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Story time.
I was in 10th grade, we had a special speaker come in for “political correctness training”... for high schoolers... this went about as well as you’d think it could. Anyway, we were on the topic of “mentally challenged” people.
We were instructed to henceforth refer to them as “cognitively impaired”, to which someone yelled out “THAT SOUNDS RETARDED”. Now I don’t know if this lady has ever worked with remorseless highschoolers before, but let me tell you, this lady was SHOOK.
Her face went as red as a dying star and started her “how dare you” speech. She demanded whoever said it stand up, to which another student shouted “if you think he gonna tattle on himself you might be cOGnITiVeLy IMpaiReD” this ladies soul left her body right then and there.
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#saturday #storytimethread:

Back in 2006, I owned a big tuned 2002 GMC 2500HD Duramax diesel pickup. I lived in a small house w/ a small garage. It would never have fit, so it was parked outside. 1 morning in Feb, I went out to start it, sit in while it warmed up, & head to work
2. I opened the back door to grab my coat, but remembered I took it in. Closed the door, walked back inside to grab it. It was on the dining room table for some reason. Walked to grab & suddenly heard a cold diesel engine roar away from my house. I ran to the door & watched it
3. drive away, with someone other than me. "Mother Fucker! Wrong guy dude!" I ran to the garage & panic pounded the door opener. That chilly non-snowy Feb sun shined upon a new 2005 Cadillac CTS-V (425 hp) as the door lifted. I was in it, started before it completed.
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THREAD: The Story of Benjamin.

Scripture is not a library; Scripture is a holistic *story* (of creation and redemption and more besides).

Intertwined within it, however, are various sub-stories, which are defined by their intertextuality.

A nice example is Benjamin’s.

Benjamin’s story unfolds against an enigmatic backdrop—one characterised by a mixture of joy and sorrow.

When Jacob first meets Rachel (Benjamin’s mother), he begins to weep (Gen. 29.11).

At first blush, his tears appear to be tears of joy.
But might they also have a deeper significance? (Rashi at least thinks so.)

The last person to ‘lift up his voice and weep’ (לשאת את קולו ולִבְכות) in Scripture is Esau, who weeps because he has been tricked out of his ‘birthright’ (בכורה).
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I was raised with a lot of the toxic ideals of #purityculture, and these heavily impacted me. It also left me feeling pretty crappy about myself after experiencing #assault at a young age, and severely unprepared for certain adult situations. /2
There was a time when I was trying to break away from those #purityculture ideals, and had found someone I thought really cared about me and my family. /3
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Ok so before I get into it lemme describe my bestie he lighskin waves and got braces 🥵and he dress good ok back to the story so I was at school and we was in 5th period which is lunch
So then got damn lunch ladies really be bugging so I was pissed the fuck off I was being rude to everyone 🙅🏽‍♀️so then j nickname go walk up to me and said wassup ma I looked at him and just rolled my eyes 👀 then he just keep on going and the last thing he said was keep that attit-
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The Time I Got Freaky on FaceTime 😏#Threads #threadstorytime #storytimethread
So this all happened literally last night. I was on FaceTime with my lil summer fling( we gonna call him Ricky). Now I’m on Vacation atm with my family and I’m sharing a room with my little cousin(he’s like 8)
So my little was sleeping in the bed and I was on an air mattress. I had in nothing but a jacket a bra, some lace underwear. Now by time I called Ricky I was already in the mood, so I was tryna get him to notice, so I took off my jacket
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Hey y’all ima be doing my first #storytime today about getting freaky under a bridge😂😂 #storytimethread enjoy😂😂
Okay so this story takes place a couple weeks ago, me and my boyfriend had recently broken up (I’ll have to save that for another story time) but anywhooo, I started talking to this guy we gonna call him Michael😤
So one day Michael was texting me all freaky and me being the big ole tease that I am was texting freaky stuff back😂🤷🏻‍♀️, so Michael actually believed me🤦🏻‍♀️ and set up a whole plan to get freaky, keep in mind it’s the weekend and we were both busy💁🏻‍♀️
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