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Through four weeks, your thread of relevant #Arsenal statistics (not including LFC, LUFC, Burnley and Everton)...
Expected Goal Differential:
City +8.9
Liverpool +4.7 (through 3)
Wolves +3.2
Spurs -2.5
Watford -2.7
🔴⚪️Arsenal -3.7
LCFC -4.4
NUFC -4.8
Norwich -5.3

Arsenal were -6.3 against City and CFC.
(Non-Penalty) Goals minus xG:
United +5.2
West Ham +3.7
Chelsea +3.3
Brighton +1.1
Soton -3.1
🔴⚪️Arsenal -4
Wolves -5.3
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Ralf Rangnick, the man to save Arsenal - A THREAD #AFC #Arsenal #DieRotenBullen (RT’s and likes are really appreciated) Image
Who is Rangnick? He’s a German coach and sporting director known for his key role in the rise of RB Liepzig. He operated interchangeably in both roles from the 12/13 to the 18/19 season, driving them from the German 3rd Division to becoming a mainstay in the Champions League. ImageImage
As sporting director, his philosophy is to unearth future starts before top clubs can find them, building a system that gets the best out of them, and selling them for massive profits. He was behind the discovery of players like Kimmich, Upamecano, Werner, Keita, Konaté, Sabitzer ImageImageImage
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Bergkamp was an absolute master. My favourite player of all time.

But one thing I will say: Unless you watched him play from the stands, you never saw one reason WHY he was so good:

He LOVED to shithouse defenders. /1
You'd see it from the stands at Highbury. He'd spend whole games leaning in on his marker, giving them a little shove occasionally, giving them a wink or smile whenever he made a pass, shouting to the ref about them.

Nothing nasty. Just constant, low-grade tactical shithousing😁
And then the moment would come. Someone would ping a ball to him and you could almost HEAR the defender's thoughts. Their footballing brain would turn off, just for a second, and emotion would kick in.

"RIGHT. Got him."

And they'd go in on him.
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THREAD: #Ramsdale to #Arsenal

It will be interesting to see how #Ramsdale gets on at #AFC & how his game evolves.

One thing #AFC know they are getting is a quality 1v1 stopper!

My model suggests #Ramsdale’s 1v1 prowess saved #SUFC ~3 goals more than an average #PL GK would’ve!
In comparison #Leno was average at stopping 1v1s last year & given the brand of football #Arsenal wish to play maybe this was in their thought process when they scouted #Ramsdale.

My model has #Ramsdale as one of the top 5 1v1 stoppers in the #PL & potentially can still improve!
#Ramsdale’s strength vs close range 1v1s is down to his lightning fast speed of thought & speed off the line in combination with his wonderful bravery & tidy spread technique.

This save vs #Wolves is a good example

Rambo creates a huge barrier & snuffs out an excellent chance!
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/Thread/ How #PremierLeague shirt sponsors have changed. Data POWA analyses shirt sponsorship trends in England’s top flight football league. Once small and local, now sponsors are multinationals. In the late 1990s tech and telecoms companies predominated; then financial Image
@POWAindex @utdarena @MUFR_ @iemadAFC @ChrisWheatley_ @MaaxiAngelo @mjshrimper @OsmanZtheGooner @theesk @arsenalbarclays and insurance firms muscled in. Since 2005, when gambling laws were liberalised, betting firms have worked their way up the league. This season they sponsor 45% of teams. The average size and type of the business sponsoring each tier of EPL teams has changed dramatically.
@POWAindex @utdarena @MUFR_ @iemadAFC @ChrisWheatley_ @MaaxiAngelo @mjshrimper @OsmanZtheGooner @theesk @arsenalbarclays During the 91/92 season #ManUnited, #Arsenal and #Chelsea were all sponsored by electronic brands. Nowadays, the likes of Arsenal and #ManCity are both sponsored by global airlines, with #Liverpool and #Tottenham choosing to take financial service companies as their lead partner.
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Should #Arsenal sign Martin Odegaard? A quick statistical detour...
No causation/correlation line here, but MØ was undoubtedly part of the turnaround. The club registered 17 points in his 9 PL starts, 1.89 per. Arsenal put up 44 points in its other 29 matches, 1.51 per match.

The latter pace would have gotten them 11th over a full season.
Odegaard's league starts included wins over Leeds, Tottenham and Chelsea, but he did also start the 0-3 drubbing to Liverpool (Xhaka, Luiz and Saka all missed) and the 1-1 draw to Burnley, one of Arsenal's worst finishing performances of the season.
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It's one hell of a Monday. If you haven't had time to read the #Pegasus hacking revelations in detail, here are a few observations from day 1 & 2.
A thread I'll keep building.
1. Today we learnt from #PegasusProject & @thewire_in that potential targets for political spying, ahead of the 2019 election, include Congress president Rahul Gandhi and – equally shocking – Ashok Lavasa, the most independent of India's three election commissioners.
... @PrashantKishor is on the list, and offered his phone for forensic analysis, which proves that he was being spied on from before the election until as recently as July 14, 2021. Right through his crucial role helping the TMC through the West Bengal elections.
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#CopaAmericaFINAL #CopaAmerica The 28 year wait is finally over for the #laalbiceleste #Messi z shoulders hav now shed tht weight. It’s very close to the #Indians winning the 2011 #Cricket world cup for #SachinTendulkar ~1
The team played as a team with #Messi inspiring them with most goals & assists whch he has done all his life n ritely winning the #GoldenBall & #GoldenBoot of the tournmt. He carried the hard weight of not winning big for his nation, but today he finds solace without #Maradona ~2
How can one forget the #laalbiceleste GK #Martinez heroics in the Semifinals n #CopaAmericaFINAL he maintained good form in the whole competition n befittingly won the #GoldenGlove . Frm warming the #Arsenal bench to the #phenomenom of the #Argentina he has come full circle ~3
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🏆🇦🇷 Se viene el #TorneoLPF2021 de @LigaAFA

El Campeonato de 1ª División es la competencia más antigua que disputan los clubes afiliados a @afa. A continuación, una imagen con todos los campeones (año por año) y un resumen de su historia...

HILAZO⬇️ Image
La Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (@afa ) reconoce oficialmente como antecesoras directas a la AAFL (posteriormente AFA, AAF y AAAF), FAF, AAmF y LAF ya que han sido desprendimientos de la misma Asociación fundada por Alexander Watson Hutton en 1893. Aquí, su estatuto📃 Image
Desde entonces se juega de forma ininterrumpida el campeonato de primera liga, siendo el torneo que más años consecutivos lleva disputándose de forma oficial de todos los países afiliados a FIFA🌎 (algunos más longevos tuvieron interrupciones por conflicto bélicos) Image
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In two weeks from now, the first #UEFA Euros match in #Baku will kick-off when #Wales meets #Switzerland.

The UK FCO currently warns of unexploded material, terrorists attacks to be "likely" and high COVID rates. I'd say all these risks are low, but there are other issues:
According to @ILGAEurope, #Azerbaijan is the most homophobic country in Europe. So better don't go, if you are part of the #LGBTQI community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Sadly, #UEFA, as #FIFA, does not care much about safeguarding #LGBTQI fans...
Be aware that #Azerbaijan is one of the most restrictive countries in the world and certainly has the most restrictive regime in Europe. Vision #Belarus, just much worse, as all kind of international organisations report.
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Anyone else having a 50 years on #Arsenal #facup final 1971 watching party?

I've got the beers in and the DVD all lined up ready to press play at 3pm.

Of course, when I was 7 I had to watch it without the beer 🍻 which wasn't good for the nerves 😁
And they're off!

Wonder if you can still enter the ITV competition to name the 3 best players. There's a £20 prize.
Two minutes and #Arsenal have already conceeded four free kicks 😂
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1/ OPEN LETTER TO @SkySports

amazing how suddenly you care about "fans" with your incredible focus on #MUFC protests against the Glazers

where were you when #LUFC was being destroyed by Ken Bates & their fans protested? where were you when #BuryAFC was battling to survive?
2/ when #BWFC went to the brink, @SkySports most certainly didn't do anything to push their fans' agenda, yet here you are pushing Man U fans' agenda

your hypocrisy is nauseating, considering how you created this bloated, average @premierleague that wallows in obscene money
3/ @SkySports doesn't care about fans, your ridiculous influence on match scheduling & your inconsiderate changing of kick off times proves this

now that your greed-fuelled product is under threat, you suddenly hop into the fans' camp to try & protect your own interests
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Thread: The State of Arsenal 🔴

Full disclosure. I don’t like KSE. I would happily see #KroenkeOut

But, KSE was never selling. Arsenal is an investment vehicle that even after the failed Super League will continue to grow in value yearly. (1/9)
Now, while there is plenty to dislike about the ownership, they are not the reason for our failures in the recent past. Over the past 5-7 years we have seen Arsenal with a net spend on par or above other teams that are finishing above us in the table. (2/9)
That is not the fault of ownership. Many of our issues aren’t from the board up, but from the executives down. Paying huge contracts to 30+ years old players, while also letting many leave the club for free is absurd on its face. Overpaying aging talent while (3/9)
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Es oficial: la Super League ha nacido. 12 clubes se cortaron solos de la UEFA y decidieron crear su propia liga, entre semana, para competirle a la Champions. A la UEFA/FIFA no les gustó nada. Y esto recién comienza...

Para que tengan una especie de índice, el hilo será dividido así:

📍Explicación y formato del torneo
📍 Implicaciones financieras (importante)
📍 Implicaciones deportivas
📍 ¿Se puede parar esto?

Vamos a ello.

La #SuperLeague estará compuesta por:
🇮🇹 #Milan - #Juventus - #Inter
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #ManUtd - #Liverpool - #ManCity - #Chelsea - #Arsenal - #Tottenham
🇪🇸 #Barcelona - #AtléticoMadrid - #RealMadrid

Desde 🇩🇪 y 🇫🇷 se negaron.

(@brfootball) Image
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Thread [#SuperLeague]
What it is - 12 European clubs have come together to announce a new competition called the Super League governed by its founding clubs. Arsenal, Atletico, Chelsea, Barca, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, City, United, Madrid and Spurs are the 12 founders
Along with the current 12, 3 more clubs are set to join them as founders making it 15 in all.
How it's going to work - 20 teams (15 founders + qualifying mechanism for 5 teams to qualify annually). Midweek fixtures with clubs playing their domestic leagues
Which is "the heart of the club game". Competition starts in August, 2 groups of 10 each and both home and away fixtures. Top 3 from each group qualify with the 4th and 5th from both groups playing a playoff round for remaining QF positions.
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This piece is a little confused. Rwanda is indeed an oppressive state, but no mention that it is one of Blair’s favourite African nations (he’s done lots of well-remunerated ‘consultancy’ work for them). Despite the human rights abuses, Kagame was, and...…
...remains a friend of the West, esp Britain. Human rights is about humanity, standards but also consistency - and the latter as always is lacking. In tourism, the piece lambasts Rwanda for handing £30m to a rich club Arsenal, but no real analysis of whether this investment is...
...paying off. If it is, from a financial standpoint it’s worth it. The irony is @barneyronay’s piece may cut tourism thereby making the poor poorer still. Tourism denial as a means of forcing political change has some merits but there has to be a strategy not just an economic...
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Voy a hacer un hilo de jugadores random que han pasado por el Barça. Luego serán 5 o 6 tuits porque me aburriré rápido.
Santi Ezquerro.

Un tipo apodado "La Moto" que llegó gratis al Barça de Ronaldinho. Una vez marcó un gol de chilena.

Un tronco simpático pero gran bregador, de los que se dejan el alma por evitar un saque de banda. En 2008 cumplió su ciclo natural fichando por el #Osasuna. Image
Primera víctima de Messi, cuya irrupción le relegó al ostracismo. Aún así, 8 g en 41 p siendo siempre suplente. Casi los mismos que Kodro en un año entero de titular.

Me ha costado encontrar una foto con la camiseta amarilla, que misteriosamente es con la única que le recuerdo.
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For the upcoming game for @arsenal against Manchester City on Sunday, I have put together an opposition analysis to give a greater detail into what we can expect from Man. City 🔍 #ARSMCI #AFC #ARSENAL
Firstly, a brief overview of Manchester City, including their recent form and some injury updates ahead of the fixture. Pep confirmed Gündogan will be fit for the match...
Next, we look into their recent line-ups and their most used across their last six matches. Their is clear consistency throughout but there can be minor adjustments due to their midweek game vs. Everton...
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No ha sido tan movido como un mercado invernal habitual, pero nos ha dejado movimientos muy interesantes. Hoy es el #DeadLineDay, uno de mis días favoritos del año, por lo que voy a hacer un hilo con los fichajes más destacados en este mercado.

Spoiler alert: Es algo largo.
🎯Joakim Maehle. Del Genk a la Atalanta.

Los 11 millones que costó el danés, ya parecen pocos. Su llegada ha sido suficiente para que la Dea finalizase las cesiones de Mojica, Piccini y Depaoli.

Aprovecha cada minuto. Suplente de lujo para Hateboer y Gosens.
Luka Jovic. De Real Madrid al Eintracht.

Sin oportunidades ni la confianza de Zidane, el serbio ha vuelto a casa. Con Hütter sabe que tendrá que ganarse el puesto, pero de momento es un suplente de lujo: 3 goles en 4 partidos saliendo desde el banco. Reviviendo.
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Thread | Arsenal Top 4: By the Numbers 🔴⚪️

With Arsenal having won 5 of their last 7 games in the league on the current unbeaten run, talk has quickly shifted from relegation to the chances of making top 4. While our league position has greatly improved, top 4 is still a (1/8)
very unlikely (but not impossible) task that will demand a performance in the last 17 games that would rival a league winning side. Here are the numbers: (2/8)
Over the previous 10 PL seasons, the team finishing in 4th position finished with an average of 71.3 points. Arsenal currently sit with just 31 points through 21 games. (3/8)
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With the #Odegaard move to #Arsenal about to be completed and my graph making the rounds on Arsenal Twitter, it's a good moment for a quick thread to my Gunner friends on what to expect from the Norwegian playmaker, with some images, video, articles, and data on him.

From what I've seen on my timeline, fans in the Real Madrid environment are not happy with this move. Real Madrid have suffered chance creation issues for several years already, and Ø seemed like a great fit to help with these issues
As explained in this great piece by @OmVAsports for @managingmadrid, Ø seemed like a great option to evolve and improve Real’s attacking structure. But that would have required Zidane to change his approach…and he didn't.…
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#Arsenal re: rebuilding | I know we all want this club to be successful again. In that light, there is work to be done in terms of how we build-out the squad moving forward. But for me, that cannot be all about buying every single player (1/12) #AFC
We are undoubtedly going to be linked to a lot of names from now and running through the summer...but what truly makes the most sense? Where in the team are - right now - the biggest questions? For me it's CM, CB, and long-term at CF. Most of the spine (2/12)
Yes Auba extended and we still have Laca, but both are on the wrong side of 30, and long-term, it's unlikely they'll be here and performing. The only question we don't have at CB is around Gabriel. The CM debate continues about a number of players & if they're good enough (3/12)
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