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Inside: Look at all the great stuff we lost because of inflation scare-talk; and more!

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1/ A vintage postcard illustra...
Tonight (5/5), I'm at @BooksIncStores #MountainView with @mkapor for *Red Team Blues*:…

Sat, I'm in #Berkeley for #BABF2023 at 1530h with @glynnwashington:…

Sun, it's an 11h event with @dellsystem:…

2/ Image
Look at all the great stuff we lost because of inflation scare-talk: We swapped pandemic aid, new spending and minimum wage hikes for wage suppression and mass layoffs.

3/    Image: Mosaic 36 (modifi...
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Message to our Islanders from the C-in-C, ANC, Lt Gen Ajai Singh:

“I have repeatedly stressed to my Command that financial probity is non-negotiable at #ANC.
Having viewed this video by a Regd MES contractor, I have requested the CBI for an
immediate enquiry into the allegations & directed that all the named will remain at their location till enquiry completion.
I am grateful for this report & assure our citizens that while honest persons need have no fear, no dishonest person will be spared.
Honesty is the bedrock & pride of our uniformed services & I humbly request all Islanders to pl immediately report any instance of dishonesty by any person of my Command that may come to your notice.
I remain contactable by letter, or fax to my Command HQ at 03192-232727 or
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Happening Now: The ANC is hosting an energy symposium at UJ. DMRE minister Gwede Mantashe and DPE minister Pravin Gordhan due to make an address and will be followed by a panel discussion. #ANC #energycrisis
Fikile Mbalula at ANC energy symposium: Gwede Mantashe is under attack. I can see that. I know where that attack is coming from. But Gwede Mantashe is not running Eskom.. Eskom is run by De Ruyter and is under Pravin Gordhan. Eskom reports to Pravin Gordhan. #Newzroom405
Loadshedding hit the ANC energy symposium at UJ earlier. Since then they've been struggling to get the virtual speakers back online and ready. Mbalula remarks on the loadshedding interruption: "That is the elephant in the room,"
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#ANC Political analyst from the University of the Free State Professor Sethulego Matebesi says the list of nominated candidates for the ANC top six seems to suggest that the party is battling to adhere to its policy on gender parity. RM
#ANC The deadline for branches to nominate preferred candidates lapsed on Monday and various ANC structures have announced their preferred candidates. RM
#ANC The ANC Youth League’s National Task Team has endorsed Dr Zweli Mkhize as ANC President and current Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile as his deputy, while Fikile Mbalula is endorsed for the secretary-general position and Nomvula Mokonyane as deputy secretary-general. RM
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So, what an exciting week we have had, hey? Exciting and tragic. #ActionSA handed JHB back to the #anc by being naive, stupid and just plain know-it-all. Took over negotiations telling #DA who they should give what positions to, after they all signed an agreement about positions.
The #eff first voted with the #DA to get all the Metros, now they voted with the #anc again. Nothing new for them. They did this since 2016 with Mmusi too. They are by nature traitors and flipfloppers. Never to be trusted. The #PA sold their souls to the #anc again, like always.
Cope totally imploded and is now represented by a wild-eyed nutcase. #ActionSA started the instability in the Metros by constantly bashing the #DA and telling all the coalition partners how bad the #DA is. Then they went to the #DA and told them they MUST work with the #eff.
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1) I researched for you how the #LUNA #UST event, which scared everyone, happened
-The team planning the attack collected 1 billion UST as OTC
- Borrowed $3 billion worth of #BTC
-A pre-attack FUD study was initiated, people holding $UST panicked
2)-Things sparked when the team started selling their $3 billion worth of #Bitcoin
-After the start of the selling wave in #BTC, they expected LUNA to draw liquidity from Curve and thus the attack began
-All liquidity in Curve pool cleared by $350 million UST
3)- After the Curve side was cleared, the team switched to Binance and started draining their $USTs, causing #USTUSDT to drop sharply below 1.
-Meanwhile, the Terra market module was trying to maintain the UST balance by staying true to its algorithm.
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#DeFi Lender Inverse Finance Exploited for $15.6M
It is the third multimillion-dollar crypto attack to make headlines in recent days.
Ethereum-based lending protocol Inverse Finance (INV) said Saturday that it suffered from an exploit, with an attacker netting $15.6 million worth of stolen cryptocurrency.
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@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel Israel is arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada 4 July 2018…
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel On its YouTube channel, #Azov posted a video “review” of locally produced copies of two Israeli #Tavor rifles – seen in this video:*
@mirkhe @KiiskiM @KerranViel As journalist #MaxBlumenthal explained on The Real News in February, Biletsky has “pledged to restore the honor of the white race” and has advanced laws #forbidding#racemixing.”
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#Singapore, #Japan, and #Taiwan joining the Western effort to sanction #Russia for the assault on #Ukraine…
Details on the #NATO (re)deployments to cope with the fallout from #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine
Details on #Ukraine's reservist mobilisation: far from complete (since that would require martial law), but still of a scale that it will take weeks to complete ... and the assault on the capital is days away at most
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Top pumps today while #Bitcoin tanks.

#API3 - 100% pump, whales accumulating
#ANC - 40% pump, bullish fundamentals
#LQTY - 40% pump after hitting $2

Above altcoins are solid. See thread for charts 👇
🔸API3/USDT - Massive pump after the breakout
🔸ANC/USDT - Massive rally ongoing
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Made a mess of these threads. Integrating them here
#Ukraine's President Zelensky said a few hours ago he is still going to Germany tomorrow for the Munich Security Conference. Whether this is supposed to promote calm or what is unclear; it's a hell of a time for him to leave his capital.
President #Biden just said in his White House address that the US believes the #Russians will invade #Ukraine in the next few days and "they will target Ukraine's capital, Kiev". Image
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1/ Here are my best #DEFI yield farms, no scams, just real underlying value!

Over 100% APY is possible while you hold on to sexy coins. ❤

Let's start with low-fee chains, then end with #ETH DEFI farms.

Recommended liquidity pools are below. 👇

P.S. I also highlight the risks Image

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Why Spectrum and not Anchor/Astroport?

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Liquidity Pools (LP) I recommend, next tweet 👇 Image

➡️ ANC/UST - 50% to 200% APY

LP + ANC + ASTRO + SPEC rewards. Rewards are inflationary + watch for impermanent loss (IL)!

➡️ SPEC/UST - 50% to 100% APY

LP + SPEC rewards. Inflationary + IL

➡️ bLuna/Luna - 8% to 10% APY

LP + ASTRO rewards. No IL as a bonus! Next 👇 Image
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整理下 #terra 质押 #Airdrop 领取信息。持续更新!!
#LUNAticsCN #LUNAtics

快照时间:UTC 时间 2021 年 9 月 9 日快照
代币 : $astro
规则 : $LUNA 质押者, $bLUNA 在 @anchor_protocol 存入者和在活跃在@terraswap_io LP池中(池子 #TVL 100M 以上)
快照时间:2021年12月17日09:32:10 (UTC)
代币: $tns
原文 :…
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Short 🧵 [Please RT] Former #ANC #MP & #AntiApartheid campaigner w/ Archbishop Desmond #Tutu, .@andrewfeinstein, powerfully shreds .@Keir_Starmer & his amoral party’s record on #Apartheid in this #DDN video:
Some brief quotes:

“It is incredibly hypocritical of our political leaders to praise Desmond Tutu, the person who fought & overcame #Apartheid in the past while, at the same time, they are stifling & trying to prevent us from halting #Apartheid today. 2/4
The reality that Desmond Tutu would be expelled from the .@UKLabour Party today for his support for #BDS against #Israel is a reflection on the current morality of .@Keir_Starmer’s #Labour Party. That is not the legacy of Archbishop Tutu. 3/4
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Para el que quiera comprender porque no hay muchas más familias solicitando que se cumpla el 25% de educación en español en Cataluña 😔
Miren este video de una madre 👇

Dura competencia para @elmundotoday: Image
El tufillo rancio nativista.... Image
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A plan to shutdown the ANC policy "Radical Economic Transformation" by targetting certain Twitter accounts advocating for RET ,

it is regarded a crime advocating for the economic transformation in Ramaphosa's New Dawn
"Radical Economic Transformation is a policy of the ANC" ~ cyril ramaphosa
Today what was said by the president is regarded as a crime by those who have power to get Twitter accounts they dislike suspended @Twitter @TwitterSupport @SABCNews
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Some exs of Rag Tag Militants that created #Anarchist Wars miserably & failed to live up to the expectations of their followers->
1. Congo after removal of Mobutu
2. Iran after removal of Shah Reza
3. MENA Countries that embraced Arab Spring
4. Lebanon Civil War
5. Afghanistan
it's very easy to give a call to arms and declare war against the status quo.
We have seen many famous leaders who turned from being promising #revolutionaries into lunatic #populists, and later mutated further into #Anarchists.
Iconoclastic fervour always fails!
Where Iran stood before the ouster of Shah Reza and where it stands today is to be seen by all.
The Iranians were promised a complete social and economic revolution package based on a religious interpretation of problems and methodology by the Clergymen.
Iran turned into a Pariah
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Rally at the Finnish Embassy 7/31
Demonstration at the Finnish Embassy in #Washington on behalf of MP Päivi Räsänen, live stream now!…
#hallitus @Ulkoministerio The #Finnish public prosecutor, who considers #ANC terrorist leader Nelson #Mandela as her guru, accuses the ex. Minister of the Interior and Member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen on quoting the Holy #Bible.
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Margaret Thatcher: "Hello, am Margaret but you can call me Maggie!"

Grey Zulu : "Hello, my name is Grey Zulu but you can call me Gile!"

#Zambia’s freedom fighter and former Vice-President Grey Zulu, left, has died, aged 95. Image
Nonagenarian, Alexander Grey Zulu, more familiarly known simply as Grey Zulu or Old Grey was born in Fort Jameson (modern-day #Chipata), Northern Rhodesia on 3rd September 1924 to Agrippa and Tionenji Zulu. Image
Old Grey did his lower education at Mafuta Lower Primary School, a rural education institution located in #Chipata. He then did his secondary education at Munali Secondary School, #Lusaka. Image
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1/18 Some here believe they've uncovered a "secret letter" that @PatrickZhuwao & I sent to @MYANC on 5 July 2020. For Christ's sake, the letter was made public by Zhuwao. There're reasons why it was shared. It's best to uncover them before jumping into conclusions!
2/18 It's sad & most unfortunate that in Zim, public discourse is invariably poisoned by a negative focus on persons over issues or ideas. Any public duscourse that seeks to box targeted or hated individuals into a thoughtless culdesac is absurd, crass & unhelpful!
3/18 Our letter is only a problem statement as an invitation to @MYANC to have a conversation on the crisis in Zim; given SA's critical role in Zim politics. The letter has talking points with no solutions. It was intended to kickstart, not to end the conversation!
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#StateCaptureInquiry Popo Molefe dealing with Swifambo matter. [BACKGROUND] "Swifambo was initially meant to carry out the leasing of locomotives to be used for passenger services...the board later found that the company did not meet Prasa's requirements.…
"News24 also previously reported that less than a week after Prasa made its first payment of nearly R500 million to Swifambo, the latter's MD paid R14.3 million into the account of a lawyer who had introduced himself as an ANC fundraiser. The total would come to nearly R80m."
#StateCaptureInquiry We're hearing the name Maria Gomes a lot. She is an Angolan businesswoman who former President Zuma reportedly regularly visited in her home in Sandton. Gomes allegedly received payments totalling about R40m from Auswell Mashaba, Swifambo’s MD.
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Julius Malema:

"Pravin Gordhan enjoys respect frm everyone regardless of political party"

Banyise Pravin "Prime Minister" "WMC gatekeeper" Gordhan😂😂



EFF MPs giving Prime Minister Pravin Gordhan #StandingOvation👀

Banyise Pravin Gordhan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Johann Rupert:

"My enemy is your enemy Pravin"

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I have been saying all along that the #ANC #Expropriation policy will be mild. This looks VERY open-ended, and I am convinced that it creates conflicts with other provisions of the Constitution.… via @News24
@News24 The proposed text includes, "Provided that a court may determine that no compensation is payable in the event of expropriation of land for the purposes of land reform…". This is fatally flawed - one cannot have a guaranteed wrong EFFECT merely because the MOTIVE might seem good.
@News24 Although an #Expropriation Act might set out the necessary protections (this is much more complex than most realise or admit), there is no guarantee that it would. And even a good Act can be re-written with a simple majority. The key logical problem is arbitrariness.
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My daughter marching with the spirits of Nelson and Winnie #Mandela outside of the Cradle of Humankind Museum in Mogale, South Africa. It is part of the Long March of Freedom installation, the largest outdoor collection of sculptures in the world. Image
My son got in on the action as well. The installation chronicles over 350 years of South African #anticolonial struggles. It currently depicts over 100 freedom fighters with 400 more in the process of being added. All are in motion. All are marching towards freedom. Image
The procession is organized chronologically and begins in the back with the 17th century leader of the Khoikhoi people, Autshumato, who was the first person to be incarcerated at Robben Island (where Mandala would later spend 27 years). No one stands behind him. Image
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