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COVID vaccines have been rushed to billions of people world wide. Proper testing wasn’t conducted to make sure people are safe in the short to medium terms. 1300+ adverse side effects were documented, but weren’t disclosed.

A thread 🧵 for awareness👇
A concerned father calls the pharmacy after his son was taken by his mom to get injected with the #Covid #Vaccine and was then diagnosed with myocarditis 😳

Are you fucking stupid, you fucking murderous b*tch 😳😳😳


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We have to acknowledge that the excess deaths, primarily heart attacks and strokes, are caused by COVID.

Younger adults have had the largest increase in heart attacks since COVID began.

Mid- and Long-Term Atrio-Ventricular Functional Changes in Children after Recovery from COVID-19…
➡️ New data appears to show link between COVID and heart disease…
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➡️ How excess deaths from COVID don't get recorded as COVID.

Up to 300 days consistently showing negative on PCR, yet symptoms worsen leading to death. They find persistent infection in the lungs. This is likely the case for heart attacks & strokes. 1/
"Long-term presence of virus-infected cells in specific lung structures, including bronchial glands and cartilage."

"The progressive worsening of conditions in apparently PCR-negative patients after COVID is often associated with the persistent infection of specific cell types in the lung."
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Covid is not a “single issue” 1

Every 4 Covid deaths = 1 US child loses a parent/caregiver

Healthcare staff shortages risk ALL patient lives

MILLIONS of newly disabled folks are entering a system that was already failing to meet needs

Life expectancy ⬇️

Domestic violence ⬆️
Covid is not a “single issue” 2

4 million workers are out of workforce from #LongCovid

#Hospitals are unsafe for EVERYONE who needs them

Opportunistic infections ⬆️ due to #immune damage

Many #vulnerable folks are into year 4 of isolation

#Schools are even more unsafe
Covid is not a “single issue” 3

#Covid causes #brain damage, leading to ⬆️ dementia, attention issues, human errors - there has been a record increase in traffic fatalities

#SuddenDeaths ⬆️

#Bullying #harassment #assault of vulnerable people ⬆️

Accessibility in #healthcare ⬇️
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A new #nz OIA answers questions about #nz #covidvaccine status for All Cause Mortality in NZ for 2022

eg no matter what the cause of a death, what was the covid vaccine status of that person at the time of their death…

#informedconsent #mrna Image
let's explore the graphical representation of the data supplied through Stats NZ, and make some observations and ask some questions

This graph shows deaths per 100,000 by vaccination status e.g. in the unvaccinated how many people died of ANYTHING per 100,000 unvaxed
and so on through each of the different vaccine demographics. We are comparing the number of deaths per 100,000 for unvaccinated, fully vaccinated and boosted. The per 100,000 comparison removes the confounding variable of differing sizes of the demographics
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The first ever EU Periodic Safety Update Report covering 6 month period 19 Dec 2020-18 June 2021 reveals damning safety signals for the #Pfizer #covidvaccine. Released through Official Info Application
The objective of the report is to present a comprehensive and critical analysis of the risk-benefit balance of the product, taking into account new or emerging safety information in the context of cumulative information on risk and benefits.’

#adverseevents #informedconsent #nz
The report was submitted by Pfizer to the European Medicine Agency. The EMA then assesses the information found in the report to determine if any new risks are identified or if the risk-benefit balance has changed.
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Lots of #ConspiracyTheories lately that are coming true despite the fact that your #government or #media don’t cover them. There is always a doubt in public mind that any event that causes more harm to the current establishment than favor by covering that even in detail is…… Image
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@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla Swedish Radio SR:
#Sweden had to #destroy 8,5 million '#Covid19-#vaccine' shots.
- Swedish are not interested enough to take 3rd, 4th or 5th jab.
@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla #EU #Ombudsman to identify good #practices on how the EU admin keeps #records of work-related text and instant #messages | 02 July 2021
- has written to several EU institutions and agencies to ask what #measures they have in place for #documenting msgs
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@IPiikki @turnusband "PEG-nanokantajat pääsevät kulkemaan elimistön biologisten esteiden läpi. Ne menevät rasvaliukoisina nanokantajina myös [1]veri-aivoesteen läpi ja jos ne läpäisevät veri-aivoesteen, ne läpäisevät myös istukan."
@IPiikki @turnusband #PEGylated lipids; #ALC135
ALC-135 is functional Cationic lipid of the vaxx.
-introduction of an aquenos #RNA solution.. at a specific pH leads to an #electrostatic interaction between #negatively charged RNA backbone and #positively charged Cationic lipid
@IPiikki @turnusband #SINOPEG #China Pat. #CN112220919A
Nano #coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking #GrapheneOxide as carrier
- The invention; field of nano materials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, to devt of #2019nCoV #coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine
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REPORTER: How many stolen classified docs have been found at Biden properties?"

KJP: "I would refer you to the White House Counsel's Office"

REPORTER: They just declined to comment

KJP: "Well, there you go. You got your answer."


Here’s a prev thread on your favorite politicians and their corrupt politics
🚨🚨 TRUTH 🚨🚨

Money is the root of all evil. Pharma buys off congress, no action on vaccine side effects & #suddendeaths Image
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We know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. They know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. They know that we know mRNA vaccines aren’t safe. Yet they keep promoting them as #safeandeffective

This has to be the largest crime against humanity since Adolf Hitler. A thread 🧵 for your awareness👇

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#DiedSuddenly from Climate change… especially the first one.
I mean 20-40 year old people are having climate change #SuddenDeaths after taking numerous vaxxes.
The low temperatures make them #diedsuddenly
I myself have shown hundreds of coincidence cases, only from news sides, easy findings… People 0-40 having heart attack, strokes etc. and no one cares, what the reason is for their death.
They don‘t want pathologes to look at, because they fear to fuck up against swurblers.
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