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This is my first ever tweet. I’ve been on here for years but wasn’t sure what I wanted to say until today. So here it is: Imagine having a functional and just government in Ontario. 1/7
One that said: “our pandemic response will be rooted in protecting the most vulnerable.” One that said “children’s rights to a safe education and the population’s right to safe housing and health care are our foundational goal and every policy decision will follow from that.” 2/7
One that believed that the role of government was to better peoples’ lives, to reduce suffering, to work towards equity. A government that used its considerable resources to protect us, instead of harm us in service of corporations and the wealthy. 3/7
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🧵The other day @pressprogress published an article (… ) exposing @Sflecce’s private audience with right wing religious lobbying organization & “think tank”, #Cardus. #OntEd #FireLecce #cdnpoli
#Cardus, a registered “charity”, wants taxpayers to fund private for-profit religious schools & a voucher system that has gutted public education in 🇺🇸.

This model would siphon needed funds from public schools & funnel them instead to schools with RW religious ideology #ONpoli
#Cardus revenues = nearly $5M/yr.
Cardus’ donations from other charities increased 17.4 X from 2008-2020. A nearly 2,000% increase in just over a decade. Yet they pay zero in taxes, because “charity”…like lobbying to gut public education in favour of for-profit religious schools
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To celebrate reaching #200Days on the #OneTermPremier countdown, a short(ish) thread on the history of @sflecce's tenure as Ontario's Minister of Education.

May it be as short-lived as his attention span on things that don't include opportunities for selfies.
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I’m Rob. I teach Grade 2.

Did you know this year we will be teaching students online and in class at the same time?

You’ve been told it’s ok, we have experience virtually…it’s minimal. No training. No resources.

Just that can do (Ontario) spirit.

Thanks for the back to school plans, McKinsey…I mean @Sflecce. I mean McKinsey.

They cold called Ford with a plan that has:
-lost $4.4 billion
-left $10.1 billion unspent
-cut (e.g $800 mil from Ed)
-cost a lot of death.

So far.

#onted #yrdsb #onpoli…
This is McKinsey, who are providing the playbook for @Sflecce and #onted.

Hybrid is part of it. Inferior quality of education, disguised as choice.

No choice.

Look at Alabama. @Sflecce has mentioned them on several occasions.

#yrdsb #FireLecce…
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@ONT_Dad @RandomSecretary @UsualSuspect4u many kids don’t learn well online and it’s so stressful. Kids don’t manage well without social interaction. So why are there no online mental health sessions for the kids to help them to discuss their fears, their concerns etc. 1
School should be much more than math, it has to address kids’ basic human needs. They cannot move forward without their needs and fears being addressed. Online classes can help with proper personal running the programs. 2
Reading math etc could be learned through different means. By forcing stressed teachers to use in-class lesson plans could be improved by using innovative, stimulating and relevant information that peak kids interests. This cannot be thrust on the teachers. 3
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I just heard from the staff rep at another high school in our system that a student who tested positive had no close contacts in class, only on the bus. Public health didn’t inform the teacher. (1/6) #FordfailedOntario #onted #ontpoli #FireLecce
At this same school, two students who sat beside each other in class both tested positive but it wasn’t an outbreak. (2/6)
They’re doing voluntary asymptomatic testing this Friday starting at 2:30 PM—school will be over. (3/6)
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In case you are wondering what $100,000 could mean to a school let me tell you a story of a school budget.

In a regular year my school has about 300 students. Our budget for the year has been shrunk by 10% year after year by the school board and we currently it around $26,000.
This may seem like a lot, but it covers every piece of paper, photocopy (about 1/2, due to lack of technology), textbook(about $100 each), online subscription, paint brush and broken window repair, among other things.
My colleague coaches rep hockey. His team budget is $60,000. It services a team of about 15-18 players. My school services 300 students.
Before you tell me about hockey fees and fundraising, please see this as a priority check.
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I’m confused about so many things. I’m confused about why we are told schools are safe, yet virtual learning is an option - and a popular one. I’m confused about being told that 95% of schools have had improvements to ventilation, yet 100% of the ones I’ve spoken to have not.1/?
I’m confused about being told AGAIN that schools are the safest place for students to be, yet high school students get to attend only 25% of the time. 2/?
I’m confused about how 2 of three hot zones are told to continue with a stay at home order, but kids in those regions have been told to go back to school. I’m confused as to why the third hot zone region, with numbers at least as bad as the others, 3/?
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What I learnt on the Twitter this year:

1. Doug Ford says "Doug Ford cannot be bought." He does however offer attractive financing terms.
2. Erin O'Toole says the CPC to be a changed party under his leadership. He did not lie. The CPC now has a dog mascot. And even more memes.
3. If you win a lottery you get a giant novelty cheque for the photo opp. You cannot actually take that giant novelty cheque to the bank. It's not real. If Jason Kenney signs a giant novelty healthcare promise...yeah, well you get the idea.
4. Alberta still waiting for that job.
5. Lecce says COVID isn't being spread in Ontario schools. Lecce says thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of teachers and staff, Ontario's schools remain the safest place in the world. Lecce does still think teachers are an overpaid bunch of grumblers.

RT if you love nonnas.
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All of my 3 kids have had their education severely hampered and disrupted by @fordnation and @Sflecce in the past 12 months. An unannounced claw back of 83% to the oldest's OSAP, failures to negotiate in good faith with teachers resulting in strike days and now...
complete disregard for all kid's health and safety #UnsafeSeptemberON . By the time the next prov election rolls around, all of them will be old enough to vote. Add to that my traditionally Cons voter boomer relatives because they're now "embarrassed" by your party.
I have siblings as well who have teens who are just as pissed and those teens will vote. This is what we call #newmath @Sflecce . Extrapolate that into the number of On families who are as fed up with your laziness and ineptitude to work with education professionals.
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There is something I need to get off my chest. A few days ago, @fordnation said that comparing the hiring of OPP officers to funding a safe school reopening is like comparing apples and oranges.
He then went on to compare teachers returning to work to supermarket workers during the height of the pandemic. I believe he said that it is time for teachers to step up now. I think that is a little like comparing apples and oranges.
So let’s compare teachers returning to schools and supermarket workers. When I visited a supermarket back in March I had to wait outside for about 45 minutes because the local Zehr’s had a limit on the number of people allowed in the building.
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Stop vilifying teachers, @Sflecce . You need us. The kids need us. The economy needs us. We will go back to work and make the best out of every obstacle thrown at us because that’s what we do. /1 #onted #firelecce @ETFOeducators #ETFO
We give up so much of our own time for kids. Stop implying the opposite. Our unions haven’t instructed us to stop anything, so you are both lying to the public and making our jobs harder by trying to turn the public against us. /2
The hardest part of our job is the disrespect that comes from some of the general public who don’t understand the actual ins and outs of our profession. I would expect the Minister of Education to respect and defend us. We are what makes our province’s education system great. /3
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After the government’s announcement I lie here sleepless, simultaneously moving between anger and tears. I feel devastated and powerless and can do nothing to quiet these big emotions except put my thoughts into writing, with no particular audience in mind
“How could the fail us so badly?”

First, I will tell you why I am angry. I woke up prior to yesterday’s announcement with just a sliver of optimism. Throughout the last two years, I have not been a fan of this government’s education policies.
Well, if I’m being honest, not many of their policies, education or otherwise. The last 2 years have seemed like the way a 16 year old would govern. Come up with an idea, rush to implement it, watching it fail miserably and scrap it because it didn’t work.
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Dear trolls,

Teachers need you to shut up and really HEAR what we are saying:

We *want* to go back. There is no debate about that. We prefer to see the whites of our students’ eyes than the online garbage we did in the spring.


We want it to be safe - for us but also for our students. Many of whom are our children as well. Our families’ safety is also important. That means proper cleaning protocols, which will require more custodians. It means PPE.

It means smaller classes, so more teachers will be required. Alternative locations to house these classes will need to be found.

So stop telling us we should be fired for not doing our jobs. Part of that job is to KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE.

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@MikeJToronto Mar. 12 (1 day before March break): he closed schools. No memo or prep.
Mar. 19: he says we need to do online learning. 3 days to prep lessons.
Thinks sync learning must include video but we've all been doing sync w/o video bc we don't want us and kids to end up on tiktok.

@MikeJToronto NY T gets her video edited. Zoombombing happens. Lecce continues to push for video. Union says stop. He doesn't listen.

He posts kids' full names, faces, and school name. He gets called out then deletes post, blacks out names, and said he had media release forms all along.

@MikeJToronto His own live feed disconnects. Since that day, no more mention of sync learning.

He doesn't thank educators during Education Week. Buys coffee for hospital staff and still no tweet to thank educators.

Whips up "plan" of 3 scenarios and throws responsibility to school boards

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Math question. If the govt proudly announced they have provided $4million in funding for enhanced cleaning and that fund was JUST used to purchase hand sanitizer for classroom use how long will it last?
With ~2,000,000 students in public schools in Ontario that works out to $2/child.
In secondary the average class is funded at 23.5 students. So that works out to an extra $47/classroom for the entire year.
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What I learnt on the Twitter this week:

1. Kenney says the McDonalds he opened last year shouldn't be prevented from offering dine-in service just because a few 82-year-olds have the sniffles.
2. Doug re-opens Ontario economy by encouraging families to flock to testing centres.
3. Merrilee Fullerton outraged the NDP and media knew how bad things were in Ontario's LTC facilities and didn't do anything about it.
4. Doug says he's "tired of taking bullets for the unions." Says he can't decide if all this union gangbanging burns him up or breaks his heart.
5. Adriana LaGrange says many lower income Alberta families send their kids to private school. Says she's visited their garages and seen it firsthand.
6. UCP collects Emergency Wage Subsidy, saying it's the only way they could pay staff responsible for complaining about the Feds.
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Things I learnt on the Twitter this week:

1. Canada's PM offers homework help to students and Conservatives lose their collective mind. Their outrage was quelled though when Doug made them all cheesecake.
2. In related news, Doug manages to deplete Canada's entire sugar supply.
3. Scheer says Canada is rife with "fraudsters" and, as an unlicenced Insurance Broker, he is outraged.
4. Aaron Wudrick of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation claims Canadian horses are receiving CERB. In unrelated news, Andrew Scheer buys each of his five kids a Shetland pony.
5. Denise Batters begins trolling Trudeau's homework thread when he ignores her request to help her claim her carbon tax rebate.
6. Denise Batters endorses Peter MacKay. Pundits say the endorsement now gives MacKay a shot at at least a third place finish in the leadership race.
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What I learnt on the Twitters this week:

1. Stephen Lecce assures Ontario he'll be proceeding with full-day kindergarten for a year. It is not known if Lecee will be attending these classes at a public or private school.
2. Vaughan Working Families is in fact one rich guy.
3. Doug goes to Washington on trade & investment mission and criticises Pelosi and praises Trump. Ontario: Open for Republican Business
4. Kenney goes to Texas to attend GOP prayer breakfast. Finds spiritual enlightenment and enjoys sausages at all-you-can-pocket breakfast buffet
5. After his extensive consultation with two St Mike's lacrosse players/international investment consultants, Lecce argues teacher hiring should be based on merit not seniority
6. Thousands of manly Jordan Peterson fanboys send Peterson flowers and hugs as Peterson tries to cope
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