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(1/23) This thread is mainly addressed to my #German followers, but it could also be interesting for those who always wanted to know how Germany could become the most culturally leftist country on the European continent. Accordingly, this thread is a #political #commentary by me.
(2/23) It is about the historical personality of the first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adeneauer. I also would like to finally dispel a myth that still plagues German conservatives, by which I do not mean recationaries, but all those who do not want to destroy their own country.
(3/23) This myth is the myth of the "good old", #50s and #60s, #CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the question of what role a post-war #Germany could have played if #Adenauer and his party had not made completely wrong decisions about essential political directions.
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"The Law" is an arbitrary, irrational thing.

that may come as a surprise to #conservative partisans, especially if they are themselves lawyers—lawyering has supplied the world with many of its politicians (like Mr. @dick_nixon) and its pundits (like Mr. @DavidAFrench).

lawyers are well-trained in logic and rhetoric, but logic and rhetoric may be placed at the service of irrational causes. The Law, as an icon of Western political discourse, is an irrational cause.

this is well known, or ought to be; many writers have written about this.

it is trivially simple, for example, to pass two laws that logically contradict each other—in fact it probably happens all the time. then the authorities who are empowered to administer The Law are stuck with the job of reconciling two laws that conflict with each other.

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>Publizistin #Schwerdtner über Europas #Linke - "Zerstreut, richtungslos und strategielos"<


#Centrist #Realpolitik

Zur #Kontextualisierung des #Mitte - Begriffes & Folgen neoliberaler #Politik - Ausrichtung

Einige Anmerkungen

1. Wo von "Verbindung" bei der "#Mitte - Politik - Ausrichtung" gesprochen wird, sollte eher der Begriff der #Nivellierung gewählt werden.

Denn eine Verbindung wird eher unterbunden, da die Ursachen der multiplen Krisen nicht adressiert werden!
Darin liegt der erste große Konflikt im #Menschenbild und der #Realpolitik der #Neoliberalisten.

Sie sprechen durchaus ueber & zu bestimmten Krisen - Themen, wenn es sich gar nicht mehr vermeiden läßt, blenden dabei aber stets eine #Kontextualisierung aus
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Sehr geehrte Moderatorin

Wenn man nicht zur Kenntnis nimmt, dass gerade die #Agenda2010 durch die #SozialeSegregation im #SGBII hohe Kosten in anderen Ressorts generiert, die ein #BGE nicht auslösen wuerde, denkt man wie sie.

Es fehlt d. #Perspektive der #Einpreisung
Ich höre Ihnen nun schon viele Jahre zu und habe fast ganz aufgegeben, immer wieder kritisch darauf zu verweisen, wo sie argumentativ im Bereich klassistischer #Fremdzuschreibung unterwegs sind.

Es mag sie erschrecken, aber ich haette auch die FDP in Ihnen erkannt!
Was das #BGE, Die Linke und allgemein den Sexismus aller Parteien angeht:

Bestimmte Formen von #Diskriminierung treten kollaborativ auf, das heißt #Klassismus forciert #Rassismus oder #Misogynie
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I don't know who needs to hear this, but being a #centrist in our current political climate doesn't make you intellectually or morally superior. It doesn't make you someone who transcends partisanship with compromise and meeting in the middle. 1/3
It makes you someone who is asking people -- particularly marginalized people -- to find common ground with those who seek to do them harm. 2/3
If you need me to spell out what kind of harm, by whom, and to whom, then you don't understand both sides nearly enough to know what you're in the center of, never mind make any statements about who should be meeting whom in the middle. 3/3
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WTF? @CIA Bryan Dean Wright fearmongering against #Progressives - "Who is attacking us? Its #Antifa... These are ppl that we faced back in 60's, 70's & early 80's. These are ppl who are far Leftists... took many yrs to finally put it down. Now this same group who's allied.. "
...w/ a #DemocraticSocialist, we're talking the #BernieBros...they're back w/ bricks & firebombs..."

He then talks of arming themselves against this "BernieBros threat" - vigilante justice - "It's you & me & everyone watching this program arming OURselves."
Bernie's #NotMeUs #Revolution addressed #RacialInequality #SystemicRacism #CriminalJusticeReform.

#GeorgeFloydProtests are addressing a part of this, yet vocal rightwing ppl are calling protests riots, ignoring our own American #Revolution protests.

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1. remember what happened in 2016 with #primaries? we know what happened because we have the internal email of the US Democratic Party revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016: the #DNCEmails
2. in 2016 #BernieSanders enjoyed support, BUT the US Democratic establishment did NOT like #BernieSanders: the establishment liked a centrist candidate: the usual centrist candidate in bed with #WallStreet and the #military-industrial complex.
3. #DNCemails revealed by #WikiLeaks in July 2016 exposed how the US #Dem establishment wasn't neutral and boycotted #BernieSanders to support #HillaryClinton. When #DNCEmails let this internal manoeuvring surface, the #DNC chairwoman,#DebbieWassermanSchultz, resigned
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1st - Thanks for the shoutout in your inaugural podcast.

Excellent work. You have an inviting, friendly, confident demeanor & @TheCenterPod comes across as informative, honest, & professional. I've not been a big podcast fan, but look forward to hearing more.

Some thoughts.. /1
2nd - To respond directly to your speculation, yes I was born in Chicago and raised on the North Side. Despite having lived in the Bay Area for over 30 years, I retain my Chicago sports loyalties: Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks. Thank you for your sympathy.

Back to politics.. /2
3a - I like your take describing #Moderates, #Centrists & #Independents. In that context I thought I'd try to categorize myself, not necessarily using your definitions, and not sure I can get there in this format (twitter thread).

Got to run now - Continued in a few hours .. /3
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1/ Another reason not to trust Scheer and the CPC.

The Journal de Montréal reports that birth tourism is growing in Quebec too.

But the CPC no longer plans to do anything about it even though delegates voted for that at the Halifax convention.
2/ "There is clearly abuse, but I do not think it's a pervasive issue at the national level," says Michelle Rempel, the Conservative MP responsible for immigration.

She argues “more serious analyses are needed to know the extent and causes of the problem.”
3/ So, once again, CPC will do polling, focus groups, studies, and wait to see where the wind is blowing instead of taking a principled stance on an issue as simple as birth tourism, as it did with the Global Compact of Migration.

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