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This article by @andrewduffEU is sadly typical of group think in & around the Brussels bubble.

“Nobody who knows how the Brussels institutions work-without a strong government-can be confident the EU is fit to internalize #Ukraine’s national problem.” 1/…
It’s a well informed piece (from an #EU perspective) that on the surface might sound eminently reasonable- like some other recent attempts to fob off #Ukraine with 2nd class options. BUT, the quote in the previous tweet gives the game away. It shows 🇺🇦 is seen as a problem 2/
Rather than being recognised as the #EU’s best geopolitical opportunity in a generation, #Ukraine is presented as a cost, a burden to be borne, not a huge potential benefit to be embraced, or a possibility for EU renewal to be welcomed. 3/…
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II. Interviews with me on (European) Politics & Security
III. Threads on #Ukraine #Germany #EU #UK #CEE and more.
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8. Are #Czechia & #Slovakia the #EU's New Radical Centre
for @RUSI_org…
I. Articles and Commentaries

7. Ukraine Doesn't Need Half-Measures from the #EU
for @ForeignPolicy…
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So much for #Macron 2.0
- early days but this really looks like more of the same

A- prioritises ambition for #France to be a ‘great power’, at the table with eg #Russia

B- never mind if #CEE gets overlooked & #Ukraine gets a raw deal.

That’s harsh but not entirely unfair 1/
There may be more to the revival of concentric circles/variable geometry than meets the eye & it may be a creative way to end the ENP/EaP impasse BUT ONLY if countries can move through the circles rather than being kept in/ relegated to them - & are supported in doing so 2/
#Macron will need to convince CEE countries (incl. #Ukraine) & W. Balkans that they will have these possibilities. & he’ll have his work cut out to do so. Multi speed/variable geo EU is not necessarily a bad idea but only if it’s without the 1st/2nd class divide many suspect 3/
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For the past few days, Russian propaganda has been waging a coordinated disinformation campaign against Poland.
Within the framework of these actions, the representatives of the Kremlin, the main Russian media, as well as typical disinformation media, have been spreading insinuations against Poland, convincing that it is preparing to attack and occupy the western part of Ukraine.
In order to authenticate lies, Russian propaganda used a falsified order from a Polish general, which Russia presented in its message as proof of the mobilization of the Polish Army and as authentication of Poland's hostile plans towards Ukraine.
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What's the problem with 'post-communism'?

In 2004 10 countries joined the #EU.
Incl. 8 #CEE states that at some point had socialist/communist regimes (imposed on them).

My🧵on what 2004 means for #EU & #Ukraine today
🔥prompted some interesting & important reactions
so ...
The thread was mainly about the success of enlargement & how it benefitted the #EU (by embodying its unique model of geopolitical power) as well as the acceding states.
Here's how the thread started, incl. the fateful word choice "former communist states"
As a scholar of #CEE, & having lived & worked across the region for many years, I should have been more careful.
Normally I would use the term 'post-communist' or 'post-socialist' with the inverted commas indicating that this was a term of use, including during 2004 accession.
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18 years ago this week the #EU gained 10 new members.

8 of them were former communist states & its often forgotten that their accession was a high point of EU Geopolitics.

The way we understand it matters a lot for the present moment - for the EU as well as for #Ukraine.
A 🧵
It matters b/c too many in the #EU have come to see enlargement as a form of charity, bestowed by a virtuous Western Europe that pays the costs, while Easterners - who should be grateful - get the benefits.
This is wrong on many levels - as history of enlargement (&🇪🇺) shows.
For leading dissidents turned national leaders like Vaclav Havel & Lech Walesa (& others)– EU & NATO membership were essential to securing their countries' symbolic ‘Return to Europe’
(don’t ask where they’d been- it's complicated)
& for their very material, existential security.
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A quick follow up on dangers of German exceptionalism & 🇩🇪's insular political culture arising
from yesterday's thread on #Germany's approach to #Ukraine (& some great responses to it) in the context of #Emma #offenerbrief (open letter to Olaf Scholz)
1. Many ppl claim '#Germans have been told for 70 years that nothing but diplomacy & non-military solutions are acceptable' They're wrong but prove the 🇩🇪insularity point.
This was the message INSIDE #Germany for (some) understandable reasons. But OUTSIDE it was very different:
#Germany has been warned by allies (in #CEE, #US, #UK) for years about #Russia
& about Cheap-riding in #NATO.

But, as (e.g.) this piece shows,🇩🇪ignored those warnings & went its own way on defence, on🇷🇺& ended up trampling #CEE & #Ukraine's agency…
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It's not enough for #Russia to lose its aggressive war.
▶️#Ukraine must win.
It's not enough to win a military victory
🇺🇦needs a viable future.
That must include a clear path to #EU membership.
Here's why🇪🇺should offer that
(& what's getting in the way)
It's clear that the immediate priority for #Ukraine is to defeat #Russia & repel its unprovoked invasion.
What defeating #Russia means has been increasingly discussed in recent days - especially after @SecDef's comments on weakening 🇷🇺…
There have been many good interventions on that topic, including from @shashj in discussion with @DrRadchenko
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V. interesting ongoing discussion in this event.
Excellent points from @DLidington @RosaBalfour & @GeorginaEWright
some more concerning though:
- alternatives to #EU candidacy for #Ukraine
- over-estimation of #Germany's #zeitenwende & EU role in countering #Putin's aggression
@DLidington particularly compelling on the need for #Russia to lose - anything else will be a defeat for the West - & as on keeping the #US fully involved in European security (and the need for #France & #UK to work together on that & on helping #Germany reach security potential
@GeorginaEWright outlined potential French (public & politicians) objections to #Ukraine's #EU membership aspirations & thus the need to consider alternatives. - something, I strongly challenge here. How to convince 🇫🇷 to embrace 🇺🇦 - its in 🇪🇺 interest!…
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#Germany's leaders, especially Chancellor #Scholz seem reluctant to really help #Ukraine-especially by providing #heavyweapons.

(Too) many reasons are given for this, even avoiding #nuclear war, but there's a problem with these excuses for🇺🇦- AND for🇩🇪& its #NATO allies
Here's the latest interview with #Scholz in @derspiegel He steers a question about supplying proper weapons to
1) #Germany becoming a party to the war in #Ukraine
2) The danger of a direct confrontation between NATO & Russia
3) WW3 & Nuclear war…
As you can see from the quotes below
- and despite the best efforts of the journalists -
there's a lot of diversion, deflection & flim-flam going on here ...
The key point seems to be to keep stoking and manipulating fear among #Germany's population
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What to do with a problem like #Steinmeier getting refused an invitation to #Kyiv by #Zelenskiy?

A 🧵 on why it's better for #Germany to get proactive instead of getting offended over #Ukraine. Image
Steinmeier being unwelcome in #Kyiv is bad.
I'm not criticising #Zelenskiy's decision (which is justified) but that it came to this is everyone's detriment.
As such, it's an important moment to reflect & consider, why it happened & what to do better. Image
#Steinmeier was not welcomed because of his past closeness to Putin's #Russia. He has publicly regretted this but its clear that for Kyiv apology ≠ atonement. Let's be honest the ill-judged harmony concert & FWS' spox criticism of @MelnykAndrij didn't help, BUT
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💡[Tirade] 💡 Aujourd'hui, je vous propose une tirade sur un sujet technique et un peu obscur, mais qui a pourtant une vraie importante dans la transition énergétique des territoires : l'éclairage public. [1/35]
⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
Côté technique, nous parlons de candélabre. Et on peut dire que les modèles ne manquent pas entre les projecteurs, les globes, les candélabres standards, les crosses posées sur poteau, et j'en oublie encore. ImageImageImageImage
Niveau hauteur ce n'est pas mieux. Généralement, un candélabre de voirie culmine à 8-10m (plus haut encore pour les projecteurs), mais un globe sera généralement plus bas à 4-5m, tandis que la hauteur de la crosse dépendra de la hauteur du poteau sur laquelle elle est située.
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⚡️ *paper out* Happy to co-author a paper reflecting past 20 years of #politicalscience in #Czechia and #CEE published in European Political Science @ECPR together w Jakub Eberle, @HubertSmekal, and Oldřich Krpec. #academia #core #periphery Access: [1/16] ImageImageImageImage
We examine the developments of political science in Czechia and the post-communist CEE region in the past two decades through the lenses of two competing perspectives: *convergence* and *dependency*. [2/16]
The convergence perspective favored by liberal discourses assumes that “catching up” with excellent European political science is a question of time and effort invested since the academic market is flat and meritocratic. [3/16]
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The 9th #China-#CEE (virtual) 17+1 summit was just concluded.

Beijing's biggest success is that it has proved that 17+1 is not dead. Yet it didn't manage to attract all CEE leaders, despite Xi Jinping's appearance and 🇨🇳 MOFA's desperate actions. (1/4)
Xi's speech focused on vaccines (only Serbia and Hungary mendioned though), green development & Paris Agreement (eyewink to Brussels). Vague pledges on more foodstuffs imports from CEE, $170bn 5 year import pledge not very credible. No major breakthroughs, definetly. (2/4)
Sectorial co-op will proceed, but that's mostly old wine in new bottles (customs clearance, health, connectivity). Same with Xi's 'flagship projects' (Belgrade-Budapest, Piraeus, Peljesac). No new pledges on development finance, the BRI has apparently stalled in CEE. (3/4)
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Cablo #UK #StrictlyConfidential su #Mattei che avrebbe detto
"Ci ho messo 7 anni per condurre il Gov italiano verso una apertura a sinistra. E posso dirle che mi ci vorranno meno di 7 anni per far uscire l'#Italia dalla #NATO e metterla alla testa dei paesi neutrali"
Agosto 1962 Image
Conferenza stampa #Mattei 1962 #Roma, un giornalista chiede "abbiamo sentito parlare di minacce di morte,di sabotaggi al suo aereo...è vero?"
Ho ricevuto una lettera di morte scritta con la stessa macchina e stile ricevuta da #Hammarskjö fatto dell'aereo è un altra prova.. Image
Dag #Hammarskjöld Segr Gen #ONU morto in un incidente aereo in #Zambia nel 1961, durante la crisi del #Congo e le cui cause non saranno mai del tutto chiarite....
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A website used by #Russia to spread #disinformation has posted content suggesting the Allied military presence in #Poland is a de facto occupation (mainly by the US) of Poland. The website claims the cooperation between PL and the US poses a threat to Poland and its citizens. 1/3
Attacking the alliance between #Poland and the #US is a tried and constant feature of the Kremlin’s propaganda activities against the West. Russia makes repeated attempts to stoke mistrust of the US among the Poles and to denigrate American soldiers stationed in Poland. 2/3
Russia’s ultimate goal is to permanently decrease the level of security of #NATO’s Eastern Flank. Propaganda is just one of many measures Moscow uses to pursue its strategic interests in #CEE. 3/3

@mblaszczak @MON_GOV_PL @USArmyEurope @NATOpress @jensstoltenberg @SHAPE_NATO
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#MemorialeMoro Nelle sedi NATO e CEE si cercava di dare un d'identità europea...gli sforzi procedevano con scarsi risultati..finchè una provvida riunione tenuta in Germania risolse il problema in un atmosfera da club privato(formerà cosi la #Trilateral che non ho mai frequentato) Image
Questo modo di essere per l'Europa strettamente legata all'America e da essa condizionata non varia con il mutare degli assetti interni degli altri paesi, come si riscontra nella fiducia parimenti tra Gov Laburisti o Conservatori in #UK, socialdem o dem in #Germania Occid
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@Clandestino17 @Anaespejooscuro @ElCid43552301 @iberofalange1 España tuvo proyecto secreto Bomba Atómica #ProyectoIslero ayuda #DeGaulle a quien #UK #USA prohibian capacidad nuclear y dejan fuera estructura mando #OTAN y SACÓ a #Francia y cerró TODAS bases #OTAN #USA

Entonces le crearon #OAS a nosotros #DRIL #ETA ...y acCIAdente Nuclear
@Clandestino17 @Anaespejooscuro @ElCid43552301 @iberofalange1 Este link ahonda en detalles sobre la colaboración #CIA y #PNV ( #ETA ) para evitar q #España tuviese #BombaAtomica y #Coaccionarnos hst quedar subordinados #NWO entrando en #OTAN #CEE firma #TNP y restableciendo relaciones con #ISISRaEl > #PSOE 1.982-87…
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