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24 days of the Doctor
#AdventCalendar #doctowhofanart
Day One: the First Doctor. Image
24 days of the Doctor
Day Two: the Second Doctor. Image
24 days of the Doctor
Day Three: the Third Doctor Image
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🎄🗓️ DAY 1

Here we go Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon: your first advent scene!

We know how much you ADORE cricket. You're @MCCOfficial Chair after all!

So here’s a miniature🏏pavilion we made especially for you.

Now don't forget to check out the sign...👀🪧

#InsureOurFuture ImageImage
🎄🗓️ #AdventCalendar: Day 2!❄️

We’ve added beautiful #advent trees for you Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon.

But how much longer until they’re cut down? 😢

Hey, is that a child up there? We love seeing kids climbing trees! 🌳

And great sign kido!🌎

#InsureOurFuture #StopAdani ImageImage
🎄#AdventCalendar: Day 3!

Look @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon the cricket players have arrived!😀

Best get those matches in while you can:

Cricket is one of the sports most affected by flooding and extreme heat caused by the #ClimateCrisis. 😬

Do it for the 🏏if not for the kids! ImageImage
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December 1st and today starts my traditional Women in STEM advent calendar. Some I have tweeted about before, some are new. Time to open door no 1.

#WomenInSTEM #STEMcalendar #AdventCalendar #STEMedu #STEAM #TechEdu #DandT #DT
Door 1 - Hertha Ayrton. British engineer, mathematician, physicist, inventor. Known for her work with the electric arc + discovery with waves and ripple.

1899, she was the first woman ever to read her own paper before the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).
#WomenInSTEM Image
Door 2 - Katharine Burr Blodgett. Physicist and chemist. Invented the nonreflective glas. Which improved everything from eyeglasses to the camera on your phone. She was the first woman to receive a PhD in physics from the @Cambridge_Uni
#WomenInSTEM #STEMcalendar #AdventCalendar Image
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The Ghosts of Christmas past #AdventCalendar - Day 1.
2 girls stand by their 17ft snowman in Aberdeen, Scotland 1962.
Image: Popperfoto Image
The Ghosts of Christmas past #AdventCalendar - Day 2.
Kids in Manchester rolling a huge snowball, 1968.
Photo Shirley Baker Image
The Ghosts of Christmas past #AdventCalendar - Day 3.
Christmas lights on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 1962.
Photo Herald Archives Image
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[DAY 21/24]

For this last #AdventCalendar week, (re)discover our Let's STEAM resources! Starting with #HandsOn #STEAM activities for #home or in the #class, inspired by #societal, #artistic and #scientific challenges👏

⤵️ Discover them in the thread below!
Start easy mixing #music, #mathematics and #computerscience

Discover the #GuerillaGardening initiatives, #smartgardening #DIY projects as well as the @farmbotio #OpenSource #CNC Farming solution!

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Fact 16: Akkadian (Babylonian, Assyrian) cuneiform and Japanese writing system have surprisingly many common features. In this short thread we’ll show some of them. #AdventCalendar An old painting of a Japanese nobleman sitting & Japanese wrA cuneiform tablet
Basics of Akkadian & Japanese
- both mix logograms (word signs) & phonetic signs
- both write syllables, not invidual sounds
-…but neither is purely syllabic, often you need two signs for one syllable
- both have signs which can be read in more than one way, depending on context A meme comic, in which a bird tells how many readings one cuA screenshot oa Japanese dictionary showing the kanji charac
And why? Basically, because Japanese and Akkadian speakers both borrowed their writing system from a people speaking a completely different language, Japanese from Chinese and Akkadian from Sumerian, both being the first written languages in the area. A proto-Sumerian cuneiform tabletA turtle shell having oracle bone writing (proto-Chinese wri
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This year we have prepared a special #adventcalendar to share with you in the lead up to Christmas - 24 days to explore the 24 knights that feature on the Round Table that hangs in the Great Hall.

Behind door number 1 is Sir Galahallt (Sir Galahad) positioned next to King Arthur Image
Galahad is the son of Sir Lancelot & best known for his involvement in the Quest for the Holy Grail. The most worthy of the Knights of the Round Table, Galahad also succeeds in drawing a magic sword stuck in stone (much like Arthur)

Image: British Library Royal MS 14 E III f.91r Image
Behind door 2 we have the greatest knight who ever lived, or so Malory frequently proclaimed throughout Le Morte Darthur. We are of course referring to Sir Lancelot.

On a mission to rescue Guinevere, he performs many great feats including crossing a sharp“sword-bridge” 👇 A knight (Lancelot?) crossi...
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Day 1 of my #AdventCalendar

[sound up]
Day 2 of my #AdventCalendar

[sound up]
Day 3 of my #AdventCalendar

[sound up]
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It's the 1st December and the countdown to Christmas has begun! But in the world of immigration, Christmas has come early as the jolly old Ho-Ho-Home Office has gifted everyone a "brand new" Points Based System
To celebrate, here at Latitude we'll be posting our very own video advent calendar throughout December. Each day a member of the team will reveal the meaning behind a piece of key terminology essential for the new sponsorship scheme.
First up, it's me, @SharaPledger, and I'll be explaining exactly what a Points Based System is. The PBS and sponsorship will become increasingly important for UK employers in coming months, as Brexit bites and more employees require specific permission to work
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Since I can't resist an #AdventCalendar, I'm going to try to do an alphabet from Anglo-Saxon manuscripts from now until Christmas. First up:

A is for 'appropinquabat' (approached). From a prayerbook that was owned-- and possibly made-- by women…
B is for beatus (blessed). From a Psalter made about 1000 years ago (Arundel MS 155, f. 12r).
You can see a video showing how to make this page-- from cutting your quills to gilding-- thanks to @LovettPatricia…
#BLAngloSaxons Golden initial 'B', decorated with interlace, coloured panels, beasts' heads and colourful foliage.
C is for 'cantate' (chant! or sing!) We can see how an 11th-century scribe translated this word, in an Old English gloss just above the Latin: 'Singath!'

From a fabulous mid-11th-century Psalter:…
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Conscience Accounting

After violating a moral norm, people have an increased likelihood to act prosocially. Can you provide an outlet for the good behavior? Can you remind people of previous bad deeds to encourage a good deed?

#Convert2Good #advent 1/24
Vicarious Moral Self-licensing

We see our actions as more prosocial if we regard ourselves as part of a group with a good prosocial record. Even onlookers do. Be careful about how you talk about group membership.

#Convert2Good #advent 2/24
Social Inclusion

Social exclusion reduces a wide range of prosocial behaviors. It increases aggression, risk taking & procrastination and reduces cooperation and analytical reasoning. Can users feel included or excluded in your system? What cues exist?

#Convert2Good 3/24
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