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Seeing the statue come down today I have some thoughts (a thread).

#onpoli #sirjohnamacdonalsld #IndigenousPeoplesDay #trc #ygk Image
I would like to begin by acknowledging that the city of Kingston and its settler residents have a complicated relationship with Sir John A. MacDonald. For many community members his legacy is intertwined with the identity of our city. However we can no longer pretend that this...
legacy is one of railways and Confederation alone. Sir John A. was also one of the architects of Canada's devastating colonial, racist relationship with Indigenous peoples. For those who want to continue to celebrate his legacy I would say they must also reconcile themselves...
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Today is #VaccineHunting day & this is my 2nd🧵: This morning I failed to connect & book an appt thru the totally screwed up #OntarioVaccineBooking site, I went to check @VaxHuntersCan to see what they had & saw this👇. Here is my "Pop-up" journey. #onpoli
After fighting cross town traffic, I was in this line that stretched 5 blocks long, with the music of thunder & down pour mixed in. Apparently once we got closer to door, the lucky ones will get a winning ticket for the 💉shot, it was lining up for the lottery. #onpoli
Let it be on record - I got to the end of this line at 2:30 pm ET. #onpoli
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Here is the latest report about Covid 19 cases in Ontario Jails.…
Richard Bird of Bird Construction Co. of Mississauga won prison contracts worth $63 million over 8 years when Harper was in power. He was VP of Enbridge. He links to sex scandals with Ecopatrol. My website here.…
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🧵Got on my computer this morning to book my 2nd #CovidVaccine shot. An hour wait... no problem, I have nothing else planned. Booking this appointment was my mission today. #onpoli
An hour later, I finally got redirected to the booking site. Entered all the information, and put in my location. The earliest and closest appointment I can find is Jun 23, 15km away. That's OK, I can live with that. #onpoli
I went there, it gave 4 "available" time slots. I click on one - no longer available. Clicked on the 2nd, not available. Clicked on all four, none available. 😠 #onpoli
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June 12 #Ontario Key Indicator + regions 📊
502 new cases
29% Delta 🚨
24.1K tests 2.3% wkly pos 👍
422 ICU 15 deaths 🙏
195K 💉 🔥
Age 12+:
72.3% at least 1 dose
12.9% 2 doses 📈
📉🧵 ⤵️
#Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli
More at
New case smoothed trend now 443.
Positivity falls below the moderate threshhold, now 2.3%. Good news.
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There's nothing more important over the next 6 weeks than increasing *effective* #vaccine immunity of two doses for everyone. That depends on timely supply, quick dose administration, ability to target highest risk targets, AND accessibility/acceptance./2
#onpoli #covid19ontario
If one of these links is lagging, progress falters. This is especially true if the highest risk populations are not getting the *effective uptake* needed. Peel as a prime example remains a concern. Moderate vaccination levels are not good enough in a high positivity/delta zone./3
The province has wisely chosen to target delta variant risk areas. But history shows that more levers may be needed in certain areas than just opening a clinic. It seems time that new levers be used to complement this effort by /4…
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THREAD: Why are unions and other progressives so upset about @fordnation invoking the #notwithstandingclause to shut down 3rd-party advertising?
Well, first because this law wasn’t intended for this purpose. But that’s not the prime reason.
Unions are a collective voice for working people. Are they perfect? No. Far from it. But in general they provide a collective counterpoint to the power of big business.
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Science Table presented their projections today. I'll post some of the slides.
Key advice:
- must monitor variants (!)
- 1st and 2nd doses to high risk areas PLUS must reach out to communities <- last part is v. important
#covid19ontario #covid19 #onpoli Image
We've done well to lower cases. The projections with higher vaccinations (180k/day) are probably more likely after the Moderna update. With Delta growing and reopenings, we should anticipate the possibility of higher spread. Yellow dashed line may be more likely imho. Image
We need to continue targeting doses based on age and risk, as shown today by extra vaccines heading to delta risk areas like Peel. Finding ways to reach the unvaccinated and overcome hesitancy or hurdles may be more important than ever now. Image
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🧵June 10 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
590 new cases
31.4K tests 7 day positivity 2.6%
450 ICU -16
11 deaths 11
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli
#covid19on… Image
Smoothed new cases trend at 616.6 Image
Positivity continues to fall Image
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The ON govt’s long-term #onpoli budget plans are based on deep cuts to public services in the years ahead, @infoFAO reported today. In its analysis of the 2021-22 budget, @infoFAO’s says per capita program spending is set to fall by $1,281 per person by decade’s end.
We're talking huge cuts. Cuts of this magnitude can only come from slashing big-ticket #onpoli spending items in the budget, starting with health, education, and social services.
Before #COVID19, @infoFAO had already reported that #onpoli program spending was already dead last in Canada, at $2,000 per person less than the average of the other provinces. Instead of climbing out of that hole, Queen’s Park is digging it deeper.
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So I've just spent some time reading budget planning docs for 6 of the larger school boards across Ontario. Here are a few highlights that I think might be relevant to #onpoli and to which folks able to do so might want to ask the Minister/Ministry of Education about:
More than one board is noting that the Ministry has directed them to be cautious in their budget plans.
Here's an excerpt from a Feb. 2021 memo directing boards as such:
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I think this is a time for everyone, including myself, to recognize that what we know right now is a small part of what is taking place beneath the surface and the complexities and uncertainties are great. In such times, exercising the #precautionaryprinciple is critical. #onpoli
Emerging evidence suggests that Delta (aka B.1.617.2 variant) grows quickly, is at 27% share in Ontario (ST), may be dominant in weeks in Peel (Loh), has higher transmissibility, severity (new data) and the ability to escape a single vaccine dose (PHE-England).
We know that ICU and hospitalizations are still high while 2nd doses are still just starting to ramp up.
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🧵#Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
914 new cases
32.3K tests, 3.3% 7 day positivity
Rt n/a
522 ICU
19 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario…
New Case trend using loess smoothing.
Testing and positivity
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1) Ontario is reporting 914 cases of #COVID19 today.

22% (204) of the cases began over a week ago. 16 of the cases are over 4 weeks old, they go back as far as February 2021.

One week ago there were 1273 new cases. Our downward "surge" continues.

#COVID19ON #onpoli
2) 18 new cases were reported with specimen dates over 2 weeks old.

1,397 more cases are now listed as resolved.

There are 162 active cases whose original tests dates back over four weeks.
3) The 7 day avg is now 889, a drop of 464 from 1 week ago, this is the lowest it's been since October 28, 2020.

Attached is a 2-week forecast for reported new cases.
Based entirely on trends, 693 cases will be reported tomorrow, 660 in one week, and 494 in two weeks time.
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2700, and we’re just getting started. They could tell Roman to put a lid on his staffer before, not anymore. Sorry Calandra! #OnPoli #FireFordOpenOntario
The beauty of not wanting to work in politics—you dont need it. I’m going back to Uni to finish my physics degree, a Masters in Actuarial Science, & make $. I love policy, I hate politics. Some people have more options in life than riding off the coattails of their politician Dad
“Why limit your options with tweets like when they’ll open in a month anyways?”

Because some MPPs like to tell stories about how they entered politics “because I promised my kid I’d always tell the truth”, & some people actually care about telling the truth. What do you get from
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🧵June 3 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends (vaccine data n/a at post time)
870 new cases
34.3K tests, 3.4% 7 day positivity 📉
Rt .83 📉
ICU 546 -30 📉
10 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario…
Higher today but smoothed trend is below 700.
The important test positivity trend continues to drop.
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With a growing Delta (B1.617) variant that can more easily infect those with one dose, we need to extend NPIs until more are vaccinated with two doses and ICU cases are lower. And we need to prioritize doses. There are no better options. #covid19ontario #covid19 #onpoli
I do think there are possibilities around the edges, including expanding outdoor options. But the core need is to get cases down now or else have a tougher, longer road later for all of us.
NPI = non-pharmaceutical intervention
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NEW: Official guidance from Ontario for those who got AstraZeneca - As of tomorrow, Ontarians who received a first dose of AstraZeneca can choose to receive a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, or an mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) vaccine for their second dose. #onpoli
Second doses will be provided “at the recommended 12-week interval.” People who got AZ and want 2nd shot of AZ can book through pharmacy/doctor. Can also book Pfizer/Moderna at pharmacy.

Starting June 7, people can also register for 2nd dose of mRNA on provincial booking site.
There will be a “second dose only” option on the provincial booking site for those who got AZ and want mRNA for second shot. Can also book directly through public health units that have their own systems. #onpoli
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1/ I know most of you aren’t in Toronto, so I thought I’d give an update as to what life here is like: All stores are closed for in person shopping. Still. All restaurants—including patios—are still closed for ANY in person dining. All gyms, closed. All events—even OUTDOOR—banned
Personal care services like hair salons & barbers, still closed. Schools are still closed. I haven’t been able to go to Church for over a year, as impossible to meet restrictions effectively bar them from operating. There is no-where to go. There is nothing to do. We can’t leave.
I’m not sure there is a single city of this size (6 million+) in North America still as closed as we are. I’m not going to’s rough. I know things could be worse, but I’m struggling. Like many people, I live alone, Toronto is the 2nd most expensive market in the world so
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Premier Ford said he's awaiting guidance from Dr. Williams on whether Ontario can open up sooner than June 14.
He did not take Dr. Williams' guidance on schools re-opening, though. #onpoli
"Indoors bad, outdoors good," the Premier summarizes, when asked why kids aren't going back. #onpoli
Ford says there wasn't consensus - although he says most experts agreed on sending kids back to school, they didn't answer his questions about variants and how many cases reopening schools would lead to.
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Premier Ford says it's "no secret" some experts said schools should return to school on a regional basis; but they couldn't say whether returning to school would lead to thousands of cases. "Schools will not be returning to in-class learning until the fall." #onpoli
"I will not take unnecessary risks with our children right now," Premier Ford says, adding he is concerned about variants. Need more kids/teachers vaccinated, and outdoor activities are safer. #onpoli
Ford says he will focus on getting kids involved in outdoor activities first. #onpoli
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Reminder — This isnt a partisan issue. The Ontario NDP & Liberals refuse to touch it just as much (& for the same reason) as the PC Party . Only the Greens openly back defunding. As unpopular as Catholic funding is, the status quo is still politically safer than ending it #OnPoli
No politician wants a John Tory 2007 repeat. It won’t happen for the same reason they all refuse to come out & say “Hey, why is it only Christian prayer every morning in the legislature?”. It isn’t worth the political capital expended in the ensuing debate…
Policy aside,its under-discussed how much better the quality of education is in Catholic schools compared to public. Instead of penalizing CS for better educating,why not prioritize more school choice incorporated in the public model to incentivize improvement? (A:teacher unions)
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🧵June 2 #Ontario key indicators, regional stats and trends
733 new cases
31.8K tests 3.6% day positivity 📉
Rt .86
25 deaths
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #onhealth #onpoli #Covidontario… Image
New cases 733 today (1,095 last Wednesday). The loess smoothed trend continues downward. Image
The key 7 day test positivity trend continues to plummet. Image
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