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▶️On Saturday, on Afar front, 1500 Tigray rebels & 7 rebel leaders were killed in Telelak & Dewe areas.

▶️In Bati, Air-strike kills 9 TPLF leaders while they were in vehicles. Image
▶️In Kasagita, 153 Tigray rebels killed & 63 captured.

▶️In Bati,Air-force bombs TPLF & OLF camp( using school) killing scores of rebels.
#Ethiopia #Bait #kasagita #OLf #TPLf #TigrayRebels #xotrin Image

▶️In Bati, Awsa Ber, Airforce takes multiple airstrikes possibly killing Tigray rebels leader in a compound.

▶️ There is Intense fighting in Western Wello, Were Illu,

#Ethioia #Wereillu #Bati #AwsaBer #Tigrayebels
#xotrin Image
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Would you like some #greentea #extract #Herbal #supplements drink for #weightloss?
Good, you can enjoy your #weightlosstransformation 6-ft-under. Here is what #greentea extract does👉liver biopsy #marked regions = what is left of liver
#livertwitter #pathology #LiverPath ImageImage
1. Check/declare your supplements.
2. Be wary of #nutrition and #weight management #quacks
3. Want #loseweightfast? - sweat it out, dont sweat your liver out.
4. #STAY away - multilevel marketing #FRAUDS
More 👉
#MedTwitter #MedStudents #media #healthy
Never forget the #sexist, #outrageous, #PANIC inducing #advertisement that #pseudoscience #Ayurveda and #Homeopathy uses as #fishing #bait on unassuming persons
NO '#faster way to lose weight' - its a #myth
#health #education #MedEd #publichealth #shortstories #girls ImageImage
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#inktober Ich kann zwar nicht zeichnen, das dafür aber gut ^^
Um zu üben mach ich dieses Jahr bei #inktober2019 mit + mach's mir nicht so schwer, sondern versuch jeden Tag dazu zu lernen + ich hab türkise Tinte verwendet, weil die Farbe schön ist, nicht aus politischen Gründen.
1 day late, but here's your bait
#inktober2019 #inktober2019day3 #inktober2019bait #bait #Inkpad
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Aly, you’re quite smart for a profoundly dumb potato! So this is how you’ve been killing off all the burner accounts, ha?!
Such a busy busy potato with your lil stubby reporting fingers! Bad potato, bad potato🗞🗞 Image
Aly vacationed in “Indonesia” last year and posted this. Only this...nothing else! 🧐
But he wants to take 5 young women to “Greece”. Okay. Sure, Jan!🙄
#alyashleyjash #scammypotato Image
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1/ Team Trump (Flynn) wanted to push these people (Brennan, McCabe, Yates et al) and their common practices into the light. The only way to do that was to themselves become embroiled in their actions as targets.

3/ Papa, whether he realized it or not, may have been used by team Trump to draw these people in. It would have looked to people like Brennan that Trump was too stupid to realize what was going on.
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1/ Btw the “bait” theory, that DJT purposely baited Obama/Clinton into taking corrupt actions, has been strongly reinforced by the revelations since the @GenFlynn plea.
2/ Trump created an environment that looked like he was fighting a backchannel proxy war. Clinton had Ukraine and Trump had Russia. I mean he flew around with Flynn, hired Manafort and was a Roger Stone creation. At every step he played up the Russia angle.
3/ The key bait? Trump’s server made a daily encrypted connection to a Russian bank. It was like a glowing lure that Obama/Clinton couldn’t avoid. It became an all consuming chase. Why? In their minds it would be the ultimate October surprise and “Trump will never be President!”
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