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DAY 164 is over now in #Kherson & #Mykolaiv, #Kharkiv & #Bakhmut & #izium, #Kyiv & #Odesa & #Lviv. And in Moscow. Where it’s now nearly 1.30am Sunday morning.
London-based @DailyMail reporter David Patrikarakos inside temporarily occupied Kherson, isolated by news blackout, published this report:
“A cloud of thick smoke hangs over the occupied city of #Kherson in #Ukraine.
Its very stench is evidence of Russian war crimes, on a scale almost too sickening to contemplate.
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Morning of August 4th brings us this from Kenneth Gregg #UkraineWillWin: (1/10) "This update will be about two events: #Pisky and #Dovhenke (#Izium region). We start with Pisky which has been the talk of the western media as a breakthrough for the Russians and a disaster⬇️
2:"...for the Ukrainians. Yes, it has been a disaster in the sense that we have 196 dead after 2 days of fighting. The background to the attack here in the Donetsk region was that the Russians knew that we did not have strong troops in the area and they KNEW exactly where our ⬇️
3:"...positions were. Then they fired more than 6500 shells from artillery and with GRAD. It took about 12 hours before we got reinforcements to the area and our troops could force the enemy out of the city itself. The Russians themselves have too few troops to take the city.⬇️
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1/ Quick update on Kherson: the Russians have more than doubled their defence in the city. Pre counter 12k troops today 30k. There are pros and cons to this development: cons first it’s going to take a little longer to liberate the city, also the Russians moved tanks with those
2/ Troops, tanks are not defensive, it’s the Russian intention to push out of Kherson. Now for the Pros: Ukraine have more targets for the long range weaponry now in abundance on the southern front, it’s taken a lot of pressure from the east front, and progress has swung to
3/ Ukraine, as they have pushed back the Russians in large areas towards #izium This also underpins the inability of the Russian army to successfully fight on multiple fronts. Kherson has always been the key to the victory for Ukraine, it opens up Crimea. Russia know this it’s an
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This speculative movement, far from the reported fronts seems to finally be in good swing. First discussed it in the quoted tweet (itself quoting a thread about the elusive & unreported forest battles), the last few day of VIIRS data show us a serious #Russian advance to secure
the western forest flank of the #Izium supply line. It is done not as an advance westward from the city, but as a pincer movement from the north & south to advance along the high ground & surround any UA forces still operating within the forest belt. More recently we discussed
these #Ukrainian operations in the forest belt including a river crossing (here ). Also noted that in other threads (such as this one ) that UA would be wise to invest more resources in holding this forest & continuing operations from
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#Russia consolidating control over #Lysychansk & #Luhansk Oblast, while likely setting its sights on #Sloviansk, per #Britain's @DefenceHQ
"There is a realistic possibility that the battle for #Sloviansk will be the next key contest in the struggle for the #Donbas" per @DefenceHQ

#Russia "has committed most of the remaining available units from the Eastern & Western Groups of Forces to the #Izium axis"
"#Russian forces have likely advanced up to another 5 km down the E40 main road from #Izium, in the face of extremely determined #Ukrainian resistance" per @DefenceHQ
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Additional events on this front and the underreported forest fights on the flanks of #Izium, the vital Russian supply hub & gateway south through the Kharkhov oblast forest belt. Video, reportedly from around Zalyman has emerged from #Russian sources. Shows a #Ukrainian pontoon
crossing, a boat & personnel hit by RU forces. Despite the source's claim, I have tentatively geolocated it to an area southeast of Chepil, the UA stronghold in the area. The area is a good crossing point for UA forces for several reasons. Firstly, it is far from the Russian main
forces around Izium. However, though it is not as far as the far flank (where we may expect all the crossings) around Protopopivka & Zahorodnje, it lies in a continuous dense forest extending far to the east & towards Izium, all the way to Ivanivka. This is perfect terrain for UA
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Nearly 20 days later we have additional movement on this "speculative" front. Long and difficult artillery battles have finally left the Vesele to Balakilia line secure, across the forest belt south to the Siverskyi Donets river. As we expected, along the rail line there has been
RU expansion of this front westward towards Andriivka. Then a few days ago reports emerged of Russia securing #Nortsivka north of the forest on the western flank of #Izium, which continues to be a place of constant & under-reported battles.


It seemed
to many only a move to help control the forest area from this base. Apparently however it was the first move in an attempt to encircle the whole forest sector from the west. This is what I speculated could happen though I thought this drive might come from the north around Bairak
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 116) - Un día más y un #hilo más sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Comenzamos con este mural aparecido en #Mariupol y en el que se glorifica una guerra que ha supuesto la muerte de miles de sus habitantes y la destrucción de la ciudad.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 116) - En el siguiente vídeo la artillería de la 81ª Brigada ucraniana ataca varios vehículos rusos en las orillas del río #Donets a la altura de #Borohodychne.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (Día 115) - Una mañana más, iniciamos aquí nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraRusiaUcrania, esperando como siempre que sea el último.

🟥 En el siguiente vídeo podéis ver #BMPT rusos en la zona de #Severodonetsk.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (Día 115) - La campaña rusa búsqueda de influencia en #África se está incrementando a raíz de la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥@elenalabrado nos explica en detalle cuáles son los objetivos que persigue y los medios que emplea el #Kremlin.…
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (Día 115) - Miembros del batallón "Somalia" de la #RPD agradecen al "joven héroe Daniel", de 7 años, la donación de un drone DJI Mavic 3, en el que habría invertido todos sus ahorros, así como el dibujo enviado.

(Obviamente podría ser sólo propaganda)
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 113) - Hoy comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania con la foto más importante de la jornada:

🟥 #Macron, #Scholz y #Draghi camino a #Kiev para ver a #Zelensky.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 113) - Sobre las bajas ucranianas ⬇️

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 113) - El apoyo a Ucrania y a su narrativa varía notablemente en función del país. En el caso de #Italia, el tema ha llegado a ser un escándalo nacional.

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 112) - Comenzamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraRusiaUcrania con esta interesante gráfica.

🟥 Ahí podéis ver el número de plataformas que Ucrania ha recibido comparado con el que ha solicitado.


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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 110) - Iniciamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania desde un avión de @AirFranceES que se niega a despegar.

🟥 Unidades SOF ucranianas en coordinación con los servidores de los obuses M777 han destruido estos BM-21 Grad.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (110) - Sobre la situación en #Izium y el contraataque ucraniano de ayer, hay que tomar la información con precaución por ahora ⬇️

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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Aquí iniciamos nuestro #hilo diario sobre la #GuerraUcraniaRusia.

🟥 #Berdyansk, bajo dominio ruso, ha amanecido con lo que parece un importante incendio.

🟥 Gracias por vuestro #RETWEEET
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Sobre uno de los videos que compartimos ayer por la noche, ésto ⬇️


🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 109) - Vía @jpartej. En #Alemania habría ya un centenar de IFV Marder en condiciones de ser entregados tras haber pasado por una revisión profunda. En realidad un anuncio similar se publicó semanas atrás y no han hecho nada.

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An update on this operation. The #Russian crossing was indeed successful. While fighting continued in the area until the 8th, #Sviatohirsk is fully in RU control. #Tetianivka across the river was captured, as well as #Pryshyb & its high grounds. Fighting in Bohordychne continues
& it has held already longer than I first expected. However the RU forces retain fire control over the bridge & large parts of the town & should fully control it in the near future. As of our last known data, the bridge remained standing, though RU forces already have alternative
crossings in the area. Reports indicate RU forces are already advancing towards #Sydorove which is a key town to hold as we discussed earlier. However, the more interesting question is the RU direction after that or even before that. Strong UA forces still hold the front at
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Related to this front around #Balakliia, and the #Izium supply hub, which I spoke about in the quoted thread, I wish to speculate about another possible future development. The forests west of Izium are scenes of some of the fiercest & least reported aspects of the war recently.
As I have mentioned, UA forces' ability to operate in dense wooded areas has steadily increased. It is clear to everyone that the Izium supply hub, road & rail junctions, and river/forest passageway to the south are critical to the RU offensive. While RU forces achieved an
important & impressive victory in its capture, which UA forces fought desperately to prevent, the breakthrough remained narrow for a long time. Only recently has Russia widened it towards the east (less dense territory) & connected it by rail to the Kupiansk line as discussed.
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Massive forest fire has broken out south of #Andriivka (Kharkhov oblast), due to #Russian shelling. This intensity of fire ensures that in this sector, UA forces have been forced south of the Siverskyi donets river. This is an important part of the front, as RU forces have tried
to push #Ukrainian forces south of the river and away from the main R78 highway and more importantly the railway (#Izium - #Kharkhov). UA forces have learned to very stubbornly & effectively cling to forested areas. In fact most of the active front today is along the forest belt
between Kharkhov and Lugansk. UA forces do not do well in open terrain, nor do they wield field units that can maneuver in them, but they do defend doggedly in urban centers, prepared entrenchments, and dense forest. The combination of the long river and dense forest on its banks
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Quick update. The attack on #Bohorodychne (crossing attempt) by #Russian forces has intensified. Further west, there is a RU effort to push the front line further south south away from the railway and highway (R78). Further east there may be preparation to cross near #Platonivka
where the Siverskyi river is narrow & it is somewhat less expected (as opposed to trying to go straight east from Ozerne to Zakitne or to cross at Dronivka where the bridge was blown). RU forces here are close to Yampil railway station for supplies. With Lyman in #Russian hands
this rail line now connects with #Izium and through Sosnove directly north to the main hub at Kupyansk. Finally there is another potential crossing attempt (or preparation or faint) at Pryvillia. This advance would also be close to the rail line at Kreminna that directly connects
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93 daily threads on #Russia's illegal war. Almost a hundreds days of death and destruction catalogued here.

From the start and attempting to overthrow the President and rule the country in days, right now it's come down to a small pocket in east #Ukraine.

All the news all day⬇️
It's almost like the British MoD has been reading these threads!

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
News from occupied parts of #Ukraine

#Berdyansk residents have 3 new radio stations (🇺🇦 stations were blocked months ago)

All are propaganda including Crimea Radio which gives updates on "liberated" #Kherson & #Zaporizhzhia which will soon switch to🇷🇺 license plates.
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Una mañana más, aquí comienza nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.


🟥 La situación en la zona de #Popasna ahora mismo parece ser la siguiente. Los rusos habrían alcanzado la carretera T1302 en #Soledar.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - A) Dada la situación en otros puntos como #Limán o #Severodonetsk, Ucrania quizá debería sopesar un repliegue con el que conservar tropas con experiencia de cara a una futura contraofensiva, cuando llegue el grueso del material occidental.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 86) - Sin embargo, por racional que parezca, una retirada dejaría #Sloviansk y #Kramatorsk, las dos ciudades más importantes de la zona, a tiro de la artillería rusa y en riesgo, por lo que se entiende que Ucrania aguante en espera de los refuerzos.
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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 73-76. The past 100 hours has seen the Ukrainian military expand on the initial success of its limited counteroffensive around Kharkiv. Russia’s offensive along the Siverskyi Donets Line has generally stalled, with limited successes in Popasna. #UkraineWar Image
2/ Weather Impact. Cloudy skies and frequent rainstorms will degrade air & artillery strikes as well as ground assaults. Increased rain and humidity will make off road movement difficult, while daily temps (15-22 C) will not be hot enough to dry out mud. Image
3/ Kharkiv OD. Ukraine’s limited counteroffensive of in the Kharkiv area continues to make solid progress. Russian forces have been pushed into a thin strip of territory averaging only 10km in depth. This OD is in danger of collapsing similarly to the Kyiv & Sumy fronts. #Kharkiv Image
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (día 74) - Iniciamos un día más nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraEnUcrania.

🟥 Estamos a unas horas del "Día de la Victoria", en el que casi todos esperan alguna clase de anuncio importante por parte de #Putin.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (día 74) - #URGENTE - Por muchas cosas que puedan haber pasado, es obligado comenzar por esto:

🟥 El primer derribo de un helicóptero desde un drone Bayraktar TB-2, en este caso mientras desembarcaba soldados en la Isla de las Serpientes.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia VS #Ucrania (día 74) - La otra noticia, aunque todavía no hay confirmación, tendría que ver con #Popasna.

🟥 Allí, las milicias de la #RPL encabezadas por los mercenarios de #Wagner aseguran haber completado la toma de esta localidad tras 74 días de lucha.
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1/ Ukrainian TVD, Day 67-72. The past 6 days has seen Ukrainian forces execute a limited counteroffensive north & northeast of Kharkiv that has produced significant results. Russian forces continue to struggle to gain ground from Izium to Popasna. #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine
2/ Weather Impact. The 10-day forecast for east Ukraine shows temps (16-24 C) will continue to slowly dry out areas with extensive mud, slightly improving offroad movement. However, mud still restricts movement to roads. Rain & cloud cover slightly degrades air & UAV operations.
3/ Kharkiv OD. Ukraine’s limited counteroffensive of 02-05 May north & NE of Kharkiv threatens to push Russian forces back across the border into Belgorod. Russian forces in the Kharkiv OD are to spread out and weak to reverse recent Ukrainian gains. #Kharkiv
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 73) - Una jornada más, comienza aquí nuestro #hilo 🧵 diario sobre la #GuerraRusiaUcrania.

🟥 Ayúdanos compartiendo 🙏

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 73) - #Aerorozdivka ha publicado este vídeo en #Facebook en el que muestra sus RPAS dejando caer municiones sobre T-72B3, BMP-3 y BMD-2.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia vs #Ucrania (día 73) - Aquí la segunda parte, pues duraba alrededor de cuatro minutos y #Twitter no nos permite subir vídeos de más de dos.
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Good morning! ☕️

Today's thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺

Pentagon says #Russia has left a couple of battalion tactical groups in #Mariupol, most troops left in northern direction
Russians set up multiple checkpoints in #Kherson today
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