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This is how they are going to soft land their #CrimesAgainstHumanity and because we allowed #CorruptPsychoticDoctors who EVEN TODAY, do nothing but #ReviewPapers, #DebateStudies, #WriteBooks and engage in #SelfPromotion it will be the end of us all.

We must stop following
#ControlledAssets who are no more innocent than Walensky.

All of them, to a person will claim they were JUST doing their job to #FollowTheScience - they STILL believe they are RIGHTEOUS in their testimonies and me me me declarations.

All of it is chasing #PowerAndMoney!
Watch as NOT ONE OF THEM will respond to me publicly - and it is NOT JUST ME, it is millions of us they ignore, deny and avoid.


@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @PierreKory @P_McCulloughMD @GeorgeFareed2 @richardursomd
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#WhatIf Lincoln didn't replace Hannibal Hamlin as his Vice President in 1864? Thus Hamlin becomes President in 1865 rather than Andrew Johnson. #alternatehistory (1)
1865 - Hannibal Hamlin is sworn in as the 17th President of the United States. Having narrowly kept his job as VP after Lincoln shelved plans for a unity ticket in 1864 in order to appease Radical Republicans, Hamlin takes a more aggressive approach to Reconstruction. (2)
Hamlin's first term sees Special Field Orders No. 15 (which granted 400k acres of land to 18,000 former enslaved families) is never rescinded, former Confederates are immediately barred from ever holding office again, and many Confederate leaders are imprisoned for treason. (3)
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Leyendo esta noticia de @Per_Energia nos surge una pregunta 🤔
#WhatIf Almaraz I hubiese dejado de operar el 30 de abril, tal y como pedían algunos súper-concienciados-con-el-cambio-climático-pero-no-mucho?
Es EVIDENTE que la generación de ALM1 en mayo y junio se habría cubierto (en el mejor de los casos) con GAS 😷
Números gordos... con un 20% suplido con intercambios et al. tenemos 1,2 TWh de ciclos combinados (y sus correspondientes 440.000 toneladas de CO2 emitidas)
para generar esos 1.200 GWh de electricidad habrían sido necesarios 2.400 GWh de gas.
Referencias hasta ahora:………
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Se llegó la Marathon de #WhatIf. Me les voy algunas horas aunque pues a nadie le interesa. Igual postearé impresiones de cada episodio. Ya comencé. Mi favorito, el 1°
Bueno. Capitana Carter me gusta mucho. El giro de la historia es bien interesante. Pero lo mejor es el personaje. Puede ser fan service o agenda incluyente o como le llamen pero ver a una mujer tomar el rol del Capitán América y hacerlo mejor fue genial. Y el final. Excelente.
2° Ep. T'chala Star Lord. Divertidísimo. Me ha capturado absolutamente Thanos. El coleccionista como antagonista fue increíble. Y la animación de la que no hablé en el anterior es interesante. Ese final con Nowhere floreciente y Karina para mi de lo mejor. Pequeños detalles.
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#WhatIf Spoilers
Very much into The Doomed Love™️ thing Vision and Wanda have going on. Makes their time onscreen together that much more interesting. Image
Vision still absolutely needed his ass bit. Fucking synthezoid dickhead 🖕🏾
Also cackling about how much the MCU just doesn’t care for Hank Pym. I have a lot of thoughts about that but it’s funny 😂
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#WhatIf Spoilers
Chile, Marvel went there. FINALLY! Because that 3rd episode was dry as hell 😂
#WhatIf  Spoilers
Some are a little shocked (as you should be), but I’m very grateful. Because the What If story arcs I remember where incredibly dark and I was waiting for the show to get spicy and COMMIT to that. Thank the lord 😂
#WhatIf   Spoilers
Also, I believe this answers the question about whether or not Dr. Strange would help Peter fuck up several universes over Mary Jane (which, as you know, is fuck yes lmao)
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You are sabotaging your own personal and professional growth if you're not finding time to read.

These are the books that changed my life, and what I learned from them:
1. 'The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership'

Taught me how to reframe responsibility to take agency, and approac things with an open and curious mindset.

It also allowed me to bring emotional vulnerability to work

The key to agency is learning how to operate at the zone around 100% responsibility

Taking < 100% is a victim-mentality: you are letting things happen to you.

Conversely, taking > 100% is overstepping boundaries and playing the hero role
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1. Kevin Feige dijo esto sobre el trailer de #SpiderManNoWayHome: "Solo puedo garantizar que habrá un trailer antes de que se estrene la película". Y hoy 22 de Agosto, el trailer se filtró.
2. Nia DaCosta informa que el "cómo lidiamos con el dolor y el trauma" estará presente la secuela de Capitana Marvel.

3. Kevin Feige indica que una #Avengers5 está en marcha pero hay que esperar un "tiempo razonable" para empezar una nueva saga.
4. Anthony Mackie firma con Marvel Studios para protagonizar la cuarta película de Capitán América.

5. Kevin Feige indica que la película de 'Los 4 Fantásticos' mantendrá el "método Marvel" y buscará "el mejor actor para el trabajo", tanto si el actor es conocido o no.
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1. ¡Estrena #WhatIf! La primera serie de animación del MCU donde podemos ver qué pasaría si... Peggy Carter recibe el suero del super soldado en lugar de Steve Rogers.

Abro hilo...!
2. Diversos artículos con arte promocional de 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' nos permiten ver las nuevas habilidades de Spider-Man, su nuevo traje y la participación de Doctor Strange quien fungiría como su nuevo mentor.
3. 'Shang-Chi y la leyenda de los Diez Anillos' tendrá una duración de 2 horas y 12 minutos.

4. La serie #IAmGroot se basará en las aventuras de Baby Groot en pequeños cortos y utilizará una animación foto-realista.
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Ok Disney, #WhatIf we replaced all of Richard E. Grant's dialogue in #Loki with his dialogue from Withnail and I? Would it still work?

"We've gone on holiday by mistake."
"All right, this is the plan. We get in there and get wrecked. Then we eat a pork pie. Then we drop a couple of Surmontil-50s each. That means we'll miss out on Monday but come up smiling Tuesday morning."
"I'm not having this shag sack insulting me. Let him get his drugs out."
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/01/2021…
Five ways to ensure flood-risk research helps the most vulnerable…

#research #ClimateChange #flooding #resilience #demographics
Neurons Act Not As Simple Logic Gates, But As Complex, Multi-Unit Processing Systems…

#neurons #dendrites #behavior #nodes #MultiUnit #ProcessingSystems
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Next session #CMMNeededNow @SRMatchett
Job-ready for WHAT?
Industry-integrated edu
Talking co-creation, tech, innovation, meaningful work, scale, mental health, success vs pain
@Swinburne VC Quester
@UniversitySA @Marnie_HW
@ACENau Pres @tredefranziska
@COSBOA Chair McKenzie
@COSBOA McKenzie responds to above from SME perspective:
Do we have a system that focuses on #LifelongLearning needs?
Role of formal quals when focus on skills
Not leave any worker/learner behind
What about late quartile cohorts who have big need?
Whole ecosystem has not moved
@COSBOA McKenzie what I hear re #COVID:
How do I take my enterprise & re-task it?
Most important is
-financial capital &
-labour & skills
We focus on former at expense of latter
Industry could do more
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1/16 - Just a few days until the start of @TTBounceForward's #WhatNextSummit and the programme of events has something for everyone involved in community organising in the UK!

2/16 - The opening event will be a Blizzard of Stories including the village saying goodbye to oil, the town growing food for its school kids & councils putting imagination at the centre of their work.

Sign up at
3/16 - #WhatIs Making Sense of the Climate Emergency with @MichaelEMann, @annalbullen, #LolaFayokun and #SamKnights

Register to attend -
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Look at the way Evil these days labels someone when you speak out against THEIR evil ways, Calling all of you all kinds of names.
A Quick #WHATIF-
WHAT IF "Jesus" spoke out against ALL of the Darkness WAY WAY MAY back in the DAY and THEY crucified him 4 it calling him Evil.
Calling him Lucifer/Satan when he really was Lucifer/Satan and was truly looking out for all of Humanity..

Would you still think the same way about "Satan/Lucifer"?

#WHATIF WE Take it all away and WE ARE ALL ONE SPIRIT, ONE BODY, ONE SOUL & One MIND all in it together?
Light Up the night ..

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O ano de 2020 foi difícil para os fãs da @Marvel, sem nenhuma novidade lançada em quase um ano e meio. Porém, em 2021, o universo dos quadrinhos promete recuperar o tempo perdido e a Exitoína organizou um calendário de estreias para você acompanhar:
#WandaVision, que traz #ElizabethOlsen no papel de #WandaMaximoff, a #FeiticeiraEscarlate, chegou ao #DisneyPlus nesta sexta (15). Na trama, ela cria uma realidade paralela para viver a vida perfeita que desejou ao lado de #Visão (@Paul_Bettany), mas nada é tão simples assim.
Com @AnthonyMackie e #SebastianStan, "Falcão e o Soldado Invernal", chega ao #DisneyPlus no próximo dia 19 de março. Com intenção de ampliar o #MCU, os protagonistas procuram uma nova figura para assumir o escudo do Capitão América (@ChrisEvans), após o herói se aposentar.
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Spitballing #Whatif @realDonaldTrump @Thinkologist1 @tracybeanz @LLinWood @DanScavino @SecPompeo 1) It’s been running through my mind, straight from my gut... Lin Wood has been hammering John Roberts with pedo accusations. However, going by the “nothing is as it seems” rule,
2)... I don’t know if that will be what takes Robert’s out. What I think will happen is that FISA-gate will. The Pedo charges may follow this, but, and this is just me spitballing, Roberts is going to be implicated big time in the Coup...
3)... from FISA to the impeachment trial in the Senate. It won’t surprise me to learn he had a small part in the Flynn case... most likely influencing after Powell came on board.
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#WhatIf Trotsky led the Soviet Union as Lenin intended? Thanks to @AltHistoryHub for the inspiration for this little project.
Not a happy timeline by any means. Some features

*Kiev Trials of Soviet war criminals.
*Iron Curtain drawn at the Rhine.
*German-Japanese split in the 1970s.
*East and West Warsaw
*"Black Scare" against suspected fascists in the 1950s. German Americans routinely persecuted.
*Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy investigated by HUAC.
*Detente with Nazi Germany under President Harold Stassen.
*Reagan remains a Democrat and New Dealer.
*The US looks the other way on concentration camps in Germany.
*Concentration camps used exclusively for slave labor.
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@ManaByte, uno de los insiders más famosos y con más llegada a las entrañas del #MCU, revela que si bien aún no hay una historia escrita, #Marvel aún tiene planes para #Thanos

Y te lo cuenta #MarvelPodcast, quién sino? SNAP! Image
Y si es un #WhatIf en la serie animada??? Image
O acaso llevarán la saga #InfinityCountdown al cine??? Image
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Estuvimos conversando en nuestro grupo de telegram ( acerca de las diferentes Tierras en #Marvel, y por ese motivo, nace este Mega Hilo sobre El #Multiverso #MarvelRP
Antes que nada, debemos entender de qué hablamos cuando decimos #Multiverso.
La teoría nace de la idea de la existencia de varias dimensiones que coexisten en un momento dado, una sobre otra, sin que nos demos cuenta, existiendo de forma paralela.
#Marvel aprovecha este concepto y lo utiliza para ampliar los horizontes de sus historias, o bien explicar puntos complejos de unir.
Un ejemplo de esto es la mención que hace #Misterio en #SpiderManFarFromHome sobre su (falso) origen. Image
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I bet the government never thought about these when debating about Basic Income... what if until June 2021 #UBI had happened:

#BasicIncome #Canada #WhatIf #WhyDidntWeThinkofThis #OnlyInCanada
Most families would be able to stay afloat without the cost of borrowing, and by immediate stability it relieved the stress. Domestic Violence can be directly related to Financial Insecurity which increases the risk of increased Health Care costs and Justice system implications
Most families that have jobs if they did qualify for #BasicIncome probably wouldn't qualify in year 2. Especially if it was taxable income. However, the investment in the individual in one year can be enough to secure employment or higher education.
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Episode 2 of #WhatIf (Podcast -…)

What If we needed to abandon Learning & Development as we know it today?

I am suggesting we rename Learning & Development as Try, Refine, Learn. But the forces are stacked against it.
Who will object?
The global corporate learning market is estimated to be $ 18.5 billion in a couple of years. How good is it? Well, given the size of the market it is pretty good for the product and service providers. But for the learner it is the exact opposite.
Whereas the objective of learning is to ‘create new knowledge’ almost all corporate learning providers are designed to package ‘existing or old knowledge’ and share it with learners. I would rather say ‘Forced Learners’. Content packaged as ‘knowledge’ and delivered to employees.
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Planning life after the lockdown - Sharing a template I am building for myself (Thank you @GershomHeadhunt for suggesting the topic).

Step 1 - Imagine life and how I want to live life
a. 5 years from now - I want to be on my own with a small portfolio of gigs. This is...
...somewhat akin to this viewpoint of @charleshandy25…

I am shifting gears from a sequential portfolio, I have worked in ~7 professions, to a simultaneous portfolio - allocating time across 4-5 pursuits.
Learning from COVID I want to stay away from things which require a lot of travel. Digital, virtual, remote, gig, project based etc fit in very well.

This opens up my choices of ‘where’. (Disclosure: I don’t own a house nor plan to. This has given me the ability to be a nomad)
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1/15: [THREAD] Unpacking the Headlines:
20 GW of #NuclearPower planned in India by 2030

2 ways to analyze:
1)Can it happen - and should it happen?
2)What’s nuclear’s role, and what’s special/different about India?

I combine both aspects in this thread
2/15: The plans tick many of the right boxes – standardized designs, fleets, etc. There is also talk of encouraging the private sector – but will they bite? Global private sector is even harder given #DifferencesOfOpinion on the nuclear liability bill.
3/15: Nuclear has many concerns for different people – fuel disposal, accidents, proliferation, etc. Latter is a non-issue as India is a proven mature actor, and it also can island safeguard civilian reactors. But what about the economics? Esp. fully loaded costs.
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The most insidious function
of power is to convince us that it must be this way, and that this is all there is. In this way, power covers its tracks. The crisis that we face is a crisis of #imagination, shaped by #power.

#Itcouldbedifferent #WhatIf
"Many of the worst chapters of this history result from scientism: the ideology that science is the only valid way to understand the world and solve social problems. Where science has expanded and liberated our sense of self, scientism has constrained it."…
“While stroking an octopus, it is easy to fall into reverie. To share such a moment of deep tranquility with another being, especially one as different from us as the octopus, is a humbling privilege… an uplink to universal consciousness.”…
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