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I have had ENOUGH. And i know you probably have too.

Yes, I am talking about the repeat trauma in Chicago yesterday, on a day that was supposed to celebrate the joy of living in this great nation. 1/N
Each death was a preventable casualty, if only WE had acted a little bit swifter. A little bit sooner.

Adninistration will only ever have data on deaths. Deaths and open wounds, the number treated for the wounds that bleed openly?
But what about the unseen wounds? The wounds in babes too small to express their grief in words? The wounded hearts of all the people left destroyed and heartbroken with the TRAGIC. UNNESCESSARY loss of their loved ones?
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Stop shaking your heads and throwing up your hands and asking why these mass shootings happen or when they will end.

We know EXACTLY why they happen, and exactly how to stop them. (1/3)
They happen because we, as a nation, have decided that unfettered access to weapons of mass murder and maximizing profits for the gun industry are more important than real, flesh-and-blood human lives. (2/3)
The bloodshed will end only if and when we muster the collective will to pass common-sense gun reform legislation and restore sanity to our nation's gun laws.

"Thoughts and prayers" solve nothing. Call your members of Congress. (3/3)

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Koch oil/gas bribing pols/lobbyists/scientists for climate change lies.
@ewarren calls out the dirt in DC.
#ClimateStrike #ClimateChange
Saudi Arabia money for US troops.
tЯump playing #mercenaries won't go down good with our troops. The Nation called this out in Sept 2019, before tЯump's shakedown of Saudi was made public.
Russian lobbying #NRA executives for lucrative Russian arms exports. NRA execs greedy at prospects of arms dealing with Russians. #NRABloodMoney…
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We desperately need #GunReform laws in the U.S. #MassacreMitch has an A+ rating by the NRA, & has taken $ MILLIONS, ensuring no gun laws pass.

R’s are handmaidens to the gun lobby, ensuring thousands die yearly, so long as they get #NRABloodMoney.…
Now #MassacreMitch has stated he will only allow a Senate vote on #GunReform laws IF #VeryStableGenius is guaranteed to sign it. He wants to be absolved of any responsibility.



These deaths are on his hands though. He requests to be known as the Grim Reaper on passing legislation. He certainly lives up to the name.

The NRA is in Republicans’ pocketbooks as well as ears, telling them how to spread fear & lies about guns to the public.

We know better.
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I live in a country where a man— who will Never have laws giving the government power over his body, but wants no government legislation on an exponentially growing gun epidemic— will always predictably deflect to & cite lies about abortion in response to a tweet on gun violence.
I live in a country where the “pro-life” party tries make the abortion rate go down by denying women:
Healthcare & Birth Control
Maternity benefits
Equal pay & an ERA

And enable a rape culture society,
allow 99.4% of rapists to walk free & demand women & girls give forced birth.
I live in a country where 9930 victims who had heartbeats have been shot dead this year—so far.

How the “pro-life” party cares soo much about heartbeats:
—Take #NRABloodMoney
—Give thoughts & prayers to the victims
—Block all gun reform & votes
—Enable a continuing gun epidemic
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The NRA (falsely) vilifies this attempt to make communities safer by cherry picking and rewording this proposal.

Let me break it down for you.

#GunReform #NRABloodMoney #Enough #NRAIsATerroristOrg
The proposal includes a future ban on the sale of assault-style weapons.

These weapons are by no means necessary for self defense. They’re very well suited however for shooting up classrooms full of children.
The proposal also includes a “ban on common firearm accessories”.

Accessories such as bump stocks that alter a firearm to rapid fire has no place whatsoever in the hands of civilians.

I don’t care if it’s super common. There’s no excuse for possessing one. At all.
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@AnnCoulter And some orange men prefer golden showers but it doesn't make them experts on sewage?
@AnnCoulter And some presidents get called to army 5 times but doesn't make them military experts.
@AnnCoulter @SPD2212 Some presidents have multiple bankruptcies but doesnt mean they know about business.

Wow this is fun ann thanks for the game.

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Rubio has an A+ rating, & has taken $3.3 million from the NRA. He is just one of many R’s (Cruz) who are handmaidens to the gun lobby. The safety of the public is not as important as their #NRABloodMoney.

Let’s dispel gun myths the NRA constantly parrots.…
“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”
This is probably the most common argument heard from gun advocates. It’s true that guns can’t kill by themselves & DO indeed need someone to pull the trigger... Guns don’t kill people, but allow someone who WOULD kill much easier, faster, more lethal means for killing. #GunReform
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Woke up to tragic news of another shooting in the US. The shooter left an AR-15 at the scene, 4 dead.

How many more will die before #GunReform is passed? These WMD are way too easy to obtain.

The time for #ThoughtsandPrayers is over.

We the people Demand #GunReformNow
2/It’s NOT fallacy: our peer counties that’ve enacted #GunLaws do NOT have shootings like the US.

Military grade weapons do not belong in the hands of civilians. A shooting occurs in this country on average every 60 hours.

This is an Epidemic.

I am an American Citizen and a registered voter!

I hereby pledge to never vote for a candidate who accepts money from the NRA.

I will only vote for a NRA rated F candidate.


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Another school shooting in the US today. It’s tragic, it’s horrible & escalating in our gun culture.

I💚Math. An int’l language, it makes sense to me when the rest of the world doesn’t. Especially when it comes to numbers & statistics on guns in the US…
Statistically, in the US a shooting incident takes place every 60 hours. We are down to hours in between shootings. Not days, weeks, months or years. It’s HOURS.

Every day in the US, 96 people die from gun violence & 222 people are shot but survive.

Australia, had 4 mass shootings between 1987–1996. After 1996, It took Parliament just 12 days to pass stricter gun laws. They haven’t had a mass shooting since. It’s been 34 days since Parkland.

The US needs to follow their lead.
Here’s how they did it
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#TrumpRussia got you down? We get it. How can anyone keep up with ALL that mess?

(cue bad music)

INTRODUCING #TRAITOR CARDS! Now you can traitor with your friends! At home, on the go, never again will you forget what’s his face who betrayed your country.

Collect them all! 🇷🇺
1) Multiple ties to the mob & Russia. 4+ intelligence agencies confirmed election meddling. Congress passed sanctions. Government has the power to stop cyber attacks. Poison, hacking attempts, & still, Trump does nothing.

#Traitor #TrumpColluded
2) Trump Jr is best known for being an idiot. He once noted at a real estate summit that his family sees a lot of money from Russia. He also set up the infamous meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. He then tweeted out the evidence.

#Traitor #TrumpCrimeFamily
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JOIN US: We are calling for a nationwide boycott of any business, organization, or politician who has dealings with the @NRA.

In this THREAD is a comprehensive list.

We have the power for change. Who will be joining us?

AimPoint Air
Venturi AmeriCap
USA Ammo Wear
ATN Corporation
Baron Technology
Battenfeld Technologies
Bear and Son Cutlery
Benelli Blue Ridge Knives
Binghamton Knitting
Boyt Harness Company
Buckeye Designs and Engraving
Bulldog Cases and Vaults
Century Arms
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I have seen so many heartbreaking tweets from #Columbine survivors praising the resilience of the students of #PARKLAND. Rightfully so. Tragically, these same survivors also are expressing their remorse and regret for not doing the same. 1/
2 things: #Columbine survivors are being shamed by irresponsible and heartless *adults* like @realDonaldTrump @PRyan and every other #GOPhypocrite. #Columbine & #PARKLAND survivors should not have to be the adults in the room solving this #guncontol disaster. 2/
#WeCallBS on every #NRABloodMoney recipient. U will ALL be dragged into the sunlight by every survivor & guncontrol advocate of these tragedies & voted out. We never should have let any survivor down by trusting you to do the right thing in the first place. #BlueWave2018. End
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