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NEW: Family of AJ Stewart Speak on Patterns of White Supremacy that led to his Killing Over a Parking Spot 🧵

With Brian Kjellberg's murder trial slated for March 27, Stewart's cousin is speaking out about the racial dynamics of the 2021 St. Paul murder:…… defense attorney Earl Gray, murder defendant Brian Kjellberg
Unicorn Riot recently sat down with the Poet Laureate of San Francisco & cousin of AJ Stewart, @_Tongogara_ (Tongo Eisen-Martin) for an exclusive interview about the racial politics of Stewart’s murder, Brian Kjellberg’s upcoming trial in MN & more.…
“I think it begins with this white guy sharpening a metal pipe into a shank, wrapping it with a black tape handle & ideating about murdering someone Black,” @_Tongogara_ said of Brian Kjellberg, a white military veteran who killed his unarmed cousin AJ Stewart in Dec. 2021.
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Autonomous March for #AmirLocke Protests 5th Police Precinct and Uptown Minneapolis, Barricading Streets & Leaving Trail of Anti-Police Graffiti:…
When #AmirLocke was killed by Minneapolis Police on February 2, he became the third Black man killed by Minnesota police in a span of 66 days. #NoahKelley & #ChristopherFiafonou were the other two.…
Mark Hanneman, the MPD Officer who killed #AmirLocke had, in the past, been involved in a contentious statewide State Patrol program where officers gave illicit drugs to #Occupy protesters and the unhoused.…
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Kobe Dimock-Heisler (an autistic man) would have turned 24 today had he not been fatally shot by Brooklyn Center police officers Cody Turner and Brandon Akers on August 31, 2019 while they responded to a mental crisis call. (BCPD Steven Holt & Joseph Vu were on scene as well)
The killing of Kobe Dimock-Heisler wasn't widely known to the public until convicted felon Kim Potter killed #DaunteWright during the #DerekChauvinTrial. Potter was the police association pres & directed Kobe's shooters to "shut [their] body warns off & don't talk to each other."
“Autism is not a crime…This is why the police department needs to be defunded.” — Jason Heisler

In August '20, a year after he was #KilledByPolice, hundreds gathered outside the Hennepin County Government Center demanding justice for #KobeDimockHeisler.…
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No verdict has been reached after the 2nd day of deliberation in the #KimPotterTrial. However, court was briefly in session around 4 p.m. on December 21 for Judge Chu to answer two questions from the jury who had deliberated over 13 hours at that point. 🧵…
12 jurors, who need to come to a unanimous decision, are deliberating to decide whether or not ex-police officer Kim Potter is guilty of manslaughter in the 1st &/or 2nd degree manslaughter.

Nine of the jurors are white, two are Asian, & one is Black. 6 are women, 6 are men. 🧵 Image
The 1st of 2 questions asked by the jury after 13 hours of deliberation in the #KimPotterTrial was about consensus:

"If the jury cannot reach consensus, what is the guidance around how long and what steps should be taken?"

The judge repeated an instruction previously given. Screenshot from article Kim...
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On Tuesday night in Minneapolis at a #BLM protest against the jury selection for the Kim Potter trial (an ex-cop who shot criminal #DaunteWright), the rioters swarmed & attacked a vehicle. They tried to open the doors to pull the driver out.
My thread on Daunte Wright from earlier this year:
Another angle of the attack shows the #BLM rioters trying to open the car’s doors.
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LIVE NOW: Day 1 of the trial of Kim Potter, former Brooklyn Center police officer who killed Daunte Wright, is starting now in Minneapolis: #DaunteWright #KimPotter…
We'll be tweeting live updates from court at our new @unicornriotlive account for high-speed updates - follow us there for special coverage (right now the account is focusing on the Potter trial)

We're #LIVE across platforms for the #KimPotterTrial - YouTube:


Follow us for live tweets:
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Jury selection in Kim Potter's trial for killing #DaunteWright starts at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 30. We'll be providing live video feeds from the court to the streets throughout the trial (tech-permitting). Follow us here for live tweets & more.…
Court in the first day of the Kim Potter trial on charges of murdering #DaunteWright is getting underway now in Judge Regina Chu's court - watch with us here:
Our court stream is also available on YouTube:
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We are #live in #Minneapolis for a rally and march in response to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse.…
"It was made about race when colonizers came here, it was made about race when Black people were forcefully disconnected from our homeland, so don't say we are making this about race, it was about race before I was born!" -- Speaker at rally
"You know that the system is rigged, and you're gonna tell me it's not!" -- Speaker at rally
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A protest outside the residence of Judge Regina Chu demanded justice for #DaunteWright & transparency in the trial of ex-officer Kim Potter, calling on the judge to allow video & audio in the court during Potter's manslaughter trial-slated to start Nov 30.…
Daunte Wright was 20 when he was shot to death by former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. Body camera video released, showed Potter shooting Wright with her firearm as she was yelling "Taser!" / #Thread 🧵…
Kim Potter was fired & within a few days charged with second-degree manslaughter. She was booked into jail, bonded out within a few hours, & had law enforcement acting as personal security at her barricaded home in the immediate aftermath. / #Thread 🧵
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March is now on the move, from Western District in St.Paul Minnesota.…
March and caravan for justice for stolen lives lost to police violence in the Twin Cities on it's way to the Capitol, headed by families of #JustinTeigen #DaunteWright #JamarClark #BrianQuinones #IsakAden #WinstonSmith #DolalIdd #CourtneyWilliams. #LIVE ->… Image
March for #JustinTeigen and all stolen lives has reached the Capitol. Watch #LIVE… Image
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Sheriffs deputized as federal agents ambushed & killed 32 y/o father of 3, #WinstonSmith on June 3 in his car in Uptown Minneapolis.

Initial claims by authorities & corporate media said he was a "murder suspect" & he "produced" a gun. Both were false.…
When a group of protesters approached the police line, an officer turned his laser on and pointed it at at least three people. That was the first time our reporters have seen police use lasers against protesters in Minneapolis in the last six years.…
The second day of the protests featured one of the more shocking police brutality incidents. A young woman had her head cracked open by police who knocked her to the ground as she was delivering pizzas to protesters.
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Content warning for thread: Emotional discussions of violence and suicide.

Yesterday I filmed as families of victims of police and other state violence from 1997 to this year gathered in front of the Minnesota governor's mansion to tell their stories and demand justice.
I felt it was important to let every word be heard.

I will post some highlights on Twitter, but this includes uncut footage every family speaking.

Following each Twitter clip is a timecode for where to find the full speech in the YouTube video.

"When you only know the names that are in the media, it's almost like isolating the story," explained an organizer. "That makes the world believe that this is not as severe a problem as it really is."

"You have to say the names of the people that have been swept under the rug."
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10yo Fredarico was attacked by the adults whose job it is to keep him safe. He was verbally assaulted by his school bus driver, fellow students, and had his life put at risk when his principal,  Dr. York (pictured)called the police on him, choked him, and called him “a savage.”
His school bus driver in Winona, MN called him an animal and said “I don’t like your kind.” One week after the murder of #dauntewright, and 9 months after the murder of #georgefloyd. A student called him the n-word . #protectblackkids #justiceforfredarico
Fredarico has had more trauma than most in his young life. This was too much to add. Fortunately, his aunt is a psychiatrist. So when found out he had attempted suicide I came to fight. #justiceforFredarico #protectblackboys @MnNaacp @ACLU @ACLUMN
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"My son had a smile that was worth a million dollars."

Video Thread: Today the family of #DaunteWright gathered to lay the young father to rest.

"He always said he couldn't wait to make his son proud," his mother told the audience of hundreds.
Reverend @TheRevAl Sharpton described how police justified the stop of Daunte Wright partially over air fresheners hanging in his car.

"We come today as air fresheners for Minnesota. We're trying to get the stench of police brutality out of the atmosphere."
Congresswoman @IlhanMN presented Duante Wright's mother with the American flag that flew at the Capitol in her son's honor.
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The cops killed #MaKhiaBryant, #AndrewBrown, #DaunteWright & #GeorgeFloyd. Anti-Black media played a role in creating the conditions for these murders.

Here's how newsrooms can stop this ongoing harm now: [A Thread]
Begin your reporting and storytelling by starting with the information and care needs of those directly impacted by these deaths and the systemic racism they reflect. (2/10)
Avoid criminalizing those murdered by the police. Especially avoid criminalizing children. Consider people within the context of systems and histories of harm, power, and oppression. (3/10)
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As more stories come out of Brooklyn Center, one critical detail has been buried in the coverage: Kim Potter, the police officer who murdered Daunte Wright, was also involved in helping fellow officers cover up the murder of Kobe-Dimock Heisler in 2019.…
Potter was the police union president at the time, and one of the first officers to arrive on the scene. Kobe Dimock-Heisler, who was on the autism spectrum, was shot by police 6 times. Potter counseled the officers so no criminal charges were filed.…
Kim Potter is not one bad apple. Police unions use contracts & legislation to avoid accountability and condone state-sanctioned violence. That’s why we’ve studied their tactics, and we’re ready to expose how police unions harm our communities:
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CLOSING ARGUMENTS: Judge Cahill on the bench, instructing jurors right now. Closing arguments coming up shortly. Prosecutor Steve Schleicher will be up first. Followed by defense attorney Eric Nelson. Then prosecutor Jerry Blackwell will deliver state rebuttal. #DerekChauvinTrial
SUPERSEDING CAUSE: Judge Cahill instructing the jury on a potential superseding cause of death. "Defendant is not criminally liable if a superseding cause caused the death."
Prosecutor Steve Schleicher began his closing argument at 9:30am CT. He begins with a biography of #GeorgeFloyd. "His name is George Perry Floyd, Jr.. he died face down on the pavement.. a knee to the neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds." #DerekChauvinTrial Image
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Enough w the apologies by Minnesota's Governor about police "misconduct" toward journalists. We heard this 1 year ago when @OmarJimenez was arrested live. This year a officer throws down our producer who is AAPI & keeps asking "do you speak" english.(1)
What does that tell you about the mentality of the officer who arrested her for doing her job? This isn't a learning curve. It is a choice. Do something about it. Also #StopAsianHate #BrooklynCenter #DaunteWright
Plus police were taking photos of journalists credentials but would not say why. The governor said that would not happen again.
Also noting that Independent journalist have a much harder time fighting these measures. They don’t have the money or the organization to back them.
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Interviews Outside of Operation Safety Net Headquarters - North Minneapolis - we are live now…
Talking with Michelle Gross about police brutality, Operation Safety Net and legislation - live now outside an OSN facility in N Mpls - live now FB/Twitter/YouTube:… Image
Johnathan McClellan on legislation and possible FBI "microscope" on police department policies in MN… Image
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#LIVE: #DaunteWright Protests: Day 7 - Brooklyn Center, MN…
Live coverage from Brooklyn Center Minnesota continues tonight - we are live on Humboldt Ave……
Daunte Wright Protests Continue into Day Seven - Unicorn Riot is live
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There's a church in Brooklyn Center that was harboring people hurt by police violence during the #DaunteWright protests, and this was how the cops responded.

(Photograph by Scott Streble)
They are also targeting journalists.

Original post:…
They're also targeting and arresting medics.

Photo: Chris June
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14 years ago today, I watched in horror as a gunman opened fire at my alma mater, Virginia Tech.

32 people were killed and 23 were injured that day.

As a student, I'd spent countless hours in the building struck by the shooter. Here's what I've learned since.

Some of my friends had become professors at Virginia Tech, and I only learned later that they were safe.

It was an awful day that I will never forget. In the years since as Prez of @bradybuzz, I’ve become close friends w/ more survivors & their families.…
.@clgoddard was in French class at #VirginiaTech when he was shot 4x.

Today, those bullet fragments are still lodged in his body. He takes daily pills to prevent lead poisoning.

The toll of gun violence continues for years and lifetimes. #EndGunViolence…
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The Daunte Wright vigil in LA has now turned into a march. LAPD now bordering both sides.
A crowd of about 200 have now shut down the intersection of Cahuenga and Hollywood
Chants of "ACAB"
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#LIVE: #DaunteWright Protests: Day 5 - Brooklyn Center, MN…
Graffiti on concrete barricades outside the Brooklyn Center police station ImageImageImageImage
‘Justice 4 Daunte’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ being projected onto the apt bldg right by the PD ImageImage
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