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If you think you know everything you need to know about the Aug 2020 blast that destroyed half of Beirut - a blast that Human Rights Watch in a recent report calls "one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history" - here are some things that might change your mind
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Did you know that an Oct 2020 FBI report concluded only 552 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded on 4 Aug 2020, a FIFTH of 2,754 tonnes that arrived on a Russian-leased cargo ship in 2013 that was widely assumed from Day One to be the cause of the blast?
Did you know all those bags of "NITROPRILL HD" seen in the photos of the Beirut warehouse were NOT blasting agents? The HD means "high density" which is the way NH4NO3 is prilled for FERTILIZER! "Experts" like Jeffrey Lewis @ArmsControlWonk were wrong to suggest otherwise.
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1/🧵An Epiphany: #delirium treated w touch & eye contact, day by day...his mom cried, “He won’t let us help him shake this damned disease.” Finally his mind cleared. “What matters to you? How can I help?” Slowly, surely, he asked, “Doc, can you help me stop drinking?”💔
2/ #GroundZero. What a privilege it is to witness someone enter a long-awaited epiphany that opens the door to so much recovery. Unfortunately, in my early years as a doc, I thought, “Well, this isn’t critical care, so I’ll move on & let someone else take over.”

#shame on me
3/ But what is a doctor for?

1. To reduce human suffering & heal people where they are.
2. Plus the Latin root is “docere,” teacher.

It’s a dual vocation: healer + teacher. Because of the “Law of the Gift,” I know that the more I give, the more I receive, so…

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#Encounter enroute Kanpur!!!
UP Gangster #VikasDubey shot at & neutralised after he allegedly tried to snatch a weapon & escape when the Scorpio vehicle carrying him overturned. Reports of accident injuries to @Uppolice #STF personnel. @aajtak reports from #GroundZero @IndiaToday
After 8 policemen who went to arrest #VikasDubey were neutralised & 'horror stories' of the planning & gunning down of men in khaki emerged, the Don's days were numbered. Prosecution & conviction through Fast Track Courts (till SC) should be the aim to cleanse the rot in system.
Confirmed by cops! Dreaded UP mafia don #VikasDubey shot dead after he allegedly snatched a weapon, fired at police & tried to escape when the vehicle carrying him from Ujjain to Kanpur overturned. Inspector General Of @Uppolice confirms gangster is dead.
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Tune in on FB Live now, "How the Foster System has become Ground Zero for the US Drug War" hosted by @movfamilypower…
If you cannot tune in now, please check out the report that this panel is highlighting by @movfamilypower and co-published by @DrugPolicyOrg and NYU Family Defense Clinic:… Image
You can also follow along with the HT #GROUNDZERO!
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I dont have a title for this fic yet. This fic is SFW for now I'll put warnings in as they're needed. This is a Villian Omega Midoriya x ProHero Alpha Bakugou. #MyHeroAcademia #bkdk #bakugoukatsuki #midoriyaizuku #chisakikai #groundzero #overhaul
Please QRT to comment. I love to hear what you guys think.

This is my first time writing a fic thats not one shot. I hope you enjoy.

CW Blood and a corpse.
Midoriya woke up to the all too familiar metallic smell. He sat up and looked at himself then let out a groan. He went to the bathroom and took a shower, the red water running down the drain. He sighed sitting under the hot water
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There r 4 #IMARET Marquess in Hotspot KL
2 marquess were set on 31/3/2020 @ City 1
3rd on #lockdown ie MCO3
2 marquees later on 8/4/2020 @ Selangor/Malayan Mansion
4th on #Lockdown ie MCO4
MCO3:City 1
D16 #Lockdown
Menara A 42 levels- 8 unit/flr
Menara B 37 levels- 8 units/flr
Civil Defense sends dry ration to them once/wk

MCO4-Masjid India
D8 #Lockdown
1711 persons
Food collected daily
OTW to Ground Zero
EMCO5 @MasjidIndia
Need to relocate base camp
Send supplies esp Lancets
KIV #covid19 diagnostic rapid testing today
Sending #IMARET walkie-talkies. PH physician Dr Farhan under PKD Lembah Pantai leading charge @DrDzul @codebluenews @NewsBFM @nazrikh @boosulyn
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Trump is claiming he was at the Twin Towers on 9/11 attempting to rescue people.
Trump Tower is over SIX MILES from #GroundZero.
Trump would have had to walk SIX MILES in soot and ash to get there.
And then walk SIX MILES back home.
Keep in mind that Trump has repeatedly claimed he witnessed "thousands of Muslims celebrating" from his windows at Trump Tower.
He couldn't be in both places.
Trump later mocked a disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski, he claimed had reported it. He hadn't.
This isn't one of Trump's minor lies.
This is 9/11.
Did Trump walk SIX MILES in a suit and dress shoes?
Or did he put on golfing clothes?
Do we believe the guy who will take an umbrella away from his wife to protect his hair in the rain would get his hair covered in ash?
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Ground report from last village before Indo-Pak border in #Rajasthan

Women stand in the queues, day and night, walk kms everyday for each drop of water.

Raji (26) and her friends celebrate after spotting a water tanker for the first time @DeccanHerald
Children of this village skip their school to help their mothers in carrying water from tanker to home.
Since tanker had arrived for the first time, most of the households here wanted to lift utmost water for their house hold chores #Barmer #Watercrisis #rajasthan @DeccanHerald
72 years after Independence, for sizeable population in #Rajasthan, #Water is a dream!

Women in border villages end up spending 4-6 hrs a day, to carry water pitchers to their homes.

Most of them suffer with, back pain miscarriage & low BP
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