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I know, 🐝 all around me …

I promise you, I will not put myself into any scenarios/situations many [need] me to get myself into so the bees sting. .

Being 1 with.
There is only 1 for me.
17 Again, ALL GOOD …

& I defeated/avoided ‘My Girl’ “fate”.

My Girl, the children, Family l, A Family & My people mean so much more than feeding into the things [they] [need] me feeding into for the bees to sting.

#Jackass Made the Put, FOEVER !
Everything created in
Life, Created to SHOW A path away from the path [they]/evil [needed] me on in hopes I would be destroyed … Me destroyed = the world destroyed ..

Saving Private O - RION & All his Privates …

So many who have been helping plan/leave truth hidden
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Translation—Government is A complete pile of poo & what all of this is REALLY about is NONE OF IT MATTERS to most because MOST only care about Government or money.
Light & Dark coming together UNITED as 1 against the common enemy …

God & Lu work side by side, the FALLEN
Are rising alongside of God & Lu …
Most have absolutely no clue what is really going on, why it’s happening as it is & continues feeding into all of what isn’t real ..
It’s blinding many from seeing beyond what everyone is being shown, because so much is being
Shown every single day BEYOND face value.

Basically DJT & everyone else is/HAS BEEN (for years) SHOWING God & Lu are the ones in control of EVERYTHING … Those who know, no matter which “side” (there are no sides or drawn lines) you think others are on, none of it should be
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1/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thursday Case Wrap Up🎀

⏰ for #TBT Case Wrap Up!

We looked at dx and tx of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (#CUP), including how 🧬 can change tx.
There was a lot to learn–we captured what we could of the discussion here:…
2/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thurs Case🎀
#CUP is complicated!
✅Comprehensive approach needed, including:
H&P,🔬, 🩻, 🧬
✅Overall inc of CUP is ⬇️–many liver CUP being recognized as cholangio
✅NGS can help augment the w/u
✅STK11= frequently mut in lung; ⬇️response to IO Image
3/9 #TumorBoardTuesday Thursday Case🎀

@LaurenBzak’s case: Pt p/w solitary 🧠 lesion ➡️ poorly diff adenocarcinoma. But–not a primary CNS malignancy. NOTHING outside 🧠on CT or PET.

🧐What should we do next?

👍Detailed H&P (smoking hx)
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@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD 1/14 Case Presentation

63 👱‍♂️ p/w LUE & LLE weakness. CT 🧠 w/ R frontal mass.

Craniotomy and 🔪 resection ➡️ metastatic poorly-differentiated carcinoma. CT C/A/P normal.

❓What would you do next? 🧐

@NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows
@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD @NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows 2/14 #TumorBoardTuesday #OncTwitter #CUP

This is cancer of unknown primary (CUP)! ☕️

Initial evaluation of CUP includes:
🔹 H&P
🔹 CBC, CMP 🧪
🔹 CT C/A/P 📷
🔹 IHC 🔬
🔹 Optional ➡️ tumor markers, endoscopy, mammogram, PET/CT

@SamLubner @loconte @uw_hemeoncpc @OncoAlert
@TumorBoardTues @JohnEbbenMDPhD @NSethakorn @NarjustDumaMD @HamidEmamekhoo @KariWisinski_MD @HemOncFellows @SamLubner @loconte @uw_hemeoncpc @OncoAlert 3/14 #TumorBoardTuesday

Other history ➡️ no other sxs, 🚬 30 pack-years, no family history of cancer

The patient’s IHC findings:
🔸 CAM5.2 ➕
🔸 CK7 ➕
🔸 CK20 ➖
🔸 All other markers ➖

❓What primary site are you most suspicious of? 🕵️

@UWiscPathology @erik_rannheim
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Thread 🧵explaining #CupHandle Pattern used in #TechnicalAnalysis
(Must read for #TA learners)

🙏Like & RT to spread learning with all🙏

@rohanshah619 @Mitesh_Engr
@PAlearner @Puretechnicals9

Views Welcome

#TechnicalAnalysis #StockMarket

Cup and Handle is a #bullish continuation chart pattern. It is formed by two rounded troughs, the first being deeper and wider than the second.

The first trough is known as #cup while second trough is known as #handle.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket

The high points of the cup and the handle are aligned on the same horizontal #resistance line known as the #neckline of the cup with handle pattern.

#TechnicalAnalysis #ChartPatterns #Charts #StockMarket
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🔸Això podría aturar-ho la Fiscal Gral. de l’Estat; té competències x fer-ho.

🔸Pedro Sánchez es va comprometre a ‘desjudicialitzar’ la política, al seu pacte d’investidura amb ERC.

🔸Fins quàn ERC ens seguirà ‘venent la moto’?

🔸Els recursos constants de la Fiscalía son la demostració del fracàs absolut de l’estratègia d’ERC i de l’enorme estafa q ha estat el pacte d’investidura signat entre PSOE i PSC per fer President Pedro Sánchez: desjudicialització i taula de diàleg 👉 0%.

#EsLaFiscalíaEstúpido Image
🔸Es per això, pq evidencía el fracàs absolut de la seva estratègia amb l’Estat, que cap líder d’ERC comenta avui, a TW, aquest enèsim recurs de la Fiscalía.

🔸La qüestió es fins quàn seguirà ERC enganyant-nos amb aquest frau.

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#GI21 time for another #Tweetorial🧵 on


in a very 🎯 “Target-rich” disease

~3️⃣0️⃣% actionable findings

Interestingly we found more #FGFR🧬 fusions on liquid🩸than tissue 🔬. #OncoAlert
🧵2️⃣ #GI21
#Cholangiocarcinoma is the poster child of actionable aberrations & truly a 🎯“Target-rich” disease.

We focused on %numbers for aberrations for which there’s either an ✅approved drug, guideline endorsement, #clinicaltrials or even off-label reports/cases.👇🏾
🧵3️⃣ #GI21
We often don’t think of #ctDNA based platforms to be as sensitive for detecting fusions; when present it is real & an actionable finding.

Interestingly we found #FGFR🧬fusions
💭 maybe because of selection bias. #ctDNA filling the void. #OncoAlert
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📢#DeFi Defined Series Ep 4 ft. Nicola Santoni @Realsantos1905 from @Lemniscap

🟠 The evolution of AMMs
🟠 CFMMs and new iterations
🟠 On-chain options protocols
🟠 Categories of DeFi token designs: Derivatives, Lending/Borrowing, AMMs, Cross-chain

🎬Lemniscap's Top 5 Insights 🎬

🚨**BONUS EPISODE** on "Volatility Pools: The Anatomy of a New DeFi Primitive" dropping tomorrow!

1/ @Realsantos1905 from @Lemniscap joins #CUP to unstack 1) Uniswap to Mooniswap: the evolution of Automated Market Making designs; 2) DeFi options trading; 3) Categories of DeFi token designs
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¿Sabéis porqué es importante NO olvidar la historia? - Pues pq todo lo que olvida vuelve a pasar. @PSOE y @PODEMOS ensalzan a #Otegui ya no recuerdan lo que hizo esta gentuza al mando de #ETA. Yo lo recuerdo perfectamente porque me he salvado de 2 bombas por minutos. Se la
ansiedad que provoca no saber si ese día que vas a la universidad, a la compra o al trabajo en transporte público será tu último día pq unos #Asesinos (ahora ensalzados por algunos partidos políticos) #CUP #Cataluña han decidido tomar las armas para acojinarnos a todos
ciudadanos para lograr que el gobierno de entonces hiciera lo que a ellos les daba la gana. Ahora los tenemos en el gobierno
#MemoriaHistorica ETA… #YoNoOlvido @vox_es
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