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Doug Ford should give a huge thank-you to the @OntLiberal party for helping to ensure this victory for his second majority tonight.

@StevenDelDuca campaigned hard against the @OntarioNDP right to the very end.

#onpoli  #ONelxn  #OntarioVotes #OntarioElection2022 Source:
I had a hunch that this was going on when I saw all the calls for strategic voting—which often just confuses progressively minded voters.

Small-C, conservative-lite, Liberals, will nver solve the problems created by big-C Conservatives.

Consider: of those who thought Ford was a great/good/OK premier, 13%/10%/33% of respondents were Liberal voters.

h/t to @christoaivalis.
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If you haven’t voted today, make sure you go vote.
and before you do, check out this list of stuff Doug Ford got done in the past 4 yrs

a thread;
#onpoli #onelxn #OntarioVotes
Healthcare cuts & overworked nurses. Doug Ford's govt. passed Bill 124, limiting nurse's wage increases to 1%

#onpoli #onelxn #OntarioVotes

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ONTARIO ELECTION THREAD: I've never liked majority gov'ts. When 25% of the electorate vote 38% for a party who gets 100% control, geez that's frustrating. What’s even more disappointing is that so many are still voting to re-elect our current provincial gov't to a majority. 1/19
Why are so many NOT holding Doug Ford accountable for all the bungling, buffoonery and cruelty? In the past 4 years, they have failed to listen, failed to plan, and failed to care. There are so many reasons to vote them out. 2/19
1) PANDEMIC HANDLING The sad rollercoaster and flip-flop of acting too late, then not having enough support during lockdowns, then easing things too early, ignoring science and then going back into lockdowns. The province’s vaccine rollout was chaotic. 3/19
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Many people trying to read this explosive article of Doug Ford in bed with Russians, creating a back channel to bypass US sanctions, are getting a 502 error. So I’ll attach screenshots from @Kelans27. PLEASE AMPLIFY! #VoteFordOutJune2 #OntarioVotes #ONpoli #cdnpoli #PCcorruption Image
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Since #DougFord only holds staged fake “rallies” for photos & videos spoon fed to #cdnmedia, then protest his donors & propagandists instead. Stage a protest @RogersMediaPR @BellMediaPR at #Postmedia esp at his disinformation propaganda rag the Toronto Sun. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.
Stage protests at Galen Weston’s house. Loblaws corporate headquarters. Shoppers Drug Mart headquarters. Make the people installing #DougFord accountable for the strip mining of Ontario for their own bloated morbidly obese wealth. #VoteFordOutJune2 #MakeThemAccountable #ONpoli
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A 🧵about additional OHIP cuts…this is my father’s insulin, currently covered by OHIP which we are very grateful for. /1 #VoteFordOutJune2 #OntarioVotes
These are the needles to deliver the insulin, no longer covered by OHIP. /2
One does not work without the other. /3
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Since Ontarians are on the cusp of choosing who will lead their province and in what direction, I thought I would reprise this thread: 1/19 #OntarioVotes
Canadians, language matters. Conservatives know this. They have been deliberately changing our terms of reference for years. We have seen them reframe lobbyists as "partners", and regular folks with local concerns as "special interest groups" (negative connotation). 2/19
In this pandemic it has been even more critically important for us to consider the well-being of others. We need to recognize the community we belong to. I suggest we push-back against one of the most insidious changes to popular speech championed by conservatives. 3/19
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🧵 Timeline of Events on May 26, 2022 at Doug Ford’s rally in Hamilton

Arrived at the airport at 5:55 PM, about half an hour early. (I wanted to avoid a long lineup, but turns out there wasn’t any crowd to worry about.)

#onpoli #OntarioVotes #Hamilton #GetTheFordOut
By the way, the direction signs were hard to read from a moving vehicle.

You’d think someone in the label business would be better at signage/graphic design, but Doug Ford’s incompetence knows no bounds.
Got waved into an empty parking lot upon arrival. You can see the Cargojet hangar in the background, behind the Hamilton Police cruiser.
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A pro-Ford company in Vaughan with "a record of donations" to Ontario PCs claims to be investigating after video surfaces of a man driving a company van methodically taking down Liberal lawn signs in Lecce's Brampton district;

Police are investigating vandalism involving .../2
...election signs in the district of incumbent Liberal MPP Mitzi Hunter. Nazi, fascist and blackface were the epithets of choice;

Lisa MacLeod supporters in Nepean are allegedly vandalizing and straight-up stealing the signs of a registered non-profit/3rd party group.../3
..advocating for the rights of autistic children and youth. Loud MacLeod and DoFo evidently believe 50K (on the autism waitlist) is OK;

Ford, reaching back to his 2018 playbook, is accused of using paid actors to create the illusion of strong support at 2022 debate venues; .../4
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#ONpoli #OntarioVotes


10 video clips showing why absolutely NO ONE should vote for Doug Ford and the PC Party:
1/ Doug Ford, from the Leaders Debate, loving his problematic Minister of Education
2/ Doug Ford, giving travel advice at the start of the pandemic for families to “go away, have a good time” even as travel restrictions are being announced
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May 1, 2022, families peacefully protesting outside of Lisa MacLeod's campaign office over her mishandling of the autism file triggered a call to 911 from the ex-cabinet minister. As the voters shouted "50K is not OK," in reference to the bloated autism treatment waitlist.../2
.. the blowsy, bullying MacLeod, a proud member of the convoy-friendly Cons, went live on Facebook screaming that she herself must not be bullied or threatened;

Ford encouraged Ontarians to travel for March Break 2020; later that same day, government shuttered schools for .../3
...two weeks;

After scapegoating him for almost 18 months, Ford announces in a Sunday press release that the ineffectual, often muddled chief medical officer of health, Dr. David Williams, would be fired/not rehired. The June 26, 2021 decision followed challenges from HCWs.../4
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Le débat des candidates #onfr débute.

Un aperçu du plateau, en direct des studios de nos collègues chez TFO.

Je vais tweeter les faits saillants.

#onrc #OntarioVotes
Nous débutons avec des allocutions des chefs préenregistrées.
Doug Ford: en anglais, dit qu'il a créé des universités francos
Horwath: allocution complètement en français (!)
Schreiner: prononce quelques mots en français, parle de l'importance d'améliorer l'édu en FR.
Del Duca: allocution complètement en français aussi. Il promet des logements abordables pour les francophones (?), plus de services pour les aînés francos. Sa prononciation est bonne.
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"I've been in front of the press 7 times out of 8 days," Ford lied on May 12. "I think that's a pretty good percentage." It was the 9th day of the campaign, and media covering Ford were given notice of news conferences on just 6 of those days, reported CBC
Feb 25, 2022.../2
Ontario pulls the plug on its weekly Covid briefing by CMOH Moore, part of Ford's "live with the virus" approach; Moore got the message and stayed in absentia for an entire month;

"What did Doug Ford know?", asks the Liberals' Del Duca, about a Ford MPP accepting $30,000.../3 "gifts" from a former lover, purportedly in exchange for the favourable location of a Mississauga transit line. "It raises a lot of troubling questions,” said the Liberal Leader, Apr 18, 2022;

Liberals report a flood of donations in unusual amounts – $120, $240.../4
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Hospitalizations spiking and death rates stubbornly holding firm and even rising, his support tracking in reverse and the public engaged in a tug of war over his reckless masking edicts, Ford, with typical chutzpah, not only stakes his government's survival on a do-nothing../2
..approach to the Covid fight, he sends the chief medical officer of health off on an apparent sabbatical beginning Mar 9, 2022;

At an Apr 7, 2022 presser, MoH Elliott brazenly affirmed the province was expecting a spike in infections as the province opened up, but stressed.../3
..her priority was "to get us back to our economic strengths", a clear abdication of her role as health minister;

Ford's fantasy boast of 3,000 ICU beds is universally called out by medical professionals still angry at the electioneering premier for encouraging the end of.../4
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Feb 21, 2022, Ford amends a provincial statute clearing the way for him to cynically delay the spring budget reading by an entire month, turning a routine Mar 31 financial blueprint into an Apr 28 election campaign springboard, a blatant abuse of his power over the purse .../2
Ford's stunt thwarted a provision enacted by the Liberals intended to prevent budgets doubling as treat bags full of vote inducements; the law subjects any pre-election budget to a legislated process requiring specialized scrutiny. By design, Ford's fiscal plan will escape.../3
...this examination;

The upshot is the budget was unveiled a mere 33 days before the June 2, 2022 election, maxing out Ford's ability to buy votes and target new spending based on contemporaneous polling;

The shameless Ford himself passed the Fiscal Sustainability...
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In a 2016 interview, Ford defended Donald Trump’s “grab her by the pussy” comments and claimed women care more about taxes than they do about sexual assault;

Seeking to gain the support of social conservatives during the 2018 PC leadership campaign, Ford promised to bring /2... abortion consent laws that would give parents the power to block a young woman’s access to the medical procedure.
Ford said he would welcome MPPs tabling the legislation, even though such a statute would likely be unconstitutional with the enshrinement of section 7.../3
... security of the person rights in the Charter.

The Liberals' Bill 163, the Protecting a Woman’s Right to Access Abortion Services Act, passed in late 2017, created safe zones to prevent anti-abortion protesters from confronting and harassing patients entering or exiting../4
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#ONpoli #OntarioVotes

Ok - here we go... the #FordFact Check of the Ontario Leaders' Debate:

#FordFactCheck begins...

"Only party saying yes to cutting gas tax"
(Liberals have also supported this)

Ford: "All 3 parties want to hike your taxes... hike the gas tax.. "


Minimal tax hikes in the Liberal plan. Economists point out that taxes are too low right now for future costs.
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Come on @StevenDelDuca - You can do better for #ODSP than "10/10/2/2/2oh they died".

Play back our zoom from March 28th.
(you recorded it, right ?)

Listen to what the community has been through.
there's -NO- reason the OLP platform should be comparable to Fords 1/ #OntarioVotes
Right now your tied for 4th best platform for #ODSP.

LONG term, Ford's is actually better.
because while you've got those two 10's..
you're gonna chase it forever with 2% ?

Ford's is horrible at 5% but it can never get worse with inflation indexing, yours can @StevenDelDuca 2/
if we have 5 straight years of 5% inflation, the PC plan puts people on ODSP at $1566 (which still is literally criminally low. 2027 and $1566 ? Jesus Christ)

Your plan with two 10% bumps chased by 2% raises after puts ODSP at just $1501 in 2027.
@MitzieHunter @jillpromoli 3/
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#OntarioElection2022 #OntarioVotes 🧵

ODSP max today for a single person is $1169

The NDP plan to raise it by just $200 a month until 2023

The OLP plan to raise it by just $116 a month, until 2023

The PC's, Say they'll raise it by $58 a month and then inflation only raises 1/
That same single person on ODSP bringing in $1169 today is at least $1000 short of reaching the poverty line EACH month. $1000 in the hole.

It's like everything you buy, costs double.
Could you afford your home if your rent / mortgage increased 100% ? and your food, phone ? 2/
laundry, bus tickets, cleaning supplies, toilet paper..
Potato chips.
I bought Potato chips today and they cost $4.00 for a medium sized bag. For someone on ODSP, that would be like $8 because their income is SO low.
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