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#Abhimanyu #Chakravyuha and stages of Intra Uterine development of foetus
1. It is my humble effort to correlate incidents of Mahabharata with scientific research.
Subhadra was the younger sister of #LordKrishna and wife of #Arjuna. #ThePandavas were exiled for thirteen..cont..2 Image
2. years and Subhadra stayed at her parental home at Dwaraka. When Abhimanyu was in his mother’s womb,he heard his maternal uncle Lord Krishna describe the secret of a military formation Chakravyuha and how to penetrate it. While listening to this,Subhadra fell asleep...cont..3
3. Hence Abhimanyu had learnt the art of entering a Chakravyuha fighting but not having heard the full description,he was unaware of how to come out of it alive. He was killed in Kurukshetra War. Let us find a scientific correlation to this story. Motherhood is a blessing of...4.
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Why did #Arjuna not marry Pricess #Uttaraa?

1. According to the #Mahabharata,during their thirteen years of exile(12 years vanvaas, 1 year in hiding,incognito), the Pandavas stayed in the kingdom of Matsya in disguise and served the king Virata. Had their identities ..cont..2.. Image
2. been revealed, the #Pandavas would have had to spend 12 more years in #Vanvaas. The reader’s attention is also drawn to 14 years exile of Lord Ram. The Pandavas, though from a royal family,each one of them chose a profession that in no way could connect them to ..cont..3..
3. royalty. While remaining incognito, Arjuna had disguised himself as an ennuch Brihannala and used to teach dance to the king’s daughter, Princess Uttara. At the end of exile,the Pandavas revealed their true identities to the king. King Virata was mighty impressed and ..cont..4
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9 modes of #Devotion

śravaṇaṁ kīrtanaṁ viṣṇoḥ: smaraṇaṁ pāda-sevanam
arcanaṁ vandanaṁ dāsyaṁ sakhyam ātma-nivedanam
iti puṁsārpitā viṣṇau bhaktiś cen nava-lakṣaṇā
(Srimad Bhagavatham 7.5.23-24) #Thread
@ShefVaidya @anuradhagoyal @Sai_swaroopa @vikramsampath 1/22
Nine types of #Bhakti are
1. Shravana
2. Keerthana
3. Smarana
4. Paada sevana
5. Archana
6. Vandana
7. Daasya
8. Sakhya &
9. Aatmanivedana.

Thus, a person can follow any of the given nine types of Bhakthi and can attain #Enlightenment. 2/22
1. #Shravanam: It means ‘to listen’. A devotee can demonstrate shravanam by listening to the Bhagawan’s qualities & stories related to his divine nature and form. Also, this is the easiest type of Bhakthi any devotee can practice. All it takes is for one to listen. 3/22
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Phala + Guna = #Phalguna. Phala means merits and Guna means qualities; last but not the least, #PHALGUNA maasa the 12th Lunar month is a highly auspicious month full of meritorious qualities.

(21.02.2023 to 21.03.2023)

Lord Vishnu in the name #Govinda is #MasaNiyamaka 🙏🙏🙏
कृष्णाय वासुदेवाय हरये परमात्मने॥
प्रणत: क्लेशनाशाय गोविंदाय नमो नम:॥

ಕೃಷ್ಣಾಯ ವಾಸುದೇವಾಯ ಹರಯೇ ಪರಮಾತ್ಮನೇ||
ಪ್ರಣತ: ಕ್ಲೇಶನಾಶಾಯ ಗೋವಿಂದಾಯ ನಮೋ ನಮ:||

కృష్ణాయ వాసుదేవాయ హరయే పరమాత్మనే||
ప్రణత: క్లేశనాశాయ గోవిందాయ నమో నమ:||
#KLESHA means grief/suffering/troubles/sorrows/obstacles...

#Avidya (ignorance);
#Asmita (egoism);
#Raga (craving);
#Dvesha (aversion);
#Abhinivesha (clinging to life) are

#PanchaKelsha, five hindrances for spiritual growth and are the root cause of all human suffering.
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Jagadguru Shankaracharya #SriSri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamiji: People may be classified as Astikas & Nastikas. An Astika has faith in the existence of God, Dharma, reincarnation, & the Vedas. One who has neither of these beliefs is classified a Nastika.
A Nastika cannot easily 1/n
be taught. Even a man who is completely ignorant can be taught. One who knows everything can also be told. But a Nastika is one who is like a man with half-baked knowledge.
अज्ञः सुखमाराध्यः सुखतरमाराध्यते विशेषज्ञः ।
ज्ञानलवदुर्विदगधं ब्रह्मापि नरं न रञ्जयति ॥

The #Shruti 2/n
(Veda) says – पुण्यो ह वै पुण्यः कर्मणा भवति पापः पापेन । – one attains joy by performing Punya and falls by sinning. It is our Dharma Shastras that decide what constitutes Punyam and what constitutes Papam (sin).

Duryodhana tried to cause trouble to the Pandavas even after 3/n
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Good day Saurabh.
Would you kindly confirm this?
Much appreciated.

11:35 CET 31 OCT 2022

Perp: Illuminati actor / influencer Saurabh Raj Jain(??)
I just heard a tinnitus while communicating telepathically with SRJ and heard a highpitched tinnitus in my left wear and felt a resultant slight loss of hearing and dullness plus weakness and debility.

I had just left a comment and given the link to my Instagram page about
20 minutes.

I am writing this as I am about to leave my apartment.

---END--- Image
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#Virat war at #Matsya is the MOST underplayed battle in the #Mahabharatha. NO thanks to StarPlus #Mahabharat for destroying it entirely, with not ONE arrow fired. In reality, #Arjuna BULLDOZED the entire Kaurava army with ALL it stalwarts. This is what happened
(#BORI text)
- Chief of cowherds runs to Uttara, complains about Kurus killing cowherds and capturing cows
- Uttara repeatedly compares himself with Arjuna, irritating Draupadi
- She says Brihannala was Arjuna’s charioteer at Khandava
- Uttara sends his sister to fetch Brihannala
-At the battlefield, Uttara sees the Kuru army and balks
-Brihannala refuses to turn back and Uttara jumps off and flees
-Brihannala bundles him back saying she will fight
- They reach the sami tree where the weapons are stashed, Brihannala asks Uttara to get them down
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Ugrasrava, a son of Lomaharshana, surnamed Sauti, well-versed in the Puranas, bending with humility, one day approached the great sages of rigid vows, sitting at their ease, who had attended 12 years' sacrifice of Saunaka, surnamed Kulapati, in the forest of Naimisha.
In this world, when it was destitute of brightness & light, & enveloped all around in total darkness, there came into being, the primal cause of creation, a mighty egg, one inexhaustible seed of all created beings. It's called Mahadivya & was formed at the beginning of the Yuga.
This Yuga was the true light Brahma, the eternal one, wonderful & inconceivable being present alike in all places; invisible & subtile cause, whose nature partaketh of entity & non-entity. From this egg came out Pitamah Brahma, the one only Prajapati; with Suraguru & Sthanu.
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#sculpture story

Kirata-Arjuniyam episode in Vana Parva - of #Mahabharat serves as a proof of the persistence & focus of #Arjuna & the playfulness,generosity of Bhagawan Shiva.And Shiva wished to test Arjuna,so appears as the Kirata/hunter along with Devi as a huntress.

1/n Image
📷- A panel -Beautiful Amruteshwara Temple,Amruthapura,Karnataka

Sculpture depicts battle between Kirata(Shiva) and #Arjun after which Arjuna obtained Pashupatastra.

This temple dedicated to Shiva & has splendid sculptures all around depicting scenes from our ithihas.
#storytimethread -In Vana Parva,Arjun sets out to attain the Pashupatastra from Shiva.He was doing tapas,was distracted as he saw a wild boar rushing towards him to slay him.Arjun took his Gandiva & pointed it at the boar.A hunter(kirata)& his wife were present at that spot.

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1/ Manu (The progenitor of Humankind)
All different races of Mankind are derived from Manu and Shradha. The current Manu is Vaivasvata Manu.
2/ The word Manu literary means man but it is a title given to the progenitor of mankind. According to Hindu Puranas there are many kalpas (One day of Lord Brahma the creator) and each Kalpa has 14 manvantara and each manvatara has one manu. So basically each Kalpa has 14 Manus.
3/ The current manu of the present manvantara is Shraddhadeva or Vaivasvata Manu of this current Kalpa. He is the son of Vivasvat (Probably Surya) and is therefore also known as Manu-vaivasvata.
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