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Inside: Private equity finally delivered Sarah Palin's death panels; and more!

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1/ An industrial meat grinder,...
Tonight (Apr 26), I'll be in #Burbank at @DarkDel at 6PM with my new book, *Red Team Blues*:…

2/ Image
From Apr 26-28, @BNBuzz is offering a 25% discount on preorders for my upcoming novels (use discount code PREORDER25):

The Lost Cause (Nov 2023)…

The Bezzle (Red Team Blues #2) (Feb 2024)…


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1/I've also been teaching the computer to extract and visualize text features from articles that might not be so easy to see, but for a deep read. Here's a wordcloud made from two articles (linked below) about the red-brown alliance within the #Occupy movement.
2/This is an important network to study because it's many of the same people responsible for January 6th, as well as the network we see turning up at the recent "Rage Against the War Machine" rally. It's essentially the same network, griping about the same things.
3/Here are the two articles summarized in the wordcloud above, both by Spencer Sunshine.…
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Jan. 6 panel unveils report, describes Trump 'conspiracy'…

Woop.there it is. 90 pages of summary of evidence gathered lol wow. The #conspiracy of the @gop trumper #whitesupremacists #domesticterrorists #coupattempt is unveiled! #chudwatch
Let's see how accurate it is... I will post to this thread
Wow already executive summary pages 1-3 of chud tears some from military etc saying they were traitors to this country and are apologizing. The statements before the executive summary talk about what our country stands for..... #chudwatch
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It's hard to overstate the impact of @davidgraeber's 2012 *Debt: The First 5,000 Years* on society; it's a truly magesterial history of the way that debt - and debt forgiveness - played in the establishment of advanced civilization and its downfall:… 1/ A debtor's prison window; over its arch is the legend 'Pray
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Graeber - a key #Occupy activist who helped coin "We are the 99%" - drew heavily on the scholarship of Michael Hudson, an economic historian, who led a team of Harvard assyriologists, Egyptologists and archaeologists in a major project exploring the role of debt in antiquity. 3/
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Sırbistan’da Slobodan Miloseviç rejimi sırasında bir grup öğrenci tarafından kurulan
Ve daha sonra PARA BABALARI tarafından kendi ÇIKARLARINA HİZMET için kullanılan bir ÖRGÜT OLMUŞTUR ImageImageImageImage

Gezi Parkı Eylemlerinin Arkasındaki Örgüt!
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Sırbistan''da Miloseviçi iktidardan alaşağı eden halk SOKAK hareketlerini yöneten bir örgüt adı olarak kendini duyurdu Image
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The last mistake that EU zionist bitches are forcing #Finland to make, is only to absurdly #provoke its neighbor Russia.
- Russia will #occupy Finland this spring.

Finland #seizes #Russian #art | Apr 6
- 200 paintings from the #Hermitage and #Tretyakov
The economic attack of the #NATO-#CIA regime against #Finland has been going on for yrs, driving the poor into bread lines. The elections has been falsified since 10/2007, when #GoldmanSachs acquired 20.02% of the election result service company (Tieto Co)…
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We've lost so much to the pandemic. Every day I wake and think of all the lives snuffed out, all the plans smashed, all the stories never told. I think about poor @davidgraeber, whom I spoke with just a few weeks before his sudden death in Sept 2020.… 1/ The cover of the Macmillan edition of 'The Rise of Everythin
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
David was a superb writer and an insightful scholar and activist. He helped formulate #Occupy's rallying cry, "We are the 99%" and he wrote magisterial popular works of anthropology like "Debt: The First 5,000 Years" and the incredible "Bullshit Jobs."… 3/
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Autonomous March for #AmirLocke Protests 5th Police Precinct and Uptown Minneapolis, Barricading Streets & Leaving Trail of Anti-Police Graffiti:…
When #AmirLocke was killed by Minneapolis Police on February 2, he became the third Black man killed by Minnesota police in a span of 66 days. #NoahKelley & #ChristopherFiafonou were the other two.…
Mark Hanneman, the MPD Officer who killed #AmirLocke had, in the past, been involved in a contentious statewide State Patrol program where officers gave illicit drugs to #Occupy protesters and the unhoused.…
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@MacEanruig do you think the so called "leaders" of blacklivesmatter were dictating what was happening in the streets?

Don't you think part of a coopt/smear by association involves many donations from corrupt actors? I watched it all happen in realtime live man
@MacEanruig the first few days proud boy chuds like ptnews were talking about it... what actually tipped me off to it =)

then when more and more support of truckers came and the protest started morphing into being against all corrupt government policies then fox news and other RW media took
@MacEanruig interest in the protest.. and after the entire 99% including #firstnations #occupy and many other activists and the whole of canada joined in... trump is now mentioning it.. and now the draconian laws that will be normalized for EVERYONE are in play! Welcome to the #Newnormal!
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Sweet. The @rcmp seems to be taking a page from our FBI. Celebration in the streets while the government plots how to make it just like the image @JustinTrudeau tried to paint on the news. He said they're violent seditionists. They manufacture the proof. Just like the FBI does.
The FBI has nothing to worry about though. Look at how long it took them to organize and infiltrate and lies to the public with this violence narrative. If it turns out to be a few crazies, they still have no one to blame but themselves for this manufactured emergency. Stop
spreading lies. Stop the NLP programming of your sheeple to hate working people while the elites hobnob and conspire on how to escalate all this to their advantage. I plead those on the left to turn off @msnbc and their rhetoric against the protest. They sound like @cnn back
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During #occupy and #blacklivesmatter the right wing @GOP #whitesupremacists constantly trolled/attacked the movement.

Today in #occupyottawa I see so many so called BLM and other activists attacking the protests and they aren't even watching the streams. They sound like msm!
it doesn't matter who started it. The people on the ground are the voice not the originators. The facts are that the government & left media continue to call these canadians right wing white supremacists just because the usa right wing is trying to coopt the movement!! #chudwatch
Don't agree with me??? then #occupy your own idealogy and make the change you wish to see but do something other than help the governments/media/police shut down a people movement calling out the corruption and demanding change! #chudwatch
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fundamental to manipulating humanity to take this journey into the global orwellian state is to set the target population at war with itself
so i am hearing that david icke who has been banned from all platforms is racist etc... It sounds like he knows whats up and maybe that is a label the cia etc gave to him?
well until 6 mins in where he is falling for some of the disinfo about #blacklivesmatter

Doesn't he know the cabal has agent provocs?
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@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews Welkom terug beste volger.
We praten je bij.
1. Wij vertegenwoordigen de #Occupy beweging in #Schagen.
De strijd tegen de groeiende #Rijkdom & #Macht
van de 1%:
de 0,00001% #Miljardairs +hun hielen likkende Elite.
In dit geval 't #BioTech Industrieel Complex
-De #Pharma Maffia
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>2. Waarom #PCR-Testen #GOED bruikbaar zijn
om mensen die #Besmet zijn of waren
met #COVID19 / #SARS_CoV2 te #VINDEN,
de bron van de infectie te #TRACEREN
& #ALLE besmettingen in een #Uitbraak-Haard te #Isoleren tot ze beter, of dood zijn ?
Géén verhaal maar #Feiten.
@StefMeijer3 @neutrinoide @guidoweijers @blckbxnews >>China werd overrompeld in dec. 2019 / jan. 2020
- als 1e land (zoals Media ten onrechte schrijven) -
in #Wuhan, 'n miljoenenstad + knooppunt van snelwegen.

Ze determineerden het Genoom van 't #Coronavirus (#RNA) & begonnen daarmee de #PCR-Testen massaal uit te voeren.
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It's been just over a year since the death of activist, writer and anthropologist @davidgraeber - a brilliant speaker, writer and thinker who helped give us #Occupy, "we are the 99%" and #BullshitJobs.

1/ A Victorian drawing of a barred cell in a debtor's prison, c
On the anniversary of David's death, his widow @nikadubrovsky convened the first "Art Project" discussion, a fascinating debate between @PikettyLeMonde and @michaelwhudson, a pair of political economists whose work is neatly bridged by Graeber's own.

Piketty, of course, is the bestselling French economist whose 2013 Capital in the 21st Century was an unlikely, 700+ page viral hit, describing with rare lucidity the macroeconomics that drive capitalism towards cruel and destabilizing inequality…

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Today marks 10 years since #OccupyWallSt. I’ll be on this thread talking about my experience, what went down and spilling some tea. And yes I will do it in chronological order. Starting w/ the summer of 2011. A thread …
So I met @msmaryclinton in the summer as she told me that there was going to be a revolution that fall that we were going to occupy and asked if I wanted to go to General Assemblies every Friday and I kindly responded no thanks.
On 9/17 which was a Saturday I woke up hungover, I missed the march but wanted to see what happened next. Could you tell I was skeptical? I really didn’t think anyone was going to sleep out. So I made my way down to where the action landed Zuccotti Park… #OccupyWallStreet
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I'm now confused. I used to think I was living in a free country (that's what they still tell the kids in school I hope). We were taught that this country was great because you didn't have to sorry about censorship, police attacking protests, and could always speak your mind.
This is no longer the case. Where once we had the freedom to sit down and have a little chat. There are of course now those who do not want us to speak freely. I suspect even now, the minions at Twitter are looking at reasons they can flag this thread to stop me from saying what
needs to be said. I doubt you will even be able to read this after one of their algorithms finds it. Why? Because while this platform and the internet used to be used for free conversation, not anymore. Now they do not wish us to have the freedom to speak if it doesn't agree with
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#Occupy: Thread/Collection on #Warmongering.

Hugh #Escalation after #Biden's #NATO-"#Talks"

Naked Truth:
#Israeli PM Bennett Hints at Possible #Involvement in Recent #Attack on #Iranian Nuclear #Site - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Threatens Arab States With Sanctions If They Choose to Normalize Ties With Syria - Report:… via @SputnikInt
US Confirms Three Drone Attacks Near Its Consulate in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan - Photos:… via @SputnikInt
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@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #Naked #Truth:

NATO-member Leaders gave Security #Assurances against #NATO #Expansion Eastward to Soviet leaders by among others: #Bush, #Kohl, #Mitterrand and #Thatcher.

NATO Expansion: What #Gorbachev Heard:

"Not an Inch East"

@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #Naked #Truth:

#US officials told #Russian President Boris #Yeltsin in 1993 that the "#Partnership_for_Peace" was the #Alternative to #NATO_expansion, NOT a #Precursor to it:

NATO Expansion: What #Yeltsin Heard:

@ivan8848 #Occupy: The #NAKED #TRUTH:

They are #LIARS. 🤥
& They #KNOW they are LIARS. 🤨
& They know that #WE know they are Liars. 😠
Even so, they #KEEP Lying, very #Loudly so. 😡
(#Najib #Nahfouz)
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@timmins316 #Occupy: It's a bit complex. I'll do my best:
1. In The West "Herd Immunity" policy was followed.
First openly, but when the Toll of Dead "Elderly" became clear they hid that but just continued.
Now several Quadrillion of Viruses daily try to make the most Infectuous Mutation.>>
@timmins316 >>2. We now face some Mutations that are 30-50% more infectuous. This means that all measures to keep COVID under control will have to be EXPANDED soon, or we'll all see video's of dead people on the streets because there is no place in hospitals or crematoria/graveyards.
@timmins316 >>3. The Summer will aid this, but the vaccines seem to be incapable of keeping down the new Mutations. New vaccines will take 6 months at least to be mass produced. And be updated each year.
So they have to DROP "herd immunity" and start doing what China and Australia did:
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Spotlight: MIA’s @emalinus4 interviews feminist psychologist and filmmaker @JanHaaken about the role of #trauma and #mentalhealth discourse in social movements.

#podcast #psychiatry #psychtwitter #psychchatter…
“The progressive mental health movement must demand something of the larger public and not just settle for spiriting people away to places or directing them to services. As a broader society, we must have greater respect and not call the police when someone is acting odd.”
“My own feeling is that the mental health field has not been a very interesting place for radical ideas, maybe beyond how it surfaced in the occupy movement. There was some interesting activity as #Occupy camps became places for taking care of people who lived on the streets...”
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@timmins316 #Occupy: Thank you.
Follow more from our Research in this thread:
@timmins316 #Occupy: March 23 2020:

Was #COVID19 released by the US Army team during the Wuhan Military World Games in 17-27 October 2019, which team is said to have eaten at the fish market in Wuhan & stayed in a hotel close to that market ?… via @NeoJohnBrown
@timmins316 @NeoJohnBrown #Occupy: Jan. 23 2020 #China started a large #Lockdown around #Wuhan, after 18 affirmed #COVID19-deaths and several hundreds of infected patients.
Later, searching for "#Patient #Zero", they found the earliest infection in November 17 2019, in Wuhan.
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Yesterday in Denver a Conservative was executed by Matt Dolloff

@DenverPolice claim he has no connections to ANTIFA, but that’s not what the evidence says.

This is a thread EXPOSING the truth behind the murder. Image
Here Matt is pictured at Occupy Wall St.

He had a very extensive past of Activism and speaking out against corporations and the police.

He’s been heavily involved in #Occupy which later pushed members to ANTIFA. ImageImage
Matt is a registered Democrat.

Not just a Democrat, but a Socialist.

His love for Bernie runs deep, deep enough to have a YouTube playlist dedicated to him. ImageImageImage
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The politicization of online fandoms is always weird. Most fandoms (usually) have no intrinsic political valence, and indeed, a common strong affinity for an apolitical genre can make strange allies, bringing together people of very different politics.

I remember going to Dungeons and Dragons club in Toronto in the 1980s and bailing early to go to anti-nuclear proliferation protests, to the absolutely shock and dismay of the far-right types who found their way into the hobby through wargaming.

This makes for some bitter splits when a majority (or large minority) of a fandom decides to politicize. The closest I came to quitting SFWA was when the board unwisely promulgated a loyalty oath stating "respect for intellectual property" was a condition of membership.

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