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So this could be a Thing in years to come.

But we can take action now!

Here's a few ideas of ways to make a difference.
👥 Write to your councillors to express your concern. This is going to affect loads of people in their constituencies! They miiight need to do something 🤔…
Alternatively, if you've been playing a lot of #AnimalCrossing lately and fancy running your own town for real

How about running for council yourself? Join a team (with excellent eco-credentials of course) or go independent - you decide!
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Tiens ! Nous sommes samedi matin, bébésteban dort présentement dans son porte-bébé contre moi, sa maman joue à #AnimalCrossing...

Rien de mieux pour passer le temps que de faire une nouvelle twitlecture !

Au menu ⤵️ ⤵️ ⤵️
comme d'habitude, je vais rédiger les commentaires en allant. mutez le thread direct.

TW : manosphères, gamergate

Ferguson, C. J., & Glasgow, B. (2020). Who are GamerGate? A descriptive study of individuals involved in the GamerGate controversy.…
Je remercie un collègue de travail qui m'a partagé l'article. Je prends enfin le temps de le lire. Je ne mentionne pas mon collègue pour ne pas polluer sa TL mais il peut entrer dans le débat (c'est un chercheur en psychologie, donc il a beaucoup plus d'insights que moi)
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Finished making the "Ultimate Friendship Handbook"!😊 This guide talks about all the friendship mechanics in #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons . I hope it helps! (second half in comments) #AnimalCrossing
second half of Ultimate Friendship Handbook~
A lot of people have been misunderstanding something: bullying/ignoring your villagers or lowering their friendship will NOT make them move out any faster! Please don't bully your villagers...😖😭

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thread of real vs fake paintings and how not to get SCAMMED by an art history enthusiast #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
real versions (left) vs. fake versions (right)
Basic Painting or The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough - fake version will have bangs/a less visible forehead
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I am playing #animalcrossing
From my live-streaming of the game just now with my friend William Liu. (He’s much better than I.) Feel free to rewatch it in full on @demosisto’s YouTube channel 👆
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Oh no, Xi Jinping banned #AnimalCrossing in China (apparently because I play it), and these angry gamers are blaming me everywhere instead of blaming their own government lol 🤨🎮🎮
For more context...
I’m also receiving a flood of messages and e-mails like this one 🤪
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Can computers create art? This is 'A Prayer For A Christian's Grave', created by… a computer!
What do you see in it?
@glitch80bot #GlitchMe #innovation #digital #cryptoart #css #abstract #stainedglass #security
@threadreaderapp unroll what do you see in this artwork? #bot2bot 🤖 #digitalart #lanwangji #robotics #cryptoart #drawing
@ImCaedmon For me this image represents  Jesus' life from before His Crucial Event, and from his life in death, in which there has also been . What do you see in this artwork? #animalcrossing #digitalart #painting #ai #robotics #drawing #abstract #master
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1/ While many have turned to social media campaigns and online petitions to make their voices heard, other less obvious platforms have also risen to the fore as means of protest, including, Joshua Wong said, the Nintendo game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.…
2/ As platform without political censorship, open-ended life simulation game, which lets players live on tropical island & interact with anthropomorphic animals, has become a place for protesters in HK and around the world to demonstrate without having to leave their homes.
3/ "That's a good platform," Wong said, as it allows protesters to get creative by decorating their islands in the game to be "a protest site." Wong's own island in #AnimalCrossing, of which he shows a black protest banner along with portraits of Carrie Lam & President Xi.
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So thought I would make a #ACNH design tip sheet for you guys!

These are things I have noticed from designing many outfits and flags. The editor can offer you a lot of customization if you work around its mechanics and get creative!

#AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons Image
Opted for a B&W color palette, easier to digest

1.) Standard basic shapes! I use most of these when I am making any outfit.

2.) adding thicker line borders (or removing some pixels)/other colors can create a variant of shapes/designs as well to your simple shapes!
3.) When shading if you pick a color that is one shade lighter/darker than your base shade it will remain pixely but if you pick one that is two shades difference it will smooth out the line, depending on your art style either work for adding some dimension/texture to your art.
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Animal Crossing is Fast Becoming a New Way for Hong Kong Protesters to Fight for Democracy! The #Covid_19 pandemic has halted public demonstrations, so protesters are taking their cause to #AnimalCrossing.…

(This is my island!)
1/ "I play the game, I just bought it a few days ago. For lots of people around the world who play this game, they have to put their ideal life into the game, and for HKers, we have to put our protest movement and our protest sites inside the game."
2/ This is the first time that Joshua is playing this game. On a normal day, he's an avid #Pokemon and #SuperSmashBros fan. "Frankly speaking, without coronavirus, I don't believe HKers would go through such a tremendous effort in decorating their islands to be a protest site."
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Good morning everyone.

Do you have #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons?

Do WE have #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons?

You bet we do. And if you have it, we gots quite the challenge for ya. A photo of The MERL logo recreated in Animal Crossing.
Across rural history, people have worn all kinds of fancy outfits. Because while you're cultivating the land, you may as well also cultivate a fantastic look, to dazzle your peers and harvests.

These are both smocks: a beautiful use of sound and cloth.

We're the museum of the countryside™, and in our collections there are wardrobes upon wardrobes of cool rural garms.

In fact, here's an online exhibition we curated last year featuring some highlights.…
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So most of us are wondering how we’re going to spend our time this weekend while we practice social distancing, right?

Here are some ideas for things to do with your mental and physical health in mind.
Set up virtual get-togethers with your friends. 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

If you can set up a video call, you can do happy hour, karaoke, game night, watch parties, or book club. We’ve got a how-to here, plus more ideas for stuff to do.…
Work out at home. 💪

When was the last time you stretched? Do a free Instagram dance class with Debbie Allen, download the Peloton app (now free for 90 days), or search for any kind of workout class you normally do at the gym on YouTube.…
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#どうぶつの森 #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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[Thread - #InitiativesConfinées] #COVID19
Depuis le début du confinement, les initiatives se multiplient dans le réseau #CSTI pour échanger des informations, des ressources ou trouver des moyens de continuer à partager les sciences !

Une liste à compléter ⬇️
🧪 Manips

Les #SciencesALaMaison proposées par @RotondeSciences, ainsi que leurs partages d'infos/intox quotidiens sur leurs réseaux sociaux :…
📚 Ressources #COVID19

Un ensemble de ressources "fiables primaires et vulgarisées" autour du #COVID19 rassemblées par la team du @cafe_sciences :…
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~30 minutes left until the #AnimalCrossing Direct begins (duration: 25 minutes)


You can choose on which hemisphere you want to have your island #AnimalCrossing
Activities and collectibles change depending on the season #AnimalCrossing
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