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Heute haben wir aus einem Stück Teichfolie eine #Lehmpfütze für Insekten & Vögel angelegt. Während wir den Teich ausgehoben haben, waren immer viele #Insekten an dem feuchten Boden, um den Lehm zu holen oder zu trinken.

1 von 4 📜, bitte ausklappen für Anleitung & Besucher 👇 Image
2/4) Das animierte GIF zeigt euch die wenigen Schritte beim Anlegen: Folie zuschneiden, flache Grube ausheben, Lehm rein,… fertig!

💚Wer sehr festen Boden hat, kann auf die Folie verzichten.
💚Wer Kinder hat, bekommt problemlos Hilfe beim Lehm anmatschen.

#Naturgarten #diy
3/4) Schon beim Befüllen kamen die ersten Besucher. #Lehmbad #Insekten Image
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Welcome to day 2 of the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit, hosted the the beautiful city of #Berlin

I'll be keeping this thread going to cover all the presentations and learnings of the day.

As co-chair, I'll be looking after the chatbot track, today.

First up, Alin from @SapienceS2P

Talking about how to deliver value and a competitive edge through customised chatbot solutions

SapienceS2P is an #SAP procurement consultancy Image
Taking us through their #procurement chatbot, Sapience Satori, which can integrate with #ChatGPT, most SAP APIs and also communication channels - #teams #slack #whatsapp
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🛸 More Connectivity!More Possibilities!
BTT Pi - A single-board computer(SBC) with the same mounting holes as Raspberry Pi, packed with powerful processing and versatile connectivity options, making it perfect for a wide range of 3d printing applications. 🌃 Image
😎With the compact and integrated design, BTT Pi enhances the coordination of different components to present high stability and performance.
✅ Highly compatible with #Klipper:
As an alternative to Pi, BTT Pi offers advantages to running Klipper effortlessly to upgrade 3d printing.
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🧵 1/ Vector stores & embeddings may be the talk of the town, but there's more to explore! Discover how to fine-tune LLaMA, an open-source language model, to make it sound like Homer Simpson! You can even apply this method to other characters! 🍩📺 Shout out to @bfirsh for this! Image
@bfirsh 2/ The process starts by using a dataset containing scripts from The Simpsons TV show (Seasons 1-12) obtained from Kaggle. With ~60k lines of dialog and 1.1M tokens, it's time to train LLaMA to reproduce the voice of the characters. 📚
@bfirsh 3/ To make LLaMA speak like a character, the dataset is parsed into scenes and prompts are generated. This is done by taking the previous lines in the scene, the character with the next line, and that line. The model is then prompted to complete the line in context. 🎭
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🚩An imp thread🧵 regarding #HoliFestival


💫 Clear confusion regarding date & timings of #HolikaDahan '23

🌉 #Holi Jagran Importance

🪅Harmful effects of #Chemical Colors

🎋How to make Alternative #Homemade #Organic Colors

🔮#VedicHoli with ♻️#Palash
Date & Timing of every #Hindu festival is considered according to the Panchang which is a detailed calculation & study of stars, constellations and planetary positions.

Hence this year #HolikaDahan will occur on 2 days based on the timings of sunset.
There are 4 Maharatris in Sanatan Dharma which bestow maximum spiritual benefits to the spritual aspirant who makes the most of this auspicious time.

#Mahashivratri, #Holi, Shri Krishna #Janmashtami & #Deepawali. The sadhana performed during these pious hours acts as catalyst.
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Wowwwwww today is a day to celebrate! My blog is finally live and the first post is CRAZY nice 😱🔥



#javascript #nodejs #learning #blogpost #tutorial #websockets #socketio #diy #100daysofcode Image
I've been creating videos on my youtube channel that you rarely will see in another place on the internet 🤩

You'll find there subjects like Recreating @nodejs from scratch, Web APIs and recreating web protocols such as the Web Socket using JS with no frameworks, etc

And others, which are amazing experiments, such as recreating a code coverage tool from scratch and how to process terabytes of data using JavaScript

If you search about those subjects you'd reach out to my videos but why not have them as blog posts as well?

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Want to get started in DIY electronics? This is the thread for you:

Robin Mitchell, Electromaker's resident Engineer and Educator, has compiled a list of everything you need to get going, all for under $100. Let's take a look!

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
(By the way, everything in this thread and more can be found in the blog post and video on the Electromaker website:…)

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
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Les boules de graisse sont souvent achetées par les particuliers souhaitant nourrir les oiseaux en hiver. Mais sont-elles sans danger pour eux ? Dans ce 🧶je vous propose quelques conseils si vous souhaitez en disposer cet hiver pour les oiseaux du jardin 🐦⬇️
Nourrir les oiseaux du jardin en hiver séduit de plus en plus de citoyens. La vente de boules de graisse dans les magasins de jardinage est ainsi en plein essor. En effet, elles sont très prisées des particuliers car vendues prêtes à l’emploi dans de nombreux magasins.
Mais si la meilleure solution consiste à fabriquer ses propres boules de graisse, peu d’amoureux de la nature y consacrent le temps nécessaire. C’est pourquoi bon nombre de jardiniers se contenteront d’acheter ces boules de graisse industrielles.
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🧵How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

The @OPENDiabetesEU ⤵️
▶️ Katarina Braune is a co-founder
▶️ Patient-led
▶️ 2/3 of the international team live w/#T1D
▶️ #OpenSource #AID data

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #wearenotwaiting @dedocORG @ispad_org 1/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

#wearenotwaiting movement ⤵️
Because DIY #ClosedLoop systems have been so life-changing for them and their kids, they decided to make it available for all.

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 2/n
How can #HCP assist people who chose to use #DYIAID?

International consensus statement on #OpenSource automated insulin delivery ⤵️
✅ Published in @TheLancetEndo on Nov 13 2021

#ISPAD2022 #dedoc°voices #payitforward @dedocORG @ispad_org 3/n
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Also, fangen wir mal hinten an, Ich werde jetzt nach und nach #Literatur zu den #Luftreinigern twittern, um die Diskussion zu substantivieren.

I'll do that mainly in English, at times in German.

Let's start. (AC-1) Nature News, October 2021.
1 Image
Of course, this is only a #News article in @Nature. The paper, at that time only a preprint, now appeared here:

AC-2 =
2 Image
In this work, authos state "Here we present
the first data providing evidence for the removal of SARS-CoV-2 and microbial bioaerosols from the air using portable air filters with UV sterilization on a COVID-19 ward."

I think this is true, in the paper actually particles...
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Repair cost for a broken extension cord: $3 to $8 depending on the amp rating/quality of the new plug. #DIY
It's literally a 2 minute operation to fix something like this, I just put two different ends on this to create two new extension cords.
Family member 1: "Throw that away! Just go buy a new one"
Family member 2: "Hmm, you should throw that in the trash and buy a new one"
Me: "WHAT?!?! It's so easy to fix these!"
(obviously, I am the handy/DIY person in this part of the family)
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Another @NYUAbuDhabi class visit. Sam Anderson from the first year writing program leads a conversation with @cromwellojeda for The Politics of Spectacle
The conversation starts with a discussion of how Cromwell works as a multi-hyphenate artist - musician, graphic designer, and now he opened a burger joint in Dubai as a “side hustle.”
His interest was sparked by design for album covers. So his day job as a designer is directly related to his music life - DIY marketing for punk rock shows, etc.

He started as a designer without a computer, design software.
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🤖On arrête tout, des #robotstueurs, c'est la fin du monde !
Mais ouais, vous rigolez sur du gymkhana de robot de @BostonDynamics , mais ils s'arment déjà.
L'humanité est perdue !

#robot #t1000 #terminator
1⃣ On a pas besoin de robot pour ce foutre sur la gueule.
2⃣ #Spot de @BostonDynamics est sorti en 2016, c'est une évolution de #BigDog sorti en 2005

#robot #chien
3⃣ Oui, l'armée à des avantages fort à avoir des éléments mobiles, autonome à + ou - grand niveau pour aller sur des terrains dangereux (par la guerre ou la toxicité) à fin de #transport, #reconnaissance et pointage de cible.

[Qui tire ? Pour l'instant l'humain]

#rover #drone Drone terrestre, extrait de la série Tchernobyl de HBO
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This is a real & proper product
Let's see what we can find…

I would say that there are already some visual similarities... perhaps political ..

#Drone #AntiDrone #AntiDroneGuns
#DIY #HomeMade #Maker #Assembled
Some journalistic articles

Donetsk soldiers make their own anti-drone jamming guns in the spirit of soil guns…

Russian-Backed Separatist Shows Off Questionable Homemade Counter-Drone Jamming Gun…

#Drone #AntiDroneGuns
To Be Negotiated....
Contact Supplier
Mr. VinceXXX ChenXXX
WhatsApp: +86 150XYZVXYZVX
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#AMCs are manufacturers and will offer a basket to select from. Would anyone have invested if they came with NFO in March 2020?

It is duty of #Advisors/#Investors to invest or ignore. Just because AMCs offer is no criteria to invest.

Need to introspect before blaming others
Same is the case with IPOs, their timings and their valuations. Companies also come with #IPOs when markets were on a roll.

Again, investors had a choice to invest or ignore.

They invested with GREED and FOMO and now blaming others for these IPOs bombing
Why can't #Investors respect market signals? When going was good, they ignored advice of following #AssetAllocation.

When markets are bleeding, looking at scapegoats for their own actions.

This is #SelfAttribution bias. All good - their skill, all bad - blame it on others
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Amazing work by houseproject_36 over on Instagram, who used our #foam cut to size service to create this superb seating area 🇬🇧👍

#DIY #homerenovation #seating Image
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Nice #calculator here I just used for a project I have going on!…

#DIY #Project #doityourself #tools
Think I'm going to use it again for some other stuff I have planned
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3 things #journalism #startups need to continuously innovate are: content, distribution and revenue strategies.


It’s not enough to want to do everything, it’s how you do one well that matters for impact and scale.
Plus, #DIY articles are not enough to start your journalism business, #feasibilitystudy is key 🔑.

e.g. Who are the 1-20 clients or customers that would pay $100k annually to run my business if my running cost is $3-6 monthly?

Do I have their contacts & edge over competition?
When you get the 100k in first 2 years, don’t jump. Measure!

Measure impact of one product before you jump on the other… what have you learned from one that you’re taking to the other?
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#Vegan #Salami #DIY
1. Gewürzmischung
2. Weizengluten mit Tofubrocken
3. Vermengen
4. Gut durchkneten... ImageImageImageImage
#Vegan #Salami #DIY
5. Laaange durchkneten
6. In Rollenform bringen
7. Einpacken
8. Kochen... ImageImageImageImage
#Vegan #Salami #DIY
9. Die Stunde kochen konnte leider nicht eingehalten werden, die Teile sind nach 40 Minuten sich ausdehnend geplatzt.
10. Also neu eingepackt und 30 Minuten in den Backofen.
11. Danach auskühlen lassen.
12. Naja, Theorie. 😅 Schon mal warm gekostet. Lecker. 😋 ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD (01/n)

#Notfallvorsorge, aber wie & worauf?

Im folgenden #Thread werde ich dazu Gedanken & Grundlagen vorstellen.

Zur Frage worauf soll ich mich vorbereiten lässt sich keine allgemeingültige Antwort geben, da dies, je nach (aktuellem) Aufenthaltsort, stark variiert.
Jede/r muss sehr individuell mögliche Gefahren im eigenen Umfeld analysieren & eine darauf abgestimmte Strategie/Vorbereitung ableiten. Lebe ich neben einem aktiven Vulkan, sollte ich andere Prioritäten haben, als in einem Gebiet mit starken Schneestürmen oder Tornados. Image
Gleich bleibt jedenfalls immer, dass ich mich selbst informieren muss, um die Gefahren in meiner Umgebung zu (er-)kennen!

Unter vielen anderen zB folgende Fragen: Wohne/arbeite ich in der Nähe einer Chemiefabrik, eines AKWs oder in der Einflugschneise eines Flughafens?
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We all desire financial security yet achieve it differently. The plans we make, and the actions we take to feel secure can vary widely.

We found 10 unconventional actions people took to build their financial security.

Intrigued? Read on
Health is wealth – Research states that financial security is inextricably linked to good physical health, mental health and quality of life. Taking care of these can positively impact financial outcomes. We love @Headspace and @FitbodApp
Minimalism – is about owning less, reducing distractions, and understanding what we value. That drives how we save, spend, and invest. A minimalist lifestyle with money-management skills can truly enhance financial wellness. We love @TheMinimalists
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#Budget2022 wish list:

Congratulations to @nsitharaman and @PMOIndia to guide our country thru this #pandemic period. You have avoided excesses of many countries during this period. Thanks to that #India is touted as the next preferred #investment destination.
It is dream of our Hon #PMModi to reach $5 trln economy very soon. For that, besides Govt spending, you will need help from citizens to save, invest and channel the same to productive use through investment vehicles like Mutual Funds.
Our #MutualFund Industry has grown from 25 lac crs to currently 37 lac crs and likely to touch 100 lac crs.

#MF mobilizes #savings of all #Investors - #retail, #HNI, #Institutional and helps in growing our economy by participating in #Debt and #Equity - key drivers for growth
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Dive-in for a peek at my #process and #designthinking on how I made my latest science infographic: "Comparing How COVID-19 Vaccines and Antiviral Pills Work" ⬇️🧵#COVID #Pfizer #Merck #DIY #infographic #vaccines #WIP #development #Covid_19 #paxlovid A poster showing "How I Made This", and a reproduc
The original inspiration for this piece was the newly marketed antiviral pills by Pfizer and Merck for the treatment of COVID-19. I thought with hearing so much about vaccines this year, and with pills entering the arena, people might be curious about what each does in the body.
When I started researching, I quickly learned that there were many types of vaccines. Here's one chart I found that explains this (left; by Nikita Ramesh, made with @BioRender). My first idea (right) was to convey ALL these types of vaccines against antivirals. A chart showing 7 major types of vaccines technologies and hEarly sketch of research and my arrangement for the infograp
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