. SO…
An assault RIFLE is a firearm w/ full auto capabilities. In other words, it can fire numerous rounds just by holding down the trigger: steady stream of bullets come out automatically.
These type of guns are not sold for civilian use anymore (because they’re dangerous & there’s no practical reason for civilians to own these!). Any made before 1986 may be bought, if proper licensing & checks are completed.
Assault WEAPONS however differ from assault RIFLES. I usually go by the NY SAFE Act’s guidelines & criteria for defining assault weapons. Basically a semi-auto gun w/ a high capacity magazine & military style feature.
Firearm fanatics claim that assault weapons aren’t dangerous, because they aren’t fully-auto capable, & not used in war….
These weapons aren’t fully-auto, but they certainly ARE dangerous. Maybe even more so. Full auto fire is extremely inaccurate, hard to control.

These weapons allow for precision in blasting their targets, & high capacity magazines allow for many shots w/o reload.
This is why they’re a favorite weapon amongst mass shooters.

The DEADLIEST mass shootings in our country have been enacted w/ assault weapons. That’s not a coincidence! #GunReform

NRA Myth #12:
“The AR-15 only uses .223 caliber ammunition anyway! Other guns are much higher in caliber than that; assault weapons aren’t dangerous!”
Gung-ho gunners often argue that the caliber (meaning size of the barrel, ergo size of the bullets) of the AR-15 is smaller than some other guns, so there’s no need to worry....
In actuality, it’s not the SIZE of the holes that are shot in our children that we’re worried about.

It’s that our children are actually being SHOT. #GunReform

NRA Myth #13:
“The government can’t implement a buyback program. They’re my guns, it would cost the taxpayers way too much money, and it wouldn’t accrue any guns/it wouldn’t work.”
If a buyback program were implemented, it would be for assault weapons. There is no effort to buy back all guns in America. That doesn’t make sense; no one is advocating for that.

Self defense still completely possible w/ a gun if a buyback were implemented. #GunReform
Countless areas in the U.S. that suffer from urban crime are plagued by shootings with assault weapons.

Many of these individuals have been found to be in financial hardship, & would sell their assault weapons if they saw limited options.
Some individuals say that this would cost taxpayer money to buy assault weapons from citizens.

In truth it wouldn’t pale in comparison to the cost of emergency medical personnel, Medicaid recipients, law enforcement, jail/prison time for the perps, tax-funded legal help, etc...
Conservative estimates put the cost of gun violence for tax payers at $229 billion EVERY YEAR.

Don’t like taxes? Then you’d love the assault weapons buyback programs put in place.

NRA Myth #14:
“If people don’t have access to guns, they will still find a way to kill others, ergo gun control is pointless. People will use bombs... get bomb control instead.”
First of all, we already HAVE bomb control. You can't buy them in stores, materials are monitored if bought together or in bulk, manufacturers have strict liability, and building them is incredibly hard.
....This is why the Austin bomber, a skilled serial bomber, could only kill 3 people in 2 weeks, but a teenager could kill 17 people in minutes with an AR-15.

Few other methods are as lethal as guns, while still being remarkably accessible.

We can see the absurdity of this claim too by observing other developed countries’ gun violence rates vs ours. Theirs are all around the same low rates, & ours is SKY high. Then observe homicide rates; theirs are still relatively low, while ours is remarkably high. #GunReform
So what’s that mean? It means they have low records of gun violence (strict gun laws) compared to U.S., but still see no simultaneous rise in homicide by other means. If bad guys were “going to kill no matter what”, homicide rates would be comparable. Ours are through the roof.
NRA Myth #15:
“Criminals don’t obey laws. They will still acquire firearms.”
This myth is a redundant statement in itself; thank you for defining: a criminal. But it’s not as simple as just flipping a switch & all laws are bypassed.

If laws do nothing, then why do we have any at all??
We should at least TRY to make it harder for an unsafe person to kill others w/ ease, no? Laws are designed to hinder & deter as many people who would do harm as possible. And they do! One such example is that of background checks....
....Over 2.8 million people have been denied access to firearms because of regulations stopping dangerous people from having access to them.
Laws don’t catch every single perpetrator, but they’re designed to make it as difficult as possible to commit crime, & prevent as many incidents as possible. Thank you laws!! 🙌

NRA Myth #16:
(Intertwined with the previous myth)
“ONLY law abiding citizens will be affected by gun reform.”
This argument also assumes that a person who wants to bypass laws can do so with ease. In reality it’s not that easy.

Laws involving gun reform are designed to prevent as many dangerous situations as possible, NOT prevent every single shooting. That’s not realistic.
Law abiding citizens would still be able to own firearms w/ sensible #GunReform too! They would still very much be able to defend themselves. If you ARE a law abiding citizen of sound mind, you have nothing to fear. So why the opposition?
A similar argument also tries to claim that law abiding citizens are being blamed for the actions of criminals. Not true. We obviously blame the criminal; THEY’RE incarcerated for the crime!
Passing gun safety laws are simply efforts to deter future criminals, by observing past ones. Makes sense, right?

We should learn from these mistakes, ease of access, & loopholes in our laws. Law abiding citizens- not punished. They will still have the right to bear arms.
NRA Myth #17:
“Well you can’t repeal 2A, or confiscate our guns! It’s unconstitutional.”
Some extremist citizens do want to repeal 2A/unnecessarily confiscate guns from even law abiding citizens I’ll admit, but those are very few people (not political leaders). Those measures aren’t necessary, just sensible #GunReform.
Even though the NRA CONSTANTLY claims that all guns are soon going to be confiscated by the govt, that has yet to actually happen.
All that REALLY happens is that every time they spout that nonsense, people who don’t know better go out and buy numerous guns/ammo, sending gun sales skyrocketing, along with the NRA’s own little payday. It’s very effective. 🙄

NRA Myth #18:
“Don’t infringe on my gun rights, 2A says you can’t!”
This argument refers to the part of 2A that claims it “shall not be infringed”, and the NRA screams the phrase whenever sensible #GunReform is even discussed.

SCOTUS has ruled that ALL rights have limits though, specifically 2A....
We have the right to practice religion, but we can’t sacrifice virgins in the name of religion. We have the right to free speech, but we can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. And we have the right to bear arms, but not if that is infringing on others’ right to LIVE. 🤔
Justice Scalia said:
“Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited…”. It is “…not a right to keep & carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever & for whatever purpose.”

This means that if it’s for the betterment of public safety, #GunReform may be implemented.

Current examples include banning manufacture of fully automatic rifles for civilians, banning domestic abusers’ gun ownership, background checks, bump stock bans, etc.
Scalia also said guns in common lawful use should not be banned, to which gun advocates cry: “The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles owned in America!”

We’ll note that the Heller case which Scalia spoke on was about self defense, for which AR-15 is definitely not needed…
SCOTUS also ruled that “dangerous & unusual weapons” such as weapons “better suited for military use” may certainly be prohibited!

Hmmm what does the AR-15 seem like it’s best suited for, besides gunning down school children....?
Lastly we should recognize that common ownership does not equal common LAWFUL use.

Many are are used unlawfully, and commonly possessed. Many lawful uses ( e.g. target shooting) does not take precedence over common unlawful use (e.g. school shooting).

NRA Myth #19:
“We don’t need more gun laws, we have enough already; we should just try to enforce those.”
This argument implies that if we implement more laws, we will forget how to enforce the prior ones. This really isn’t a rational point, & that is certainly NOT the case. #GunReform
This myth also implies that the old proverb “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is applicable here. IT ISN’T.

We should ALWAYS be trying to improve our laws and employing additional ways of cutting crime down.
If someone slips thru the cracks w/ current systems we have in place, that’s actually MORE of a reason for additional safety nets. More safety measures means more chance for catching criminals.

All still allowing gun ownership for the law abiding! Great!

NRA Myth #20:
“I can either own guns, or be a victim.”
This NRA myth is the epitome of a false dichotomy. It implies that there are no other options (there are). And it implies that a person cannot be BOTH (you can). It’s not one or the other. #GunReform
ALSO, we should point out that there are numerous gun owners who CREATE victims as well.

NRA Myth #21:
“Guns are used for so many things (competition, hunting, sport, target practice), we can’t ban them or restrict them.”
Guns are used for all those things... But their PRIMARY use is for violence, don’t get that twisted. Even justifiable self-defense IS a form of violence.

Responsible gun owners need to understand what a firearm is primarily built for. #GunReform
Also, let’s make a priority list of competition, hunting, sport, & target practice. Then tell me if public/school safety should be on that list as well, & WHERE it should be on said list.

Let’s prioritize. The rest should take a backseat here, #GunReform is needed in our nation.
NRA Myth #22:
“But DGU’s (defensive gun use) are 2.5 million per year, so the good far outweighs the bad. Everyone should always be armed; gun reform would be harmful.”
This claim that gun advocates so often quote is taken from a survey done by Kleck and Gertz in 1995.

For that survey, they randomly asked 5,000 Americans if they or anyone in their household had used a firearm for self protection in the last year....
....About 1% answered yes, which they then extrapolated to the entire population, giving them the figure of 2.5 million DGU’s per year, along with an inaccurate gun myth. #GunReform
The National Crime Victimization Survey however (which analyzes tens of thousands of households), suggests that this figure is closer to 65,000 DGU’s per year. The NCVS first actually establishes that there actually was a possible victim;....
....Kleck & Gertz did not confirm that anyone was actually victimized, & included spurious accounts of self defense in their findings. More recent studies have found that DGU is actually MUCH more rare than many realized.

This is just statistical assumption however. Gun Violence Achive puts CONFIRMED DGU each year at an average of 1,584.

I will admit that DGU incidents can involve not even having to use the weapon, just the sight of one may be defense, but NOT to the degree of millions/year.
The entire myth is irrelevant in any case. No one is going to ban all guns, so defending oneself wouldn’t be an issue. At all. DGU wouldn’t need to be affected by #GunReform laws. Period.
Similarly, here are some concrete statistics on the matter, cold hard facts on confirmed gun usage.

For every 1 time a firearm is used for self-defense, they are used:

4 times for accidental shootings
7 times for assault/homicide
11 times for suicide

NRA Myth #23:
“If someone is going to commit suicide, they will do it. We can’t prevent it with gun reform.”
This could NOT be less true. Most people who try to take their own life but fail, go on to regret their attempt. If someone has access to firearms they are much more likely to succeed at their suicide attempt.
Many other means of suicide are less difficult to recover from, but sadly a gun in the mouth is quick, & means a person is much less likely to be rescued and/or continue living afterward. #GunReform
Statistics show a clear & tragic pattern: states w/ loose gun laws have significantly higher rates of suicide. Access to firearms increases the likelihood of suicide success.

Should a person’s life end because they make a grave mistake??

The suicide hotline is open 24/7 to talk if anyone needs a resource. Call 1-800-273-8255 anytime. Talk to me if need be as well. Just talk to someone. There’s nothing you can’t come back from, trust me.
NRA Myth #24:
“Waiting periods for guns are pointless, and infringes on my right to bear arms. It’s unconstitutional!”
Waiting periods won’t infringe on your rights at all. You’ll still get your gun sparky, you may just have to wait a few days to bear arms.
This measure of #GunReform is actually proven to significantly reduce murders and suicides.

Someone who wishes to impulsively hurt themselves or hurt others is much less likely to do so if they are forced to wait it out for awhile.

NRA Myth #25:
“We don’t need gun reform, we need to improve our mental healthcare system.”
While I 100% agree that we need to provide better access to mental health care, this is not an either/or situation. We SHOULD want to improve BOTH mental healthcare AND #GunReform!! And we can.
We must first address the negative stigma regarding this matter though.

1. Mental health issues ≠ violence. The two are not automatically equivocated. Just because someone struggles with a mental health issue, does not mean they will be violent.
The opposite is actually true. Statistically, someone who suffers from a mental health issue is much more likely to be the victim of a crime than the perpetrator. #StopTheStigma
2. We need to dispel the myth that someone who experiences a mental health issue is bad or “crazy”. One in four people live with some sort of mental health matter. That doesn’t make them “crazy”, or weird, or bad.
There also shouldn’t be a negative stigma around a person who seeks treatment for any mental health issue (but there is). It’s perfectly healthy to seek some sort of counseling regularly. Keep our mental health sharp! I do!
States need to expand Medicaid to make treatment more accessible, Congress/Executive branch needs make healthcare options more affordable (including treatment options), & more should be done to help families/children who struggle with these issues.
PREVENTATIVE measures for mental health are MUCH more effective for financial & developmental reasons, for both the individual & for the country, as opposed to incarceration!
We can work on all of these objectives, as well as sensible #GunReform. Safety isn’t a single lens issue.

NRA Myth #26:
“Veterans deserve unrestricted access to firearms. We are hurting them by implementing strict gun laws upon them.”
It’s a bit of a taboo subject, forbidden to talk about restricting veterans’ access to firearms.

OF COURSE I don’t think that they should have any extra limitations in place regarding gun possession, but they should be cautioned along w/ the general population on the dangers…
Veterans tragically already have a significantly higher rate of suicide as compared to civilians. Vets who store their guns loaded or with ammo then have a FOURFOLD increased risk for suicide than for vets who do not, on top of the already higher risks.
Vets experience many things that the average citizens do not, some of which is very hard to deal with. Coping can be difficult, & it is easy to fall into a dark place if a support system isn’t present & mental health isn’t kept in check.
These are issues we should be okay speaking about; it could save lives.

Veterans are honorable & heroic members of our society, I fully revere them. That is why we need to advocate for safety, even for them. #GunReform
Veterans are strong but they’re not bulletproof, meaning they should also respect & know the danger behind loose gun ownership & storage, as well as other risk factors. And most do. Be safe.
The Veterans Crisis Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 800-273-8255, press 1. Services also are available online at veteranscrisisline.net or by text, 838255.
NRA Myth #27:
“Jesus wanted us to have guns, I’m just doing what the Bible says.”
Yes, this is a REAL argument, made by the more illogical & extreme gun advocates. They argue that in Luke 22:36, Jesus tell his disciples that “...if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak & buy one.”
Loose gun advocates then argue that guns are the swords of today... And that Jesus loves guns... I’m not kidding. That passage is taken out of context though; he doesn’t mean literal swords, he is metaphorically speaking of being ready for the opposition ahead.
Jesus actually famously said “All who draw the sword, die by the sword.”

To think that Jesus loves/loved guns is on a whole other level of self-indoctrination. #GunReform
And just so you don’t think I’m lying, here’s a real screenshot I took of a post in the NRA-ILA app. People actually believe this. The comments on there are the kicker. 🤦‍♂️
NRA Myth #28:
“So many shooters are liberals, we just need to ban liberals from owning guns!”
This is the most pointless pattern a person could draw. It’s just an attempt to demonize Democrats, or infuriate someone who is having a logical discussion. There’s no real substance or merit in this tangent.
I shouldn’t have to point out that this is obviously false. Most shooters are also male. Should we ban all men from owning guns?? Tons of useless correlations we can draw. Don’t even engage in this worthless talking point. #GunReform
Other silly patterns: tylervigen.com/page?page=1
NRA Myth #29
“Mass shootings are isolated acts. I shouldn’t be punished for the wrongdoings of a few bad apples. Thoughts & prayers.”
Mass shootings are acts of terrorism. Republicans try to blame such acts on video games, Hollywood, mental health, race, ethnicity, religion, lack of religion, parenting….. ANYTHING but our easy access to firearms. #GunReform
Every other country has the aforementioned factors acting on populations, but do not have our record highs of: gun violence, mass shootings, school shootings, homicide rates, gun suicide…. I can’t believe this is actually an argument. The dangerous variable *should be* obvious.
These incidents are acts of terrorism. Yes, a white male can be a terrorist.

So how do we respond to acts of terror? Let’s observe a tragic example we all know.
After 9/11, it was determined that terrorism was so readily committed through easy access to an aircraft. So IMMEDIATELY we grounded all aircrafts, & drastically improved security measures in order to keep everyone safer.



If we want to travel by plane, we give up certain conveniences in order for everyone’s overall safety to be ensured. We don’t just let anyone on, & hope thoughts & prayers should do the trick. Doesn’t that sound insane?
We need to be screened. We need safety. We don’t need thoughts & prayers. You aren’t punished w/ sensible gun laws. Self defense still very possible. Guns are not all gone.

NRA Myth #30:
“Anyone who wants to implement gun reform laws are gun grabbers! They just want to ban all guns; call them what they are!”
This is another NRA myth just designed to frustrate and incorrectly label gun reform activists. Gun advocates jump to the conclusion that because we want safety, we must want to confiscate every gun everywhere.
Most gun advocates know this is not the case, but purposefully throw out disingenuous labels anyway. If they want to mischaracterize the movement, I follow suit by characterizing them as “gun violence fanatics”. It’s super effective.
Intentionally projecting & mischaracterizing the other side’s argument is counterproductive though. It accomplishes nothing, and is not the point. The mission is to open dialogue & build understanding of #GunReform.
NRA Myth #31:
“30% of people in the U.S. own guns, gun reform will never work...”
It’s true that there are quite a few gun owners in the U.S., but many are RESPONSIBLE gun owners and are in favor of sensible #GunReform.

Most of us should want our neighborhoods, schools, churches, concerts, movie theaters, restaurants, offices, hospitals, & homes to be safe.
Also, just because there are many gun owners & copious amounts of guns out there, doesn’t mean we should assume: ‘We’re too far gone anyway, no bother trying to fix things.’ Of course we should try to improve circumstances. Let’s not be short sighted.

NRA Myth #32:
“Open carry laws make us all so safe, the more guns out in public the better!”
Right to carry laws allow guns to be carried when away from home with or without a permit, issued by a state to an applicant who meets requirements (if there are any) established by the state legislature.
“Open carry” refers to the practice of carrying openly visible firearms in public. Though some states continue to require a permit in order to carry a concealed weapon, many states now place few or no restrictions on open carry.

“Concealed carry” is almost exclusively done w/ handguns (it’s difficult to conceal anything larger than a handgun on your person).
Right-to-carry laws, whether open or concealed, tend to increase violent crime. A 2019 study found that right-to-carry laws “are associated with 13–15 percent higher aggregate violent crime rates 10 years after adoption.”

Another study reported that “shall-issue” laws were “significantly associated with 6.5% higher total homicide rates, 8.6% higher firearm homicide rates, and 10.6% higher handgun homicide rates!

In fact, the mere PRESENCE or sight of firearms has been proven to increase aggression & hostile behavior by other individuals on average. This makes us safer??? #GunReform
Not only is aggression & instability heightened, but if a crime is enacted & everyone present is openly carrying, complications inevitably arise. NO ONE, police included, know who the perp is.
States make laws regarding how residents can or can’t legally carry in public, & if they do or don’t need training, permits, etc. BUT certain companies have taken a stance on gun safety to keep their patrons safe.
These companies have made their intentions clear: they care about clients being & feeling safe. They’re on the right side of history. This list will grow.

NRA Myth #33:
“We need to protect ourselves from tyranny, which will overtake this country if we have gun reform.”
First, the 2nd Amendment was written to be a long term and general solution to a national issue, not for individuals to solve disagreements with their government by acts of gun violence. #GunReform
So if an individual is deemed unfit for firearm possession, tyranny will not take hold because that person can’t shoot others. 🙄
Second, when 2A was written, guns were much simpler and less deadly than the guns of today. They could not write laws governing firearms with over 200 years of technological advancements.

See Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on fluid law.
Third, if you ARE up against our govt, do you really think it would be effective using rifles to defeat “tyranny”? Do you know what our govt is capable of? Tanks, helicopters, drones, & missiles won’t be swayed by rifles. Not that a Hunger Games scenario will ever happen AT ALL.
Fourth, if you really believe the only thing keeping our government from becoming *unreasonably cruel is the thought of citizens possibly shooting them in an uprising, you really don’t understand our government.
We solve problems by voting, by protesting, with civility-NOT by keeping our leaders shaking in their boots due to threats of violence. If good government spawned from violent, armed populations, then Somalia & Afghanistan would be the most successfully governed nations on Earth.
We also have a system of checks and balances: three separate branches of (elected/nominated) government, & separation of federal & state government. This was purposefully structured to ensure against such autocratic possibilities.
#GunReform DOESN’T mean tyranny will reign down upon us. Just ask ALL OTHER DEVELOPED NATIONS! It has been beneficial for them, and look! No tyranny. Good job all other countries! 👏

NRA Myth #34:
“Look at Switzerland. They don’t have gun violence issues, and they’re all required to own firearms! The more firearms the better!”
This myth is misleading, and very cherry picked. No, the Swiss are not required to own firearms. It is important to note however, that it IS mandatory in Switzerland to join the military, for all able-bodied males.
After military training is completed a non-assault weapon may be purchased from the government, by the graduated soldier. As you might imagine this means that every gun owner in Switzerland has a high-degree of gun training & is taught a healthy respect for gun safety.
Swiss citizens are required to undergo a thorough background check for every gun purchase, and the Swiss government reserves the right to strip citizens of their guns for criminal offenses. #GunReform
It’s also interesting to note that being required to have a career in the military makes gun ownership a prestigious honor in Switzerland, versus in America where owning a gun simply means that one managed to accrue a few hundred dollars.
Swiss gun owners often speak of a deep sense of pride and honor that comes along with their gun ownership.

In America, citizens often speak of needing guns to defend against other Americans or the government.

NRA Myth #35:
“Gun laws don’t work, just look at Chicago.”
This myth is stale. So Illinois has some strict gun laws (not the strictest), but it does NOTHING to implement those laws if neighboring states have lax gun laws.

OVER 60% of guns recovered from crimes in Illinois are from surrounding states. That’s VERY significant! #GunReform
Obviously the state’s laws ARE working, if criminals are having to travel out of state to places where gun laws are loose to purchase their firearms. They are undermined by their less equipped or less caring (conservative) neighbors.
Another way to disprove this NRA myth is to observe IL per capita gun homicide rate (low), compared w/ other, lax gun law states’ gun homicide rates (high). The results speak for themselves.

NRA Myth #36:
“Mexico has strict gun control laws, but take note of their record high gun violence!”
That’s very true. But Mexico has the huge issue of their northern neighbor having very loose gun laws.

70% of guns recovered in Mexican crimes can be traced back to the U.S., and that’s just what they have been able to trace! #GunReform
Our country is literally fueling their gun violence issue... So when someone says Mexico has gun control but still has record death rates by firearms, they actually have us to thank for that.

NRA Myth #37:
“You can’t implement gun reform. If someone wants to force me to obey these laws, you’ll have to try to take my guns from me. Come and get them!”
This is actually an argument just posted by the NRA a bit ago. No one is taking all the guns, but they parrot this narrative in order to rile up their more hardcore base. #GunReform
This will all just lead to a nice payday for the NRA, paid for by those who actually do fear confiscation, all while it polarizes the more uneducated parts of their fan club even further.
ANYONE who implies or threatens violence if sensible new #GunReform laws are enforced, loses all validity in their pitch because.....
1. He/she is obviously not a “good guy with a gun”, or just a poor law abiding citizen, inconvenienced by gun laws. A person clearly has neither of those valiant traits if they’re so easily ready to murder in order to get their way.
2. They are certainly not making a great case for the “lax gun laws keep us safe” contention.
3. He/she may be a bit unstable, making me genuinely question their capacity for safely possessing a firearm right now.
Anyone who wishes to argue about the best way to prevent gun violence, and is willing to enact violence to prove their point, may not be the most credible or levelheaded professional to engage in discussion.

Thank you NRA for showing your true (violent) intentions.
NRA Myth #38:
“Smart guns won’t solve anything. The technology is flawed & would only prevent me from defending myself as quickly as possible! Smart guns will get people killed.”
NRA fanatics often claim that smart guns are flawed & will prevent a person from defending themselves, getting them killed in quick-to-act situations. Let’s take a look at how smart guns will actually save so many lives….
Fingerprint analysis would be the main method smart guns would use technology to ensure safety. Others may use ID bracelets or chips, but fingerprint scanners seem to be the most common types being developed.

The more ignorant gung-ho-gunners argue that the scanner on smart guns may be confused if water is present (like w/ smart phones).

I’ve literally been told that if they want to go SWIMMING WITH THEIR GUNS, they might be prevented from shooting them off.

I’m not joking.
....But the technology installed on smart guns is MUCH more high tech than that on a phone. It is not confused by water, & is much more reliable. #GunReform
The technology would verify the owners identity before allowing to pull the trigger.

This would prevent straw purchasers from buying guns for criminals trying to avoid a background check, keeping weapons out of thousands of criminal hands.
This would also prevent criminals from being able to use guns stolen from law abiding gun owners, or the mentally unwell from taking their parents’ guns & committing suicide, OR a school shooting.
Finally, this would also prevent accidental gun deaths. SO many children die from accidental discharge due to parents not safely storing their firearms. This would lock the gun unless the owner’s finger is on the scanner, saving curious kids from lethal harm.
Just as a sidenote: if a person owns a firearm that is not a smart gun but would like to have one, it is entirely possible to have the firearm modified to be a smart gun!

NRA Myth #39:
“We shouldn’t discuss gun reform right now. Don’t politicize this shooting.”
Every shooting that happens is tragic. It is a terrible thing to take advantage of a situation, but if we try not to politicize EVERY shooting, we’d never be able to discuss #GunReform. Ever.
There is a mass shooting nearly every single day in the U.S. We’d be doing a disservice to those killed if we didn’t try to fix this serious problem!

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