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-#China's Belt and Road Initiative is always bad news for locals
-139 countries are part of BRI because local leaders due to personal greed have disregarded #NationalSecurity
-#Cambodia’s Lower Sesan 2 dam & #Guinea’s Souapiti Dam have resulted in severe #HumanRightsViolations SCMP
-BRi isn't just enormous network of roads, railways, tunnels, dams, airports, ports, energy pipelines, power plants
-It comes bundled with digital glue of telecommunications networks, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and above all search for food & minrals Fortune
-Iran is another nation which is fast replacing #Pakistan as core BRI country
-China has multiple large-scale BRI projects in #Iran with complete disregard for rights of locals
-Chinese fishing ships are creating havoc in leased out territorial waters of #Persian Gulf
@KlasraRauf France24
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Western media spent years leading up to the 1979 Revolution demonizing #Iran’s Shah, while giving soft interviews to his enemies, providing platforms to spew anti-Shah propaganda
In late 1978, one such interview occurred with Khomeini from his French headquarters

** Note reporter’s biased language & subliminal messaging, subtly glorifying Khomeini, creating a heroic ‘David VS Goliath’ narrative:
• “Center of resistance to the Shah of #Iran” [UNDERDOG]

• “Symbolizes the religious opposition... & guides the movement” [A PROPHET]

• “Living modestly... subsisting on a Spartan diet of prayer & little food” [AESCETIC/DISCIPLINED]

• “Receiving scores of #Iranians” [POPULAR]



“The French police are providing [Khomeini] heavy round-the-clock security”
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The following will be a series of video threads showing by no doubt #Iranian involvement in #Daraa_al_Balad siege and tonight attempts of genocide:
Proof of #HizbAllah forces fighting in #Daraa
On the #Syrian #Jordan fronts now: Fatimoun funded by #Iran: Watch how Sulimani recruited fighters over the years.
Whoa! Iraqi/#Iranian forces jointly fight against the 50k in #Daraa_al_Balad
Didn't the US issue a statement of condolences to one of their top satanic leaders? Is this proof that #Biden is supporting those terrorists' leader?
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#Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman @SKhatibzadeh referred to sporadic conflicts in #Panjshir and invited all Afghan groups to be committed to principle of negotiations for solving disputes and to avoid violence and fratricide. Image
#Iran is in continuous contact with all Afghan groups and will spare no efforts for reducing Afghans’ sufferings.
#Iran believes that lasting peace and stability will only be established in #Afghanistan through holding intra-Afghan talks and without the presence and intervention of foreigners.
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Asalam alaikam wa rahmatullah wa barakatah Sister bibi janey (@janeygak);
Firstly: I am over the moon to see your response. I have never expected a response: May Allah reward you plenty;
Secondly: I argued for complete freedom of Exchange for all currencies (both Fiat, Crypto)!
Thirdly: choosing one or more as a Legal Tender creates a legal obligation for sellers and service providers to accept the relevant tendered currency. This may help making the life of consumers easier, at least for a transitional periods
Actually life went well thousands of past years without any "Legal Tender". People were using Gold, Silver, ... etc., disregarding which authority minted them. All that matters is purity and correct weight (Yes: counterfeiting was also practices in ancient time😇😇😇).
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العميل الخائن، ينجب عميل خائن مثل : أحمد مسعود. والعنيد الأعوج قد ينجب أعوج مثله، وربما ينجب حمار مثل : حذيفة عزام، غفر الله لوالده. فبدلاً من يصحح أخطاء والده ويرجع إلى الحق، أخذه العناد وربما (النفاق)، يعترف أن الحب يعمي، لكن يقول العمى لا يصل إلى حمل …
وكان المفروض على د. حذيفة بن عبد الله عزام أن يحرك كل القنوات (بما في ذلك الجن الأزرق) لنصح أحمد مسعور من مغبة تولي الكفار الحربيين، بدلا من وصف أبيه العميل الخائن بالشهيد: فليحذر د. حذيفة بن عبد الله عزام أن يحبط عمله، وهو لا يشعر 👇👇👇
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T H R E A D : Image

“Shortly after the first of the year [1979], General Robert Huyser, Deputy Commander of U.S. Forces in Europe, arrived unannounced in #Tehran.”

“The unannounced visit distressed me. I asked my generals about it but they knew no more than I did.”

— Shah of #Iran, 1980 Image

“Such a man would not avoid me without good reason. As soon as Moscow learned of Huyser’s arrival, Pravda reported: ‘General Huyser is in #Tehran to foment a military coup’”

“Did such a risk exist? I do not believe so. My officers were tied to the Crown & the Constitution” Image
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Enough people who know about #Afghanistan are weighing in on the tragic/frightening scenes in #Kabul that there's no need for me to add my 2 cents. I do know something about the #MiddleEast so here are some thoughts about the ripples of the #Taliban victory across the region.1/13
No regional government is thrilled with both the humbling of US power AND the rise of a violent radical Sunni extremist govt in #Kabul allied with al-Qaeda. Some may welcome the former but none want the latter. 2/13
Some, especially in #Turkey and #Qatar, will position themselves as #Taliban-whisperers, offering to tame/interpret/represent #Kabul's new leaders to the outside world. Their real influence is likely to be minimal. Caveat emptor. 3/13
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#Thread 1/4: #BREAKING: ISI reveals the new #Iran|ian floating front base in the #RedSea: #BEHSHAD (MMSI: 422036200)
2/4: The #Iranian cargo vessel #SAVIZ was attacked on 6 April 2021, after operating at the same location for several years. Four months later, it was replaced by the #BEHSHAD.
3/4: On 3 July 2021, the #BEHSHAD left #BandarAbbas, #Iran, and reached #SAVIZ’s point on 12 July 2021.
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The #Iranian revolt against the Islamic Republic spreads to Bushehr province. Ganaveh, #Iran.
“Fear not for we stand together.”
Borazjan, Bushehr, #Iran.
“An #Iranian will die before submitting to oppression.”
Ganaveh, Bushehr, #Iran
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The popular rebellion in southwestern #Iran is concentrated in Khuzestan & Lorestan. But it’s not an “Arab” issue. This is a lie spread by the separatists, their foreign backers, and their DC lobbyists...
Khuzestan is inhabited by Arab speakers, Persian speakers, Lurs, Bakhtiaris, and other smaller minority groups. They are all water deprived & repressed by the Islamic Republic.
Does the regime treat Arab Iranians terribly? Yes. Are there some separatist sentiments? Yes. But I have not seen any evidence that the rebellion is motivated by separatism. In fact the different ethnic groups have been calling for unity to overthrow the regime.
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The #Iranian popular revolt against the regime spreads to Bushehr, #Iran.
Soosangerd, #Iran
Rebels close main road in Behbehan, #Iran
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#Occupy: Thread/Collection on #Warmongering.

Hugh #Escalation after #Biden's #NATO-"#Talks"

Naked Truth:
#Israeli PM Bennett Hints at Possible #Involvement in Recent #Attack on #Iranian Nuclear #Site - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Threatens Arab States With Sanctions If They Choose to Normalize Ties With Syria - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Confirms Three Drone Attacks Near Its Consulate in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan - Photos:… via @SputnikInt
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#Spies steal secrets. Sometimes, those secrets must be carefully studied and analyzed by experts to turn them into products useful to policymakers.
The spies,talking about, here worked for the #mossad.The expert who painstakingly transformed secrets collected into actionable intelligence is David Albright&the policymaker who should be revising his policies in response to a clearer picture of reality is President Joe Biden.
The story begins on a cold night in January 2018, when Israeli agents stealthily broke into a warehouse in southern #Tehran where Iran’s rulers had stored an archive of their #nuclear weapons program.
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#Yemen – Having Lost the War Saudis Try Genocide – Media Complicit

ByMoon of Alabama 13 Nov 2017

#Saudi ends its blockade of Yemen’s ports and airports – Daily Mail
Saudi-led coalition says will reopen Yemen ports – Anadolu
Yemeni ports to reopen for aid, says Saudi Arabia – Deutsche Welle

The above headlines are false. The Saudi government announced the re-opening of some #Yemeni ports and airports. All of these are in the south and under control of #Saudi proxy forces who are fighting the
#Houthi west #Yemen. Some 70% of the population lives in the north-western areas which will continue to be under an extreme blockade. The most important port in their area is #Hodeida which will stay closed. Back in March the U.S. Pentagon tried to get control of the port.

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No mention was made of the facts that a Saudi invasion, not Iranian meddling, began this war, which has led to what has been assessed as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, in 2015;that the Saudi occupiers, who receive at least 70% of their weapons
from their chief strategic partner, the #US, have killed thousands of #Yemeni civilians; that while #Houthi missile strikes have mainly targeted Saudi military installations and oil infrastructure, the #Saudis and their invasion partners have indiscriminately attacked
civilians, partially or completely destroying over 500 healthcare facilities and bombing over 100 ambulances, even as the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the country.

But the #Houthi moves also point to the simpler, more-sinister reason why this war has turned so violent:
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در لحظات حساسی از بازار هستیم که #تحلیل_تکنیکال در تشخیص روند بازار نیاز به چشم دوم دارد. اما از دریچه بررسی رفتار شبکه #onchain، به دنبال پاسخی برای سوال #کجای_چرخه_هستیم، بر مبنای #نظر_شخصی خواهیم گشت.
۱- ابتدا نمودار #CoinYearsDestroyed را مرور کنیم. این نمودار تخمینی است از حجم فروش کوین‌های پیرتر (در مالکیت 🐳و⛏) در ۳۶۵ روز اخیر است. به صورت واضح، روند نزولی 🟢 نشان از #Accumulation یا کاهش فروش بزرگان بازار و روند صعودی 🔴 نشان از سرعت‌ بالای فروش کوین‌های پیر است. Image
۴- با قیاس چرخه حال با چرخه پیشین، واضح است که با سقف فروش دوره قبل فاصله قابل توجهی داریم. این سقف همیشه در هر چرخه جدید پشت سر گذاشته شده است. دلیل آن پیرتر شدن طبیعی شبکه/کوین‌ها با گذر‌زمان است.
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None of #Plato dialogues were fully translated into Arabic or Persian in the classical period - and on that we have ‘Abd al-Rahman Badawi’s classic study - a short thread on #Persian translation 1/
The lives of the two modern #Persian translators of #Plato can be rather instructive on the nature of modern #iranian intellectual history 2/
The first of these was Mahmud Sana’i (1918-1985) who attended Alborz College, later studying philosophy and literature at Tehran University and then doing a PhD in psychology in #London 3/
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In 1975, Mohammad Reza Shah #Pahlavi The Great gave this interview to Canada’s CBC

According to the CBC’s own description of the interview,

“The Shah contends that the West built itself at #Iran’s expense and he is now putting things right”



“You can’t keep on the way you were doing because the old way was a little exaggerated”


Do you think our inflation in the Western world is our own fault?


“Not mine anyway because it started well before we increased the price of oil”


“You’ve built your progress & your affluence at our expense”

“So you can’t say that we increased the price of oil all of a sudden because for 20 & some odd years, maybe 24 years, we have just been terribly exploited in a very mean way”

#Iran’s Mohammad Reza Shah #Pahlavi
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عمران خان صاحب کو بات سوچ سمجھ کر کرنی چاہئیے کہ پاکستان کا آئین بنیادی طور پر قرآن و سنت پر مبنی ہے لہذا کافر فرانسیسی خونریز انقلاب کی یا ایران کے مولویوں کے خونریز انقلاب کی اسلام قطعی اجازت نہیں دیتا | ریاست مدینہ کی بات کرنے والے ذرا بتائیں کہ فتح مکہ پر کتنے قتل ہوئے تھے
Dear Mr Imran Khan please be careful while quoting “ Heathen #FrenchRevolution & Iranian Cleric Revolution in connection with Pakistan” | Revolution & Bloodletting are not allowed in #Islam | Both the example above are invalid | You talked of State of #Medina | Tell us about that
1 - Reality of the so-called #Islamic Revolution of #Khomeini in #Iran | America's secret engagement with Khomeini… Naya Pakistan looking for Iran like revolution, says Imran (The News April 23, 2019) US Declassified Documents on Iran's alleged Revolution
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Unit 910 - #Hezbollah's Foreign Operations Unit.
#Unit910 is one of Hezbollah's elite & secretive units. It is headed by Talal Hamya (طلال حميّة), & is the long & strategic arm of Hezbollah & #Iran.
The purpose of this unit is to deter the West, including
🇮🇱Israel. 1
The one who headed it in the past was Imad Mourniyeh. The Unit 910 has sub-units - administrative & operational. It is confidential in relation to all #Hezbollah units. 910 has a limited number of activists, including Lebanese Shiites whose families are not from Lebanon. 2
And some have foreign passports that allow them to move freely around the world, covert by scenarios of trade or tourism. They go on missions without the knowledge of their family. What their family knows is that they are going on a trip with friends. 3
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