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#PMModi addresses 99th edition of Mann Ki Baat

Mann Ki Baat live updates:…
Awareness about organ donation in the country is increasing: #PMModi
#PMModi urges everyone to contribute suggestions for the upcoming 100th episode next month.…
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The #Oscars performance of “Naatu Naatu” — meant to be a celebration of #RRRMovie’s unlikely road to the Academy Awards — left many in the South Asian community disappointed and outraged for failing to showcase any South Asian dancers onstage.
“The academy let a demographic down,” said Nakul Dev Mahajan, a dance industry veteran. “The truth of the matter is, there are Indian dancers out there. It’s just that the effort wasn’t made.” Image
Critics of the number cited the casting of the two non-South Asian lead dancers styled as stand-ins for stars Jr. NTR and Ram Charan’s characters as an example of the challenges that face South Asian performers trying to gain a foothold in the business.
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We asked #ChatGPT to tell us the brands we should eat while bingeing the latest #Oscars nominated movies.

Here are the results👇
Everything Everywhere All at Once 👉 @realsnacknation

This movie is an action-adventure film with elements of science fiction and comedy. Try a snack that's as eclectic and diverse as the movie.

Top Gun: Maverick 👉 @KINDSnacks

This movie features a lot of aerial action sequences. Try a snack that's easy to eat and won't make a mess.

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@TheAcademy vive davvero nei film.
Rifiuta per la seconda volta di inserire un breve videomessaggio di #Zelensky, presidente di uno stato che sta subendo una guerra reale.
Intanto però premia un eroe immaginario (falso) come #Navalny, solo perché "non è Putin".
Parliamone. 1/25🧵 Image
Perché tutta questa indignazione da parte degli ucraini?
La decisione di rifiutare o accettare il videomessaggio di Zelensky spettava sicuramente a @TheAcademy.
Ognuno ha una sua visione legittima su questo metodo di sensibilizzare il pubblico e avvicinarlo alla causa Ucraina. 2/ Image
Il problema principale sta nell'ipocrisia con cui viene rifiutato a Zelensky di "partecipare" alla cerimonia #Oscars
I motivi sarebbero la carnagione troppo chiara degli ucraini (che non piace al produttore Will Packer) e una falsa apoliticità (come ha ribadito @DmytroKuleba.) 3/
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This “sex assigned at birth” BS is the most INSANE thing yet. When I was 11 weeks pregnant with my oldest, I was able to find out his sex via blood test. How? They test for the presence of a Y chromosome in the mother’s blood. If it’s positive, the baby is a boy. Even in the 1st
trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s DNA is detectable in the mothers blood. Isn’t that incredible in and of itself? This is the earliest and most reliable way to determine sex, and it doesn’t require an ultrasound or a doctor to “assign” it based on genitalia, just genetics. The
assertion that a doctor “assigns” a sex like an arbitrary assigned seat in a classroom is beyond absurd. It’s an affront to science and reality itself. You can raise your children without forcing gender stereotypes and still teach them accurate and anatomically correct facts
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Yesterday, the #Kremlin information resources showed a meeting of two "absolutely healthy" people: #Russian President Vladimir #Putin and the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan #Kadyrov. The meeting was supposed to demonstrate...
the excellent health of the participants and their "strong handshake". It didn't work out very well. Given urgent therapy, #Putin does not feel well. Recently, the pain in his stomach has intensified again. It is not always possible to stop it completely.
In the footage of the meeting with the head of Chechnya, #Putin, sitting in an armchair, twisted from pain for a moment and convulsively grabbed the table with his hand. Note that this is on the official #Kremlin recording, where the best and most successful shots are used.
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1/ THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4677: Jamie Lee Curtis Accepts her Oscar
#BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #EmotionalIntelligence #JamieLeeCurtis #Oscars #BestSupportingActress #EmotionalProcessing

2/ Last night, Jamie Lee Curtis won the Oscar for Best Support Actress. She played, Deirdre Beaubeirdre (an IRS inspector) in the film, "Everything Everywhere All at Once".
3/ What follows is a Body Language analysis of several nonverbal behaviors Ms. Curtis displays in her acceptance speech.
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𝐂𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐱 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐬𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐬 🏆

(The selection is purely based on their performances during 2022)

Comment if we missed anyone?

#CricTracker #Oscars Image
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The #Oscars Best Picture winner and nominees can help to demonstrate the ongoing impact of religion and spirituality on modern society. A 🧵: 1/6 ImageImageImageImage
Best Picture winner "Everything, Everywhere All At Once" explores existential themes, even if it does not engage w/ organized religion.

Interestingly, a woman also sings "Ave Maria" in one scene. 2/6 Image
Nominee "Women Talking" tells the story of horrific abuse in a separatist Mennonite community and explores deep religious themes.

"The Banshees of Inisherin" takes place in deeply Catholic Ireland w/ scenes depicting mass and confession. 3/6 ImageImage
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What we learned from the Academy:
Vivien Leigh has Asian ancestry.
Hilary Swank is considered the 1st actress of Hispanic descent to win Best Actress (grandmother was Mexican)
Jessica Chastain is 2nd actress of Hispanic descent to win Best Actress (father is Hispanic).
Only two acknowledged WOC have won Best Actress: Halle Berry in 2002 and Michelle Yeoh.
14 Black actresses have been nominated for Best Actress but haven't won, including Angela Bassett, Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Viola Davis, Whoopi Goldberg, Diana Ross, Cecily Tyson.
Viola Davis and Whoopi Goldberg have both won Best Supporting Actress #Oscars as have 7 other Black women: Hattie McDaniel (the 1st), Jennifer Hudson, Octavia Spencer, Mo'Nique, Lupita Niyong'o, Regina King and Ariana DuBose.
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1. There are two fundamentally divergent ways to interpret the triumph of Asians and Asian-Americans at the #Oscars in 2023, not in terms of racial relations in this country, on which I’m sure many people will comment, but in terms of #HongKong’s fight for democracy and autonomy.
2. On one hand, you have a vision promoted by the likes of @janetyang1. Educated at elite institutions here — Phillips Exeter Academy, followed by Brown and Columbia Universities — she climbed every step of Hollywood’s ladder by profiting from authoritarianism abroad.
3. In addition to repeatedly praising Chairman Xi Jinping, she leverages her skin color as a minority in the U.S. to dismiss genocidal policies in China, where her ethnicity — Han — empowers her. She exploits this gap across borders to play both sides against the middle.
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The #Oscars2023 Quiz 🧠

How well do you know the winners? 🏆
Who made history? ⭐️
Who set the stage on fire? 🔥

Test your knowledge of this year's #AcademyAwards winners, performers, and presenters, and let us know your answers in the comments 👇

#Oscar #Oscars

A thread 🧵
How many Oscars did #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce win? 🏆

(Hint 🤭 The movie has won everything, everywhere, all at once at #Oscars2023)

#Oscar #Oscars #AcademyAwards2023
Who accepted the #Oscar for #NaatuNaatu from #RRR? 🕺🕺

Take this poll and see how well you know the winners!

Also, did you watch the Naatu Naatu LIVE performance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments 👇

#Oscars #Oscars2023
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En portada | Oscar 2020: la sangre fresca de 'Todo a la vez en todas partes' conquista Hollywood
La comedia existencial de ciencia ficción 'Todo a la vez en todas partes' se lleva siete de los once #Oscars a los que optaba y representa la victoria del joven Hollywood frente al viejo Hollywood…
Un 'hopelessly devoted' John Travolta se rompe al recordar a Olivia Newton-John: "Tocaron nuestro corazón, nos hicieron sonreír, se convirtieron en nuestros amigos… Es gente de la seremos irremediablemente devotos"
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'Todo a la vez en todas partes' ha sido la gran ganadora de los #Oscars. En total, se ha llevado siete de las once estatuillas a las que optaba. Una victoria que confirma la transformación que está sufriendo la organización que vota los Oscar…
El discurso de Brendan Fraser ha sido uno de los momentos más entrañables de la noche. El actor, ganador del Oscar por su papel protagonista en 'La ballena', ha protagonizado una de esas vueltas de la muerte (profesional) que tanto gustan en Estados Unidos…
En la categoría femenina, Michelle Yeoh se ha convertido en la primera mujer asiática en ganar el Oscar de interpretación, por su increíble papel en 'Todo a la vez en todas partes': "Este es un faro de esperanza, los sueños se cumplen"…
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ఆర్ఆర్ఆర్‌కు ఆస్కార్‌పై సీఎం కేసీఆర్‌ హర్షం.. విశ్వ సినీ యవనికపై తెలుగు సినిమా సత్తా చాటుతూ, ప్రపంచ చలనచిత్ర రంగంలో అత్యంత ప్రతిష్టాత్మకంగా భావించే ఆస్కార్ ను గెలుచుకోవడం తెలుగువారిగా మనందరికీ గర్వకారణం-సీఎం కేసీఆర్

#RRRMovie #Oscar #NaatuNaatu #KCR
ఆస్కార్ పొందిన నాటు నాటు పాటలో పొందు పరిచిన పదాలు తెలంగాణ సంస్కృతికి, తెలుగు ప్రజల రుచి అభిరుచికి, ప్రజా జీవన వైవిధ్యానికి అద్దం పట్టాయి. తెలుగు భాషలోని మట్టి వాసనలను, ఘాటును, నాటు పాట ద్వారా గొప్పగా వెలుగులోకి తెచ్చిన పాట రచయిత చంద్రబోస్‌కు సీఎం ప్రత్యేక అభినందనలు

#Oscar #KCR
సంగీత దర్శకుడు ఎంఎం కీరవాణి, దర్శకుడు రాజమౌళి, గాయకులు రాహుల్ సిప్లిగంజ్, కాలభైరవ, నటులు రామ్ చరణ్, జూనియర్ ఎన్టీఆర్, కొరియోగ్రాఫర్ ప్రేమ్ రక్షిత్, సినిమా నిర్మాత డీవీవీ దానయ్య, ఇతర సాంకేతిక సిబ్బందికి శుభాకాంక్షలు-కేసీఆర్

#Oscars #Oscars2023 #RRRMovie #NaatuNaatu #KCR
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Thread: 1) Just off the top of my head, the In Memoriam dissed Marsha Hunt, Stella Stevens, Tom Sizemore, Robert Blake, Topol, Cindy Williams, Pat Carroll, Ricou Browning, Bert I. Gordon, Paul Sorvino, Anne Heche, Leslie Jordan, Albert Pyun, Charibi Dean, Yvette Mimieux, (cont.)
2) Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Sirico, Melinda Dillon and Kevin Conroy. Granted some of these were recent but the segment producers make movies for a living for God's sake and they could have edited them in. #Oscars
And yes, duh, I know about the longer list on the website, which they mention annually during the broadcast. Which just results in a creepy A-list versus B-list thing.
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JUST IN: "Everything Everywhere All At Once" sweeps the #Oscars as the film wins Best Picture during the award ceremony in Hollywood this Sunday (US time).

More details to follow on
Here are the other awards "Everything Everywhere All At Once" won at #Oscars95:

Best Actress - Michelle Yeoh
Best Supporting Actor - Ke Huy Quan
Best Supporting Actress - Jamie Lee Curtis
Best Film Editing - Paul Rogers
Best Directing - Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert
The film also won Best Original Screenplay, totaling to 7 awards garnered at the #Oscars. #Oscars95 #Oscars2023
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🏆 Os Vencedores do #Oscars95!

• Melhor Filme: Tudo em Todo Lugar ao Mesmo Tempo
• Direção: Os Daniels
• Atriz: Michelle Yeoh
• Ator: Brendan Fraser (A Baleia)
• Atriz Coadj: Ke Huy Quan
• Ator Coadj: Jaime Lee Curtis
• Roteiro Original: Os Daniels (Tudo em Todo Lugar ao Mesmo Tempo)
• Roteiro Adaptado: Sarah Polley (Entre Mulheres)

• Animação: Pinóquio por Guillermo del Toro
• Filme Internacional: Nada de Novo no Front
• Documentário: Navalny

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The Elephant Whisperers triumphs at the #AcademyAwards - Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga win the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject - the first ever for an Indian Production at the #Oscars.

#Oscars95 | @guneetm
Deepika Padukone introduces #NaatuNaatu from the #RRRMovie to the #Oscars2023 audience.
#NaatuNaatu brings down the house at the #Oscars.
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Here are the winners of this year's #Oscars:

Best Animated Feature - Pinocchio
Best Documentary Feature - Navalny
Best Makeup and Hairstyling - The Whale
Best Live-Action Short Film - An Irish Goodbye
Best Cinematography - All Quiet on the Western Front

#Oscars95 #Oscars2023
Here are the winners of this year's #Oscars:

Best Costume Design - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Best International Film - All Quiet on the Western Front
Best Documentary Short - The Elephant Whisperers

#Oscars95 #Oscars2023
Here are the winners of this year's #Oscars:

Best Animated Short Film - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
Best Production Design - All Quiet on the Western Front
Best Original Score - All Quiet on the Western Front

#Oscars95 #Oscars2023
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Everything Everywhere All at Once takes an early lead at the #Oscars95.

The movie has won two acting prizes, with Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis, both winning their first awards for their supporting roles.
Netflix collects trophies for best animated feature for Pinocchio and four prizes for the World War I movie All Quiet on the Western Front.

The streaming giant also won for The Elephant Whisperers, a documentary short film #Oscars
LATEST: The anthem “Naatu Naatu” from the film “RRR” wins best original song, bringing the Oscars spotlight to India
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La cérémonie des Oscars va bientôt décerner ses statuettes les plus attendues: celle du meilleur film, de la meilleure réalisation, de la meilleure actrice, et du meilleur acteur

#AFP #Oscars

Daniel Scheinert et Daniel Kwan remportent l'Oscar très convoité du meilleur réalisateur pour leur long-métrage loufoque "Everything Everywhere All At Once" #AFP #Oscars2023
L'acteur américain Brendan Fraser couronné de l'Oscar du meilleur acteur pour son rôle de professeur obèse reclus chez lui dans "The Whale" #AFP #Oscars
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#Oscars: Here is the complete list of winners at the 95th Academy Awards (so far):

🏆 Animated Feature Film: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio;
🏆 Actor In A Supporting Role: Ke Huy Quan;
🏆 Actress In A Supporting Role: Jamie Lee Curtis.…
🏆 Documentary Feature Film: Navalny (Daniel Roher, Odessa Rae, Diane Becker, Melanie Miller And Shane Boris)…
Canadians are well-represented at the 2023 Oscars, with nominations across a variety of categories.

🏆 Toronto filmmaker Daniel Roher, director of Navalny, won for best documentary feature.…
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Ke Huy Quan bags the #Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film "Everything Everywhere All At Once." 

(📷: Etienne Laurent, EPA-EFE)

Jaime Lee Curtis wins the #Oscars for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film "Everything Everywhere All At Once." #Oscars95 #Oscars2023 

(📷: Etienne Laurent, EPA-EFE)
Ke Huy Quan: from 'Temple of Doom' to Oscar winner #Oscars95 #Oscars2023…
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