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1/ It's all scaremongering isn't it about #brexit and #drugs? Stockpiling, price hikes, and, as @MattHancock warns, dead patients. Well, here's the lowdown and it's not pretty. With or without #softbrexit.
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2/ Patients with long-term conditions such as #diabetes, #asthma or #schizophrenia, #blood pressure, #heart problems or #cancer down to daily medicines for #rashes and skin problems, take for granted that they will be able to get their medicines when they need them.
3/ According the UK's Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
73 per cent of pharmaceutical imports in the UK come from the EU. This equates to around 37 million packets of medicines every month from the EU worth £18.3 billion.
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Support for ‘no deal’ Brexit is the pinnacle of Leave's descent into zealotry. The end result of refusing to plan

Like Trump, 'no deal' advocates have flooded the debate with “alternative facts”
It won't end well


#Brexit #WTOBrexit #NoDealBrexit #SOS
The increased support for a ‘no deal’ Brexit is the ultimate failure of the Leave movement. It’s the inevitable consequence of the refusal to grasp details, come to terms with complexity & coalesce around a plan. Compromise can be frustrating. So instead they will have a tantrum.
Some Brexiteers advocated sensible solutions. The EFTA/EEA solution gained a lot of traction in the years before the ref. Even Farage had promoted it & countless others. See Farage below from 2011 essentially making the ‘Liberal Leave’ case!
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@JamesDelingpole Two issues with your piece.
N°1: you assert, "Britain traded perfectly well for the large chunk of history it has spent outside the EU." This is a spurious argument. The EU didn't exist then. We are going from the best possible trade terms with the EU (SM+CU) to worst (#WTO).
@JamesDelingpole This will not just impact our trade with EU27 + EEA/EFTA4, but also with those countries with trade with via EU FTAs and those countries we trade with on WTO+++ terms, the '+++' furnished by the EU's 759 facilities that improve on #WTO terms.
@JamesDelingpole Only 16% of UK's trade is on WTO terms alone.

You're proposing that we dramatically downgrade 100% of our trade to WTO terms alone, at the stroke of a pen. This is insanity. It has taken decades to reach to position we're in today. No wonder Mogg says 50yrs to recover!
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1. There are plenty of #Brexit threads kicking around now on why the WTO option is bad. Unless you live in a cave or have the IQ of a halibut, you should by now have grasped the concept of what it means to be a third country and why that is ruinous for UK exporters.
2. You'll note that in the seventeen billion threads I've written on the subject that I seldom make reference to tariffs - because tariffs for the most part are neither here nor there. This is fundamentally about regulatory barriers where again the cave/halibut question kicks in.
3. Without full regulatory harmonisation there will be inspections, standard third country controls will kick in and there are no WTO rules that compel the EU to relax them and certainly not for the sole benefit of the UK. This is why we need a comprehensive agreement with the EU
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