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A 🧵 about #WEF2023, conspiracy theories and #Ukraine️.

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories regarding the World Economic Forum -- the general view that they somehow control or strongly influence governments to undertake #BuildBackBetter and #GreatReset related policies...[1/n]
...against the interests of the people. Of course I understand the attraction: #Davos, the WEF's annual backslapping exercise, is attended by many powerful and influential people who often *do* enact policies against the interests of their people, and Klaus Schwab looks...[2/n]
...more like a supervillain than the characters in Marvel films. But, as Thomas Fazi @battleforeurope wrote in an excellent article for @unherd, the WEF has always been quite open about its goals and ideology. Founded in 1971 by Mr Schwab, the...[3/n]…
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The #clotshot by the numbers:
America has suffered 300,000 NON-Covid excess deaths since 2020.💉💉…
The US has suffered a larger increase in deaths than many other nations. The US has suffered a 14% increase in deaths over the past three years when compared to the average number of expected deaths. For comparison, Sweden recorded a 5% increase, while the UK a 10% increase.
California has suffered the most excess deaths from reasons other than Covid despite its strict pandemic lockdown and mask orders (which didn't work). 81% of Californians are vaccinated. 💉💉
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Una svolta drammatica:
194 paesi membri dell'OMS si ribellano e chiedono la pubblicazione di contratti tra laboratori e governi

Di Cheikh Dieng -
21 gennaio 2023
@liliaragnar @a_meluzzi @ladyonorato @LaVeritaWeb @mariogiordano5 @MarcoRizzoPC @NicolaPorro
@ladyonorato Image
"Secondo informazioni esclusive dell'agenzia di stampa Reuters,
i 194 paesi membri dell'OMS (Organizzazione mondiale della sanità) stanno mettendo in atto un patto che mira a rendere obbligatoria la pubblicazione dei contratti tra laboratori. farmaceutica e governi. Image
Brutte notizie per Big Pharma.

Nel bel mezzo di una pandemia di Coronavirus e in un momento in cui diversi leader politici in Occidente e in altre parti del mondo chiedono trasparenza nei contratti firmati con i laboratori,... Image
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We know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. They know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. They know that we know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. Yet they keep promoting them as #safeandeffective

This has to be the largest crime against humanity since Adolf Hitler. A thread 🧵 for your awareness👇

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“If we want to reach net zero by 2050, we need to have two-thirds of energy from renewable sources by 2030. In that scenario, we need a 20% increase in production per annum of copper." Our CEO Jeremy Weir speaking today at #WEF2023 about the clean energy economy. Image
"We see the same thing in aluminium and zinc because you require these metals to build solar and windfarms infrastructure."
“The problem right now is that metal inventories over the past few years have drawn down – we’re now at a fairly critical stage. We are trying to develop and expand renewable energy yet we are at critical stock levels of the metals needed to do that.”
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Highlights from the Brazil: A New Roadmap session at #wef2023 #davos2023 featuring Fernando Haddad, Minister of Finance and Marina Silva, Minister of Environment and Climate Change 1/ ?
• The aftermath of the January 8th insurrection is still being felt throughout Brazil
• There are notable parallels to the situation in the US: most people who voted for Bolsonaro did not support (or want) the insurrection.
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Idag släpper vi vår rapport "Survival of the richest" - en rapport om den globala ojämlikhetens konsekvenser. Och ojämlikheten skenar också här hemma i Sverige🧵
➡️De fem rikaste svenskarna äger mer än vad fem miljoner svenskar gör tillsammans
➡️Under de senaste tio åren har 61.5 % av all förmögenhet som genererats i sverige gått till den rikaste 1 %. Inget har gått till de fattigaste 50 %. 🧵
➡️Ändå betalar de allra rikaste i världen minst skatt. Skatter på inkomst och konsumtion står för 80 % av alla skatteintäkter globalt. Skatter på förmögenheter står endast för 4 %. 🧵
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Together we have to reach #netzero. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric is one complementary way forward. To really benefit from hydrogen we need to work with our partners and put pressure on stakeholders to create an infrastructure of sustainably produced hydrogen. #wef2023

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