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“Regardless of the topic you’re writing about, start with socialism. Most people know about it, so it should explain everything… Pretend that it all happened yesterday and the locals haven’t had time to adjust to the new conditions yet…

Point out repeatedly that these people…
…don’t care about their own history and can’t make any sense of what’s going on around them. Show how distrustful they are of well-meaning visitors like you, then quote them telling you that nobody wants to listen to them. Once you got that, you can say anything you want…
And don’t feel uncomfortable discussing Eastern Europe without Eastern Europeans: they are not, and can never be, equal partners in a dialogue about their own countries. You are the expert, the only one who can explain what happens there.”

Nailed it @Ileana_voix
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There's been a lot said about @TimothyDSnyder's devastating takedown of Jurgen #Habermas perspective on #Ukraine & #Russia which is, sadly, representative of a major strand of discourse in #Germany that also impacts 🇩🇪policy & positioning.

I want to highlight a few things 🧵
Snyder's main point, which is spot on, is that #Habermas take is actually not about #Ukraine or really even about #Russia (apart from in a very instrumental way) - its all about #Germany.
This is important because it indicates the level of Onanistic self-obsession that dominates
way too much of the debate here. Ukrainians might be fighting & dying for what should be all of our cause - because they are fighting for all of our freedoms (& security) against an aggressive authoritarian regime - but for too many 'elites' in #Germany, the main issue is Germany
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What's the problem with 'post-communism'?

In 2004 10 countries joined the #EU.
Incl. 8 #CEE states that at some point had socialist/communist regimes (imposed on them).

My🧵on what 2004 means for #EU & #Ukraine today
🔥prompted some interesting & important reactions
so ...
The thread was mainly about the success of enlargement & how it benefitted the #EU (by embodying its unique model of geopolitical power) as well as the acceding states.
Here's how the thread started, incl. the fateful word choice "former communist states"
As a scholar of #CEE, & having lived & worked across the region for many years, I should have been more careful.
Normally I would use the term 'post-communist' or 'post-socialist' with the inverted commas indicating that this was a term of use, including during 2004 accession.
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I am getting weary of reading articles in which Americans advise other Americans about how to negotiate the future of #Ukraine. (Thread) 1/
We are not fighting in Ukraine, and so we do not decide when the fighting stops, or on what terms. 2/
#UkraineWar #RussianUkrainianWar
This war would have been avoided had #Russia treated #Ukraine as a sovereign state, and negotiated with it. 3/
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Many vital texts came out on the problems with #westsplaining, coloniality and the denial of a voice, agency & self-determination in debates on Ukraine, Central & Eastern Europe, highlighting the need for anti-imperialist, anticolonial & antipatriarchal debates & politics - a🧵
Here’s an investigation of westsplaining in US debates by @jan_smolenski and @jan_dutkiewicz: “Speaking about Eastern Europe and Eastern Europeans without listening to local voices or trying to understand the region’s complexity is a colonial projection.”…
Smolenski & Dutkiewicz raise issues with a strikingly unequal power dynamic: “In the westsplaining framework, the concerns of Russia are recognized but those of Eastern Europe are not. [..] Eastern Europe is something that can be explained but isn’t worth engaging with”….
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