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Seniors count on Canadian healthcare plans to avoid what in the U.S. are bankruptcy-size service fees. As shown in the video, those fees are eye-popping. Privatizing healthcare will (cont.)

(cont.) bring those exorbitant fees to Canada. Doctors will leave healthcare plans to charge what they want. Even if #DougFord merely brings in a 2-tier system, provincial plans will (cont.)

(cont.) have to increase schedules of maximum fees to prevent a mass exodus of doctors to the private sector. Finding a family doctor will become even more difficult & wait times will go up.
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Big reason for @notoneseat for #DougFord in #Toronto:

❌ used the Notwithstanding clause to screw city council

❌ and against free speech (see reply to this tweet for link)…

#DougFord used the dreaded notwithstanding clause to overrule the court and pass his undemocratic legislation limiting 3rd party advertising, i.e., free speech…
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Make no mistake. #DougFord WILL privatize #healthcare in Ontario. That's why he's desperately keeping his mandate letters secret. They call for privatization! You'll pay what Americans pay for healthcare (shown in video).

Even with 2-tier healthcare, prices for medical services will skyrocket. Why?

○ 1,000s of doctors will opt out of OHIP & other provincial systems to charge any amount

○ OHIP & other systems will (cont.)

(cont) increase maximum fee amounts to prevent a mass exodus of doctors from their plans


○ with fewer doctors in provincial plans, it'll be even more difficult to find a family doctor

○ rich people will jump the line
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#onpoli #VoteFordOut here are key ridings where you can make a difference by voting strategically to prevent the Doug Ford Conservatives from forming government.
Ajax riding, the strategic vote is Ontario Liberal. Otherwise Ford may win this seat. Don't be fooled by his candidate that was on the school board, they have no interest in public education. NONE. Image
#Brampton East a riding that could MOVE to Doug Ford's PC's if the voters don't support the NDP in this riding. Image
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#onpoli #ottnews #2022Ontario #Elxn 🗳️ Info Dump 💭📝

City of Ottawa council on April 11 learned about an irregularity RE: a $558,000 pmt from the City to a partner agency, as disclosed by a memo from chief financial officer Wendy Stephanson (partner info withheld). Now...
Now we know the city was in fact bilked out of half a million dollars by illegal fraud and investigations have been initiated by the City's bank, Ottawa police and auditor general Nathalie Gougeon.
It's not the 1st time the city lost a large chunk of money to fraudsters.
In 2019, approx. $130,000 was fleeced from the city coffers after treasurer, Marian Simulik, fell victim to a scam email masked under the guise of official directives from then city manager Steve Kanellakos. Unfortunately...
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No masking in Ontario makes complete sense…from a strategic #onpoli perspective…A 🧵

Ford govt strategists learned a lot from the #OttawaOccupation . There is small, but extremely vocal contingent of our population that is living in complete denial…
…of the pandemic. It’s far easier to ignore the pandemic, then it is to exercise the necessary precautions to end it.
In other words, personal sacrifice for community gain is no longer achievable.

“Politicians” around the country are looking to exploit this sentiment…
…and Doug Ford’s handlers are no different. The immediate discussion and subsequent lifting of protocols including masking shortly after the #OttawaOccupation ,sent the message that the Ford govt was listening to the plight…
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Doug Ford & the @OntarioPCParty have been a disaster for #Ontario since day 1. Between now & election day, @fordnation & his lackeys will try to make you forget the harms they've done.

I hope this thread will help you remember some of it when you get to the polls.

.@fordnation's move to privatize healthcare by rushing the massive “People’s Health Care Act” through legislature without any meaningful consultation, received wide-spread condemnation from medical professional across the province.…
The PHCA has proven to be a nightmare for hospitals and long-term care, and although they have tried to steer the messaging away from privatization, little has changed in their actions as they move to create a two-tiered healthcare system in Ontario.…
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Twitter wants to #VoteFordOut2022 but that isn't going to make it happen. Most Ontarians aren't even on twitter.

In this thread, we break down our plan to elect a better government. 🧵
Going into this election, Doug Ford is a little weaker than he was in 2018, the Liberals are a little stronger and the NDP is a little weaker. We can expect Ford to lose a few seats, and if we flip a few more we can ensure a minority -- meaning he will have to compromise.
Deep canvassing -- meaningful conversations at the door with lots of listening -- is proven to work.…
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This has everything to do with $$ Improved ventilation has been spoken about in #Ontario almost from the beginning. @fordnation didn't want to spend the money on #ontarioschools, so they gambled that #COVID could be managed without having to retrofit schools or add #HEPA filters
COVID being #Airborne has been known for over a year, and yet they didn't provide essential PPE to you and your teachers.Testing could have kept you in school, but they chose not to implement a regimented testing system. Any kid born in 2004 who will be eligible to #vote
remember that this govt gambled away your highschool years, your rites of passages, your education, your emotional well-being and your physical well-being because they didn't think you were worth protecting. Show them your worth on June 2nd, 2022. #VoteFordOut2022
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It is well after 11AM. Where is @fordnation? @Sflecce? @celliottability? What a buncha losers.
Twenty-three minutes late. “ExpoDENtially.”
So teachers get TWO days notice to switch to Online teaching. Classy.

Everything this clown is saying & doing would have been GREAT six weeks ago.

Also @celliottability looks like crap. Like maybe she’s cluing in that we will NEVER forget her shameful role in this travesty.
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Ontario's CMOH announces PCR testing only for vulnerable populations now in Ontario.
Rather ironic, since many individuals under age 50 with conditions putting them at higher risk were denied prioritization for 3rd doses by @fordnation.
#onpoli #COVID19Ontario
Also adopting a 5 day isolation period quoting science that doesn't exist @DFisman
So predictable yet disappointing.
@ColinDMello @CBCQueensPark @l_stone
Ask him what is the evidence he is using for shortening the isolation period?
Was it based on the #Omicron variant?
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#ONpoli #VoteFordOut2022

FINAL DATA for Doug Ford's attendance in Question Period for 2021!

Doug showed up for only 29 out of 76 total sessions (38%)

Doug totalled only 13.5 hours (812 minutes) for the entire year

Doug averaged only 28 minutes per session when he did show up Image
(for those who are wondering, this is based on video footage of Question Periods from
Date || Minutes
16-Feb-21: 30
17-Feb-21: 35
18-Feb-21: 0
22-Feb-21: 30
23-Feb-21: 0
24-Feb-21: 24
25-Feb-21: 21
1-Mar-21 : 0
2-Mar-21: 0
3-Mar-21: 23
4-Mar-21: 30
8-Mar-21: 31
9-Mar-21: 30
10-Mar-21: 31
22-Mar-21: 25
23-Mar-21: 19
24-Mar-21: 0
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Remember all the sleaze & shady goings on, including fraud, when #DougFord became PC party leader? It’s not just Ford. It’s an entire party of sleaze & those who stay quiet & enable/tacitly condone it in pursuit of power. #VoteThemAllOut2022 #ONpoli #cdnpoli
Then there was Team Ford’s use of trolls & other inauthentic behaviour online, including Jeff Ballingall’s malignant “Ontario Proud”, to smear opponents (esp Wynne) & manipulate the public, all amplified in both social & traditional media. #VoteThemAllOut2022 #ONpoli #cdnpoli
Then came the corruption, backroom deals & cuts right out of the gate. In addition to wealthy private interests dictating policy choices, including choices that led directly to suffering, cruelty & death (#LTCs, poverty etc). #VoteThemAllOut2022 #VoteFordOut2022 #ONpoli #cdnpoli
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🧵The other day @pressprogress published an article (… ) exposing @Sflecce’s private audience with right wing religious lobbying organization & “think tank”, #Cardus. #OntEd #FireLecce #cdnpoli
#Cardus, a registered “charity”, wants taxpayers to fund private for-profit religious schools & a voucher system that has gutted public education in 🇺🇸.

This model would siphon needed funds from public schools & funnel them instead to schools with RW religious ideology #ONpoli
#Cardus revenues = nearly $5M/yr.
Cardus’ donations from other charities increased 17.4 X from 2008-2020. A nearly 2,000% increase in just over a decade. Yet they pay zero in taxes, because “charity”…like lobbying to gut public education in favour of for-profit religious schools
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OUTRAGEOUS/EYE OPENER: A small business owner sent me this photo. They were able to easily & quickly secure 30 (yes, thirty) FREE boxes of 25 rapid tests for their business within one week. Easy ordering process and very few questions asked upon pick up. 1/
Meanwhile…school children, their families, essential workers (including my CA survivor teacher friend) are being forced to pay $40/test out of their pockets for the same luxury. This raging pandemic is being inflamed by our corrupt, incompetent, negligent government 2/
Don’t let them fool you. There are tests, most of which have probably been “deployed” to various Chambers of Commerce to be easily provided to local businesses FREE OF CHARGE. We all pay taxes, we all deserve to be kept safe. Especially people who are vulnerable. 3/
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To celebrate reaching #200Days on the #OneTermPremier countdown, a short(ish) thread on the history of @sflecce's tenure as Ontario's Minister of Education.

May it be as short-lived as his attention span on things that don't include opportunities for selfies.
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Today is #VaccineHunting day & this is my 2nd🧵: This morning I failed to connect & book an appt thru the totally screwed up #OntarioVaccineBooking site, I went to check @VaxHuntersCan to see what they had & saw this👇. Here is my "Pop-up" journey. #onpoli
After fighting cross town traffic, I was in this line that stretched 5 blocks long, with the music of thunder & down pour mixed in. Apparently once we got closer to door, the lucky ones will get a winning ticket for the 💉shot, it was lining up for the lottery. #onpoli
Let it be on record - I got to the end of this line at 2:30 pm ET. #onpoli
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🧵Got on my computer this morning to book my 2nd #CovidVaccine shot. An hour wait... no problem, I have nothing else planned. Booking this appointment was my mission today. #onpoli
An hour later, I finally got redirected to the booking site. Entered all the information, and put in my location. The earliest and closest appointment I can find is Jun 23, 15km away. That's OK, I can live with that. #onpoli
I went there, it gave 4 "available" time slots. I click on one - no longer available. Clicked on the 2nd, not available. Clicked on all four, none available. 😠 #onpoli
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THREAD: Why are unions and other progressives so upset about @fordnation invoking the #notwithstandingclause to shut down 3rd-party advertising?
Well, first because this law wasn’t intended for this purpose. But that’s not the prime reason.
Unions are a collective voice for working people. Are they perfect? No. Far from it. But in general they provide a collective counterpoint to the power of big business.
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Restating what many of us on #ONpoli have been saying all day: Trudeau’s gov’t sent millions of rapid tests to Ontario. They sat unused on shelves because of Ford. Not sent to schools last year for safe reopening, etc. Why?
To enrich political donors? #FordMustResign #cdnpoli
As usual, @pressprogress broke valuable news directly related to this very topic. #DougFord’s director of pandemic response was a private health lobbyist for #ShoppersDrugMart.
Read more here:…

#ONpoli #cdnpoli #FordCorruption #VoteFordOut2022
I tweeted about this last October. Loblaws, owner of #ShoppersDrugMart, invested $75M in Maple. They expect return on their investment through increased privatization of #Ontario’s public healthcare. #OntHealth #ONpoli #VoteFordOut2022 #cdnpoli
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Hey if you're progressive and working against Ford in #onpoli? Yall #VoteFordOut2022 crowd? Stop using "he cut autism funding" as a reason.

The funding he cut was to a "therapy" invented by the same guy who invented queer conversion therapy!

The parents demanding ABA...⤵️
Are demanding conversion therapy for their children.

You shouldn't want that for children. You shouldn't be standing with these parents who are so ableist and backwards they consider conversion therapy "needs based".

Sources below, please stop making yourself look so foolish 🤦
The traumatizing effects of “behavioural intervention” seen in this study, where researchers found that “Respondents of all ages who were exposed to ABA were 86 percent more likely to meet the PTSD criteria than respondents who were not exposed to ABA.”…
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It’s sat am & I can’t sleep but want to remind everyone that Doug Ford & ALL PCs have sacrificed
🤬small local businesses for Amazon /Walmart
😱workers lives for corporations (loblaws)
😤kids lives for the economy
😭the environment for developers
🤮elders lives for private LTC corps
🥀the entire healthcare system for corporate profits
🔥poor neighbourhoods for rich
🤬healthcare workers for CEO bonuses
😤education workers for political gain
😖@Laurentian U for private (racist/homophobic) colleges
😢families for landlords
🥶the unhoused for the rich
🤬employees lives for Tim Hortons bottom line
😤a sustainable future / green economy for big oil
😖public education for EdTech companies
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@ONT_Dad @RandomSecretary @UsualSuspect4u many kids don’t learn well online and it’s so stressful. Kids don’t manage well without social interaction. So why are there no online mental health sessions for the kids to help them to discuss their fears, their concerns etc. 1
School should be much more than math, it has to address kids’ basic human needs. They cannot move forward without their needs and fears being addressed. Online classes can help with proper personal running the programs. 2
Reading math etc could be learned through different means. By forcing stressed teachers to use in-class lesson plans could be improved by using innovative, stimulating and relevant information that peak kids interests. This cannot be thrust on the teachers. 3
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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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