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Les Bro, comme promis, voici les erreurs que nous avons faites en tant que débutant. On veut vous les éviter 🙂

Rappelez-vous un petit ❤️ ça fait du bien et 🔁 pour aider les autres 👍🏻
1) Jamais de #Futures, #Margin
2) Analysez le #Fondamental
3) Top 100 #crypto uniquement
4) Pas de #Swapping
5) Jamais de #FOMO
6) Ne jouez pas vos économies
7) Evitez les influenceurs "#ToTheMoon"
8) Ne perdez jamais la valeur de l’argent
9) Prenez vos profits
10) Pas d’affect
1) Les marchés dits "à effet de #levier" sont interdits quand on débute ⛔️

L'appât du gain est facile car vous pensez exploser vos gains grace à l'effet multiplicateur. Or vous allez surtout multiplier vos pertes et potentiellement tout perdre 🤕

Débutez par le marché #Spot 👍🏻
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Thank you to @BloorStreetCap for yesterday's insightful #uranium discussion with some of the pioneers of the industry. A fantastic line up with in depth insight into all aspects of the #uranium sector.

Some of our highlights can be found the the thread below:
1/ “The world is recognising the science of nuclear power, not the false ideology.” – #NexGen CEO

“Price of #equities is screaming buy relative to the #spot price” – @uraniuminsider

“We’re on the cusp of a really really big move here [spot price]” – @UraniumEnergy
2/ #Sprott are seeing growing #institutional and #FO interest in the #uranium space. Very early stages of broad adoption by generalist #investors. Ciampaglia believes we are ‘just starting the second inning of this uranium cycle’.
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#DeFi Daily 10/03/22

$BTC saw a breakout yesterday during Asian trading hours. Price cleanly broke above the $39.5k resistance line, while the hourly RSI moved into overbought levels, revealing a renewed short term #bullish momentum.

Read more: 🧵👇 BTCUSD Graph
$ETH had a similar move yesterday as it broke out of its inverted head and shoulders pattern. Looking at the daily time frame, ETH is forming a wedge pattern where the level to break above would be around the $2.85k level.

/1 ETHUSD Graph
#DeFiTVL rose about 10bn overnight to 204.5bn currently. This was again led by @terra_money and @wavesprotocol, with TVLs sitting at 26.4bn and 2.4bn respectively. #Terra’s #TVL has grown by 12.2% over the past 7 days while #Waves has grown by 48.5%.

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#lithium carbonate breaks $510k yuan/ton which is $80k USD - almost a $10k increase in the last fortnight. A small thread on why this matters below for #electricvehicles and #lithium #mining stocks. Happy punting all.
#Spot #lithium traded as above is usually representative of tiny volumes at different districts in China. Could probably spend a whole thread describing lithium prices in different areas but that'd be a waste of time. Take away point is the volume is tiny but it's a trend.
The head price you see here is representative of what traders/chemical producers are getting for product sold typically to #cathode #producers who use the chemicals to create lithium batteries.
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Le dispositif #ARENH a créé un avantage énorme aux #FournisseursAlternatifs et a entrainé pour @EDFofficiel déboires industriels et difficultés économiques qui ont fait exploser son #endettement

En 2021, 81 concurrents d’@EDFofficiel lui ont acheté 100TWh d’#électricité à un prix de 42€ le MWh.
Si ces fournisseurs vendent en moy. cette électricité à 142€ le MWh sur le marché #SPOT 👉🏼la perte pour EDF est de 10 Mds € (100€ x 100 millions MWh)…
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#رشتو #کریپتومان
تو این رشتو میخوام فاندینگ ریت یا #FundingRate رو خیلی ساده و مختصر توضیح بدم.دونستنش برای کسی که ترید میکنه واجبه❗️ البته خیلی هارو دیدم که نمیدونن
لطفا #ریتوییت کنید👇🏼
1)در معاملات #فیوچرز قدیمی هر معامله فیوچرز یا همان معامله آتی یک تاریخ انقضاء به خصوص داشت که وقتی مدت معامله یا همان قرارداد به سر می رسید فرآیندی به نام تسویه حساب یا #Settlement شروع می شد. معمولاً هم این معاملات فیوچرز سنتی مدت زمان یک ماهه یا 4 ماهه داشتند👇🏼
2)و در هنگام محاسبه، قیمت قرارداد با قیمت بازار مقایسه شده و بعد از محاسبه میزان هزینه اختصاص یافته به هر معامله، تمامی معاملات باز بسته می شدند.اما در معاملات فیوچرز امروزی که توسط صرافی های #رمزارزها استفاده می شود همه چیز شبیه معاملات فیوچرز سنتی است👇🏼
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1/10-Going through the 2nd week of the biggest corrections of this cycle (~ 50%), the ultimate questions in market are,
-Whether the cycle is over?
-How are the Exchange Flow conditions?
-What is the picture that on-chain metrics are giving about market in long-term?
2/10- All-Exchanges Reserve has been declining since the beginning of this bull market. This trend was then upward on April 24th after prices dropped 64K > 50K [1A] = on-chain bearish sign.
3/10-Overall increasing level of bitcoin reserve on exchanges was due to Derivative-Exchanges (@Binance, @Bitrex )[1B]. The interesting point to notice here was the uninterrupted downtrend of bitcoin reserve on Spot-Exchanges (@Coinbase, @Kraken)[1C].
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💥He recopilado las 69 MEJORES EMPRESAS que lo pueden hacer mejor en los próximos años💥
👉Descripción, precio, crecimiento, características y valuación de 5 años en un sola página⚡️
🔥SUPER hilo desglosado en sectores🔥
El informe completo en mi web
16 sectores con mucho potencial:
1 Base de datos🖥️
2 Internet💻
3 Games / Streaming🎮
4 Fintech💸
5 Impresoras 3D📟
6 Evs🚗
7 Semiconductores🔌
8 Drones🚁
9 Realidad virtual📺
10 Software💽
11 Renovables☀️
12 IoT📠
13 Telemedicina🩺
14 Medicina🧬
15 Ecommerce🛒
16 Cannabis🍀

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Gangster #VikasDubey was #killed in an encounter after he snatched a weapon from the cops and fired at them. He was trying to #flee after one of the #vehicles in the #convey taking him to Kanpur from Ujjain overturned. Some #videos from the spot. @timesofindia
#videoclip from the #spot
#videoclip from the #spot
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Analysis: #NYSE $SPOT

Case 340 #Spotify Technology S.A.

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#SPOT 1/3
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: A #parabolic move which began in Apr. 2020 has seen price rise strongly, breaking above 2 year pivot #resistance at 192.38 and currently trading to new all time highs. The first objective is 224.69 with a close above targeting 247.74.

SPOT 2/3
Chart 2
Daily Chart: An unfilled gap has formed between 206.54-199.99 and #support begins around the lower end, then the 2 year broken #pivot at 192.38 now turned support.

The #Strategy is printed on the image.

$SPOT 3/3
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FUTURES #STRIP: "Vadeli şerit", bir vadeli kontratın 12 farklı vadesini tek parçada alıp-satmaya denir. Yaygın kullanılan enerji sektöründe; Petrol vs Petrol fonu olayına bakalım:

Son 5 haftada:

Spot WTI: $12⇒$36 (+%300)
Temmuz vade: $18⇒$36 (+%100)
"Strip": $25⇒$38 (+%50) Image
Olayın özeti: $12'den $36'ya çıkışı bekleyen bireyler fon aldılar. Halbuki akaryakıt tankeri sahibi olmadıkları için #spot petrol değil; farklı vadelileri (kabaca tüm şeridi) satın alan fonları almış oldular...

Strip'le kıyaslayınız:
#USO: $17⇒$27 (+%59)
#AES: 566⇒756 (+%34)
Teknik not:

En büyük fon USO, tarihi boyunca "en yakın kontratı" alırdı. 1 gecelik eksiye düşen (zaten satmış olduğu) kontrat korkuttu ve uzun vadelere atladı.

AES ise "suyunun suyu" olarak bunu yapan fonlardan yüksek maliyetlenmişti; yükselişten strip kadar bile nasiplenemedi.
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#WTI #CrudeOil futures for May,expiring tomorrow,tanked 57%,to $7.98 per barrel

June contract,expiring on 19thMay, traded@ $26.62/barrel

July futures,traded@ $28/barrel

And all this,despite #OPEC's decision to cut supply by 9.7 million barrels a day,wef 1st May2020

Normally,spread between #Spot &one month forward contract,is 40-50 cents

This time,spread is $10-12,implying weakness in #crudeoil,will continue

Global demand for #Oil in April 2020,was lower by 29 million barrels per day,Vs April 2019

#COVIDー19&global #lockdown, playing out
Indian #Crude basket is a derived basket of #crudeoil comprising #sourcrude(Dubai&Oman)&sweet crude(Brent)

Indian basket,aligned to #Brent crude,has fallen too,but not as much as #WTI crude

April 2020 #Brent@$20.92 per barrel March $32.01
Feb $55.70
Jan 2020@ $63.83

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O ne güzel Haziran vadedir, ne âlâ #teorik fiyat - #spot fiyat farkıdır öyle 😇 Image
Ne bu? diyene özet:

Pegasus hissesi almak istiyorsanız; bunu VİOP'tan vadeli olarak almak %10+ daha ucuz. Açığa satmak yasak olduğu için... bu arbitraj kapanmıyor. Elinde hissesi olan onu satıp buradan daha ucuza alabilir. (%10 marj içine vade farkı da dahil: "teorik fiyat")
Yeri gelmişken: Vadeli piyasalardaki #vade farkını "ceza, maliyet, zarar" gibi gören talihsiz bir grup mevcut. YAN-LIŞ. Siz vadeliye yatırdığınız her paraya nema alıyorsunuz. Üstüne, kaldıraç oranında dışarıda paranız cepte kalıyor (ona da faiz alabilirsiniz). İkisi mahsup...
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Dünyada 2 önemli ALTIN piyasası var:

1. Londra: #spot fiyatı oluşturan, fixing açıklayan ve fiziki altının el değiştirdiği ana mekan. "XAU"

2. Comex (ABD): #vadeli fiyatı belirleyen, finansal, "kağıt" altın mekanı. "GC1"

İkisi birbirinden kopunca, Comex yeni vadeliler yarattı:
Peki 23-25 Mart'ta neler oldu? EW Capital CEO'su Jeremy East'ten dinleyelim...

1. Tarihsel olarak, vadeli Comex kontratı ile Londra spot fiyatı arasında birkaç dolar marj olur. Bu hafta görülen 60-70 dolar fark hiç yaşanmamış bir olaydı.
2. Exchange for physical (EFP) mekanizması, iki piyasa arasındaki fiziki altın likiditesini sağlar. Normalde bu da fiyatları çok yakın tutar. Bir taraf fazla açıldığında, arbitraj gören kullanıcılar işlem yaparak farkı kapatır.

Bu hafta bu link kırıldı.
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#Tchernobyl : dans la nuit du 25 au 26 avril 1986, une série d’erreurs pendant un essai de sécurité entraînent l’explosion du réacteur n°4 et la fusion du cœur. La plus grave catastrophe nucléaire, longtemps la seule classée au niveau 7 sur l’échelle #INES, avant #Fukushima Image
#Tchernobyl, 2019, 33 ans depuis l’accident. Dites 33 : retour sur le rôle déterminant des #satellites d’observation dans le suivi de la #catastrophe : comme les nuages radioactifs, les satellites ne sont pas arrêtés par les frontières. Un #thread à dérouler… #space #nucléaire Image
En 2019, il semble facile d’avoir rapidement une image de n’importe quelle région du monde. Ici, la région et la centrale de #Tchernobyl , près de Prypiat, vue le 13/04/19 par le satellite européen #Sentinel2 (#Copernicus). Les images n’ont pas toujours été aussi disponibles… ImageImageImage
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Getiri (ve götürü:) fonksiyonu, nakit (spot) ürünlerden farklı (ve kaldıraçlı) olabilen; bilanço dışında gösterilen; dayanak varlık(lar)dan türeyen, riskleri azaltabilen veya katlayabilen finansal sözleşmelere #türev ürün denir.
Statik tanımları sevmediğimi bilirsiniz. Gerektiği kadarını cümlede kullanmak iyidir deyip, koyun pazarlığına girişelim.

Kurbana çok var ama ben köyüne gidip pazarcıdan bir kuzu beğendim. Kendim büyüteceğim. Hemen 800 TL verdim, araca yükledim = #SPOT, nakit işlem

Bakacak yerim yok. Gelecek kurban bayramında beğendiğim o kuzu büyüyünce alacağım; kilosu 30 TL'den anlaştık= #FORWARD, vadeli işlem

Kuzu hastalanabilir, riske etmek istemedim. Bayramda herhangi bir koyun alacağım. 32 TL/kg dedi, ok'ledim = #FUTURE, forward'ın standart versiyonu
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