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Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials w Ties #DDoSecrets

The far-right group is sometimes associated w anti-govt ideas, but on a *local* level, it has already made inroads in democratic institutions.
Not good.…
ht @smp0312
“At a time when the Oath Keepers and other extreme right-wing groups appear more focused on moving into local politics, the accounting gives insight into how much support the group may already have in state and local government around the country.”
BuzzFeed News’ analysis of current and former Oath Keepers in government suggests the group’s beliefs — in particular, the notion that an individual’s interpretation of the Constitution trumps federal law — have to some degree found a foothold in the halls of American govt.
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Anyone still dealing with #DDoSecrets should ask @NatSecGeek and @bbhorne why our investigation into Kirtaner and his FBI ties prompted them to respond in the manner they did. ImageImageImageImage
Ask what it was that I or @KarmaOneSixOne did that justified @NatSecGeek putting out his bizarre attacks on us in the course of #EpikFail leaks before later deleting them without explanation. ImageImage
Ask why Lorax lied about knowing Kirtaner until I made it known that I was aware of a photo of the two of them. ImageImage
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NEW JERSEY | WNYC/Gothamist analysis suggests the Oath Keepers recruited a significant number of current and former law enforcement and military personnel in New Jersey over several years.…

via @NatSecGeek #DDoSecrets
Roughly 20 people in the records matched names, area codes, and address locations of police and corrections officers who were listed as active within the last 2 years, including officers in 2 of NJ’s largest / most diverse cities, Jersey City & Paterson..
The investigation also identified another 15 people who claimed to have or could be identified as having military experience.

Three other people appear in a payroll database of federal government employees from 2020, including one listed with DHS.
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#DDoSecrets just released approximately 5 gigabytes of emails, chat logs, members and donor lists and other files from the servers of the far-right extremist group, the Oath Keepers Image
Data from #OathKeepers leaked online after alleged hack…

The breach includes emails, chat logs, and details on members and donors.
Tips for journalists digging into the data:

* Check the GiveSendGo data for crowdfunds referenced in the chats for additional donor data

* Search for member addresses at/near military bases and abbreviations like AFB

* Search for members w/ military/police titles/abbreviations
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Whoopsie 👀
TFW I can email Erik Prince’s mom.

#DDoSecrets just published the full directory of the #CNP 😍
This should be fun.
Holy shit. Corsi? You mean Mike Flynn employee Tracy Beanz’ partner in running “Q” in 2018? lmfao
Unsurprisingly, basically every person in here is doing very sketchy shit.

What is this? Turns out that not only do the dominionists think they are prophesized to occupy Jerusalem, they think they get Iran too.
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Far-Right Platform #Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data

The transparency group #DDoSecrets says it will make the 70 GB of passwords, private posts, and more available to researchers, journalists, and social scientists

Those #Gab patrons, whose numbers have swelled after Parler went offline, include large numbers of #Qanon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and promoters of former president Donald Trump's election-stealing conspiracies that resulted in the January 6 riot

#EmmaBest wrote in a text message interview with WIRED.

“It's another gold mine of research for people looking at militias, neo-Nazis, the far right, #QAnon, and everything surrounding January 6."
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All #DDoSecrets is doing is giving data to journalists and researchers.

That's it. The result, is this...

Meanwhile I'm told that Gab's claim about fixing the SQL injection vulnerability is incorrect, and the vulnerability can still be seen in their public codebase.
You can watch Gab scramble to gut their codebase in real-time lol…
"We have to destroy the codebase in order to save it" - Gab engineers
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Gab's freaking out and #DDoSecrets hasn't even announced anything yet.…

Yes, we have the data.

No, no one's working with the hackers like that.

No, I won't say more right now.

Yes, there'll be more info soon enough.
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NEW: Leaks Expose Conservative Movement Funders Prince and DeVos Family Offshore Money…
Unicorn Riot located offshore corporate entity records supporting the activities of private military businessman Erik Prince and the DeVos family
Former SEAL & founder of Blackwater Inc., (now ‘Academi‘) Erik Prince, & his extended family tied to a new batch of data leaks, revealing offshore business entities filed in the Bahamas, Unicorn Riot has found.
Prince confirmed one of the owners of Salamis LLC, a Blackwater aviation front company which provided services for the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, is currently the U.S. Secretary of Education, and married to Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr.
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1 .@bbhorne dear Lorax, I just want to clarify that my argument goes beyond #WikiLeaks: I think ALL media orgs and ALL sorts of journalists should have the right to communicate internally and with sources PRIVATELY: unless we protect our comms, no one will talk to us anymore
2. .@bbhorne if tomorrow someone publishes #DDoSecrets' internal comms, I will defend your right to communicate privately internally and with sources. I also defend the right to communicate privately for lawyers and clerics
3. .@bbhorne of course,if journalists/lawyers/clerics are involved in serious crimes or serious ethical violations, I agree that prosecutors and journalists have the right to violate the privacy of their comms. As for diplomats, things are different
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#DDoSecrets ddosecrets dot com/about/
We are a small group, but our reach expands far beyond just our members. Our founders had informally worked together for many years and developed deep connections in the field of data gathering, research, journalism, activism, and technology.
In 2018, The Architect, Emma Best, and others decided to pool together our expertise and time to create a unified project representing our shared goals, and provide a platform for others to know and trust. Since then, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds.
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My account was locked by Twitter for publishing information about Google from the #BlueLeaks archive released by #DDoSecrets... but I'm back now. They deleted the tweet.

Let's talk about what I posted:
Shortly after the archive went live, I poked through it and came across data sent to US law enforcement from Google, presumably as a result of a subpoena.

This isn't new. We know this happens frequently. Still interesting to look at what they send and how it's formatted.
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NEW: Hacked emails detailing a notorious 2014 “pro-family” conference/gala in Russia list a number of far-right Americans—including a VP at a right-wing philanthropy organization—alongside sanctioned Russians like Alexander Dugin and Konstantin Malofeev:…
The emails, compiled by #DDoSecrets, identify Bradley Foundation VP Dan Schmidt on a list of ~140 individuals relating to a Sept. 2014 Moscow gala.

In addition to Dugin and Malofeev, the list included a Putin adviser and one of the Russians who helped host the @NRA in Moscow.
@NRA The emails come from Alexey Komov, Malofeev's point-man for ties to the American Religious Right, who has a... habit of praising fascists and anti-Semites:…
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