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$ASH is @AshSwap’s native token đŸȘ™

First time hearing of the name? Well, no worries, this thread will get you the crucial info you need to take advantage of it! đŸ§”

#ASH #tokenomics
2/ $ASH serves as the liquidity incentive token and is obtained by staking LP tokens on AshSwap.

$ASH holders can choose to lock their $ASH to acquire the Yield Booster: $veASH, which applies a boost to all pools and maximizes users’ APR. 🚀
3/ If you hold $veASH, you can participate in and vote on governance decisions for both AshSwap and protocols building on top of us (AshDAO will come soon)

Moreover, you can participate in Farm Weight Voting, affecting $ASH emissions of the protocol and earn bribes đŸ€€
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🙏🙏 Thanks to all your amazing donations (ÂŁ3,512!), encouragement, and support - today I delivered my last #CorsiRosenthalBox to a family just in time for Christmas. It got me thinking about what we've achieved over the last 3 months... A monster threadđŸ§ŒđŸ§”1/24 Image
Not long after, people suggested I should set up a Go Fund Me to build more... 3/
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CAR T-cells have huge potential for multiple #myeloma.

It's an individualized treatment, complex process, associated with high costs->risk for huge inequality worldwide.

Lets advocate for hope & improvement, together.

đŸ§”on what's new with #ASH22 abstracts

#MedTwitter #mmsm
Mini background of CAR:
-designer proteins that redirect T cells towards a defined surface antigen on tumor cells
-construct contains four essential components
--extracellular antigen recognition
--hinge, spacer
--transmembrane domain
--intracellular signaling domains
Let's categorize the overview of #ASH22 abstracts to structure &sharpen our minds:
C-clinical results in relapsed/refractory #myeloma
E-earlier lines of treatment
R-refined design
A-adverse effects after CART infusion

Shout out to Alzheimer's community! /1
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A thread on the use of paw paw leaves ash in controlling weevils and grain borers.

On several occasions, I saw my grandmother use ash from pawpaw leaves to control weevils in her stored grains #seeds #ash #pawpaw
She mixed the grain with the ash and stored them in the granary, gourds or earthen pots.
This deterred weevils from attacking the grains.#pawpaw
A couple years later, while undertaking my MSc in agro-ecosystems, I learnt that paw paw leaves have the enzyme papain that has inhibitory activity and mortality effects against pests such as weevils #Pawpaw
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1. Historians have put together our #history in only 200 years while they never told us there was a #king who had #women #commander in the army and who with the help of his #giant #boats #powerful #navy across the Southeast #Ash Capture on the Iya Had taken it
2. #Raja_Rajendra_Chol_Pratham (1012-1044) -- A great ruler of our history who was presented by the conspiracies of leftist historians
#Raja_Rajendra_Chol, was the greatest ruler of #Chol_Dynasty. He had expanded the Chol empire with his victories to make him the most powerful
3. empire of South India. Rajendra Chol was the only king who not only waved his victory flag at other places but also spread the amazing system of architecture and administration at the places where he ruled.
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[THREAD] EnquĂȘte de @LaiciteCnal sur les Ă©coles #HorsContrat, rĂ©cit d'un long travail auquel j'ai contribuĂ©... c'est parti !
En janvier 2021, @LaiciteCnal a adressĂ© une demande de transmission du dernier rapport de visite des Ă©tablissements d’enseignement privĂ©s #HorsContrat Ă  chaque Inspection acadĂ©mique, en prĂ©cisant le nom et la localisation de ces Ă©tablissements.
En cas de rĂ©ponse nĂ©gative ou de non-rĂ©ponse, la Cada (commission d’accĂšs aux documents administratifs) a Ă©tĂ© saisie, elle a rendu un avis positif pour la transmission des rapports de visite dans tous les cas.
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Bonsoir @FordFrance ! Comme promis nous vous tenons informĂ©s de l’actualitĂ© du corps mĂ©dical avec qui nous sommes liĂ©s. Ce soir un mineur est retrouvĂ© inanimĂ© avec Ă  cĂŽtĂ© de lui, un nombre important de mĂ©dicament, nous sommes dĂ©clenchĂ©s pour acheminer une « ParacetamolemieÂ Â»đŸ”œ
PROBLÈME, Pas de vĂ©hicule de disponible sur secteur, celui qui aurait dĂ» se rendre sur place est HS, et nos vĂ©hicules commandĂ©s voilĂ  1 an, ne sont toujours pas lĂ . Nous avons dĂ» acheminer un vĂ©hicule Ă  plus de 100 kilomĂštres toute sirĂšne hurlante pour,đŸ”œ
Que cet enfant puisse recevoir les antidotes nĂ©cessaires avant que ses organes commencent a cĂ©der. Donc sur une prise en charge qui aurait dĂ» prendre 13 minutes, cet enfant et le personnel de santĂ© ont dĂ» patienter 43 minutes, c’est 30 minutes d’agonies pour le patient đŸ”œ
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- 3 jours de grÚve reconductible pour les secteurs social et médico-social -

#ASH #AESH #MĂ©dicoSocial #GrĂšve #Reconductible
#Nantes #Naoned #Solidarité
Les salarié-es du secteur social et médico-social ont déclaré un préavis de grÚve reconductible pour demain. Ces professionnel-les travaillent quotidiennement auprÚs des personnes vulnérables, ùgées, dépendantes, en situation de handicap ou en situation de trÚs grande précarité.
Ils et elles sont indispensables Ă  l'accompagnement de millions d'adultes et d'enfants, et leurs proches.
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#inktober Ich kann zwar nicht zeichnen, das dafĂŒr aber gut ^^
Um zu ĂŒben mach ich dieses Jahr bei #inktober2019 mit + mach's mir nicht so schwer, sondern versuch jeden Tag dazu zu lernen + ich hab tĂŒrkise Tinte verwendet, weil die Farbe schön ist, nicht aus politischen GrĂŒnden.
1 day late, but here's your bait
#inktober2019 #inktober2019day3 #inktober2019bait #bait #Inkpad
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