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In this excellent #LSE article a last look at #Projectfear before #GE2019

No projections because we can now look backwards. Short summary 👇 credit to LSE.

1️⃣ You're individually £2868 worse off just due to the #Brexit created sterling crash X number of family members
2️⃣ + £1700 per household worse from slow GDP growth, if you don't think you are it's because you're relatively affluent and haven't felt⏬

3️⃣ #Brexflation adds 2.9% to cost of total food and clothes, or £870 a year a household. Far more than any VAT changes could negate
4️⃣ Brexiters told you a cheaper £ helps exports.
No one is really independent in an interconnected world, component import cost has wiped out any #Brexit export gain.

Children in the 1970s knew printing money wasn't a solution. Yet tories sold it to 42% of us again
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The rise of this #tag is so interesting.

Because surely, if you're going to use it, the first thing you should ask is, will we be independent?

Im afraid the answer is more 👇 which you won't like, but #fbpe will feel guilty if we don't try to tell you.
Laws. Will we have more control?

No. Categorically not

We will have no more or less ability to set British law after "independence"

Nothing will change. We'll just have more work and a less efficient state and we'll struggle to influence international stuff like air pollution.
Looking like less control. At one time we were throwing them wide open with no controls. We still are in NI.

We wont put visas in for EU because we don't want them for our citizens. So borders. Nothing changes with #BritishIndependence
Wasn't immigration the big thing?
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Want to #getbrexitdone? Another lie. We want to #getbrexitgone, never see it again.

But imagine Boris really does want to get it out of the way. Why then is he choosing the #Brexit path guaranteed to make Brexit go on for decades? Short Thread #FBPE⬇️ with links to back it up
In 2016 Brexit was not "anything Tories want". If votes worked that way, they'd enable divine rule. No leaver wants more Government. We've opposed that corruption since Magna Carta, let's not stop now
The result - #NOTBrexitdone - Years of Legal Opposition
In 2016 we voted for frictionless trade.
No Deal throws 70 trade deals, 50 trade arrangements and 750 contracts under the Boris Bus. That's 80% of GLOBAL trade, not just EU

The result - #NOTBrexitdone. Years of Trade Chaos, endless deals, for no reason

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1. The more I watch, open mouth in amazement and disgust, at the Left and Remainer's increasingly appalling and dangerous behaviour the more I believe they are in the 5 Stages of Grief over #Brexit. THREAD. #NoDealBrexit #WTOBrexit #EU #BritishIndependence #CleanBreakBrexit
2. Denial= The vote wasn't binding. They didn't know what they were voting for. The Russians did it. It was illegitimate because there were campaign funding irregularities. Only 33 million voted that's only 50% of the population. We can have a soft Brexit. 2nd Ref is needed.
3. Anger= you are all racist, xenophobic, mysoginist, thick, Nazi, Little England, far right, gammon scum. We refuse any deal and no deal. Its going to be hell, people will die, the country end and you own this. I hope all old leave voters die. You literally ruinied my future.
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As far as I can tell you can swap #FiftyYearsFromNow for 500 and #brexit still doesn't make sense. And you don't need projections, maths, economics.
Just open-mindedness and willingness to look at the evidence. And not being in denial. eh #BritishIndependence?
Short thread #FBPE
Economically the case for Brexit is "because trade deals" (unclear).
Unfortunately, there are no new trade deals as there are no new Planet Earths. We already have deals that amount to 80% of our Global trade either through the EU, or based on the EU. I'll handle disputes at end.
If it's not more trade deals it must be better deals?

Well 2 years ago maybe you could have made that fly, but now we have Canada. If we hadn't done No Deal it might have been a win.

But No Deal makes us desperate, and like we would in reverse, they're waiting for surrender
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So much misinformation, if I missed something let me know.

1. The ruling has no basis in law?
This is deep reading, not Daily Mail. But it's neutral…

2. More elite manipulation (⏬Brexiter Spectator)…
3. Judges Got involved in Politics
Yes, BECAUSE politics trampled on the law

"If you do something sufficiently shocking, expect a vindication" of our flexible constitution to push the boundaries out. That is exactly what UKSC has done Lord Sumption

Or simply...⏬
And see 3,⏫
Remainers are supporting leave in droves thanks to this elite crime.

I've got about 10 of these from yesterday and didn't even try⏬

4. The Government should push on and have GE/Queen's/Speech etc.

Listen to Gove on Today, his eyes are watering. Even he can't justify it.
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#BritishIndependence the bots are out in full tonight, all primed with the same script. I recorded one for you just to demonstrate.

Let's think about this for a moment. These are not remain bots targeting leave. These are leave targeting leave on leave hashtags
...made me think
...why would anyone do that?
Unfortunately, this has been going on for a long time, there's just been no way to point it out you on mass before the #BritishIndependence flag

The remainers are targeted too. And you know the really conspiratorial thing? #fbpe
I think they're being targetted with the same stories but with mutually incompatible "facts". I mean, almost like someone was deliberately trying to manipulate you all.

Stories like this from right wing publications should circle but don't
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Nan's daily reminder that we must NOT allow telling big lies and repeating them to be normalised. There lies tyranny.

Today Nan's wondering why we didn't agree HOW to Leave in '16. That's got her thinking...How to "No Deal?"

It's bigger even than you think & worse for leavers
Everyone's aware by now of the standard #Brexit No Deal problems. Thread👇 something from a year ago which is about 95% the same as #Yellowhammer.

It's not good but you would have thought if we're making that big of a sacrifice Leave is benefiting?

Think again.
No Deal leaves the Government tied up in court for years. No #BritishIndependence
Principle of Government by Consent dates in concept back to Magna Carta.

This is very simplified, but basically, consent isn't given by omission - divine rule

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#BorisJohnsonLies #LeaveOct31st #RemainerNow #Yellowhammer #Brexit #brexitmehole

So the Boris honeymoon must be over now that Leavers are hating on him as much as Remainers. So while you #BoycottWetherspoons
maybe you can find a someone from the other side and play a game
With Boris' mense horribilis barely out of the way, it got me thinking, these guys and gals are lasting less and less time

We used to ger 7-10 years out of a PM, now we're lucky if 10 months go by before they're up for grabs.

But hell that means we should already know...
Who's next, unless Rory has a sudden bout of leave love, or Jeremy gets a strategy, we are gonna be


and that's the game that'll bring us together

We're going to build the biggest profile of Prime Ministers in history

To see what works.
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