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Trial for accused gunman in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre slated to start

Defense unlikely to contest Robert Bowers guilt in killing 11 worshippers and will focus on preventing death penalty.

#Pittsburgh #SynagogueAttack #Terrorism…
Prosecutors have said Bowers made #antisemitic comments at the scene of the #attack and #online.
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My Maidan massacre article is accepted by major peer-reviewed journal: Revelations from trial & investigation in #Ukraine confirm that #Maidan protesters & police were massacred by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings with implications for #UkraineWar 1/…
Online video appendix of my new article shows Maidan massacre trial & investigation testimonies by 52 wounded Maidan protesters about being shot by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings or witnessing snipers there. Total blackout in Western media. 2/
Another online video appendix of my new article shows Maidan massacre trial testimonies by several dozen prosecution & Maidan witnesses about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings shooting Maidan protesters & police. Total media blackout. #Ukraine 3/
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@PierrePoilievre didn't post it on his Twitter feed but condemned 'vile' views of Germany's @AndersonAfDMdEP in the media.
POLL: Will @PierrePoilievre remove CPC MPs Dean Allison, Colin Carrie & Leslyn Lewis who met with Anderson at a paid dinner from the CPC caucus?
Pls Comment
@globalnews @CBCNews @CTVNews @NatObserver all reported Poilievre denounced 'vile' and 'racist' views of @AndersonAfDMdEP who met with 3 of his MPs, 2 of whom (Lewis & Allison) have postured that didn't know who she was or what she believes.
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🧵A man who killed five people and injured 17 others inside a Colorado night club, has been charged with 305 criminal counts over the deadly shooting.
The shooting associated with Oslo Pride in 2022, as well as the attacks on LGBTQ+ spaces in Colorado and Bratislava are part of a wider #antifeminist, misogynist narrative that is espoused across extremisms.
#FarRight ideologies are often grounded in their focus on national agendas and ethnic purity, but #misogyny and anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is an issue that links them across different local contexts.
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Just out #openaccess in @PRXjournal : my IMHO so far best text on #farright #protest #rituals in #Germany during & beyond pandemic 🥳 It deals with the puzzle of #movement persistence from an #ethnographic perspective (1/5)…
I argue that the ritualization of #protest is strongly linked to #movement persistence. Basically: when participants believe in the deeper sense of the protest #ritual, they take to the streets despite a lack of both resources & external triggers (2/5)
I draw on my by now >2y #fieldwork in the #German #farright #noPegida that survives in #Dresden for already 8y against all odds (in fact they happen to demonstrate tonight for sth like an “anniversary” - my take on earlier versions…) (3/5)
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There is still quite a lot to digest about yesterday's #ElezioniPolitiche2022 but it's a rainy Monday in Paris, so here's four main points on which @PietroCastelliG & I agree about the results. A🧵:
1. Italians are disillusioned with electoral politics, more than ever.
Turnout dropped by about 9% from 72.9% in 2018 to 63.8% in 2022. As noticed by @Vinceman86 & B. Marino this is one of the biggest drops in turnout in Western Europe since 1945.
Furthermore, electoral participation is all but equally distributed between the centre/north (Emilia-Romagna Veneto and Lombardy above 70%) & the South (Calabria 51% Sardinia and Campania 53%)
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In my @readpassage interview, I noted that striking turnabout of #media coverage of neo-Nazi-led #Azov regiment during #UkraineRussiaWar is due to politics & that this can lead to blowback in #Ukraine & the West. #UkraineWar 1/…
@readpassage "...They claim that calling the Azov Regiment a neo-Nazi group is no longer accurate. But Ivan Katchanovski, a political science professor at the University of Ottawa specializing in Russia, Ukraine and armed conflicts, told Passage that these sorts of claims are inaccurate." 2/
"While the Kremlin’s framing of Ukraine as a Nazi state is false, Katchanovski said, Western governments and media have gone in the opposite direction: “They’ve started to deny any presence of neo-Nazis.” #UkraineRussianWar #UkraineWar #RussiaUkraineWar #Russia #FarRight 3/
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“A group of about 100 marchers identifying themselves by flyers as belonging to the white nationalist group the Patriot Front, cut through the heart of downtown Saturday sparking a confrontation.”… via @bostonherald
"’It is incumbent upon all of us to acknowledge, call out, and disavow the growing extremism and creeping hate in our country wherever we see it,’ [Boston City Council President Ed Flynn] concluded in his letter.”… #PatriotFront
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[thread][#greecepolicestate][#farright][#patches][1] Yet another time that a greek police officer is seen wearing a far right patch, this time in #SKG, in a picture taken by @teacherdude >
[2] The "infidel" patch, which can be seen in the picture is -definitely- not part of the standard uniform insignia of the hellenic police, and it's part of a "family" of patches relevant to the crusades, originating -according to sources- from the KKK in the US. >
[3] It is interesting to note that the officer seems to be serving in one of the mobile/moto units of the hellenic police, the infamous DELTA/DRASI or DIAS, which are also tasked with stop-and-search operations in Thessaloniki & Athens >
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Russia has fomented the rise of the far right across central and eastern Europe. Like a virus attacking its host, malign Russian influence seeks out and attacks democracies.
Eroding the foundations of democracies takes years to fully achieve the desired destabilizing and disabling effects, as the western model of democracy becomes more discredited and undermined so the Kremlin’s model rises up.
Russia’s networks of influence are complex, rendering a countries ability to conduct oversight through transparency, accountability and the rule of law extremely vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation.
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The EU is sanctioning 378 Russians over the #Ukraine invasion, the UK has sanctioned 5. @BorisJohnson and half his cabinet are a national security risk. Image
Rogue is currently in #Ukraine. If you want to support our work see our links. As well as intelligence gathering, Rogue plans to buy supplies for the locals he comes into contact with our reserves.£MI6ROGUE
What did you do when the far-right came, what will you tell your children's children when they ask you "what did you do" ... Image
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British #media now openly glorifies #FarRight sniper who served in far-right Right Sector paramilitary formations in civil war in #Donbass in #Ukraine.

#UkraineConflict #UkraineCrisis…
This sniper from far right Right Sector paramilitary units in #Donbass in #Ukraine was stripped best blogger award by @DeutscheWelle in 2013 because of #racist statements against blacks & Asians & pro-Hitler statement. Now @DailyMailUK glorifies her.…
And @TheSun openly glorifies #FarRight sniper who served in far-right Right Sector paramilitary formations in civil war in #Donbass in #Ukraine & was stripped in 2013 best blogger award by @DeutscheWelle because of pro-Hitler & racist statements.…
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Unmasking far-right activist, who created several dozens of identical social media pages & Wiki & forum posts, which by means of primitive fabrications defame me as “falsifier of Maidan massacre” in Ukraine. Such defamatory posts were made from Facebook page of Svyatoslav Gut 1/
This far-right activist created several dozens of identical social media pages & Wiki & forum posts, which defame me as “falsifier of Maidan massacre,” by using such aliases as “Slav Gutt” & Slav70. Post from his Facebook page unmasked Svyatoslav Gut:…
This far-right activist resorts to primitive fabrications, such as falsely claiming that my video appendix with witness testimonies about snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings did not include witnesses but rumors.
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This report explores the impact that #security #thinktanks such as the Henry Jackson Society (#HJS) are having on British #democracy and societal cohesion
It highlights links between such groups & the British & international #FarRight which combine with patterns of divisive
far Right which combine with patterns of divisive and agenda-
driven reports based in impoverished methodologies to #shape UK #policy & #political #discourse for the worse.
Such groups have caused concern amongst numerous equalities, community, & faith groups &
& are cited as enabling & encouraging Islamophobia & racism, facilitating far
Right mobilisation, & pushing successive UK governments towards policy positions that damage societal cohesion.
This report brings together open-source articles, reports, & public instances of events
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As I said, "Canadian policy turns a “blind eye” to ultranationalist extremism and human rights violations & this silence basically is used by the #farright in #Ukraine and by the #Ukrainian government as immunity, as a sign of support, as a green light.”…
And it has not been reported yet in #Canadian media that leader of #Neonazi C14 admitted that his C14-based Maidan Self-Defense company took refuge in the Canadian embassy in Kyiv on February 18 and stayed there during the Maidan massacre. (p. 21).…
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1/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

Disappointed in #CDNmedia. Downplaying #violence & mischaracterizing blame must stop. Threat is more serious than anyone wants it to be

This #thread is about NEW #HateClub escalation

cc @Nat_Div_RCMP @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
2/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Someone alerted me to a new post in Zelda's Facebook #HateClub (thank you)

On the surface it indicates a #Conservative partisan/electoral purpose & that's interesting enough, but upon digging deeper it's a legitimate cause for #NatSec concern
3/24 🧵#CDNpoli #Violence #Elxn44

Inspection of first revealed a plan to unite Conservatives

Closer to election it became a Trudeau attack machine

That claimed to be factual
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We are being told that we should separate Jewish people from #Jewish state of #Israel. The same people refuse to separate Muslims from Al Quida, ISIS, etc. who refuse to separate #Palestinians from #Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or separate progressive #left from China, Russia, et
> Their argument for the above is, all Muslims have same religion & sympathise with ISIS, Al-Quida objectives. They say #Palestinians elected #Hamas so they're all terrorists. They call left #Antisemitic for supporting #Palestinian struggle & opposing Israeli #apartheid system
> practiced in Israel & occupied territories, siege of #Gaza, continuous encroachment on Palestinian land, houses & religious sites by fundamentalist/ extremist Western #settlers. Furthermore, they dislike Left's opposition to sanctions on #Iran as it hurts ordinary people.
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Republican Lawmaker Who Opened Oregon State Capitol To Far-Right Protesters Faces Charges : @NPR…
@NPR During Dec.21 legislative session, #GOP Rep. Mike Nearman opened the doors to the #Oregon State Capitol building for #FarRight protesters. Shortly after that breach, demonstrators scuffled with state troopers & Salem police. One man is accused of spraying officers with bear mace.
@NPR ICYMI A Republican lawmaker literally opened the Oregon state Capitol to a #FarRight mob who scuffled w/ police, shattered glass doors & assaulted journalists.

At least 3 people in the Salem protest went on to participate in the US Capitol attack in Washington, DC, on January 6.
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This thread provides the facts to prove unequivocally that The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party is a #farright, racist party - overflowing with violent, racist and extremist members and supporters #Senedd21 #seneddelection #Savewales #WeareAbolish #senedd2021

Martyn Ford (candidate 4 #CynonValley & 4 South #Wales Central) "condemns diversity" was the author of this horifically racist leaflet when he was a member of another far-right party - UKIP @VikkiHowells

2/32 Image
James Cole has been selected by the Party as candidate for #Swansea West after making this racist white supremacist 'great replacement theory' diatribe! @JulieJamesMS @DaiLloydAS  @ChohanSamantha

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The torrent of #racist #disinformation in Ireland in the few days since the tragic killing of #GeorgeNkencho has shown it’s driven by a very vocal minority, in concert around key accounts. Co-ordinated, deliberate #FarRight agitators supporting Irish neo-nationalist groups. ImageImageImageImage
Many of these accounts are bulk generators of #racist and #conspiracy content across social media platforms. Well-established among these propagandists is the avowedly racist and #AntiSemitic YouTuber, Keith Woods - aka #NUIG graduate Keith O’Brien of Roscommon #AltShiteUnmasked ImageImageImageImage
#Racist Keith O’Brien generates masses of #FarRight #Propaganda, to 29k subscribers on @YouTube alone. Voices like this are pivotal to local #AltRight movements, but Ireland is small and #AltShiteUnmasked all have real names, addresses, streets they walk down, and a job... ImageImage
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#FarRight #Belgica

"A Bélgica é uma democracia. As democracias realizam eleições regulares. As eleições geralmente levam a governos funcionais. Não é assim na Bélgica." (Google tradutor)

Que peça fantástica!…
O Vlaams Belang é o sucessor do Vlaams Blok (VB), um partido "nacionalista" flamengo que remonta à história ignominiosa da colaboração flamenga com os nazistas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

A ascensão do VB nas pesquisas começou no final dos anos 1980.
Dewinter promoveu seu partido como defensor comprometido da herança judaico-cristã, secularismo, valores liberais e modo de vida.

Fez um esforço especial para expressar seu compromisso com os direitos das mulheres, a única área em que o Islã era visto como vulnerável.
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There are lot of received wisdoms about #FarRight (often wrongly referred to as #populism ) and #COVID19 so @JakubWondreys and I looked into it. Turns out, shocker, most are wrong.

Below is link to Open Access article. Main points in #thread…
1. We focused exclusively on main far right parties in Europe and on the first wave. However, recent update shows that little has changed.
2. First, we looked into stereotype that "populists" (i.e. far right) ignores or minimizes COVID-19. This is almost exclusively based on Bolsonaro and Trump, who turn out to be exceptions rather than rule.
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Spoke to @Guardian podcast about growing up in post-War #France... that is post-#Algerian War of Independence, still v. much in living memory. The War’s legacy is perceived in all kinds of aspects of modern life, still blighted by the #colonial experience.
A point that is easily overlooked by foreign observers is that the 2nd most influential party in #France now was founded by far-right nationalists who wanted to keep #Algeria French. #LePen's FN -now called the Rassemblement National -is openly racist, islamophobic & antiSemitic.
In his '#Separatism' speech @EmmanuelMacron was sugar-coating #reactionary policies based on the premise that 5-6M French #Muslims can’t be trusted to manage their own affairs & required surveillance at all times.The emphasis was that Islam is a chronic #problem around the world
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103 years ago this day on 19 Nov 1917 (the same year in which John F Kennedy was born), in Allahabad, India (now known as Prayagraj), a daughter was born to the most illustrious political families of the time
#IndiraGandhi became India's First woman PM
#JFK became the 35th #POTUS
The #FarRight remember Indira Gandhi for the #Emergency she declared in 1975 - the suspension of Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. But not because they are champions of citizens' rights and freedoms. On the contrary they are taking away our rights and freedoms silently
The liberal secular left remembers Indira Gandhi's Emergency because the experience taught them the value of Constitutionally-guaranteed #Rights and #Freedoms.
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