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The recent #BalasoreTrainTragedy in #Odisha has shocked & saddened many people,including those who have served in senior operational positions in the #IndianRailways.
Some feedback we received:

One retired senior board officer said, "I am ashamed of what happened..
@RailMinIndia ImageImageImageImage
We had made so much progress in reducing accidents in recent years, but it seems like we have let our guard down. We need to get back to basics & focus on safety."

Another retired officer said, “Last major accident was in MaldaDivn ERly in Jan 2022.The #Malda derailment showed..…
that there were cracks in our strategy. We need to be more vigilant & make sure that all safety procedures are followed. Malda happened becoz basics of planning were ignored-while extending run of electric loco, neither Divn, nor Zone nor RlyBd ensured that locomotives will not..
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Time #MR resigns & #PM restores some sanity in Rlys.
Trn no.12841 Coromandal Exp & Trn no.12864 Sir MV-HWH SF Exp got derailed near Bahanaga Rly stn at around 18.55hrs on 02.06.23. As of now, near about 50 casualties & more than 350 injured passengers are reported.
@RailMinIndia… Image
Poring/Spending more than what is needed, running #RlyBd by junior & incompetent officers for yrs, protecting the #corrupt-the spine of #IndianRailways was already broken by #KMG nurtured by #RailMinister. Entire focus is on big #tenders while #vigilance racketeers go unchecked.… Image
Protection of #Railway_officers who do business with #IndianRailway as #vendors on #IREPS shows brazenness of very top in #RailBhawan.
Lakhs of crores spent, lakhs of crores wasted by competence poverty of #Tendernan. And so many innocent passengers died today.
#MR should resign! ImageImageImageImage
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Friday Fact-Check Overview: 26-05-2023

#russian #Disinformation #Ukraine️ Image
#Eksplozja w #Chmielnickim. Brak dowodów na obecność #amunicji ze zubożonym #uranem

#Rosyjska #propaganda po raz kolejny aktywnie próbuje siać #panikę w #Polsce i krajach #Europy. Narracje te są bardzo chętnie powielane przez liczne konta w mediach społecznościowych. [1/3]
Na ten moment nie ma żadnych dowodów na to, by w #Chmielnickim znajdowały się magazyny, w których składowano #amunicję ze #zubożonym #uranem. Nie zaobserwowano wzrostu #promieniowania ani w #ukraińskim mieście, ani w #Polsce. [2/3]
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During the reign of #Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a famous company called #Enron planned to set up a factory in Dabol, #Maharashtra!... However, this did not happen due to the opposition of the local people. As a result, Enron was angered by the changing circumstances.
38,000 crore compensation case filed against the Indian govt in the #ICJ.
Vajpayee appointed #HarishSalve and #KulbhushanJadhav as advocates for the #GovtofIndia. But, Do you know who was the lawyer for #Eron? None other than #Chidambaram of congress.
The #Vajpayee government #won the case!...
That is, the verdict came in favor of India. Time has passed!
Later, the Vajpayee government ended and the Congress government was formed!#ManmohanSingh is the Prime Minister. Cabinet Minister #Chidambaram. #Enron #appealed the case.
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Bij elk scientific journal worden publicaties aan #PeerReview onderworpen. Dit kost zo’n 180 dagen.

Ik zie 1 #uitzondering, ver voordat WHO de pandemie uitriep, op 21-jan-2020:

#PeerReview in 1 dag… Dit artikel was dé basis voor miljarden #PCR testen.


1/n Image
Onder de auteurs ook NL wetenschappers van oa @ErasmusMC en @rivm.

Ook typisch: Eén auteur zat in de Editorial Board van @Eurosurveillanc.

Het artikel:…


Buiten dit artikel, is nooit enig artikel binnen 1 dag ‘erdoor gedrukt’. Zelfs niet bij zgn Rapid Communications.

Veel wetenschappers uitten inhoudelijk kritiek op deze vorm van testen.

Ook de @WHO zelf, waarschuwde voor Fout Positieve uitslagen.…

3/n Image
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#Ukraine's Interior #Minister dies in a #helicopter crash that leaves 18 dead | Jan 18
- including the Ukrainian interior minister, and three #children, died after a helicopter crashed near #kyiv on Wednesday, the national police said…
cc: @ VeraVanHorne
#Ukrainian #air #defense shot down Ukrainian #helicopter with Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs and his deputy onboard. The helicopter crashed in residential area, killing 16 people, incl 2 children
#Ukraine Interior Minister Among 14 Killed in #Helicopter Crash Near Kyiv | -2h
- Monastyrsky's first deputy Yevhen #Yenin and the ministry's State Secretary Yuriy #Lubkovych were also killed.…
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#Delhi's Special CBI Court, Rouse Avenue will today hear @AamAadmiParty Minister #SatyendraJain bail plea in #moneylaunderingcase.
After @dir_ed filed a transfer petition, Jain's bail application will now be heard by Special Judge Vikas Dhull.

#PMLA #DelhiCourt #Minister
Special Judge Vikas Dhull begins hearing #AAP Minister #SatyendraJain bail plea in #moneylaundering case.
An Additional Affidavit is filed on behalf of the ED, showing the conduct of Jain and two other accused,that 3 accused in this case are hampering with the investigation. He alleges that the two accused helped Satyendra Jain, and also states that Jain is controlling everything.
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More new #appointments of the #Taliban (based on the decree of the supreme leader of the group) are as follow:
- Ex-Deputy Minister of Technology and Logistics for the Ministry of Defense, Mawlawi Attaullah Omari, appointed as acting #Minister of Agriculture and Livestock.
... Image
- Former Acting Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mawlawi Abdul Rahman Rashid, as deputy minister of Refugee Affairs of the Ministry of Refugees.
- Mullah Abdul #Qayyum_Zakir (deputy minister of defense) as the general military commander of Panjsher and Andrab (Baghlan).
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#Ukraine #Kharkiv #terror

1/8 'A situation of humanitarian disaster is actively developing in #Kharkov .

Food supplies have run out, stores have been destroyed by looters, hospitals can't help people - there are no medicines.
2/8 Kharkov as a city ceases to exist.

And this crisis is man-made.

The #Kiev authorities have destroyed the civil defense system by failing to put bomb shelters in order, failing to create sufficient supplies, but also by deliberately leaving people to be slaughtered.
3/8 Despite the fact that Russia guarantees free exit from the city of Kharkov, Ukrainian neo-Nazis and Ukrainian forces keep the city closed. Key roads are controlled by Ukrainian neo-Nazis who destroy any civilian vehicles.
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#VisaToNowhere #WizaDonikąd


Pod koniec września w #Wilnie otwarto ośrodek dla #migrantów. Jako miejsce wybrano dawne schronisko dla bezdomnych w Naujininkai, dzielnicy Wilna, położone bardzo blisko dworca kolejowego.
Obiekt jest ogrodzony wysokim murem. Początkowo przyjęto tu 80 osób. Kolejnych 200 osób, głównie rodzin z dziećmi, ma trafić w październiku. „Wczoraj [26.09.2021] pierwsi #migranci dotarli na miejsce.
W #obozie jest około 80 osób, w tym 32 #dzieci i dziewięcioro niemowląt” – mówiła #dziennikarzom #minister ubezpieczeń społecznych i pracy Monika Navickienė.
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During one of his travels, #Kalidasa felt very thirsty and looked around for water.

He saw a woman drawing water from a well.
He went up to her and asked her for water.

She agreed to give him water, but asked him, “Who are you? Introduce yourself.”
Now Kalidasa thought that an ordinary village woman was not worthy of knowing who Kalidasa was.

So he said, “I am a traveller.”

But his lady replied, “In this world there are only #2_travellers the Sun and the Moon. Both Rise and Set every day and keep travelling perpetually.
Then Kalidasa said, “Alright then, I am a guest.”

The lady promptly replied, “In this world there are only #2_guests#Youth and #Wealth … both are temporary and hence can only be called as guests.”
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Grau de investimento: crucial quesito avaliador na concessão de crédito…
"O #Brasil em 2018 não recuperou o seu grau de investimento perdido em 2015.

Após uma melhora na economia que sucedeu uma grave recessão, as agências justificaram a falta de medidas para conter o déficit fiscal como motivo de não elevar a nota do país."…
#Brasileiro é o turista mais rejeitado do mundo, diz pesquisa @IATA…
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Even recapitulerend de uitkomst van #Omtzigtgate zodat ik het goed begrijp...

De saga begon toen het vorige kabinet na 10 jaar (!!) moest toegeven dat de @Belastingdienst een stuk of 13 wetten had overtreden in de ijver "gewone" belastingbetalers te criminaliseren en vermorzelen
De eindbaas in deze 10jr was @markrutte van de @VVD. Hij was eindverantwoordelijke. Niet alleen voor de @Belastingdienst zelf, maar ook voor het gelieg tegen de @2eKamertweets , traineren, volledig zwartlakken van dossiers, eindeloze hoeveelheden selectief geheugenverlies, etc.
Vervolgens zegt de #NL kiezer massaal "mwah, ik had geen last van die #Toeslagenaffaire / ik ben nog niet dood aan #Corona, best knap eigenlijk / ik geloof @markrutte als hij zegt dat hij het niet expres heeft gedaan / hij was niet alleen verantwoordelijk" (kies er maar 1)
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We recently explored: A Rockefeller communication manual on #contacttracing, the [Share] Verified (UN/Purpose) guide on vaccine #communications, & insights from The #Vaccine Confidence Project.
Here is another from The Behavioral Insights Team - "at the heart of the #UK gov't".
Spun from the "heart of the UK gov't", The Behavioral Insights Team expanded to a global consulting firm "w/ offices around the world... Our work spanned 31 countries in the last year alone...Our growing portfolio of #BI #Ventures makes #behaviouralscience-backed tools..."
The strategic & coordinated campaigns for global vaccine roll-outs & uptake, must be understood as #advertising/ marketing. The more subtle, the more effective. Billions $$$ have been invested for one simple reason: huge returns. What we see today - has been years in the making.
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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15. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey,Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstChildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
2. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Nato in Syria 😉👇🏼
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#Minister Rev'd Yemi Graceman Aduloju @RevGraceman


Deuteronomy 7:8
Exodus 3:7,8

#liccng #lighthouse, #lightcathedral, #graceman #FreshFire
Every man's destiny is a reflection of hands laid upon him or words spoken into his life.


#liccng #lighthouse, #lightcathedral, #graceman #FreshFire
Words have the power, like hands, to hold a man's destiny down or push him forward.


#liccng #lighthouse, #lightcathedral, #graceman #FreshFire
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