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@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc Avançando para o #abismo, claro:


#BOLSOCARO: Bruno Torturra no Twitter: "Liquidação do Brasil inteiro. Todo dia é dia de preço alto!"

#Superrado Bolsocaro " / Twitter
@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc #HIPOCRISIA QUE CHAMA?
Gestão de #verba #pública no seu pior nível:

👉🏾Homem que gastou R$ 2,4 milhões em #férias volta a dizer que 'o #Brasil🇧🇷 precisa voltar a #trabalhar'

Por Redação @o_antagonista
05.04.21 14:55

@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro @secomvc @o_antagonista Essa família está pior que o álbum de fotos do @LucianoHuck, não dá nem tempo de apagar.

E como é que o #Carluxo teve a #caradepau de falar do @LulaOficial? Só #amigos condenados...

Coronel Jairo, pai do #Jairinho, em apoio a @FlavioBolsonaro…
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My grandfather Haim (Fima) Leibzon was the only one who survived from his family. He lived in Leipalingis, a small town in Lithuania. When the Nazis arrived, his non-Jewish neighbors helped them murder 154 Jews in a matter of hours. My grandfather and two of >>
his friends, then 16 years old, were not at home.  From that small town, only the 3 of them survived. A year and a half ago I found a list of all of the people  who were murdered there. My grandfather and his two friends wrote it. >>
The youngest victim was Gita Sieder. She was just 6 months old. Numbers 87-92 are my Grandfather's family member - his parents Avidgor and Yocheved and his siblings Mira, Chana, Gershon and Efraim. >>
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38.01/ Week 38, April 4-9, 2021, begins here.

Week 37 linked below
38.02/ From last night, following the 9 Day Passover Of Twenty-Twenty-One
38.03/ The wisdom/motivation of changing the name associated with your group depends on who gave the name in the first place.

If the majority imposed the original name: understandable way to reframe stigma

If you chose the original name: you're not fooling anybody prunes
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This man's wife and 3 little children were gassed in Auschwitz. So were his parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends & neighbors – his entire world. He remarried my grandmother who gave birth to my mother. This was my Zayde, Shloima Yankov Weiss.

His wife, my maternal Bubbe, Chana Yittel. Together they had 5 children, 30 grandchildren and many, many great- & great-great-grandchildren. They rebuilt from the ashes.

Bubbe died when I was a baby. Zayde died soon after — from heartbreak, my mother says.
He was a disciplined man who rarely shared the horrors he witnessed. A lifelong baker, he'd wake at the crack of dawn to fire up ovens and knead his sorrows into bread & babka.

He was a kind, pious man who showered his children with love.

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Today is #YomHaShoah, or Israel's #HolocaustRemembranceDay, and to commemorate this I'm gonna tell a story. Story of a friendship that transcended not only history but also politics. And time.

This goes back to 1941 when Hitler invaded Yugoslavia.
When we discuss the holocaust, the Baltic rarely features in our conversations. But that doesn't mean they were untouched by the atrocities. If anything, it was a double-whammy for them because they were also Slavic.
Mustafa Hardaga, a devout Muslim, was a furniture salesman who lived in Sarajevo with his sister Izet, his wife Zejneva, and her brother Bachriya. After the Nazis invaded the city in 1941, the Gestapo opened an office right across the street from the Hardaga residence.
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So today I officiated my first funeral in the time of social distancing. My clergy colleagues have been doing this for weeks, they’ve been thru so much more. I’m in awe. But I wanted to share. Mostly to process. Partially to inform. Thread.
On the eve of #YomHaShoah #HolocaustRemembranceDay I was the only non-cemetery employee present for the burial of a most incredible woman, may her memory be a blessing.
She witnessed kristallnacht as a young teen in Vienna. She escaped to Palestine, eventually setting in Manhattan and raising a family with her beloved. She was incredibly kind. She was beloved. And she loved so many. Her experience burned in her a sense that nobody should suffer.
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This is Istvan Reiner from Miskolc, Hungary. He was murdered at Auschwitz in 1944, shortly after this photo was taken.⁣⁣

Six million men, women, and children were murdered in the Holocaust by the Nazis simply for being Jewish. On the eve of #YomHaShoah, we remember them. Image
Familie Hamme – Ze leven niet meer, maar bestaan wel.… @corien_glaud Image
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Tonight on #YomHaShoah - day of Holocaust commemoration - we light a candle in memory of Josef Froimovitz, a child who was murdered at Auschwitz age 4. May his memory be a blessing
For the past few years I have supported the @YellowCandleUK campaign. Individuals light traditional Jewish memorial candles to remember one of the 6m Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Many families were entirely destroyed so people are forgotten. This is a small way to change that
Sorry about the dog barking. She doesn’t have much patience for solemnity!
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Holocaust Remembrance Day (#YomHashoah) begins tonight.

Our promise to #NeverForget is only as good as our commitment to fighting resurgent anti-Semitism and hate in our own country and around the world.
It feels like we’re desensitized to rising anti-Semitism, racism, and other forms of hate. We’re living at a time when Nazis kill people on our streets and in our synagogues, and try to bomb hospitals and burn down senior centers during a pandemic — and it barely breaks through.
Last #YomHashoah, I shared this thread on how being the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors informs my work at @IntegrityforUSA as we take on modern day Nazis.

It sadly feels even more relevant a year later.
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With #YomHaShoah tonight, recall what the Turks did to the Armenians AND the near massacre of the Jews of Eretz Yisrael.
16,000 Jews of Jaffa-Tel Aviv were expelled in 1917 on the eve of Passover. 20% died from hunger & disease.
Below: grave marker over 224 dead in Kfar Saba 1/ Image
Why didn't the Turks unleash a genocide or mass expulsion of all Jews in WW1? The British army was pushing out of Sinai into Palestine, & the Turks saw the Jews as traitors. Some Jews exiled in 1914 fought w the British at Gallipoli.

What saved the Jews? 2 German generals. 2/ Image
Two German generals - commanders in Palestine of Turkish-German forces - refused the Turkish pashas' orders to expell the Jews of Palestine. They were backed by German diplomats contacted by Vatican sources.
1st: Gen. Kress van Kressenstein
2nd: Gen. Erich von Falkenhayn
WHY? 3/ ImageImage
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THREAD for #YomHaZikaron: At the end of the book of Genesis, Joseph makes one deeply poignant request: Though I die in exile, God will bring you back to the land, and when He does so, "veha'alitem et atzmotai mizeh", “Carry my bones” with you.
Moses smashed the first set of tablets given to him by God at Mount Sinai, but the Israelites carried them in the Ark, together with the second set, the new tablets and the fragments of the old.
And so it has been throughout #Jewish history; we carry with us all the fragments of our people’s past, the broken lives, the anguished deaths.
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I’m a 43 year old Jewish female. Born in Israel to parents who fled Riga almost 50 years ago. I come from a fairly small family. My dad died when I was a teenager & my grandparents died when I was young as well. When I was growing up my family never spoke about the Holocaust.
Since my dad, my grandparents & my aunt died when I was young, we never had a real discussion about the Holocaust, so I assumed they were left fairly unharmed during WWII. I was wrong. This morning my sister told me she’s been researching our family through Yad Vashem.
Turns out my father, grandparents, aunt and other relatives are listed as Holocaust survivors. We also learned we weren’t from a small family. It was small after the Holocaust. I learned this morning that my great grandfather was murdered in the Holocaust.
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As night falls, @jrwagz light a #YellowCandle to remember a single life lost in the Holocaust.

Blima Lancberg died age 8, the same age as our son is today. She was born and died in Sonowiec, Poland. She would have been 85 today had she lived.

We must never forget
@jrwagz What do we know about little Blima?

Not very much.

From her profile in the @yadvashem database, based on a relative's testimony, we know that she was born in 1934 and died in 1942 in Sosnowiec.
Blima lived for eight years and her memory is now reduced to this single form, and a few scant biographical details, filled in in Hebrew script.

Was she a lively girl? Did she have many friends? Did she want to be scientist when she grew up? We will probably never know.
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A thread as #YomHashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day - begins.

I'm the granddaughter of survivors. My grandmother grew up in Poland, the youngest of 6 sisters.

Her whole family was killed by the Nazis. She hid under a porch as they slaughtered her sisters. (1/10)
After the war, my grandparents — who had previously known each other through a friend — reconnected, got married, and came to America.

They were proud Jews. They raised another proud Jew. And she raised this one.

It was safe here. (2/10)
Growing up, anti-Semitism was a far off concept that could never gain real traction here.

I brought my grandmother to school to share her story as history, not a cautionary tale.

My biggest concern at synagogue each Saturday was whether they’d hand out candy at the end. (3/10)
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THREAD: As we approach #YomHaShoah, the day in the Jewish calendar when we remember the victims of the #Holocaust, we tragically continue to see levels of #antisemitism and antisemitic attacks rising in countries all over the world.
Over the past year or so, working with @White_Animation, I have produced a mini-series of three short animated videos which seek to explain several aspects of the worrying and dangerous return of #antisemitism. You can watch all three here:
@White_Animation The first video looks at why #antisemitism is a virus, how it has mutated over time and why its return today presents a danger not just for Jews, but for all who care about our common humanity.
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Tonight and tomorrow Jews around the world will mark #YomHaShoah, the day in the Jewish calendar when we remember the victims of the #Holocaust, the darkest period in human history when a third of world Jewry was murdered.
For the past few years, we have witnessed the return of antisemitism around the world, within societies, on campuses, and within our political discourse.
This situation led me, in September 2016, to address the European Parliament on the issue of rising antisemitism.
In my speech, I sought to explain why, as I put it, “The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews.”
Last year, I also produced a short whiteboard animation video which summarised the mutation of antisemitism that I spoke about in my speech.
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Qui snobe l'autre? Le MAE allemand @sigmargabriel ne cède pas à l'ultimatum de #Netanyahu et rencontrera @BtSIsrael…
#Israel: Furieux que le MAE allemand #Gabriel ait rencontré des ONG de gauche, #Netanyahu franchit le point #Godwin…
A contrario, le président #Rivlin expliquait à #YomHaShoah que toute critique d'#Israel n'est pas de l'antisémitisme…
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