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Assessment of #Iran

1. Several provinces and cities are likely to run out of water this summer. A few cities are already experiencing lack of water. This is likely to lead to greater unrest.

2. The economy continues its decline with major capital flight reported.
Additional sanctions are likely to hasten the economy’s death spiral, leading to major unrest.

3. Overall the public mood in #Iran can be described as explosive. Contrary to some analyses, #iranians have not rallied around the flag in response to Trump’s policies.
4. The movement to overthrow the regime is growing. There is no one specific party or group that leads it, but younger Iranians seem to be a big part of it. Lack of centralized leadership has pros & cons but it prevents regime from crushing opposition easily.
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Join & Support the democratic alternative
Iranians To Hold Annual Gathering In #Paris Calling For #RegimeChange for a #FreeIran.
30 June 2018 villepinte Paris
#FreeIran2018 #IranProtest #MaryamRajavi…
100,000 Iranians and their supporters are expected to attend #FreeIran2018 Grand Gathering for a #FreeIran, and support #IranProtests in Paris on June 30th. Please join us
#IranRegimechang #IranProtests
Join the #FreeIran2018 campaign✌️

Be the voice of Iranians for a free & democratic #Iran…
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BREAKING : United States #US and United Arab Emirates #UAE disrupt large scale currency exchange network transferring millions of dollars to #Iran’s #IRGC -Qods Force. Exchange Network CHART published by @USTreasury…
According to statement @USTreasury: “Today the US and the UAE jointly took action to disrupt an extensive currency exchange network in Iran and the UAE that has procured and transferred millions in U.S. dollar-denominated bulk cash to #Iran’s IRGC-QF) to fund its malign
activities and regional proxy groups.”
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#Syria launched 10s of missiles against 4 #Israel/I military objectives in the occupied #GolanHeight in response to continuous Israeli provocation of war (hitting Syrian & allies' targets in various locations).

#Israel/I jets violated #Lebanon airspace last night to bomb #Syria
#Israel continuous provocation to trigger another war in #Syria w/ #Iran has been met with Iranian refraining from retaliating coz it is due to the hosting country to respond.

#Russia is constantly asking #Damascus to avoid falling into Israel's trap

#Israel intercepted 4 out of 20 missiles launched by #Syria air defence system into occupied #GolanHeight. 16 missiles reached their targets according to Damascus.

#Israel, before the Syrian retaliation, bombed several targets in #Syria for the fourth time in less than a month.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket sirens heard in northern #Israel
#BREAKING: Additional sirens heard in northern #Israel’s #GolanHeight communities
Video of siren going off in #Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern #Israel moments ago
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1. IRAN; A timeline for those of you conveniently absent minded of the facts.
#IranNuclearDeal #Iran #Iranian #ThanksObama #ObamaLegacy #Obama

2002- Iran was caught red-handed secretly building an underground centrifuge facility in Natanz.
2009 Iran was again caught secretly building a huge underground nuclear facility for uranium enrichment.

Ask Yourself "if the Iranians had only peaceful ambitions with their nuclear program, why then hide your uranium enrichment from everyone"?
3. Heavy sanctions & UN sanctions were put in place against Iran. But no sooner were they in place, that Obama had Hillary open back channel communications through her buddy & Clinton foundation supporter, the Sultan of Oman.The sanctions ended up having no real effect on them.
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The #IranDeal seems poised to die as President Trump, who was never a fan, is set to make remarks on Tuesday about its fate. The deal was a low point in American politics. Even before Iran’s essential bad faith was laid bare by Israel’s capture of their nuclear weapons plans.
The #IranNuclearDeal did nothing to control ballistic missile development, enriched Iranian proxy forces including named terrorist groups, and empowered and emboldened the worst excesses of the regime.…
Learning that #Iran had been completely deceptive about their intentions for their nuclear program was no shock to anyone who had been paying attention. Whole classes of ballistic missiles that Iran has been developing make no sense unless they were to bear a nuclear payload...
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This thread relates to recent #Q posts and gives a big-picture explanation of the massive #Treason that #POTUS and #WhiteHats have been fighting. This almost led to a military #Coup against #Traitor44's regime.

Graphic below acts as a map to clarify key elements.
Many of the crucial components of the #Treason are contained w/in the "Shell Game" report compiled by #Patriot #ScottBennett. This was recently publicized on the internet, explained in this thread:
Ever wonder why #DEM AND #GOP leadership opposed #Trump w/such animus? #Flynn and #Trump knew about the level of #Corruption/#Treason involving the elite, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Trump would discover, reveal, and punish their crimes (#DrainTheSwamp).
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In few moments will share some information about the forthcoming war in #Syria.
1+/ The US/EU war on Syria is expected in the next 10 hours according to sources in #Syria close to decision makers.

All Syrian troops were ordered to empty their barracks and keep 5% presence only.
2+/ #USA and #EU may target - as expected - the Syrian Air Force (many dislocated and other spread but not flying), the central for command and control, all radars and known anti-air missiles, Ministry of Defence, Presidential Palace and other sensitive Syrian bases.
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There are no #Hezbollah at the #T4Airbase, only #Iranian. The military air base if also a base for Iranian guided drones that #Israel consider it is responsible for the trap, attracting its jets and causing the destruction of two of its F-16 +…
#Israel jets flew over Ghazeer (#Lebanon) at a very low altitude to avoid #Russia/n radars in an area where topography allows jets to hide. Inhabitants were terrified by the sound. Jets took altitude in the Bekaa for 3-4 minutes and launched its missiles+
#Russia imposed on #Israel to notify its Air movement over #Syria and the course of its jets if ever willing to enter the Syrian airspace. Israel believed Russia is informing Damascus to be prepared when knowledgeable about an Israeli violation.+
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Feb 27 - #Rasht, N #Iran
Investors demanding their stolen savings from the #IRGC-linked #Caspian credit firm.
2⃣Feb 27 - #Rasht, N #Iran
Investors demanding their stolen savings from the #IRGC-linked #Caspian credit firm.
They're chant : our money has been lost- under the cloak of mullah
Feb 27 - #Ahvaz, SW #Iran
Employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group continuing their strike & protests outside the Khuzestan Province governor's office on 8day
the workers show the empty their table (food) in street

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For those unfamiliar with the #Iranian regime
Noori-Hamedani, a senior cleric in #Iran:
"Those women & girls who place their headscarves on a stick, protesting compulsory #hijab are trash."
This is the mullahs' misogynist mentality.
@Gill_Leighton @PoliticalShort @SKYRIDER4538
And if you're looking for a link to his filthy remarks:…
For those unfamiliar with #Iran's mullahs
Authorities in this regime forced the #SouthKorea women's taekwondo team to wear #hijab.
Shame on the South Korean government that has given in to such pressures in order to gain business contracts with Tehran.
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Feb 19 - Pasdaran district, Tehran, #Iran
Outside 102nd Police Station
Dervish Gonabadi community members protesting the detention of Nematollah Riahi (#نعمت_ریاحی) & demanding the his unconditional release.
Feb 19 - Pasdaran district, Tehran, #Iran
Outside 102nd Police Station
Dervish Gonabadi community members protesting the detention of Nematollah Riahi (#نعمت_ریاحی) & demanding the his unconditional release.
He is suffering from heart disorder.
Feb 19 - Pasdaran district, Tehran, #Iran
Outside 102nd Police Station
Latest footage of Dervish Gonabadi community members protest site.
Reports indicate security forces are attacking the protesters with tears gas & opening fire. One protester is shot.
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Feb 18 - #Iran
A passenger plane with 60 passengers & six crew left Tehran for Yasuj. 20 minutes into the flight the plane went off radar & crashed near Isfahan in the Padena mountains.
(Map shows Tehran-Isfahan-Yasuj)
(2nd map shows sight of plane crash)
Feb 18 - Yasuj airport, #Iran
Families of passengers aboard the Tehran-Yasuj plane awaiting news about their loved ones.
Some of the passengers' names are seen here.
Feb 18 - Yasuj airport, #Iran
More footage of grieving families of passengers aboard the Tehran-Yasuj plane awaiting news about their loved ones.
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#Iran activists are launching a Tweet storm today at 6:30 pm CET protesting the detention of detained activists Shima Babaee & Dariush Zand.
#FreeShima #FreeDariush #شیما_بابایی #داريوش_زند
#FreeAllProtesters #IranProtests
This file video shows #Iranian activists Dariush Zand and Shima Babaee kindly expressing gratitude to all those who replied to their call to gather aid for #Kermanshah's November earthquake victims.
#Iran's regime jails such innocent people...
#FreeShima #FreeDariush
Shima Babai is an #Iranian activist wrongly & unjustly arrested by #Iran's authorities.
Be the voice of all political prisoners & protesters behind bars.
#FreeShima #FreeAllProtesters
@PoliticalShort @Gill_Leighton @LindaFrum @FranTownsend @SalvajeUnitario @ASJBaloch @BillGertz
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#Iran - Ahmadinejad's latest attack against Khamenei
"... they summarily arrest people, then deliver their corpse, then they claim he/she was a drug addict, committed suicide, this and that..."
The #Iranian regime is tearing apart from within.
More reason for #IranProtests.
March 9 - Tehran, #Iran
Former president Mahmuod Ahmadinejad:
"... anyone in any post, if the people are unhappy with them, they must go..."
The #Iranian regime is tearing apart from within.
More reason for #IranProtests.
March 17 - Tehran
In response to the imprisonment of his deputy, Hamid Baghae, former Iranian president Ahmadinejad threatens to unveil secret "transfers" w/ IRGC Quds Force.…
#Iran‌'s regime is tearing apart.
Best timing for #IranProtests.
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For those unfamiliar with #Iran's regime
Sedighi, Friday prayer imam of Tehran:
"The worst being is an individual without religion. They are worse than wolves, viruses & microbes. A godless person is not only no different than an animal, they are worse than an animal."
For those unfamiliar with the #Iranian regime
The words of "Ayatollah" Khomeini, founder of the "Islamic Republic of #Iran."
#IranProtests seek to overthrow this mentality...
@Imamofpeace @Gill_Leighton @WalaBajsair @Doranimated @AdelleNaz @mdubowitz @FranTownsend @LindaFrum
For those unfamiliar with the #Iranian regime
Severe lashing is how #Iran's authorities punish anyone drinking an alcoholic beverage.
#IranProtests seek to overthrow this mentality...
@Imamofpeace @Gill_Leighton @WalaBajsair @Doranimated @mdubowitz @FranTownsend @LindaFrum
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Missiles launched over #Damascus; Rockets over the Golan Heights and a drone downed over #Israel: all in the last hour.

Israel said it is "an #Iranian drone". If that is the case, it is a "forced reconnaissance" to exhaust the Israeli defence system, #Hezbollah's style.
#Israel F-16 downed by what seems to be #Syria air defence system
#BreakingNews: Private source
All Syrian military and intelligence and their allies (#Hezbollah) positions in #Syria and #Lebanon on full alert
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Kermanshah, W #Iran
Behind the municipality building
Activist reports this is where a family lives...
#Poverty is the result of the mullahs' 40-year rule.
Another reason for #IranProtests.
#IranUprising will continue to change this...
Poor kids in #Iran's #Baluchistan, seen here searching in trash to find probably something to eat or sell...
This is the result of 40 years of mullahs' rule & the minority are especially deprived.
Another reason for #IranProtests.
#IranUprising will continue.
This says it all...
The very reason of widespread, utter poverty in #Iran, being the ruling mullahs, will also pass by such scenes, caring not an iota about the Iranian people.
More reason for #IranianProtests.
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Activists posting video of people rushing to banks, such as this Bank Melli, demanding their money as there is word of #Iran's state banks possibly going bankrupt.
#IranUprising is kicking in, terrifying the ruling regime.
Jan 30 - Rasht, N #Iran
Investors demanding their money back from the IRGC-affiliated Caspian credit firm, chanting "Hidden hands, where is our money?"
#IranProtests continue.
Jan 30 - Borujerd, W #Iran
Municipality workers rallying & protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past 8 months.
#IranProtests continue.
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Political prisoners Atena Daemi & Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraee held in Section 3 of Qarchak Varamin prison, known for its atrocious conditions. Authorities told Daemi's family she will not return to Tehran's Evin Prison.
Daemi & Iraee have threatened to go on hunger strike.
Political prisoners Soheil Arabi in Gohardasht Prison & Arash Sadeghi in Evin Prison are on hunger strike, protesting the transfer of Atena Daemi & Golrokh Ibrahimi Iraee to Qarchak Varamin prison.
Arabi has lost 7 kg of his weight.
#Iran #IranProtests will continue.
Jan 29 - Tehran, #Iran
Political prisoner Soheil Arabi was transferred from Section 7 of Evin Prison to an unknown location, reports indicate. This transfer took place on Monday, the fifth day of his hunger strike. Authorities threatened to use force if he did not cooperate.
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Jan 27 - Karaj, W of Tehran, #Iran
Activist posts footage of a snowy field where a homeless individual is seen sleeping next to a fire in freezing cold temperatures.
This is Iran under the mullahs' rule, a country sitting on an ocean of oil & gas...
More reason for #IranUprising.
Jan 27 - Shoosh, SW #Iran
As the ruling regime spends billions in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen & Iraq, millions across Iran continue to live on the streets in utter poverty.
#IranUprising will continue to change this injustice.
#Iran after 40 years of mullahs' rule
Despite sitting on an ocean of oil & gas, millions of Iranians live in poverty & literally search the trash to find something to sell... or even eat.
#IranUprising will continue to change this injustice.
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Activists posting this image of Vida Movahed, the brave woman who took off her scarf in public during #IranProtests in Tehran's Enghelab (Revolution) Avenue. She was arrested & has disappeared. Demands are raised from #Iran officials about her whereabouts.
Help spread the word.
Amnesty has called for #Iran to 'immediately and unconditionally release' Vida Movahed.
#VidaMovahed, known in #Iran as the "Enghelab Avenue Girl," risked her life to be the voice of all the oppressed women under the mullahs' misogynist and reactionary rule.
Join us in raising our voice: #Where_Is_She
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As Iranian authorities are trying to terrify the public by saying we shouldn't become a 2nd #Syria, activists are posting this image of a young homeless child sleeping in the streets, next to an iconic image of the Syrian tragedy...
This is #Iran under the mullahs' rule.
Khaleej Fars Crossroad, #Tehran
This is #Iran under the mullahs' rule...
#Poverty... the result of nearly 40 years of destructive policies...
More reason for #IranProtests #IranUprising #تظاهرات_سراسرى
Drawing shows how #Iran wastes billions in foreign wars, while its own people are struggling in deep #poverty. This young man represents many who search trash canisters for food and/or something to sell...
This is Iran under the mullahs' rule...
More reason for #IranProtests
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