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👉 Lending Loops

Let's talk about lending loops. These are far and away one of the most #degen strategies you can employ.



Because, in a normal lend/borrow situation, you risk your collateral, but you still have the asset you borrowed.

In a lend loop, you risk EVERYTHING;
Your collateral AND your borrowed asset.

If you get liquidated, you have NOTHING.

First, let's talk briefly about how lending and borrowing work, so the loop scenario becomes a bit more clear.

In traditional finance, when you borrow money, you either put up something for collateral (your house or car) or the lender takes a risk based on your credit.

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Recently I shared how I spent days developing a #cryptotrading strategy that failed. It was not the first one either.

But many asked for me to explain what I did and why it failed.

So here’s some insight into how I develop my #degen strategies.

If threads aren’t your thing, I actually wrote it out into a Medium article:…

But here’s the Cliff’s notes

First, it’s important to understand where I come from.

In a nutshell, I’m a marketer with a focus on behavioral economics.

Meaning, I recognize humans act in predictable ways. These behaviors can be identified in price charts.

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RDV à ne pas manquer chaque dimanche le stream de @sam_jdc dans la dernière édition j'ai constaté l'intérêt mais aussi l'inquiétude autour de l'écosystème @terra_money de la parts de personnes qui ne voient #TERRA que par le prisme @anchor_protocol
Pour répondre à la question posé pendant l'émission : à quoi sert $UST à part faire du #yield sur @anchor_protocol ? Ne vous arrêtez pas à la devanture de la boutique avec ce joli néon bleu affichant cet énorme et trop beau pour être vrai 20%
Pour répondre à la question voici une liste non exhaustive des usages de $UST car concrètement UST sert à tous dans l'écosystème et s'étends à tous les autres
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🚀✨ Layer 2 Landscape #11 ✨🚀

(1/15) Hello! Another busy week for #L222 #Layer2 #Ethereum. Let's dive in! 🧵👇
(2/15) Growth of the #Layer2 #Ethereum ecosystem will drive ETH to new heights! Check out this thread by @RyanBerckmans for more on L2s and ETH economics:
(3/15) We were treated to a 🔥 educational thread this week by @pythontony on how he technology behind zk proofs works:
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A lot of super smart cats talking about how to get involved in #crypto for solid gains. And I LOVE it. I follow them.

But a lot of privilege gets left out of the story. Many had access to starting capital or non-stressful economic situations

Here’s a 🧵 on how to bootstrap /1
Many smaller investors are attracted to crypto due to the low barrier of entry.

But small bags means more easily rekt and taken out of the game.

So an enormous pressure to not make mistakes ends up causing mistakes.

But there IS a way you can protect against this.

Start an investment club with your friends.

It’s as simple as starting an LLC in the US (Delaware or Wyoming, all online).

SEC doesn’t regulate investment clubs as longs as…

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One word @CaitlinLong_: GREED.

You’ve been spot on. I struggled w/ noticing the same issue of #derivative and #TradFi games infecting #bitcoin & #Crypto over the last 1.5yrs or so.

Structurally it was quite easy to see. But...

/1 👉🧵 on a few thoughts.
you have to know how these things have played out in other markets as well as how intermarket relationships work within markets in general. And, you never really know how the change will play out. Especially, in new asset classes like #DigitalAssets.

It felt like most in the space chose not to acknowledge the changes & continue to pump the narrative of NGU and BTFD with little regard for what’s *actually* happening w/ the fundamental picture. Time horizon matters. All participants have different goals.
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It's Wednesday, so we have a new weekly summary for all of the daily investment posts. This thread includes data from:
@tombfinance / @Reaper_Farm
@HectorDAO_HEC / @nemesis_dao
@osmosiszone / @ThorNodes
@VaporNodes / @AngelNodes

Check it out!
2/ First let's take a look at @tombfinance, staking $TShare / $FTM LP in #autofarm @Reaper_Farm. @FantomFDN #drama caused some lower price action this month, but Tomb shows some consistent returns. Don't care about price, I care about #Compounding
3/ Next, let's look at @HectorDAO_HEC. APR is slow and steady and this project is pretty boring with very low returns. Price action continues to decline, but looks like a bottom is near. The pivot to a bank and $TOR saved the #rebase project, but we'll see what happens with $HEC
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🔶Thread : Les outils utiles pour Check la sécurité :

🔹Je vous présente une liste non exhaustive d'outils interessant a utiliser avant de In sur un call #Degen !

RT 🔄 et Like ♥️ apprécié !

#cryptocurrency #Cryptos

🔹Excellent site qui permet de check beaucoup de données comme la répartition de la liquidité et les warning sur le contrat , jetez un oeil si le créateur du contrat ne detient pas toute la liquidité.
🔹Permet de check si la liquidité est lock et pour combien de temps!

🔹Permet de scan un contrat :
Beaucoup d'infos, tel que la supply du créateur, la liquidité burn ou encore si l'Ownership renounced
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Qu'est ce qu’un burn wallet ? A quoi cela sert ?

🔸Un burn wallet est un simplement wallet dédié uniquement à recevoir des #Airdrops mystérieux pour ne pas dire louche , interagir avec des protocoles tous plus degen les uns que les autres. Enfin bref, faire des investissements qualifiés de "scientifiques".

🔸L'écosystème des cryptomonnaies est rempli de projet louche sans réels fondamentaux et surtout avec des teams et des protocoles bien obscurs.

🔹La team doxx de ton projet préférée :
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👨‍💻Small Thread On #HealthBankDAO

After being paralyzed twice due to a spinal deformity at birth and having rebuilt myself to become a 2x #streetworkout champion / judge & gym owner..

I realized that everything about what the medical industry describes as "proper health" was in
Reality.. nothing but complete BS.

This is why I am building this project.

To change the medical industry's standards💯

Turning chemical based bodies into electric based bodies through proper holistic therapies for removing free radicals from the body.

Minimizing the chance
Of anyone from "improper cell replication" because of mineral deficiencies or excess metals in the blood disrupting the PH of each soul alive.

This is bigger than health.
This is about re-educating the World on how the human body ACTUALLY works.

They will say I'm crazy or lying
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Because there are so many options, I made a thread on #stablecoin yield on @FantomFDN.

This is in no way financial advice, merely an (incomplete) overview of some good possibilities! #DYOR

There are many #degen strategies with high yield on @FantomFDM. This thread is to show that this #DeFi Valhalla is also a good refuge for your #stablecoins.

Here we go frens!

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Close to EOY, I traced back the timeline of my 1 year crypto journey. Looking back, it's been a remarkable experience.

I bought my first crypto in July 2020 using my CFD account at 9400, 9600, I only knew $BTC then

2/ Oct 2020
I re-entered #BTC at 11,000, still using my CFD account.

I contemplated to get into full time crypto trading but didn’t. I should’ve started earlier!
3/ Dec 2020
I thought calling bitcoin at 50k was a joke, that’s when I knew joining the dark-side was the best decision I ever made.

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1/ My @0xSmartCoin Experience - Realizations & Reflections. Multiple Tweet Thread >>>

1/ We are all degens. I mean... what normal person would get involved with anything billed as ‘The Squid Game Of Crypto’ and expect a favorable outcome? Challenge accepted my #degen friends!
2/ In many ways the messaging was perfect to attract people like me. But as the project progressed, the even bigger draw became the ethical stance against much of what is wrong with #crypto and the preferential economics that are rampant all around.
3/ If I personally lost, but the project was successful in their goals, then OK. I didn’t have a plan other than to #HODL/never sell. I fully expected my investment in dollar values to go to zero. In this regard, it was a pleasant surprise when it didn’t shit the bed entirely.
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1./ Yesterday @loop_finance made an announcement of the NFT LP Bond marketplace for @terra_money. But what exactly are we talking about? Let's dive into it!

2./ Before @OlympusDAO created the biggest innovation #DeFi has ever seen, liquidity providing was like chasing green candles. #Aping into pools with a promising >2000%+ APY, until a blink of an eye later it’s down to <20%. If you can’t beat @anchor_protocol, why bother?
3./ Liquidity Providing used to be time-consuming, research intensive & very risky. How often did you get rugged/rekt? And how many protocols didn’t make it, because we kept selling their #shitcoin until not a single mad man was willing to LP for them?
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1/ Has the #Metaverse "Devolved"?
Me in the @SecondLife #Metaverse in 2013 vs me in the @cryptovoxels Metaverse in 2021. People sometimes ask me why the 2013 Metaverses "look better". I have an answer for these people and it's gonna take several tweets, bear with me... ImageImage
2/ A bit of history: #Metaverses were created whole-cloth from the novel Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. Active Worlds, which I actually tried (yes, I am that old) was fully based on that book's Metaverse, and provided the basis of all other Metaverses including @cryptovoxels...
3/ When it started, #Metaverses were totally separate and different from the concept of #onlinegames. The idea is to have more #socialimmersion and #userinteraction, not to have in-world goals to push the user in a direction...
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(1/11) Once this food farming craze ends and APYs come down to boomer-tier we're going to enter the next phase of Crypto: The Scaling Wars. The narrative will shift and there will be a heavy attack on @ethereum, the EF, Ethereum 2.0, and @VitalikButerin as being the old guard... Image
(2/11) This narrative will be led by the challengers: @NEARProtocol @solana and @Polkadot's @gavofyork who likely still wants revenge for @VitalikButerin getting all the credit for #Ethereum. ETH 2.0 will be labeled as vaporware and as still being years away... Image
(3/11) The challengers will claim that their blockchains are "near instant and free" and that dapps building forks on them like @AaveAave @compoundfinance @MakerDAO and others will help them become the @ethereum killer. Image
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